Monday, 4 June 2012

Maid in Love! - Epilogue :)

Some Mature Content (18+)

It had been nearly two years since they had gotten married, arnav still remembered that afternoon when they announced the happy news in front of the entire aizada family; all had been estatic with the turn of events and everything had happened so quickly that they had no chance to take a breath and relax, those days of being away from khushi were the most taxing for him, she had to go back to mumbai for the wedding preparations while arnav had to remain in delhi for same, on top of everything dadiji was very strict about both of them meeting till they were married. Those were frustrating times indeed.

These past few months had been same; today their daughter was 40 days old. Arnav smiled as he remembered holding his precious princess in his hands, her tiny fingers had curled around his while her lips had formed into a small o, she really was a wonder he thought as he glanced at her cradle to see her sleeping peacefully; her silky tuft of black hair and porcelain skin gave her an ethereal look, her gorgeous button nose and rosy cheeks reminded him so much of khushi, she really did have her mothers look but now that she was growing he could already see the temper tantrums she would throw which very obviously were his gifts; just today morning she had refused to drink milk and had instead bit khushi hard on her already sore nipples. Arnav so wished it was him but finally his wait was coming to an end today. He quickly got dressed and gave his daughter a quick kiss on her forehead before putting the baby monitor on and rushing out of the room.


Khushi was a nervous wreck! She was feeling restless as the guests kept pouring in, she had told arnav that she wanted a small naming ceremony not a gala affair, fortunately for her ,her parents were here, her mother sat by her side as anjali and dipti were helping her out with choosing her jewelry “Khu, you should wear this one. It will go beautifully with your sari” khushi eyed the gold and kundan set held up in dipti's hand, she was just extending her arm when dadiji burst in “Wait bitiya, arnav had ordered this set for you. The jeweler just delivered it”

Khushi smiled and eagerly opened the velvet box, inside it laid the most beautiful rubies and diamond set she had ever laid eyes on. The delicate necklace and earrings would go spectacularly with her red sari. She quickly put them on “Wow khushi, you look amazing! You know the color red really suits you” Khushi thanked anjali and got up to take one last look at herself “Di, you look wonderful yourself! Aman jijaji will be floored today! Plus your glowing thanks to your pregnancy” Anjali blushed profusely “C'mon khushi this is our gudiya's day, have you dressed her up?” Khushi nodded and saw as anjali walked out towards the living room, her 4 months old tummy showing slightly from her sheer sari.

Khushi still remembered the day when Aman had finally gotten the courage to ask her out; Arnav and she knew that he had feelings for her, but he needed a little push to take the next step. It wasn't long before anjali and aman announced their engagement, the twins were ecstatic since they loved aman already and wanted to see their mom happy. Aman loved the twins like his own and had legally adopted them as soon as he and anjali had gotten married. Dadiji always complained that the house was quite once all of them had shifted to aman's house, so her little princesses cries were like balm to her ears.

Dipti came towards khushi once everyone had left the room “So khu, look at you! All glowing and all. You know what post-pregnancy you are looking more beautiful” Khushi rolled her eyes “yeah right dipu! I have dark circles under my eyes, i have put on weight and my breasts are sore all the bloody time! How can i look even remotely pretty” Dipti sighed “Khushi, don't you see that glow you have around you?! Its what makes you extra pretty tonight! I mean this only comes from being happy and satisfied babe” Khushi smiled at her best friend “I am happy, satisfied not so much. Do you know arnav and i have not been active since i was in my 7th month of pregnancy! That makes it nearly 4 months of no sex!”

Dipti laughed at khushi's frustrated expression “Aww khu, i'm sure these things happen and i'm quite sure its safe to make love now, especially since you had a normal delivery. Why have you guys waited for so long?!” Khushi made a face at dipti “Well i wanted it after two weeks of giving birth, but arnav felt it wasn't safe for me. I don't know dipu, what if he doesn't find me attractive anymore? I mean i know he loves me, that i can never doubt. But all that we have exchanged are small kisses, nothing more. I just wish i knew what was going through his mind!”


Arnav was shocked to hear khushi's confession. He was just going in the room to bring khushi down when he stopped at the entrance. He could not believe that his measures to keep her safety and health a priority would have hurt his wife to this extent. She actually thought that he didn't find her attractive! My god he thought, ever since she was pregnant and even post pregnancy he felt more attracted towards her, if that was even possible. The only reason he did not go further with her when she wanted to 3 weeks ago was because he had read somewhere that its safe to have sex 40 days after delivery. He took a deep breath and entered the room.

Khushi looked up to see her dashing husband come in, he came straight to her and pulled her up, he either did not notice Dipti or didn't care as he held onto khushi tightly and crushed her crimson lips to his. Dipti thought this was the best time for her to leave and she slipped out of the room quickly closing the door behind her. Khushi was shocked by arnavs behavior but was far from complaining about it, she missed this passion and heat and was savoring the feel of his skilled tongue sucking on hers when he suddenly pulled away leaving her hot.

Khushi sweetheart, i heard what you said to Dipti, believe me when i say that i have gone mad from the past four months! Every night i dreamt of being inside you but i wanted you and our baby to be safe. I was told that its safe to make love 40 days after delivery and you used to be so tired from being awake nearly all night to feed the baby, so i waited patiently for it. Today marks our baby's naming ceremony and our re-union of sorts. I wanted to surprise you tonight but then did not want you to think such thoughts for even a second longer. Sorry i kept you waiting baby, but what could i have done!”

Khushi looked tearfully at her flustered man “Oh hon, i'm sorry for thinking it. I was just frustrated and my hormones are not helping. I thought you did not find me pretty and slim anymore. But now i understand.” she quickly hugged him saying sorry again. Arnav pulled her more tightly against his hard body “Darling i find you more attractive that ever! And what the hell do you mean by not being slim, you still have a rocking hot body with roundness in just the right places. I can't wait to take you tonight. Can we just cancel this bloody ceremony?”

Khushi pushed him away and gave him stern eyes “No way Mr raizada, this is our daughter's naming ceremony and even though i was thinking how loud and huge the ceremony had become, i want the best for my gudiya” Arnav smiled at his beautiful wife “I know babe, i know. She will have the best of everything and may be few years form now another sibling to share it with” Khushi pinched him playfully on his arms before untangling herself and leaving the room leaving arnav to follow her out.


It was late evening by the time the ceremony and dinner party was over, Khushi was just putting her daughter to sleep when Yuvi and his girlfriend priya walked in “Bhabhi, how is our little ananya doing?” Khushi looked at her little bundle of joy who was now looking wide eyed at her uncle, she gurgled as yuvi touched her softly on her cheeks, Khushi was just adjusting her blanket when anjali and aman walked in with the twins

Wow mami, can we play with her now? We hardly got to be with her all day! And now we are leaving for home” Khushi pulled them both towards her “Well, right now she is very sleepy, why don't you kids stay over tonight? We can all do something fun tomorrow?” The twins looked at their parents for their nod of approval. They kissed ananya on her cheeks and bid a goodnight happily as they skipped out to find someone to irritate. Arnav walked in with Khushi's parents as the twins left the room excitedly. He looked around to see the room full of people and gave khushi a disapproving look, khushi smiled at him innocently and went back to patting her daughter.

Arnav cleared his throat as everyone looked at him “Well guys, i think we should let ananya sleep, she has had the most hectic day today” he saw as everyone smiled “Uh, papa and mom, you guys should also rest since me and papa have that meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning, we need to discuss the opening of our Goa hotel.”

Arnav thought about his and khushi's dream project, now reaching its culmination. Once the allegations and confusion regarding the Goa project tender had subsided, the corporation had decided to give the tender to VBR group, but arnav knew how much this meant for khushi, so he happily recommended GGH for the project, obviously both Shashi and Khushi refused the offer instead opting for doing the project together through their recently formed joint venture. Now the hotel was nearly ready; the first boutique styled resort in India.

Khushi looked on fondly as arnav led her parents and the rest of the family out of the room, ananya was softly yawning and dozing off to sleep. Khushi had kept all the things required since she was bound to wake up in a few hours. Sharada walked in as Khushi kissed her darling daughter “You should go to sleep khushiji, I’ll look after her for tonight. Arnav sir has asked me to.”

Khushi smiled warmly at her “Sharada, how many times should I ask you to call me khushi, you were the first friend I made here” Sharada came and held her hands, she was very happy to see khushi as part of this family, khushi squeezed her hands in return “Please don’t hesitate to wake me up if she cries, you know what a quite child she is, but you never know when her father's temper rides on her head” both laughed as khushi left the room, closing the door behind her.


Arnav was waiting patiently for khushi to make an appearance, he had specifically asked sharada to stay with ananya tonight since he wanted khushi all to himself if only for a few hours, it was as if khushi had some kind of a 6th sense and she knew 5 minutes before ananya woke up. He was pacing on the carpeted floor, thinking about his gorgeous wife, she looked breathtaking today in her red sari, string blouse and the ruby set he had gifted her. He could not wait to take it all off her and make her his after such a long time, he went hard just thinking about her ripe luscious body writhing under his. He made sure that all the arrangements were perfect as he heard the door slowly open and his wife walk in with a surprised look on her face, all this work was worth it!


Khushi slowly tip toed inside their room and shut the door behind her, she felt something soft beneath her feet was surprised to see the entire floor covered in a deep blanket of rose petals, she looked up to see beautiful golden starts hanging from the ceiling and elegantly placed candle holders all over the room, the lights were off and the glow of the candles and the twinkling of the golden stars made it all very magical, the fragrant and heady perfume of the scattered roses made her close her eyes for a second to enjoy the feeling, when she opened her eyes she saw arnav standing at the far corner of the room in a white shirt smiling at her, she shyly smiled back and tears formed in her eyes due to the overwhelming efforts in had put into decorating the room for her.

Arnav Saw her shyly standing at the door admiring the room, his breath hitched every time he saw his gorgeous wife, it had been more than two years since he laid eyes on her as she fell in his arms, but still the sight of her made him breathless, he slowly walked towards her and stood in front of her. She looked up into his eyes and he saw tears shimmering in them, he shook his head slowly and wiped them with his thumb, he then held her hand and led her towards a settee near the bed, he sat her down and kneeled in front of her. He slowly took her sandals off her feet and started kneading her tired feet with his strong hands, khushi closed her eyes in bliss she she felt her tired feet being soothed by him. She was thoroughly enjoying this pampering.

God only knows how he was controlling himself, but he wanted to pleasure her in all senses tonight. He slowly massaged her feet as he felt her relax completely against the settee, she laid her head down and moaned when he tackled the pressure points on her feet, once he was done he placed her delicate feet down and kissed her toes, he then pulled her up and sat down next to her, he tilted her chin so that his face was level with hers, she looked boldly into his eyes wanting him as much as he wanted her

Arnav, what you have done is so beautiful that I cannot express it in words. I’m so sorry again for even thinking those negative thoughts earlier. I love you soo much baby, please tell what can I do to make up for it” Arnav placed his hands on her face and leaned in “I know sweetheart, it ok. In fact I am sorry for not understanding your needs which were on par with mine. We made a beautiful angel together, I cannot ask for anything else from you” with that his lips hungrily devoured her as he shifted her on top of him.

Khushi’s gasp of surprise was muffled as arnavs greedy mouth assaulted hers, she gave in and held him tightly as her body responded feverishly thanks to her heightened senses, she hitched her sari up to make herself more comfortable as arnavs hands roamed on her back pulling her in closer. Arnav threw her sari pallu away from her shoulders and untucked the rest of her silky sari from her skirt; he tossed it away as it slunk slowly to the floor, he buried his face between her ample bosoms, and licked the cleavage visible over her blouse neck, he heard khushi moan out loud as her fingers started undoing his shirt buttons.

Khushi was too desperate to feel arnav’s naked body, she tore away at his white pristine shirt and pushed the shirt over his broad shoulders, she bit him hard on his shoulder to show her impatience, arnav smiled at her eagerness and lifted her up in his arms and tossed her on the bed, they were enjoying their wild love making and khushi could not help but laugh as she saw arnav jump over her on the bed like an animal

So you feel like laughing huh Mrs Raizada? Well we’ll see about that” with that he tore open her blouse and pushed her bra up to latch his mouth to her huge breasts, he made sure he did not injure them since she was very sore already. Khushi felt the ultimate pleasure as she felt arav’s mouth lave her straining sore breasts, she felt wonderful as his tongue circled her nipples making her hot and wet down under.

Armav felt himself going rock hard as his arousal strained against his pants, he settled himself over khushi between his legs and started humping her over her skirt, khushi also started rubbing and twisting underneath him, the action bought out a guttural moan from arnav’s mouth as he raggedly said “What do you do to me khushi, it feels so good” she then quickly crept her hand inside his unzipped pants and held his throbbing arousal in them, she squeezed him with her delicate hands as arnav shuddered in response. He quickly pushed his pants and boxers down as his hand went beneath khushis skirt to tug her panties off her. His slowly inserted his fingers into her hot wet warmth thrusting them in and out as his mouth once again found her hard peaks.

Khushi was at her tethers when arnav’s fingers dipped inside her, she screamed his name aloud “Now arnav, I want you now. Please don’t make me wait any longer” arnav saw the naked desperate desire in her eyes mirroring his own, he quickly slid her skirt over her silky long legs and mounted her with the tip of his arousal teasing her entrance. He leaned down and kissed her passionately, his tongue hungrily ravaging her sweet mouth as she wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, she held onto his neck and shoulders and dug her fingernails in deeper as arnav slowly entered her in a swift motion, he wasn’t sure if he would hurt her since it was her first time after ananya’s birth.

Khushi hissed in pleasure as arnavs strong length filled her up, she felt satisfied beyond measure. She felt like this was her first time all over again, but she wanted him wild against her, he was going too slow obviously trying to protect her again, she bit his ears and growled “Faster baby, harder…please…take me arnav, fast and hard” arnav could not think straight after hearing her passionate plea, he started ramming quick thrusts in her and kept up the fast pace as he felt her body getting ready, he thrust a couple of times more as they both came to the most earth shattering orgasm ever, They held onto each other tightly as waves of pleasure crashed around them.

It was half an hour later as khushi and arnav lay in each other arms, their bodies entwined together as one. Khushis head was resting on arnav’s chest as he played with her silky hair twirling them in his fingers while khushi’s fingers made small circles on his hard abs. They felt such contentment being like this together that both did not want to move away from each other’s warmth. Arnav kissed her on her head “Khushi, your name suits you perfectly right. I was just thinking about the day you came into my life, I always wonder where we would be now if you had not decided to take up the governess job”

Khushi smiled at him fondly “No darling, we were meant to be together, it was fate. Nothing could have changed that. You do remember how my uncle and sheena tangled our companies right? So if not as a governess we would have met as business rivals” Arnav held her closer and nuzzled her neck “Hm…that would have been hot” Khushi pinched him lightly “Arnav..i think we were pretty wild too” Arnav kissed her jaw as he felt himself getting hard again “We still are baby…” Khushi tilted her head up to receive his kiss, but was interrupted by a call on the room phone.

Arnav picked it up swearing, but his face softened as he kept the phone back “Ananya’s up…I guess its time for her feed, you go and get cleaned up while i go to her” He quickly got robbed as khushi went to the bathroom to clean up. Arnav went to ananya's room which was next to theirs and held her up while soothing her cries. He told sharada to go and sleep and that he and khushi will be here.

Khushi reached ananya’s room in minutes, she smiled as she saw arnav singing a lullaby to her, she went ahead and slowly took ananya from him while opening her robe, as soon as ananya saw her, her hungry mouth latched onto her breasts. Khushi went and sat on the love seat in the room. Arnav came and sat next to Khushi with his hands around her delicate shoulders.

Arnav looked in awe as his tiny daughter held onto her mother. His heart sang with joy looking at the two perfect girls in his life, he kissed khushi on her head as she looked up with love in her eyes “What are you thinking daddy?” arnav shook his head “uh-huh I prefer papa, and im thinking if life would be more perfect for us” Khushi kissed his hand “Well maybe one more angel and it will be perfect, though I think it’s pretty perfect now too” They both snuggled closer to each other with ananya securely sleeping in khushi’s arms with her tummy full and satisfied. They really were the perfect family.



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