Wednesday, 25 September 2013

BTL - Chapter 10


Arnav could feel his heart trying to make its way out of his chest as he felt khushi's labored breaths over his finger...her closed eyes seemed serene in total contrast to her trembling lips while her body felt limp in his arms as he tightened his hold on her...he could feel the goosebumps form over a small patch of skin that was left bare at her waist due to her wet vest riding up

He knew she had her eyes open...waiting...expecting him to do something...but he did not want to give in yet...not till he knew she wanted this too...but then it happened...he felt her tiny fists curl into his wet t-shirt as she let out a throaty moan "Arnavv..." and he felt the last of his constraint break away before he wound his hand into her thick lustrous wet hair and covered her lips with his own.

Khushi stilled as she felt arnav's lips catch her's...she knew it was leading to this...she had anticipated this for the past few seconds as his hands lay possessively over her while his mind contemplated...her treacherous body reacting violently to his touch and her skin breaking out in goosebumps wherever he touched...but never in a million years she had imagined the way his lips would feel on hers...nipping, sucking...urging her to give in...and give in she did

With somewhat akin to a whimper she kissed him back...her hands went to loop tightly around his neck as his lips increased their pressure on her soft ones...she responded equally to his sudden invasion as she sucked on his bottom lips making him growl in approval...he let her continue as his hands slipped inside her vest to caress her soft skin making him marvel at the smoothness

Khushi shuddered as his fingers trailed over the heated skin of her waist...she held on tighter as he raised her against the wall behind, to press himself more into words were required between them to make the other understand the scorching need and desire running wild in their blood...arnav trailed his tongue over the seams of her lips as she finally opened her mouth to welcome him twisting her fingers into his damp hair

He slid his tongue inside the sweet recess of her mouth as her tongue met with his, shyly at first and then boldly as she wrapped her now tangling legs over his hips, his hands reached her lace covered breasts as their fullness strained against the soft satin, aching for his touch...Khushi slid one hand inside his loose t-shirt to feel his strongly muscled back as Arnav left her mouth to trail kisses along her jawline..

Khushi threw her head back as he cupped her breasts in his large hands. making her aware of the warmth emanating from her lower Arnav's lips dipped lower towards her soft swells, the electricity came on with full force around them, the whirring of the fan cooling their heated selves, thought not much...making them come out of the desirous haze they had been ensconced in...

Khushi opened her eyes; her hazy orbs reflecting confusion, desire and a quickly forming awareness...she looked down at the way she and Arnav were entangled, and then into his darkened eyes which seemed to be as hazy as hers...she quickly untangled herself from around him before bodily pushing him away...they looked at each other for a mere second before she sprinted out of the room...

"Khushi...wait..." Arnav said as he saw her running out of his room towards hers...he went behind her but she had already gone inside her room and banged her door shut...he ran an agitated hand through his hair as the last few minutes of complete bliss played over and over in his mind...

He had never acted like this...he was 36 years old for God sakes, not a bloody teenager! what was wrong with him! Kissing her was a big thing...but taking things so far was altogether something else...he had never lost control like this...true the attraction between them was explosive...and she had responded equally to him...and their kiss...their kiss was mind-blowing...but he had to stop at that...not get carried away!

He looked forlornly at her closed door; a sliver of light now visible from underneath it...but he decided against trying to talk to her now...she needed time to come to terms with what had just transpired between them...but will he too comes to terms with it by then? Just hours ago he had made up his mind to not get into anything complicated...not to play with Khushi...and here he was...doing the exact same thing! He had to talk to her tomorrow.

He took one last look at her door before heading back to his, shutting his door slowly...he walked to his desk and considered writing for a bit, but the thoughts his mind was occupied with left no space to think rationally...and it did not help that his body was still tingling from that kiss...he groaned as he switched off the lights in his room and fell into his bed...hoping that sleep will come eventually.


Khushi looked at the illuminated light of the LED clock beside her bed...3:30am it had been a few hours since that incident had happened...incident...such a funny can use it for all, good, bad, funny and confusing things that had happened in their life...and this one was probably a mix of all four

Good simply felt good, Oh soo good!.., bad because it shouldn't have happened the way it did...where did all her control vanish off to!and when did she turn into such a wanton hussy! Funny because, it was probably very comical the way she ran out of there as arnav stood watching her...whacko! Thats her...! And confusing because really was...confusing!

She had wanted that badly! And when it happened, she felt like she was floating on air...literally since arnav had raised her off the ground...but all that aside...the man knew how to kiss...she smiled slightly as a blush marred her pale skin, making her remember the feel of his lips against hers...his hands and fingers caressing her skin

She had been kissed before...and fondled too by an annoying ex-boyfriend during her university time...but what she had experienced with arnav was beyond anything she had every felt was difficult to explain the tumult of explosions her body had gone under as it shuddered under his touch, the intimacy of their lips together had left her mind reeling...she wanted more...a lot more...but where would all this lead to?

She had not forgotten that he was her tenant...he would be leaving from here soon...hell, she would be leaving before him...they lived in different parts of the would all this add up? And at this point in her life, there was no place for flings and affairs...she wanted someone more permanent...not marriage or anything like that...not now...but she could not go for anything casual either...she was nearly 29!

She had paced her room for several minutes as she oscillated between going back to his and talking...but the embarrassment of not knowing what to say to him and the fear of her probably jumping his bones, had stopped her...she had finally gone to sleep with a nagging thought of what the morning will look like, but the damn sleep had evaded her till she stayed awake...wondering what they would talk about in the morning...because talk, they had to!


The morning light streamed through the slits in the curtains on Khushi's bedroom window...the brightness blinding her as she opened one eye groggily...she stretched her body as she yawned before slowly getting up, her legs slinking over the duvet to find the cool teak flooring

She stifled another yawn as her eyes went to her clock, now showing a glaring 10:00 am...'Shit'!Khushi thought as she quickly got up and rushed into the bathroom...she could not believe she had overslept for that long!...but it could not be helped since she had finally gotten to sleep in the wee hours of the morning

She blushed as she stood at the sink brushing her teeth vigorously, thinking about last night...she washed her face with the cold water and dabbed it dry before pulling her hair in a tight bun at the nape of her neck...slipping on her soft slippers she stepped out of her room

She stopped momentarily outside Arnav's door...only to quickly move away from there, she could hear sounds coming from the kitchen and she wondered if Arnav was in there...she steeled herself as she stepped into the inviting warmth of the cosy kitchen, but instead of finding Arnav, she found Smitha pouring freshly brewed coffee into two cups

"You are up babyji?" she asked Khushi who blinked once before giving her a warm smile "Yes...I overslept...but when did you and chikaapa get back? I thought you will come in later" Khushi said as she gratefully accepted the cup of coffee from her and sat down on the small stool that stood against one of the walls of the kitchen

"We left early since everything seemed to be ok in the it is, I had to prepare breakfast here...and the rains had stopped ages ago...we just got here an hour ago actually, but since you were sleeping, I did not wake you up" she said as khushi nodded and sipped on her brew...the pungent smell and robust taste relaxing her body and mind at once

"Also, I forgot to tell you...Sir said he will be out all day today...he said he had some work in town...I suppose we he will get back by late evening" Smitha said as khushi nodded and went back to sipping her coffee...she looked calm and composed on the outside, but she was hurt and angry on the dare he just leave without talking about last night...but then wasn't it she who had run away when he had called her?

She sighed as she got up and went back to her room...she checked her phone, just incase he had left her a message...but was disappointed further to find out that he hadn't...she switched her geyser on and proceeded to get ready for a shower...she had too many things to take care of and something told her that the day would be very long...very very long.


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