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BTL - Chapter 17

(Mature Update - 18+ preferably)

"Have you heard of Bylakuppe Arnav?" Khushi asked him the next morning as they sat finishing their breakfast...they had slept quite late the night before, with khushi telling Arnav all about her escapades as a kid...he had insisted in knowing all about her childhood since he himself had a very drab one...hearing her accounts of mischief and fun had somehow brought a lot of joy to him as he imagined khushi as a little girl...

They both did not know, when sleep took over as they fell asleep on the outside verandah chairs where they sat was only when khushi suddenly woke up due to a crick in her neck that she realized where they were and quickly woke up Arnav so that they could catch at least a few more hours of comfortable sleep

That had been hours ago...and now they were having their breakfast very late as VK and Smitha both looked on suspiciously "Bylakuupe? Whats that?" Arnav asked as khushi opened her mouth to reply when Smitha answered instead, much to khushi's irritation... "Bylakuppe is the tibetan settlement in coorg...its hardly an hour's drive from here...very beautiful place.." she said as Arnav nodded while smitha turned to khushi "babyji, why don't you take sir there? He will like it" she said with a sweet smile as khushi scrunched up her eyebrows...what was smitha trying to do here

"Sure...that's what I was getting at Smitha...I need some more coffee" she said pointing towards her cup as smitha smirked before happily taking khushi's cup along with her to the kitchen "See! They know!! I'm sure she suspects something" khushi said shredding the bread in her hands as arnav chuckled "Obviously they know something is up khushi...we both did not make it for dinner yesterday...and then we got up late...and now, you made it very obvious with this bykapulle thing" he said as khushi hit his arm lightly "Bylakuppe!" she said as arnav shrugged his shoulders

"Same when are we going?" he asked wriggling his eyebrows as khushi's face lit up with a smile "You'll come? Oh Arnav, you will love it...but don't you want to work today? I mean...the trip will be long and..." she started saying when arnav placed his hand on her's "I'll work I'm nearly done with my book...right now i'd love to go to this mysteriously beautiful place with you" he said as khushi squeezed his hand back

"Great...get ready...wear something warm as its a little up on the hill...we'll take my car" she said as arnav nodded and got up "ok, see you in sometime..." he said as he came closer to kiss her when khushi suddenly got up and stood two feet away "What are you doing?!!" she whispered as she looked back towards the kitchen, but before she could turn back she felt arnav kiss her lightly on her cheek, making her face flame up in sudden heat "They suspect anyways...and I don't know how long I can keep this a secret if all I want to do is.." he said as khushi placed her finger on his lips "Shh...i get go before Smitha comes!" she said as he chuckled loudly while whistling his way to his room, leaving khushi smiling like a fool


"This place really is amazing khushi...I never knew such a big settlement even existed here" Arnav said as they strolled hand in hand towards the large Namdroling monastery...they both stopped a few feet away from the main temple that housed the buddhist trinity "Its simply beautiful...there's no other word for it" Arnav said as he admired the golden dome and intricately carved pillars and walls of the temple...instinctively he took out his phone and stepped away from khushi who looked at him in confusion

"I want to take your picture...stand right there" he said as she made a face "Noo...i look hideous in pictures arnav...leave it na please" she said as Arnav took a candid pic of her pouting face "You look beautiful Khushi" he said as she smiled suddenly, her cheeks going pink as he took another picture "Perfect" he said as Khushi called out to one of the young boys playing nearby...she asked him if he could take a picture of them and quickly plucked away arnav's phone from his hand and gave it to the boy

She dragged arnav towards her as they stood in front of the temple with the boy taking their photo "Come closer khushi" Arnav said as he draped his arms over her shoulder and pulled her closer to himself...she quickly looked up at his face as he gazed at her...they kept staring at each other as both relaxed in their embrace...neither taking their eyes off the was only when the boy came and handed over the phone back to khushi when their eye-lock ended

"What? Did you take a picture?" khushi shouted at the retreating boy who was running away to once again play with his friends while arnav checked his phone "He did...but instead of looking at the camera we are both looking at each other" arnav said as khushi thinned her lips and looked at the picture... "Its all your fault...why did you have to pull me closer? or..or look at me that way" she said stepping away from him to walk towards the temple

"Look at you how khushi?" arnav teased her as she struggled to find words... "That you want to" she said as arnav caught up to her and held her elbow to make her stop "Like i want to what?" he asked huskily as she blushed "Like i want to never let you go?" he whispered in her ear as she gasped and turned towards him "Like the same way you look at me" he stated simply as Khushi smiled and pushed him away before running the rest of the way to the temple " have got to stop running away from me!" arnav called after her as he ran to once again catch up with her.


After a late lunch of yummy momo's and traditional tibetan 'cha', both continued to stroll hand in hand amongst the small by-lanes that offered many delightful shops...Arnav smiled as he saw khushi squeal and aww at the most silliest artifacts and knick-knacks that most of the shops sold...he saw her eyeing a pair of tortoiseshell earrings before keeping them back on the counter...he quickly went and picked them up before taking them to the guy at the front to pay for it

"What did you buy?" Khushi asked him as he looked over his shoulders and took the little paper bag from the man, he handed the bag to her and watched in anticipation as her eyes went round looking at the same pair of earrings she was admiring a few minutes ago "Arnav! You didn't have to" she said as he gently took it from her...she wacthed in rapt attention as he delicately removed the earrings from the pack and pushed her hair away from her ears to make her wear them

She sucked in a breath as his face came closer to hers while he gently made her wear the earrings, his calloused fingers caressing her delicate ear lobes as he fastened them onto her "How do I look?" she asked with a broad smile as he held her by the shoulders and made her turn around to face the mirror behind her "beautiful" he said once again coming very close to her as khushi looked at him through the mirror

"Thank you" she said turning around when he shook his head "Never thank me for things that make me happy" he said as khushi felt her heart burst in a happy song to his words...she threw her hands around him and hugged him tightly making him chuckle against her hair "Now you aren't worried about people seeing us" he teasingly asked her as she shook her head "No...i'm not and will never be" she said as Arnav hugged her back and held on for a while

They continued their exploration of the quaint little town before visiting a few more places of was nearing dinner time when they reached home, but since they had eaten quite a lot of things along the way, both did not feel the need to eat dinner and decided to retire for the night instead...they knew they could not be their own selves in front of VK and Smitha's watchful eyes...Khushi had told arnav that she did not wish to let them know anything right now lest her family got involved and Arnav too did not want that at this stage


As Arnav sat writing the penultimate chapter of his book...he went over all the notes he had made over the time he had come here...he smiled as he thought how his life had changed the day he had stepped foot in this house...he had given up all hope of ever finding anyone who he would want to spend his life with...and he knew it was Khushi...he had always been a practical person and had never really thought with his heart except the time when he decided he wanted to write...and being with Khushi gave him the same exhilaration, if not more.

He was just about to save his work and call Khushi before sleeping when he heard a faint knock on his door...he got up and opened it to see Khushi standing with a cute pout on her face "I can't sleep" she said as she walked into his room while Arnav shut the door behind her...he saw her walking towards his study table and panicked as his work was open for her to see...he quickly came behind her and turned her around to hold her tightly against him

"Arnav...I don't know what's happening with me..." she said trying to hide her blush as Arnav closed his laptop screen behind her while nuzzling his face in her fragrant hair "Oh, but I do...I can't stay away from you" he said huskily as she pressed herself more into his frame...her hands went to loop around his neck as he leaned down to catch her lips in a much needed kiss...something they had both wanted all day...his lips parted hers to deepen the kiss as he tasted her sweet mouth...she moaned as he lifted her up and made her wind her legs around his hips as he made her sit on the table

Khushi felt her insides burn up as Arnav kissed her hungrily...his lips plundering her mouth as they both sought the satisfaction they so craved all day...when it became absolutely necessary to breath, he broke away from her mouth to trail kisses over her neck and further below...he nipped the skin near her collarbone making her gasp in surprise and arousal

She crept her hand inside his warm jumper to find the heated skin of his toned body...pushing the material away from him, she removed it completely off him before kissing his chest and trailing her hands behind him...he groaned as her lips moved over his bare body making him want to take her then and there... "Khushi...we need to..." he started saying when she looked up with eyes so deeply desirous that he forgot what he was about to say and once again kissed her senseless

His hands went inside her t-shirt and caressed her bare back as she arched further into him...his fingers found her bra hook, but lingered around it, unsure if he should undo it or not...but Khushi made the decision for him as she pulled off her t-shirt before un-hooking her bra from behind her "I don't want anything between us..." she said with hooded eyes as she encouraged arnav to do what he wanted to

As he pulled away the black lace from her chest...he stepped back to admire her beautiful form while she blushed under his intense gaze, she quickly crossed her arms in front of her but when she saw the way arnav's eyes were worshipping her, she found a new boldness within herself...she got up from the table and held his hands in herr, standing bare in front of him "I want you to touch me..." she said as she placed his hands over her breasts, making arnav marvel at her softness...he could hardly keep himself in control as he pressed them in his hands making her moan out louder

"You are so beautiful Khushi...and your'e mine" he said huskily before picking her up and placing her on the bed...he wasted no time in devouring her plaint body as he sucked on her aroused nipples one by one...his body hardened as she moaned while he rained kisses all over her...he kissed her belly button and sucked on the soft skin there as she arched into him "Oh...Arnav...make love to me...please.." she said as she writhed about in abandonment above him, her body in flames at his actions...his already hard form struggling to keep things in control

"Khushi...sweetheart...this is your first time...are you sure that you want to..." he said as she got up slightly and
pulled him closer to her "Yes...I need you and I know you do too...I'm very sure Arnav...I feel like there is something incomplete within me...and only you can complete it..." she said not understanding the various different things her body was going through...she had never been this intimate with anyone before...but with arnav it came so naturally...she did not even feel shy asking him to make love to her.

"I want nothing more than being with you...but, we don't have any protection...and..." he said as khushi took a deep breath...she had not thought of that...she smiled as she pulled him closer and kissed him did she get this lucky to find someone who was so was a woman was throwing herself at him and all he thought about was her... "Thank you Arnav..." she said as he nudged her nose against her "trust me Khushi..I can't wait to be with you...but I want your first time to be special...and it will be...I promise" he said as she nodded and hugged him

"But...for that incomplete thing you were feeling...let me help with that" he said as he smirked and lay her back down...he kissed her again making her confused about what he was planning on doing when she felt him slide her shorts down " just said..." she said as his hand hovered over her black lace panties "Shh...I just want to pleasure you..." he said as khushi understood what he meant...she held her breath as he slid the shorts over her long legs before pulling off her panties after them making khushi turn crimson at his actions...her anticipation level touched the sky as he leaned down between her legs and slowly teased her already wet centre with his fingers

"Ooh..." she moaned out as he parted her wet lips and rubbed his finger against her engorged nub before sliding one slowly inside her, making her hold onto the sheets tightly in her hands... "Arrnav..." she said as every touch of his took her to a higher level of ecstasy...she nearly buckled as she felt his tongue continue with the slow torture on her core, while his fingers played magic inside her...she could feel something build up as arnav's tongue flicked against her nub again and again when suddenly her entire body went up in sparks as a dam burst within her...she knew this was her first orgasm and it was much more than what she had read or heard about...

"Aaah...Oh my God...Arnavvv..." she screamed as his fingers once again slowly brushed over her core while his mouth found hers again, kissing her madly as she continued to feel delicious shivers all along her body "I told you I won't let you feel incomplete" he said as she finally slumped against the cool bed sheet with Arnav hovering above her...she smiled at him before pulling him closer and hugging him as she placed her head on his chest "Thank you" she said breathlessly as her body finally came down from the nirvana this man had taken her to

"I told you not to thank me for things that make me happy" he said as she chuckled and held him tighter...but then got up suddenly and looked over in concern...she could feel him hard for her and knew that he must be in a lot of pain "what about you? Can I?" she asked as he shook his head and laid her back " should go to sleep now...and I will be going for a cold cold shower.." he said as he found khushi's t-shirt and shorts along with her underwear

"I think you should wear that if you want me to remain sane" he said as she smiled and got up wrapping the sheet around her "I'll go to my room...otherwise.." she said as he came and kissed her on her forehead "Don't you dare...i'll wake you up early enough before VK and Smitha arise...but please sleep here with can't expect me to sleep alone after all that...or I will come and join you in your room" he said as she giggled and pushed him away "Ok fine...go and take your shower...i'll be waiting for you here only...fully clothed" she said as Arnav smirked before walking into the bathroom

Khushi felt her blush return in full force as she relived whatever had happened a few minutes before...she quickly donned her clothes and got back into bed as she waited for arnav to join her...who knew that things would have changed so drastically for her in a span of such a small time...she thanked her stars that she decided to come here to fix the house...otherwise how else would she have met Arnav...she never thought she would finally find her special someone who she wanted to be with, with so much conviction...someone she would love to such an extent.

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