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When I Met You - Chapter Forty (Last Chapter)

Mature Content Ahead...You are warned!

"Khushi?" arnav was the first one to react seeing her standing nervously at the door "What are you doing here? I told you not to come here..." he said as he walked swiftly towards the door, he wanted her as far away as possible from Shyam and her being here at this time was worrying him to no end "Why did you come here Khushi? You shouldn't have come..." he said as he cupped her face and turned her away from shyam's gaze.

"No." Khushi said as she turned around and faced Shyam , she held tightly onto arnav's hand and looked him in the eyes "This man has been the cause of my nightmares...he is the reason why i could not trust anyone for a long time, he took away my faith, my belief everything...everything when he...he..." she stopped as her voice choked up, tears running freely from her hazel eyes "I need closure arnav...i need to see him being punished for everything that he has done to hurt us.." she said as arnav held her in a tight embrace,running his hands over her back.

"Its ok babe, its ok...he won't hurt us anymore...your nightmares are over now...its time for a new chapter in your life...shh..." he said consoling her, he kissed her softly on her forehead as he faced Shyam once again, holding khushi by her shoulders close to his body "I wish i could rip you limb to limb you B*****d for all the pain and terror you have put her through...i wish i could kill you with my bare hands for planning to plot against my sister, to even think that you'd blackmail khushi to come to you..." arnav said slowly, his voice icy cold..but eyes blazing hot.

"But i will not give you the satisfaction of feeling for even one second that you won...for thinking that beating you to a pulp will satisfy my hunger for your total ruination...no Shyam Jha...your punishment is knowing that I trapped you in your own game...it is knowing that Khushi will never be yours..it is knowing that you are alone and your pathetic life has no meaning...you will reflect
upon everything i say as you rot in jail for the rest of your miserable life...i'll make sure you do!" arnav said as he fisted his hands trying to control his anger.

Shyam felt the cold metal against his palm, his insides were twisting as he saw arnav and khushi together, his breathing shallowed out as he saw khushi look at him straight in his eyes, hatred and disgust clearly visible in her eyes, he slid the revolver slowly into his back pocket and looked up "I'm sorry Katya...i really am sorry for everything i did...i was too much in love with you...i could not see you with anyone else...i needed you...wanted you for my own..." he said as his voice broke.

His eyes misted as he saw Khushi step away from arnav "Sorry is not enough for what you did Shyam...i can never forgive you for all that you did and all that you have done now...I was never yours! Not then, not now...not ever! So don't expect me to even acknowledge your apology...you are a pathetic excuse of a man..." she said as she walked slowly towards him "I rue the day i met you in the park..and i pity you, you know why? Because arnav is right...you will always be alone..because you are not worthy of even an animal...let alone a human being. I pity you Shyam Jha..." khushi said as she faced a fallen and defeated shyam, kneeling in front of her.

"I understand Katya...i know you can never forgive me...but please believe me when is say that i truly loved you...i did this only.." shyam said his eyes streaming with tears, but stopped as she saw Khushi put her palm up "Stop! Don't insult love by naming this unhealthy obsession of yours with such a pure emotion...you don't know what love is...you will never know because you need to possess a heart to feel it...and you Shyam are heartless...even animals are better than...aaahhh" Khushi screamed as shyam pulled her down on him.

He was waiting for the perfect time when he could trap her and when Arnav and Lavanya were too busy watching her, he quickly pulled her leg and was prepared when she came crashing against him. He quickly got up and held her roughly by her waist, her back digging into his front as she frantically tried to free herself from him.

It took a second for arnav to realize what had happened, his anger knew no bounds as he leapt forward towards shyam but the shiny metallic object trained on her forehead made him stop, it made Lavanya halt in her tracks as she tried to get near them, and it made a struggling khushi gasp, the cold metal felt like ice against her warm skin "Nah..ah...don't even think about it ASR...if you so much as take a step towards her, i'll blow her brains up" Shyam said smiling menacingly at the duo.

"Don't be stupid Shyam...let her go...and I know you won't pull the trigger...you love her too don't you? Just...just lower the gun and let khushi go" arnav said, his voice trembling with barely concealed fear "Hahaha..." shyam laughed loudly as he moved backwards towards the stairs dragging khushi along with him "Yes arnav...i do love her...but i can't see her with anyone else...if I can't have her...no one can...i'll kill her...i'll live with her memories...but i refuse to see her with you or anyone else..you get that!" shyam shouted as khushi whimpered against his tightening hold...it was making it difficult for her to breath.

"No..no...listen...i won't say anything to the police...you can go scots free...we won't bother you...just let her go Shyam...i..please just let her go..." arnav said as his voice broke, he was too scared to think what a maniac like him would do "Listen...i'll back off from every deal that your company and mine are fighting for...i'll give you whatever you want! Just please..." arnav said as his eyes begged him to leave her.

Khushi closed her eyes as she saw the helplessness in arnav's eyes, one thing she could never bear was seeing defeat in his eyes...she could never see him begging...she heard Shyam's laughter as his clammy hands pressed into her, his nails digging into her soft flesh, while the other held steadily held onto the loaded revolver, she closed her eyes and prayed to God for strength as she mustered all the courage she could and jabbed him in his jaw with an upward cut of her elbow.

As Shyam got momentarily stunned with the sharp pain, his hands fell loose, his gun slipping onto the floor...skittering to a spot right between arnav and shyam, both men looked at the fallen gun leaping onto the floor to claim it, khushi tried to hold Shyam back but he was too big for her as he shoved her aside, making her fall down and hit her head onto the couch. Lavanya came running towards her to help her up as both girls saw the two men struggle for the gun.

Khushi screamed as she saw shyam push arnav to reach the gun, but arnav was very quick for him as he held shyam's legs in a tight grip making him lose his balance and fall, he then punched him in his side as he leaned over him to grab the gun, but shyam tried to hit arnav with his fist which arnav stopped by holding him off with one hand while he pinned him down on the floor with the other "Don't even think about it SJ" arnav said as he elbowed him in his solar plexus making him curl up and hold his stomach.

"Leave right now.." arnav rasped to both Lavanya and Khushi who seemed to have frozen with fear, "Arnav...take the gun..." khushi said she rose out of her stupor and ran forward to push the gun towards him, arnav picked it up and turned towards Shyam who by now had risen once again, he screamed as he lurched once again towards arnav while khushi threw herself on him "Khushi...NO!!!" arnav screamed as the gun went off, a scream followed...as a crimson lake made its way beneath the three bodies lying on the floor.
"That will be all Mr Raizada...thanks for all you help" ACP Khurana said as he shook hands with arnav who nodded in thanks. Arnav looked out to see the two police jeeps and an ambulance that was parked outside. He stepped out to watch the three vehicles leave the vicinity. It had been an hour since the time the police and ambulance had come. It all seemed so surreal, arnav thought as he sat down on the bench outside in the garden and held his head in his hands sighing deeply.

"Arnav...i think we should go now...its pretty late.." Lavanya said as she placed a reassuring hand on his shoulders, he looked up and smiled at her "Thanks Lavanya...without your help all this would not have been possible..." he said as he placed his hand over hers "What thanks arnav..! don't be all formal now...get up now!...i'm going ahead in the car which khushi got here" she said as she gave him a dimpled smile and walked away.

Arnav walked slowly to his SUV that was parked a little bit away from the main gate of the house, he walked towards the passenger door instead of the drivers and opened the door to hear a quick gasp from her, he pulled her out as he banged the door shut and pinned her against the car door, "Don't ever do that again Khushi! I can't live without you...i was so close to loosing you today..." he said as he rested his forehead against, his hands going around her slim waist, holding her tightly against him.

"And I can't live without you arnav...so i'm not sorry for what i did in there" she said she held his face in her soft palms, her heart constricted as she saw tears running down his cheeks, she kissed them away as he spoke hoarsely "you should not have come between us Khushi...what if the gun would have fired on you instead of his leg? What then? How..h.." he stopped as khushi placed her finger against his lips "But it didn't...he got what he deserved...the bullet went through his leg...not you, not me...i'm too stubborn and even God can't make me go away from you or take you from me..." she said as she moved her finger and kissed him slowly on his lips.

Arnav sighed as he felt her soft lips over his, their tears intermingled..the salty taste lingering on their lips...she parted her mouth to take him in slowly, both savoring the feel and taste of each other as if they were exploring for the first time..the kiss went on for a few moments more as khushi suddenly pushed him away as realization dawned on her "Arnav! What's the time?" she said loudly as panic set in

"Relax khushi...its only 6:30...whaa?" arnav said as khushi pushed him towards the drivers side "Drive!" she screamed as she sat on the passenger side and belted herself up, she looked at arnav who was staring at her as if she had grown two horns "What? Arnav! Drive...its our wedding in 4 hours! The Jaimala is at 10:30 tonight...and i need to go home and get ready! Move!" she screamed as arnav jumped up scared at his fiancee's this avatar "Ok..ok...i'm driving!" he said as he shook his head a muttered 'Unbelievable!' under his breath!

"What? You think 4 hours is enough to get ready? Do you know that the hair dresser and the make-up lady are already there? They wanted to try out some stuff on me earlier...but i refused saying i needed my sleep...so apparently I'm still sleeping in my room!" she huffed as she took deep breaths, she had not wanted anyone in the house to know that she had left the house...so she had dressed up in an old pair of jeans and kurta, taken a shawl over her head and stepped out

"Oh...so that's the reason you gave for coming here...but if anyone goes into the room to check then? Won't they find the bed empty?" arnav asked concern lacing his voice, "Oh no...that's what i have anji for...poor thing must be sleeping since the past three hours now!" khushi chucked as arnav joined in the laughter, their stress and worries easing out with their laughs as the events of the day faded away with the promise of an unforgettable night.
His eyes were glued to the ethereal beauty in front of him as she floated towards him in her designer blue peacock style dress which he had designed himself for her. The stone studded bodice moulding her gorgeous curves while her slim waist was left bare, only to me marred by a gold waist chain. He hair was done up in masses of curls with an emerald jadau maang tika resting in its folds with matching necklace and earrings adorning her neck and ears. Lots of tinkling green and blue bangles were interspersed with kundan jadua kangans.

His breath caught at the sheer perfection in front of him, his khushi. She smiled shyly as she stepped forward to place the garland around his neck, he could hear his friends egging him on to raise his head, some even tried to pick him up, but Arnav Singh Raizada, with all the love and respect which he had for her, bowed down his head in complete surrender and humility. The family and friends marveled at the change this one girl had bought about in him and blessed the couple for a happy married life...for many life's to come.
Khushi yawned as she was led into their room at 5am in the morning. The bidaai had just taken place and the grah pravesh was also done. Khushi smiled as she remembered the way maya, dadiji, mamaji and anji had welcomed her back into their house, her house now...it felt like it was only yesterday that she had stepped in from the same threshold for the first time, nervous as hell..pretending to be arnav's fiancee...and today she was his wife...she kissed anji and lavanya on their cheeks as they teased her for a few minutes before leaving her alone in the gorgeously decorated room.

Khushi went and stood by the french windows as she heard the door open and shut, she heard the quick snap of the lock and the loud boisterous voices from outside shouting encouragements and teases at him...as if he needed it she thought smiling widely. She closed her eyes and waited as he stepped closer to her, his hands going around her waist, his head resting on her shoulder as he whispered into her ears "Good morning Mrs Raizada..."

Khushi shivered as his hands traced a lazy path along her flat stomach, she sucked her tummy in as she felt goosebumps along her skin while arnav rained light kisses across her neck..he turned her around to gaze into her eyes "You look so beautiful tonight khushi...i can't believe your mine.." he said as slowly removed her maang tika, kissing her gently on her forehead. He then kissed her on her eyes and cheeks before divesting off her earrings and necklace, dropping kisses on parts they left bare.

"Arrnaavv..." khushi moaned as he slowly took off all her bangles out and let them fall to the floor "We'll clean up tomorrow babe" he said as he unpinned her dupatta and let it float down as well "You forgot my waist chain.." khushi said softly as arnav's hands went to her back "Nope...i left it on, on purpose" he said hoarsely as khushi crept her hands under his sherwani...it was easy to undo the buttons..she pulled it off him before kissing him on his hard chest..her teeth nipping the taut skin as arnav groaned.

He undid the three strings holding back her heavy choli and khushi breathed a sigh of relief as it fell away "I feel so much lighter now" she said breezily as arnav feasted his eyes on her magnificent breasts, he latched his mouth onto them as her straining nipples stood proud before him "Hmm...khushi...i missed this so much...God I love you..." he said as his mouth now traveled to hers, taking her lips in a savage hungry kiss, the slow tempo they started with vanished as need and desire took over their senses.

Arnav's hands deftly undid her lehenga and picked up her left leg as the gorgeous fabric slid down, he wrapped her leg around his waist as he kissed her senseless, his tongue probing her soft mouth, plundering it as she gave in kind. Khushi groaned as she lifted herself up and wrapped her other leg around him as well as he supported her frame along his strong body, he walked them to the bed and dropped her on it as he joined her, his body pressing her slender form down on the soft mattress, his lips kissing her belly button over the gold chain.

Khushi writhed restlessly under him waiting for him to take her, she pulled him up for a passionate kiss as he took off the remainder of their clothes before getting himself settled between her, he looked into her eyes which shone with love and thrust into her as she cried out in pleasure, their bodies joined in an ancient rhythm known to man and woman, as they both reached their crescendo together, their love soaring as high as they slept peacefully as man and wife leaving the bleak past behind, dreaming about the bright future.
"Arnav...not again...i'm too tired!" khushi groaned as arnav snaked an arm around her waist bringing her flush against his naked body "No chance...you just lie down...let me pleasure you..." he said naughtily as his hands started traveling along her thighs.. "Umm...Mr Raizada...where are you planning on taking me for our honeymoon?" she gasped as he found her core, she closed her eyes as he continued his assault.

"Where ever you want o go sweetheart..." he said as her body heated up once again from the pleasure her husband was giving her "Re...ally?" she asked as her body got ready to reach its climax.. "A..aar..arnav..." she moaned as arnav increased his tempo, his experienced fingers creating havoc "H..how...abb..about we..gg..go again to Neemmrana.a.." she screamed out the last part as her body crashed down form an amazing climax.

Arnav looked at her flushed face "I'll book it tomorrow.." he smiled down and kissed her soundly as she returned it with equal fervor "Thank you my love,..." she said as she wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his warm chest "Can i ask you something?" she said as she ran her fingers over him , "Hmm..." arnav said as khushi looked up "When did you know it was love? When did you know that I was the one for you?" she asked as arnav caressed her head and kissed her gently on her forehead "I think it was when you walked into that restaurant..with your little black dress...the first time...When I Met You"

Might post an Epilogue soon! 


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