Tuesday, 30 October 2012

When I Met You - Epilogue!!!

Mature Content...you have been warned! :p

A sunny morning on the 12th of September 2014

"Bhabhi!!! What do I do with this?" Anjali asked as she held a soiled diaper in her hands, she frowned as khushi came towards her "Anji! What do you do with a dirty diaper? You throw it in the bin!" khushi laughed as she took the diaper from her and plonked it into the nearby dustbin. She turned back to see Anjali and Raghav struggling with cleaning up a now red faced amal who was bawling away to glory.

Khushi smiled as she walked towards them and kneeled down towards her son, with his dark brown hair and molten brown eyes, he looked just like his dad "Aww…my darling…why are you crying my baby? Mamma's here!" she cooed as amal looked at her and stopped crying, at the same time, anjali and raghav were successful in getting his new diaper on, they sighed with relief as amal now smiled his cute toothless smile and raised his hands for khushi to pick him up.

"Seriously khushi bhabhi…me and anji are not planning for a kid for at least another 10 years! And if we do have one before that time, I'm leaving it with you!" Raghav said as he wiped his perspiring forehead, he winced as anjali pinched him and went to take amal from khushi "Shut up! I wanna have one as soon as we get married! I can't wait to have my very own amal" she said as she tickled amal's tummy making him gurgle in pleasure.

"Gosh! You both started again! Who will say that both of you are getting married in three days!" khushi shook her head as she went to pick out some clothes for amal from the huge suitcase. She took a baby blue bunny suit and handed it over to Raghav "Now you need to powder him and dress him up…that's it! Your training is complete!" she said as raghav groaned "Aww…bhabhi! I don't know why we insisted on learning about babies! It's too much work" he said as khushi patted his cheeks and kissed amal on his forehead before leaving them to it

"Be prepared! Next is learning how to feed him!" she laughed as she gave some instructions to the nanny, leaving her son in the care of his bui and his future fufa for now. She started walking across the huge foyer towards the massive gardens, a small smile on her lips as she remembered the many memories they had made here, in fact she was pretty sure that they had created their amal right here…at Neemrana.


He had his back to her as she admired his strong lithe body, even after all this time of being with him she still felt butterflies in her lower tummy whenever she saw her husband. She smiled fondly as he guided the decorators and the wedding planner about how the venue should be done up for his beloved sister's big fat Indian wedding. She waited till he finished talking to them before moving behind him and wrapping her arms across his torso, she rested her head against his back and sighed as he leaned back into her and placed his large hands over her smaller ones.

"Hey babe…I missed you" he said as he turned around and held her lightly by her waist, he looked down appreciating her pale pink sundress, her shoulders bare, only tiny straps holding the cotton dress to her frame...her hair flying about in the breeze, he trailed his finger over her plump lips as he bent down to claim them, she sighed in satisfaction as his lips took hers in a gentle kiss.

"Umm…why didn't you wake me up?" she said as she broke the kiss and smiled up at him "You were sleeping soo deeply and amal had kept you up all night…so I let you sleep in…though I really wanted to wake you up in our special way" he said as he nuzzled her neck "Arnav! Stop…everyone is watching us…and by the way he kept both of us up all night…" she said holding his hand as his eyes wandered about "Speaking of which, where is he? I thought you'll bring him with you" he said as he tried to spot a baby stroller with the nanny.

"No, it's not a very favourable weather for him and plus anji and raghav are going to look after him today…right from changing his diapers to feeding him, they said they wanted training to.." she said as he jerked up and looked at her with a horrid expression "WHAT! You left my child in the care of brat and blob?" he said as khushi hit him lightly on his arm "Stop calling them that! If raghav ever comes to know what you call him…" she narrowed her eyes as arnav smirked "Well, his nose is a little like a blob..i mean how do girls find him attractive I wonder!" he said as khushi frowned at him

"Well! He's very well read and a fine gentleman..aand…" she said as arnav placed his hand over her mouth "Ok stop! I don't want to hear his praises from your mouth…even though he is marrying my sister…I still find it very disturbing that he once pursued you!" he said twisting his mouth annoyingly "Arnav! He did not pursue me! We just spoke!" she said pinching his arm as he winced in fake pain "Now show me what all arrangements you have done so far!" she huffed as he followed his wife smiling behind her "Aye aye capt'n!"

"Hai re Nandkishore!!!!" buaji said as khushi and arnav strolled in to the presidential suit after their recce of the garden area, they had decided to have the actual wedding on the vast terrace overlooking the hills while the reception would be held in the gardens. "What happened buaji? Why do you look so worried?" khushi asked her as she came and stood in front of her "Khusi! Why did you leave lalla with anjali bitiya and raghav bitwa? They are having a huge fight over what to play with him! God only knows if both of them will be present for their own sangeet tonight!" she slapped her forehead as khushi smiled at her.

"Buaji! They need to do this together...they wanted to take care of amal...and don't worry, how much ever they fight they love each other much more!" she giggled as dadiji and maya came to the room as well "Arre madhu...don't worry, they'll be fine...right now they have taken lalla for a stroll" dadiji said as she came and calmed down buaji, khushi looked on at the besties, yep dadiji and buaji were inseparable! In fact her family had insisted that buaji should stay with them only instead of any other house...everyone loved her eccentric ways and adored her love and care for anji.

"Khushi beta, i'm so glad you suggested this place for the wedding...it's simply breathtakingly beautiful! No wonder you and arnav come here so often!" maya said as she hugged khushi from the side "I know mumma, isn't it wonderful! Just you wait till all the dcor is done...it's going to look fabulous! And Ashaji is also coming for the wedding...who knows...all our prayers might be answered here" she gushed as she smiled remembering what mamaji had told her about his love life.

Apparently his girl-friend from college, Asha had left for US after they completed graduation...thus breaking his heart...he had never married since he had given his heart to her...and recently they came to know that she too had remained unmarried and was back in India, Khushi had joyously taken up the responsibility to play their personal cupid, much to the annoyance of arnav and delight of the rest of the family.

Watching the ladies gush about his poor mama's love life, arnav came striding towards her "Ok ok, everyone! All the guests have checked-in and Raghav's family is also here...I have arranged lunch for all of us in the queen's garden...so please be there in an hour's time" arnav informed everyone as they continued their chit-chat while walking towards the door.

"And now please go to your own suites as my wife needs some sleep...she's been up all night thanks to amal...so we'll see you in an hour" he said ushering everyone out "Oh really? I wonder how much sleep she'll get in an hour...and don't use my grandson name's for your..." maya's voice trailed away as the three ladies made their way out, arnav turned back to khushi and looked at her amused face "So..Where were we?" he asked wriggling his eyebrows

"Arnav Singh Raizada! Shame on you! I can't believe you just made them leave like that!" khushi said as she shook her head at him, arnav smirked as he walked slowly towards her "Well, excuse me if I want to spend some quality time with my wife...i mean I can't remember the last time we were alone! I mean I love our baby, but I think you're not being fair to your first baby! And now that La is coming tomorrow...I can just imagine how busy you both will get! Especially gossiping about her firang fiance!" he sighed as his arms went around khushi.

"Aw...my first baby!" khushi said as she whispered in his ears, arnav closed his eyes feeling her lips caress him, he held her more tightly as her arms went around his neck pulling him closer "I missed you too hun...but one hour is too little...and don't worry I'll make sure La and anji don't take all my time..Because all of it is only for you and amal..i promise!" she said as she kissed his jaw.

Arnav groaned as he slid her dress strap away from her shoulder, leaving feathery kisses along her bare skin, she moaned as he cupped her breasts while kissing her neck,  they were just about to kiss when the shrill bell rang in their room "What the!" arnav shouted as he looked at khushi's flushed skin.."Go and check who it is!" khushi pushed him away adjusting her clothes and hair.

Arnav strode angrily towards the door and opened it with a thunderous expression, but his face split into a huge smile when he saw anji holding his son in her arms, raghav and the nanny in tow "Bhai! We had such an amazing time with amal today...I think we are totally prepared for a child now!" anjali giggles as Raghav shook his head in complete No behind her, arnav smiled as he took his son from her, 'perfect couple' he thought shaking his head.

"Bhabhi!" anjali called out to khushi from the door "Anji..why are you standing there? Come on in you two.." she said as their nanny went in to get amal's things in order "No bhabhi...we need to go and start getting ready...i mean I need to! We'll see you later!" they both waved as anjali kissed her nephew and brother on their cheeks before once again getting into some silly argument with raghav.

"Made for each other I tell ya!" arnav grumbled as he carried his son to the huge couch by the window, he sat down resting amal's little body against his arms, cradling his head the way khushi had shown him. Khushi looked on at father and son as they both made silent communication as if they were engrossed in some political debate, well not that silent since arnav was cooing to him...She laughed as she thought what an impossible sight this would have been two years ago!

"So what did you say earlier? You wanted to spend some quality time with me huh? Why don't I call the nanny? She can look after amal you know..." khushi said pulling his leg, she knew that when arnav had amal with him, everything else was forgotten including her sometimes "N..no..I want to play with him..I mean I've not seen him since morning...so" arnav said already lost in amal's gurgles, khushi smiled as she left them alone, after all he needed some quality time with his son too.


"Did I tell you your perfume intoxicates me" arnav whispered against khushi's ears sliding his hands over his wife's bare midriff, her red sheer sari hardly covering it. She tilted her head up and smiled at him "Really? I never knew that..." she whispered back as arnav inhaled near her neck and sighed "Yep...it truly does...in fact did you know I was introduced to your perfume before you?" he said smirking at her, khushi turned around in his arms to look at him as if he had lost his mind "What? How?" she asked as he pulled her closer

"Let's leave that story for another day..right now all I want to do is rip off that red sari and take you right here" he said huskily as he pulled her away from the function towards the exit. "Arnav! Are you mad? The sangeet is still going on...and we need to take amal as well" she said pulling her hand from him, but arnav was quick for her as he pulled her back and led her away "No its not and no we don't!" arnav said smiling at her naughtily.

"What?" khushi asked as they walked across the scented corridors adorned with white lily's towards the private lift which would take them directly to the presidential suite of the hotel. "I mean...we have danced all we can..everyone is leaving now and mom is taking care of amal tonight...the nanny will be staying with them as well...she really wanted you to rest it out...said you looked pale and tired...but little does she know that I don't intend to let you sleep at all!" he rasped as they reached the elevator.

"But...let me at least say good night to my sweety..." she said turning back to go towards the function, but arnav held her hand "I've already kissed him from both of us..and now if you go there..they won't leave you...and I know how you get when amal's with you...you'll never come back and convince mom that you'll be fine and yadda yadda.." he said as the lift started moving upwards, she gave him an annoyed look but felt her insides heat up at his darkened eyes.

Khushi gasped as arnav picked her up as the elevator reached their floor and walked to their room, she wound her arms around him as he slid the door open and stepped inside before locking it and placing her down gently on the soft carpeted floor, he then pulled her towards him as he slammed his lips on hers, his mouth sucking her lips till she moaned with need, their tongues played the practiced game of dominance as pure hot desire took over both of them.

They had missed this, this mad passionate love making...it had been a while since they had gotten time for themselves...so there was no gentle foreplay...no words of romance...it was pure unadulterated heat which sweeped them off their feet as clothes were discarded with urgency, the need to feel each other's bare bodies taking over their senses, khushi moaned as arnav's hot mouth latched onto her straining peak, his tongue ravishing, his teeth biting...his hand busy moulding the other...the thought of having too little time for this making things more exciting.

Khushi's hands grabbed his proud arousal as he hissed in pleasure "Khushi...God...I've missed this so much!" he said, his voice hoarse with need..he shut his eyes as khushi stroked his length, her hands skilfully sliding themselves around his member. He pulled her hands up to warp them around his neck as he pushed her buttocks up to rub het wet core against him, her own body far too aroused to think anything.

Arnav fused his mouth to hers as he took her towards their bed, he gently lowered her on it as he kneeled besides her, his lips slowly tracing a path of hot kisses from the tips of her toes to her core, he smiled against her nub as his tongue pleasure her senseless, he could feel her body writing under his as she thrashed around, waiting for him to fill her up.

"Arnavvv...nn...now...pl..please..." khushi moaned as he bought her to the brink of insanity, but arnav did not still have his fill as he kissed her further up towards her abdomen, dipping his tongue in her navel, she cried out in frustration as she got up and pushed him down on the bed, she then straddled him as she sat over his abdomen, her eyes blazing with unfulfilled desire "I'm taking over" she said breathlessly as her slick hands once again found his engorged member, she positioned herself over him as her dripping core slid on him easily.

Arnav groaned in pleasure as he felt khushi sheath him, her muscles clenching against his arousal as she rode him in her wild passionate way..arnav loved this about her...her uninhabited nature when it came to their love making...he was purposely delaying her because he knew how wild she got when he kept her waiting...his breathing became heavy as he saw his magnificent wife above him, her hands resting on his chest, her hair bounding about her as her body connected with his in the most primal form.

When he knew she was at the brink, he pulled her down and under him and thrust into her, he too could feel his climax building up as she screamed into his shoulder "Harder...baby...please...harder..." arnav could not hold it any longer, with a final hard thrust both came together, joining in unbridled ecstasy as their bodies shuddered into peaceful oblivion, lulling them to a deep slumber.


The peaceful hours of sleep was disturbed with the ringing of their doorbell, khushi stretched and yawned as she pulled on her robe and went to open the door, she smiled as she saw maya with amal who was now wide awake "Khushi beta...I fed him his formula once but now I think he wants your milk...he's become very fidgety" maya said worriedly as she handed over amal to her

"Don't worry mamma...he's a fussy baby...he just doesn't like formula...no worries, i'll take him with me...thanks" she said as maya kissed them both and left for her room, khushi closed the door as she spoke in baby tongue with her son "Who's a naughty boy? Who's he..yes...you my baby.." she cooed as arnav came yawning behind her, "Hey! Look who's here! Could not stay away from ma and pa for long huh little guy? He said as his son caught his offered finger very tightly.

"Nope, he can't and neither can his parents" khushi said as she went and laid him on the bed next to her, she cleaned her breast before feeding her son who latched onto it hungrily making her gasp "Well, looks like he's just like his papa" arnav chuckled as khushi threw a pillow at him "Arnav! That's disgusting..." she giggled as amal fell asleep after his fill. She laid him straight in between her and arnav and placed pillows around him.

Arnav leaned over and kissed his son before pulling his wife for another lengthy kiss, he then kissed her once again softly on her forehead as he held her hand over amal "Thanks khushi..." he said as khushi looked at him with a confused look, "Thanks for giving me amal...you know i'm pretty sure we made this little angel right here..in this bed one and a half year ago...and I hope we made another one now...today...what do you think? You want one more amal?" he asked as khushi laughed with him.

"Hmm...maybe, but how about...a little princess? Someone with your eyes" she said huskily as arnav smiled at her, "No...I want her to be just like you in every sense...I love you khushi..." he said as his eyes conveyed the truth of his words, khushi smiled as her eyes shone with her love for him "I love you too arnav..." she said as both fell asleep gazing into each other's eyes...their dreams of tomorrow already taking effect...their life...perfect.



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