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OS: The Rogue Agents...

 Mature Content (18+ only)

“So agent Raizada, how do you like you new partner?” Chief Massey asked Arnav who was signing up some documents as he leaned forward on the chief’s desk “Oh…he’s good…comes with a lot of recommendations…” he said as the chief smiled at him and said in a conspiratory voice “But he’s definitely not as good looking as your ex-partner”

Arnav rolled his eyes at that...he chuckled as the chief gave him a few more papers to sign on before both settled back with cups of coffee “Speaking of your ex-partner…it’s her last day today…won’t you go and say goodbye?” chief massey asked as Arnav shrugged “Yeah…her farewell party is being held in a few minutes…I’m looking forward to the cake!” he said as both men laughed

“Arnav…you are one of the best field agents we have, and I’m very proud of you. But I feel you need to rethink about your decision to not take the promotion…people would kill to get Assistant chief’s position in the FBI…” he said as arnav nodded “I know chief…but where is the thrill in that? When I’m on the field, I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile…trust me, I can’t live without adventure in my life” he said smirking as the chief shook his head

“It’s your choice my son, though I’m sure you will be headed for plenty of adventure soon!” he said as arnav finished the last drop of his coffee and stood up “That I will…and thank God that I won’t have to think constantly about my partner anymore…I may be chauvinist in saying this, but having a woman as a partner is a tough job…granted she is one of the best…but still!” he said as the chief smiled warmly


“Khushi!! I’ll miss you soo much!” Helen said with a pout as her colleague and friend sat clearing up her cubicle…Khushi  kept her stuff aside and got up to give her a big hug “Aww…I’m going to miss you too Helen! Can’t believe I won’t be coming here from tomorrow!” she said with a sad smile as Helen picked up Khushi’s gun and badge

“I know hun…its will be sad to see this cubicle empty…what will you do with this gun? Do you need to return it?” Helen asked as Khushi nodded looking at her Glock 23 “Yeah…the gun I have to return, the badge I get to keep…its very upsetting to give away my protector” Khushi said sliding her finger on the smooth metallic surface of the gun

“Hmm….I can expect you to say something like this! Thank god I have a desk job…I’m not sure how I would have been able to handle a weapon” Helen said as Khushi laughed at her comical expression…they were still giggling as they walked towards the conference room where her farewell party was being held


Khushi walked in to find nearly the entire staff and agents on their floor assembled around the large conference table, where a huge square cake with ‘We will Miss you’ written on it was kept…she saw the chief standing right at the head of the table waving at her..she smiled at him as he motioned her to come and cut the cake

“Quick Gupta…I’m starving!” she heard a voice say as she stood near the cake smiling at everyone…she turned around at once to give an annoying look to her ex-partner who seemed to have his eyes focused on the delicious cake…not a bit of remorse of the fact that she was leaving “Hold your horses Raizada…no need to show your glee at my going away” she said with a glare as everyone around them laughed at the world famous Gupta-Raizada fights

It had been three years since both had become field partners at the FBI, Khushi was assigned to Arnav, a senior under the Narcotic division of FBI…she was top of class and one of the best shooters in the new lot and looking at her potential, the chief has paired her up with Arnav for some of his cases…this continued till a while, when after a year, they were made partners.

The entire organization could vouch for the tremendous job both of them had done over the past three years, and had also been awarded many times for the bravery and relentless passion they had for their work…but more than anything, everyone enjoyed their legendary pride and prejudice enactments..Both were too egoistic to listen to what the other had to say…always leading into verbal duels, much to the amusement of others.

Arnav grinned as the cake was being served and reached out to grab one of the plates that were being passed…he had just taken a bite of the creamy chocolaty goodness when he heard Khushi speak in a soft voice..Very near to his ears “Be careful Raizada…I might have laced it with cyanide...” she said as he nearly choked on the piece of cake

“Nothing about you surprises me anymore Gupta!...and boy am I glad that we aren't partners anymore” he said with a chuckle as her Khushi looked at him with something akin to hurt….he saw her face fall and her eyes twitch as she swiftly turned around and walked out of the room…leaving Arnav swearing at his insensitivity “Shit!”


Khushi parked her car into her parking space as she shut off the engine…she got down and opened the boot to retrieve her box that held all her stuff from office…She sighed as she picked up the light box and took the elevator to her eighth floor apartment…she unlocked her door and nudged her shoulder to open it while balancing the box with her body

She was just about to walk inside, when the box nearly fell out of her hands, but was steadied quickly by another pair of arms that helped her support it up…Khushi looked up to find herself staring into the same molten caramel eyes that tormented her every day “You! What are you doing here?” she asked him pushing him away as she walked inside the living room and dumped the box on the dining table

“C’mon Gupta is this way to talk to your partner?” Arnav asked lazily as he leaned against her main door…he had gone to apologize to her earlier, but she was too busy with her friends planning a night out…an extension of her farewell party…with only a few people invited and he thanked God that he wasn’t one of them…he abhorred dancing!  Later as he waited for her to get free, he was told that that she had left… and now, here he was.

“I have to get ready Raizada…please leave” she said with an annoyed face as he walked inside and shut the door…effectively making her scowl at him as he walked inside the spacious apartment making himself at home “You really need to calm down…why are you so edgy all the time?” he asked as he sat on the couch with his legs spread out on the coffee table

“Legs off please…this is not a bachelor pad!” she screeched as he quickly took them off “Jesus! What has gotten into you woman?” he asked as he got up and went to her as she turned away from him…. “Look at me when I talk to you!” he said with an irritated voice as she stubbornly looked away and walked towards the tall French windows adorned by silky peach curtains

“I don’t want to look at you…and why will I look at you when you seem to be so happy to get rid of me!” she huffed as he stood behind her…he smiled slightly as he saw her stiff stance…her back rigid under the white shirt she wore, while her long legs stood in attention in the snug fitted pants… “Khushi….” He said softly as she closed her eyes at his husky tone

“I like it when you say my name…” she said with a slight smile as he turned her around to face him….he trailed his finger over her soft dewy cheeks while giving her a lopsided smile “I Love your name Khushi…always have!” he said as she narrowed her eyes at him, her smile turning into a scowl

“Well, you hardly ever call me by my name at work…except…” she said  she he leaned more towards her face “Except what Khushi?....we don’t work together anymore…so it’s no point calling you agent Gupta…” he said as she walked back, her back came in contact with the silk curtains adorning the glass windows… “And aren’t you happy about it!” she spat as he suddenly banged his hands on the window, his arms imprisoning her as their bodies touched  intimately from their shoulders to knees

 “Listen to me…and listen well…You are the best damn partner anyone could ever have…It was a privilege and pleasure working with you Khushi…I can’t remember a single day I regretted not having you beside me…but…I can’t always worry for your safety…you are very important for me babe…you know I only tease you right? You are the best thing that ever happened to me…” he said as she closed her eyes tearing up

“Then how can I see you going out there every day…wondering who you will face...what kind of psycho criminals you will meet today…when I’m with you Arnav, I’m assured that I will be there if needed…now…now, how will I know…I can’t live without you…and if anything happens to you…” she said as he pulled her towards him, his cheek against hers and he buried his head in her neck

“Nothing will happen to me sweetheart…as long as you are in my life…I won’t let anything happen to me, to us…and now…to our child” he said as he laid his hand on her still flat tummy…"I love you Khushi…and nothing in the world will take me away from my family…do you understand Mrs Raizada” he said as she giggled…. “Finally I can be identified with something other than Ms Gupta!” she said as her husband pulled her close, his hungry mouth finding hers as the all too familiar heat surged up their bodies.

Khushi moaned in ecstasy as Arnav expertly molded her plaint body to his hard one, his hand pulling at the knot her hair was tied up in….his mouth got more insistent and urgent as his probing tongue invaded her sweetness, making her clamp her hands tightly on his shoulders as their tongues dueled for dominance

Arnav felt Khushi’s body tauten up as she plunged her hands in his hair, pulling his head closer to her…he angled his lips to slow down the kiss while nipping and sucking at the jaw…he ripped open her no-nonsense white shit to reveal her gorgeous upper body encased in a shocking red bra…his favorite one…he smirked as his mouth trailed down her neck to the ample cleavage her cleavage bra offered

“Umm….Arnav…” Khushi moaned as he bit her hard over one of her breasts before his mouth descended on one of the pebbled peaks, straining out of the lacy bra…she quickly slid her hands over his waist as she divested him of his holster, throwing it on the floor before pulling out his shirt over his head…she feasted her eyes on his perfectly toned muscled body before running her hand seductively over him.

She bit her lips to hold in her moans as arnav unhooked her bra and attacked her aching breasts “God…Khushi…you are so…” he said between trailing his lips over her supple body as her hands went inside his pants, undoing them while stroking around to find his length..already hard and aroused.

“Khushi…” Arnav hissed as she went on her knees to rid him off his trousers…she pulled his boxers down before smiling at him seductively…her hand stroking him gently at first before she repeated the action with her tongue…Arnav grunted in pleasure she took his entire throbbing length inside her mouth, sheathing him in her hot velvety heat

“I can’….you need to stop” he said as khushi kept on sucking….she finally let go as he yanked her up to crash his lips over hers again while picking her up in his arms, she wound her legs over his waist as liuid heat pooled inside her…he made his way quickly to the large couch and made her comformatble over the pillow.

He hardly spent anytime removing the rest of her clothes as he once again swooped down to nibble on her neck and shoulders while his fingers stroked her down below, making sure she was ready. He could feel her dripping in need as his fingers gliding inside her.

He wanted to bend down and taste her sweetness, but the urgency with which she was writing beneath him  made him slowly slide his fingers out before filling her up with his hard throbbing member…the exquisite feeling of her tight welcoming warmth, making him cry out in pleasure…he kept his pace slow and steady, not wanting to take it hard on her…knowing her condition.

“Aahh….umm….Arnav….God, this feels so good baby….don’t go so slow…I’m…I’m fine….I want you harder…please” she moaned as arnav hardy needed anymore encouragement….he increased his speed while kissing her senseless….she held him by his butt and pushed him more inside her as he latched his mouth once again to her breasts…giving both of them equal love as his wife moaned his name over and over again.

Khushi dug her nails over arnav’s back as she came crashing down with his final hard thrust …she screamed his name as her orgasm hit her again and again…the increased hormonal activity in her body aiding her to reach a mind blowing climax…she could feel arnav too shudder over her as his body convulsed and relaxed as he spilled inside her…both finding the culmination of their act too overwhelming

“Gosh….that was…” she said as arnav looked up from his face buried in her bosom “Awesome right? This is why I fight with you…the make-up sex is just mind-blowing” he said as she grinned while he pressed soft kisses over her belly…"Hey lil guy…hope we did not disturb you…cause you need to get used to this…at least till the time doc says we can” he said as Khushi twisted his ears

“Ouch…that hurt babe…” he said as Khushi snuggled back into his embrace… “Will I be a good mom arnav?” she asked him as he smiled into her hair and kissed her head “You’ll be an awesome mom khushi…I know” he said as she entwined her fingers with his over her belly “I know I should be upset about leaving today…but somehow…I feel at peace…” she said as Arnav stroked her hair with his other hand

“Promise me you’ll think about the promotion Arnav…otherwise I’ll be back on the field…with our baby in tow” she said as arnav laughed “Yeah…we could be like the Incredibles!” he said as she smiled into his chest  “I’ll think about it Khushi…if it bothers you that much…it’s the least I can do for my family…you both are the most important in my life…and I’ll do anything for you” he said as khushi felt her eyes tear up

“Promise?” she asked him as he nodded and kissed her tenderly as she smiled “Great, then get ready…we have my farewell party to go to…and you cannot say no…we’ll dance the night away!” she said as she quickly got up and ran into their bedroom with Arnav not far behind, yelling at the unfairness…the argument as always leading towards uh…another round of….ahem…maybe?


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