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OS: The 'Body'Guard...

Mature Content - 18+ Only

“Please please please koo!!! you gotta help me out...NK is coming all the way to see me here and I can't take the risk! Especially after daddy's strict warning to keep him away from me!” Lavanya pleaded, hopping around the room as her best friend tried to ignore her.

“La! For the last time...that man is stuck to you like glue! How can i distract him!?? and anyways this trip to Goa was for you to get over your break-up with is his coming here going to help?!” Khushi said in an exasperated tone as Lavanya pouted

“You know naa why we broke up...daddy just can't seem to understand how genuine NK is! I can't let him go Koo..I love him too much! Besides its been soo long that we have been together and even here I have that hawk's eye on me...thank god he doesn't insist on coming inside the ladies room!” La said as she shuddered

'I wouldn't mind him coming with me to the ladies room' Khushi thought as her face lit up with a silly grin “Koo! What are you dreaming about?? help me na!! pleeeeaseeee!!!!” Lavanya said with her hands folded in front of her, “Ok fine....I'll distract him till NK gets safely inside your room, ok! But that's it!” Khushi said as Lavanya leapt up and hugged her

Now all Khushi had to do was work out a way to distract him...that Laad governor of a Bodyguard who was constantly stuck to her best friend...if only La wasn't the daughter of Mr Guru Kashyap, the multi-billionaire media mogul...but she was...and she had to be a bodyguard...but did he have to be soo damn hot!

She remembered the first time she had laid eyes on him....before that she was in a serious relationship with a man she thought was the perfect boyfriend, they were literally engaged! But then she had found out about his addiction to gambling and other not so pleasant vices...and her whole world had come crashing down

Lavanya was the one who had helped her come out of her heartbreak...but then, thinking about it now, it hardly was one; Khushi's mind had conjured up an image of a perfect who looked, spoke and behaved like her fiance...and she had not wanted to see anything beyond that.

But she was at fault for not trusting her heart when she knew something was wrong with him, so she had decided to not think about happily ever afters and just go with the man was perfect and the ideology of finding the perfect man was preposterous...why should she waste time waiting for her prince charming to come bounding up her steps...she wanted to enjoy her life...on her she did.

But after a string of un-meaningful relationships she had become tired if it all...partying all night, drinking...everything seemed to get mundane after a while...she wanted to look pretty to impress someone while she got ready, she wanted to cook something special for someone to appreciate it...she wanted to watch movies and laze around on sunday's with someone she cared.

So she had given up her wild ways and had settled down in a boring routine life...Lavanya's dad had offered her a job in marketing in his company and even though she did not want any favors, her best friend's pleading eyes had made her take it...and she was glad she did. Lavanya and she had become inseparable after that...and then one day; everything changed.

Mr Kashyap started getting threat calls; it was pretty common in India where businessmen were always under threat from the underworld, but Mr Kashyap had a beautiful young daughter...he had to be more it was decided that Lavanya will have a bodyguard...and that too one of the best on the job...highly recommended by the commissioner himself...Mr Arnav Singh Raizada

And that was when she first saw him; Lavanya had told her about how hot he was but she said he hardly spoke and never directly looked at her...a stiff board, that's what she had called Khushi wasn't surprised when she saw the man in question walk stiffly behind her friend as she came to office one day.

Khushi had felt herself swallow as she took in the perfect male specimen in front of her...tall, dark haired, high cheekbones with a strong jaw sprinkled with a light stubble...his eyes were covered with dark aviators making it impossible to see them but his defined muscled body was well on display, even if it was covered in a white shirt and dark pants, the gun in a holster across his hip giving him a dangerous look.

That was the day Khushi Gupta had fallen head over heels in lust with the man...the only one who tortured her days and nights; she could not think of anything else but tearing those clothes off him and taking his unyielding mouth into hers...her palms got clammy every time she saw him...and even though they had hardly ever conversed except monosyllabic words, his voice sent a thrill down her spine every time they did.

He went everywhere with La, work, dinners, clubs...he was her shadow and he took his job very seriously....and what increased Khushi's respect for him was that he never seemed to pay any attention to the obvious female appreciation he got from all of La's friend...including her...he seemed to have been trained to only respond to any threat to his ward...otherwise he was a robot; keeping to himself and only responding when spoken to.

It had been 6 months today from that first meeting...and here they were, in Goa since La wanted to rethink her relationship with NK....Nand Kishore Rathi, La's boyfriend from over a year...who Mr Kashyap abhorred, simply because according to him he was only interested in La's when La had told NK about this, he was hurt...he felt La did not defend him and to make things easier for her, the moron had broken up with her.

La had been distraught...she was stuck between her father and her boyfriend...both of whom she loved a lot...they had decided to take this weekend break in Goa for her to think this through...and Khushi wasn't surprised that NK was coming here...but the catch was, Arnav was strictly told to keep NK away from La by Mr La's plan to meet NK and sort things out seemed to have gone out the window.

“What will you do Koo? Tell me naa!!” La's voice from the bathroom brought Khushi out of her thoughts, she quickly closed her book and turned towards La's closed bedroom door...she knew he was sitting outside in the suite's living area, waiting for them to come out...what would she do?

How could she distract him...she chewed her lips when her eyes fell on La's red string bikini...her eyes went wide at the direction her thoughts were leading her....but she had suddenly decided what she had to do....and she'll be damned if this act of her's does not distract him!


“Come on koo! Please join me in the pool” La shouted loudly as she splashed in the resort pool, with most of the male population looking at her....she looked over at Khushi who was sitting by the pool with a book in her hands...she grinned as Khushi shut her book and nodded, taking a quick look at Arnav who sat at one of the tables, his eyes wandering around the pool to no one in particular.

“I'm coming La! Give me a min” Khushi said as she saw arnav look in her direction...she quickly pulled off the long oversized knee-length t-shirt she was wearing and threw it on the lounger...she knew a lot of eyes had turned towards her at her obvious display...the red bikini being a size smaller for her since it was La's made her breasts nearly spill out of it while the bottoms hugged her curves snugly...her perfectly toned midriff and long legs made her every man's wet dream.

She stole a look at Arnav who seemed to have his gaze glued on to her...finally! She thought as she sauntered towards the pool, her hips swinging with every step...when she finally reached the pool's edge, she swayed for a second before pretending to faint...but luckily she was caught by a pair of strong arms that seemed to have materialized out of nowhere.

It was him...her excited heartbeat started running a minute a mile as she kept her pretense up...she could hear La and Arnav's conversation as they spoke “Arnav...please take her to her room...i'll get the resort doctor and come at once” La said in a hysterical voice...'Too much drama mrs!' khushi thought as arnav spoke “You should come with me La, we can call the doctor from her room” he said as khushi's excitement dropped...he did not want to be alone with her, even when she was unconscious! Great!

“No..I think its best you take her to her room...its too hot here., her state might worsen....i'll go directly and get the doctor...don't worry i'll be fine on my own for a minute....but khushi needs immediate help” Lavanya said in a mock-panicked voice as Arnav again seemed to argue but gave up thinking they were wasting precious time...he picked her more comfortably in his arms and started walking towards her suite, after taking her key with him.

Khushi leaned more into his warmth as she felt her skin tingle where his hands touched her, her nearly naked body was covered by tiny goosebumps as she inhaled his masculine scent...the feel of his strong arms creating havoc in her tummy...she pretended to still be unconscious as he shifted her a little bit in his arms to open her door.He walked inside her suite and placed her delicately on the cool bed.

'Thats it' khushi thought...La has had enough time to sneak in NK by now...he's going to call her any second to come with the doctor...and then, she will play her second act...slowing getting back to consciousness...she waited patiently as she heard him shuffle around.

She heard a sound of something being kept on the bedside table and then she felt her bed dip a little bit besides her...he had sat down! Next to her...What? Why? and why wasn't he calling La? Did he text her instead?

Khushi's dilemma went on a few more seconds before she nearly gasped in shock as she felt his rough fingers caress her cheek...she sucked in her breath as he tucked in few strands of her hair that had come over her face behind her ear...he then softly caressed her face from her forehead to her nose with his went lower on her body as he touched her delicate collarbone and then further towards her ample cleavage

Next he traced his finger over the deep valley between her breasts as khushi's lips trembled with desire...his touch was electrifying...why was he doing it? Was he taking advantage of her? But no...he wasn't like that....her breathing became laboured as he trailed his finger further down over her flat waist before creating lazy circles around her navel...but she could not take it anymore as it continued to travel further down

She grabbed his hand and sat up in bed to watch him smirking at her “I was wondering when you would wake up” he said as she looked into his eyes....molten brown...this was the first time she was seeing them so close, she had seen his eyes before but it was usually in the dark...during the day he always wore dark glasses, making it impossible for anyone to understand where his gaze was

She kept staring at him as his eyes darkened in color...she opened her mouth to say something but no words came if it was impossible for her to form sentences “Don't be so shocked think I didn't know what you two were planning? I had seen NK an hour ago in the lobby itself...I knew he had come to meet Lavanya” Arnav said as he got up leaving Khushi staring at him

“I knew your fainting bit was a ruse...I was in special corps Khushi, I know how an unconscious person looks and feels like like...they don't blush and breath you did” he said as he turned towards her only to have her blush a crimson hue “I was only testing to see how many more liberties would you let me have” he said as his gaze travelled lazily up her nearly naked body

“Cover yourself Khushi” he said hoarsely as went to pick up his gun that he had kept on the table earlier “Hold on a minute! If you knew NK was here...why did you not stop him? You had direct orders!” she said as she scampered off the bed and came to stand in front of him...her gaze challenging him.

“I know how much NK loves her...and I also know that Guru Kashyap is wrong in doubting him...” he said as khushi looked on dumbstruck, he sighed as he ran a hand through his hair “I'm not a monster Khushi...they both love each other...and if they want to work things out, i'll step away...even if it means being in direct disobedience of an order...NK is not a threat to her” he said as khushi gave him a grateful smile

“Thanks Arnav....they really needed this time together...La will be so relieved” she said as Arnav nodded and turned to leave “But...wait! If you were ok with NK and La meeting..why did not call our bluff? Now La will worry for no reason...we better call her before she gets mad about why you haven't called her yet” she said as she picked up her phone, but arnav caught her hand and took it

“NK knows...I spoke to him when I spotted him earlier...he'll tell everything to La” Arnav said as Khushi's eyes widened “You met him? This is soo messed up! Then why did you bring me here and...and...did all that...” Khushi said her ears turning red “Did what Khushi?” Arnav asked innocently as he walked towards her “You know what i'm taking about” she said as he smirked

“I was finally giving in to my desires” he said huskily as he minimized the distance between them...Khushi sucked in a breath as the meaning of his words finally sank in...he...he was attracted to her...but, he never...she started thinking when his voice broke her thoughts

“Your'e wondering why I never showed it right?...behind my glasses my eyes observed both Lavanya and are always on my mind Khushi...and I can't hold this in any longer” he said as he pulled her towards him before rasping out “And don't you dare deny you don't feel anything for me” he said as his lips descended on hers...hard and soft at the same time, making Khushi's knees turn into jelly.

Her insides went up in flames as his lips devoured hers...she could feel the same desperation and need as she had felt all this time in his kiss...she wound her arms around his neck and kissed him back, opening her mouth to deepen it...she moaned as he slid his tongue inside her mouth to mate with hers...both nipping and sucking as if there was no tomorrow.

“Khushi....we need to stop” Arnav said hoarsely pulling himself away half heartedly....his hands still holding her close, his hands caressing her soft skin.. “I won't be able to stop if we continued” he said as his arms fell away while he turned to leave...but his wrist was caught by khushi in a strong grip... “We don't have to Arnav....i want you....don't go” she said as she led him to the huge cushioned chair near the bed

He stared at her with shameless want as she pushed him to the chair, making him straddle her as she settled over his lap “Khushi...” he said as she shook her head “Don't say anything Arnav...i have wanted this for so long...i don't think I can wait any longer” she said as he pulled her closer to his body and buried his head in her fragrant hair

“Me too baby...maybe we should do this the other way around” he said as she giggled “You mean, you'll take me out on a date tomorrow?” she asked him as he smiled against her neck “Hmm...we'll have to make it a double date for now...but separate tables” he said as he nibbled on the delicate area of her neck

“Umm...i like that” khushi moaned as she arched up to give him more access to her neck, she rubbed herself over his hardened form as his hand came to cup her bottom....he slowly slipped his hand inside her wet bikini bottom as the other held her neck steady for his drugging kisses...Khushi whimpered as his fingers found her throbbing nub and rubbed slowly over it “Aahh....Ooh..Arr...nav...” she moaned as delicious pleasure flowed through her body.

Arnav kept rubbing her as she became wetter by the second...her trembling hands started undoing his buttons..she tore open his shirt before latching her mouth over one of his hard nipples...she trailed kisses over his rock hard body as he shuddered under her expert mouth...he took his hand out to lick his fingers before taking off his shirt completely... “You are delicious...can't wait to taste more of you” he said seductively in her ear as khushi nearly came with his words

She shivered and clutched his shoulders as arnav dipped his head to her straining breasts, his teeth taking in one hard nipple while he massaged the other with his hands... “Ooh...arnav....I need you...inside me” she gasped as he opened the string holding her flimsy top together “Soon sweetheart...but first, let me love you...” he said as she felt him squeeze her breasts in his hands before sucking on them “Gosh...your'e so damn perfect!” he said as she took off his belt and slid her hands inside the waistband of his trousers making him groan loudly.

“Hold on babe...let me make us more comfortable” he said as he hoisted her up in his arms and got up....he placed her on the bed while he divested himself off this pants and boxers....Khushi's eyes rounded as she saw his thick hard manhood, proudly erect for her...”Like what you see?” he asked her as she nodded and stretched on the bed as he lowered himself above her...his hands pinning hers under him.

He kissed her again passionately before trailing his mouth over the same path his finger had traced earlier....he dipped his tongue into her navel while sucking on the delicate skin as khushi hissed in anticipation....he then went still lower and positioned himself between her legs.

He gently placed her left leg over his shoulder before leaving open mouthed kisses all over her inner thigh... “Oh God Arnav....please.....” she moaned loudly as she held onto his shoulders while he kissed her over her engorged nub...his tongue slowly circling over it making her feel out of this world...he kept sucking on her nub till her strained voice made him look up

“Please arnav...” she begged as he saw her flushed face with her eyes closed....he felt his hardened form painfully aroused and ready to take her....he inserted one finger inside her and saw her body shudder.... “!” he said as khushi pulled him up “There's some in the bathroom” she said as they remembered the complementary pack the resort provided.

Without wasting another second, he rushed to get them; khushi helped him don it before both drowned once again in a deep kiss, their sweaty bodies singing as arnav finally slipped inside her velvety warmth...he gasped as her tight walls encased his sheath, making him cry out in pleasure at the exquisite feeling....he increased his thrusts as khushi held on it him...their chests rubbing against each other as each thrust took them to a higher pleasure

“Harder arnav...I need you harder” she moaned as she dug her nails in his back....arnav rammed into her faster as she cried out his name, her body shattering in a powerful orgasm as she came again and again...arnav held out for a little longer to draw out her pleasure before he too gave in to a shuddering climax

Both stayed as they were for a few more seconds before Arnav pulled out of her slowly...making her sigh in pleasure as he pulled her close to him, her head resting on his chest.... “That was...” he said in a hoarse voice as khushi splayed her hands over his toned chest “Hmm....i too have no words...” she said as he smiled into her hair.

“So...where you want to go for dinner tomorrow?” he asked her after a few minutes of comfortable bliss “ about Martin's corner? I love the food there” she said as he chuckled “Done! I'll book two tables for us and one for them” he said as khushi smiled “Ok, but make sure our's is a little bit private...but enough to keep your eye on them” she said as arnav kissed her shoulder...his hand moving towards her throbbing center making his intentions clear

“ are bad for my can I keep a watch on La when you are with me” he said as his body got ready for round two “Is that so? ok...then lets get another bodyguard for La...” she said as arnav cupped her breast making her gasp “Nah...NK is enough for now...they'll be ok....but need me to guard your body...and now that it is one is allowed to be anywhere near it” he said as she turned around and kissed him soundly... “Off laad governor”  


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