Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Between the Lines... [New SS]

Hey Guys!!

So I am starting a new SS by the name of 'Between the Lines', Its a cute, light-hearted romance...a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, thoda sa namkeen...set in beautiful Coorg, one of my fav destination! 

I had already put up the Intro in India Forums, but thought I'll start posting it here too...I will be starting this story soon!!

For now, enjoy the Prologue and let me know what you think!


Sometimes life treats you like shit!...

You know like, when you wanted to be the apple of your parents eye, but your younger sibling got all the pampering...while you were served a cold scolding...

Or like when you were vying for that new girl's attention in school and were rewarded with her beautiful shy smile, only for her to ask you to set her up with your best friend...

Or when you were over the moon for topping your university and would have finally gotten to be that centre of attention..but unfortunately an earthquake hit your town..making your news...uh...inconsequential.

But then...sometimes life throws an unexpected twist into your well planned path...something that deviates you from your everyday mundane life... something which crops up when you least expect it...yes, that's what happened here...and this brings us to our guy...Arnav

Yep, the lines above, pretty much sum up his life...at least till his early twenty's...his life really was seriously crappy...always competing with his younger brother...never lucky in love and always overlooked for far less significant things...apparently

But then, things changed...to his friends and acquaintances and the little bit of family he had, he was and will always be the same old boring Arnav...but to the world...yes to the entire damn world, he was known by another name...'Crispin Pike'...yes, you will laugh...not even remotely Indian right?!...pfft...Who cares when Crispin Pike is a bloody well known Novelist...having published 7 books on fiction, all of which were best-sellers worldwide...and what really intrigued everyone was that he never came out in Public, no one had ever seen him...Just like the genre he wrote...he was a 'Mystery'....and he would always prefer it that way...

Confused right?

Arnav had years ago discovered his passion...writing murder mysteries; he could get so immersed into the character that one would think the novel was written on personal experience...Although he was an engineer and had followed up with an MBA from one of the top most Universities owing to the pressures from his family...he was never into it...he was never meant for a 9 to 5 job...Nope...he was meant for far bigger and better things...

So, by day, he worked in Banic Enterprises, a banking and hedge fund corporation...his job was pretty easy, convince rich suckers to invest with them...and get paid shit loads for it! But where was the fun in it? So he finally gave in to his passion and started writing...if he could not follow up on his dreams openly, then he would do it behind closed doors...where it was just him and his desire to write...

He knew he could never write as himself, otherwise his parents would have a heart attack if they ever came to know...what with being from a very rich and influential family; he would be ostracized for being a writer...a profession looked down by the society he unfortunately lived in....'writers are penniless hobo's' that's what his father always said...

And So...Crispin Pike came into being...his very first novel got published under this name and his publisher was more than happy to help him out with his secret identity, he knew the mystery around his latest find would only play to their benefit...and it did...and how!

So guys, here starts the story of Arnav...AKA, Crispin Pike...i'm sure most of you are bored with the huge intro...so without further adieu...Oh wait...I never told you about that 'Twist' that life threw at him!!! The one named...'Khushi'?...But there's time for that...all good things comes to those who wait...and Arnav Singh Raizada had waited for a long long time...sigh!


  1. vermy interesting!
    thnk god i checked this blog!
    i didnt knw u posted prologue..

  2. nice start
    its sounds very interesting
    continue soon :)

  3. Perfect story with a not so perfect Arnav...looking fwd...

  4. Cheval:

    Wooooow seems interesting ... plz do continue wudnlike to read more

  5. Very interesting,Please continue soon <3

  6. very different from the ASR we know..please continue soon :) xx

  7. Lovely... Awaiting the twist..
    Continue soon..

  8. An awesome beginning. Cannot wait.

    IF - kbtr

  9. HEY RT...

    thanku for sending out pm in IF. I know and can understand thats always a taff job to do so thats why heartly thanks.

    But just sorry that i did not comment on SOI for some time i just dont get the time to read and dont know where i left but but now the new one i will read i hope soon and comment for sure.

    But sorry for the other one private commitments r coming always in the way

    So just syaing sry and will try my best to read u wonderful stories thanku und please keep updating always :D

    IF gilmore

  10. oo i cant wait to read it ;)

  11. Am new to your blog
    definitely liking this intro
    can't wait to read your other works

  12. Hii im new here thank God i got ur blog n having a gud time wid dis new ss it seems realy intrsting........