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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty

Some Mature Content Ahead!

“But sir...i thought you were more interested in ASR's fiancee right? So why do you care about his sister?” Mishra asked mixing a drink for his boss. that, most of the time it was very difficult to understand SJ sir...he said one thing and did something else. Mishra cursed the day he came to work for this man, God only knows how many countless crimes he had already committed by helping him in his sick games.

“Shut Up Mishra!” Shyam bellowed all of a sudden, he was gazing out into the dark imagining Katya's distinct he wished she could be in his arms right now. Mishra's screechy voice had broken his dream.. “Just do what your told you old fool!” he looked menacingly at his PA whose hands were trembling while he brought the crystal glass to him.

Shyam relaxed a little bit and took the glass from him, he sipped for a few seconds before turning back to the scared man “Have you kept everything ready? I don't want any mistakes. This is the only chance we will get...she has herself agreed to meet me. But we will have to plan everything at the last minute since she will be deciding when and where to meet” Shyam went and sat at his piano, a framed photo of khushi staring back at him.

Mishra looked at his boss's manic smile, he shuddered at what he had planned for both the women, he turned to walk out as shyam got busy with playing a soft tune on the piano..but he stopped short when the music came to an abrupt end, he turned back to hear shyam say in a cold voice devoid of any emotion “You asked me why the sister when I'm interested in her right?” shyam said pointing towards khushi's photo

“Well Mishra..anjali is only serving a purpose...a small sacrifice which has to be made to attain other words she's collateral damage...and the only way to get to my let your small pea brain be at peace and let me play my pawn, after all my ultimate goal is the queen right? She'll come to me without any'll see” Shyam laughed as Mishra looked on horrified at him, his body shaking with suppressed fear.


“Buaji! When did you come? And how are you? Is your health ok? Did you fly down on your own? Was it safe for you to travel? Have you got all your medications?” khushi blabbered on as her aunt laughed merrily, she placed her forefinger on her niece's mouth to stop the verbal diarrhea “Ae Titaliya! Will you stop your 20 questions? I am fine, fit as a fiddle and now that i saw you, i feel like a 12 year old!” buaji said as she hugged khushi again.

Dadiji came forward and steered both of them back to the family lounge. As they all sat down, maya turned to khushi “I called your buaji right after you told her everything. Yes yes...i knew when you spoke to her but don't worry i don't usually eavesdrop or spy on you kids” maya said looking mischievously towards arnav and then winking at khushi whose face had turned a tomato red.

Arnav looked at the older woman and gave her a small smile, but was seriously surprised when she gave him a cool look, she then turned towards khushi “So, are you going to introduce me to my damadji? Or is he going to stand there all day like a statue and stare at me?” khushi's eyes went round as she looked up to find a nervous looking arnav looking at them while the rest of the family sniggered merrily.

“Uh, yes course...” she got up and went to arnav smiling at him lightly as she brought him near to where everyone was sitting. “Buaji..this is Arnav singh Raizada, my fiancee” she said proudly as buaji checked him from his shiny heavy boots to his gelled hair, dadiji who was sitting near to where arnav stood, pinched him lightly to get his attention.

“What the! Dadiji..” arnav said as he turned back to look at her, she gestured him to bend down and take buaji's blessings. Arnav nodded his head and looked down at buaji again, he stepped forward and was about to bend down when buaji screamed loudly “Aaaaaah!” everyone suddenly got up to see what was wrong, khushi bent down to check on her aunt while arnav froze mid way, awkwardly bent to take her blessings.

“What happened buaji?” khushi asked concerned as her buaji's face turned red, she looked up at arnav pointing to his feet, no voice coming from her mouth, arnav looked down horrified to find his booted foot pressed against buaji's chappal clad feet. He immediately stepped back and bent down to see if her feet were bleeding.

Luckily they seemed to be ok but a little red,buaji still had an irritated look on her face as she looked on angrily at Arnav. Everyone had seen what had happened and felt bad for both buaji for she seemed to be in pain and for arnav who was surely not having a good first meeting with his in-law. Arnav felt himself perspiring as he was totally clueless what to do.

“I'm so sorry buaji, i truly did not see your feet...let me get you some ice” he said as he motioned HP to quickly get some, Khushi helped buaji take off her chappals as HP got the ice pack for it, arnav snatched the ice pack off him to apply it on the bruise. He pressed it hard against the slight reddish bruise on her feet and jumped back as buaji once again yelped in pain.

“Don't you know babua how to apply an don't just jam it on the bruise” dadiji and maya hid their smiles as they saw a terrified arnav quickly get up and once again profusely apologize to buaji. Khushi seemed to be in a pickle as she did not know if she should whack arnav or comfort him, no one could win when her madhu buaji was miffed.

Khushi saw as her buaji got up from the couch, she winced in pain as she kept her foot down, arnav quickly came forward to help her out but she held her palm up to stop him “No..don't bother...Khushi will help me out” Arnav saw khushi hesitate but he stepped back and let her support buaji while anjali came and supported her from the other side.

“Mayaji, behenji...i'll take some rest now. I feel tired after the plane journey. I truly cannot thank you enough for bringing me to my darling niece. She is really blessed to get some amazing in-laws...” she said as both dadiji and maya smiled warmly at her, buaji looked at arnav with a sour face before walking towards the stairs while muttering under her breath “can't say the same for the groom though...” anjali ad khushi looked at each other and burst out laughing much to the ire of an irritated arnav singh raizada.


The rest of the day went in a whirlwind of activities as khushi got busy with selection of sarees, dresses and jewelry. Maya had got in the best designer wear for her and was personally supervising everything. Khushi and anajli were bone tired by the time all the people had left, all in all khushi had chosen countless number of garments for all the various functions which were being planned.

Arnav had still not returned from office and khushi felt bad about the way buaji had scolded him, sometimes her buaji was just too much. She decided she would speak to her about arnav as soon as she woke up. She had messaged arnav not to worry about the morning and that buaji will be fine once she gets her required sleep and he had messaged back with an 'Ok' only.

“Ma, have we fixed the date yet?” anjali said as she sat munching on a packet of spicy crisps, she reached out to grab a gorgeous purple chiffon saree “No...anji, wash your hands first...they are oily!” maya said as she stopped anjali's hand from ruining the saree “And yes, we will be fixing the date tomorrow..i have already spoken to panditji but we were waiting for khushi's buaji to come. Now all dates will be fixed tomorrow” maya said excitedly.

“You know khushi, the last wedding in this house was arnav's parents, after that this is the next wedding. We are all so excited!” dadiji said in an excited voice. They all looked at the stairs to see buaji walking down slowly. Khushi quickly got up and went to help her “Arre, don't worry bitiya i'm fine now. The sleep did wonders!” buaji said as she came and sat down admiring the various sarees and jewelry laid out.

“You will look so beautiful in all these clothes my dear” buaji said as tears sprang in her eyes. “I can't believe that you are getting married, My titaliya is all grown up now” khushi felt tears prick her eyes as she hugged her buaji. Maya, anjali and dadiji slowly got up and left both of them to catch up.

“Buaji...i hope you are ok with this wedding? Because i will never do something for which i don't have your complete agreement” khushi said as she rested her head on her buaji's shoulder, “I have no problem with your wedding bitiya, this is by your choice and i can't be happier for you. Plus you have chosen such a wonderful and respected family..what more can i ask?” buaji said as she gently kissed her forehead.

“But buaji, you did not say anything about Arnav...i know your first meeting did not go well but trust me when i say arnav is a wonderful man. We love each other a lot and i know he is the only one for me. In fact when i told him about you he immediately said that he will bring you here so that you are not far from me. Plus we will take care of you buaji...i can't stay without you” khushi said she she side hugged her aunt.

Buaji smiled as she placed her plam on khushi's smooth cheek “I know bitiya...i think i overreacted this morning...I think i was just upset that you will go away from me and if you have chosen him then i am sure he is one in a million! I'll get to know him better bitiya..and I am sure we will like each other a lot!” buaji said as khushi kissed her on her cheek and thanked her.


“What the hell Aman..i just got home! Why did you not send the file earlier? Now scan the contents and email them to me now!” Arnav barked on the phone as he climbed up the stairs two at a time. HP came running behind him as arnav kept the phone and walked to his room “Arnav bhaiyya, should i serve you your dinner?” he asked nervously as arnav turned around from entering his room. He gave HP an irritated look and shook his head. HP jumped and ran back downstairs as arnav banged the door.

Arnav was in a foul mood, not only did he have a horrible morning thanks to the unfortunate events with buaji, but he had also come to know that his european importers had send them an ultimatum for a price reduction while the dollar inflation had made things worse for them. He knew that somewhere or the other SJ was responsible for all this mess. He had asked his men to check which other supplier had contacted his european partner and how much they were quoting.

He stripped himself off his clothes and stepped into the shower to calm down his overheated mind. He needed Khushi, she was his only anchor when insanity knocked on his sane mind. He quickly dried himself and got into his pajama bottoms and a thin threadbare cotton t-shirt. He ran his fingers roughly through this hair before stepping out towards khushi's room.

Khushi had just finished getting ready for bed, she had checked a few minutes ago if arnav had returned but was disappointed to find that he hadn't. She texted him once again to see if he was all right and went to the window to peer down, waiting for his return. she felt restless wondering where he had gone when she heard a soft knock on her bedroom door. She quickly got up and opened the door to find arnav leaning against the door frame.

“Won't you invite me in Khushi?” Arnav said with a devilish smile as khushi pulled him in with one hand and locked the door behind them. She turned and pressed her back against the door as arnav leaned in front of her. “God, i've missed you baby” arnav groaned as he pulled her lithe body close to him, pressing her soft curves to his hard form. He blew softly on her ear before nipping the delicate curve with his sharp teeth, khushi shivered from the contact as she spoke in throaty voice “Aarr..nav....i missed you too”

Arnav's senses went in a tizz as he heard her voice laced with desire. He cupped the back of her neck and sealed his hungry mouth to hers, khushi responded feverishly grabbing his t-shirt tightly in small fists. Sweeping her tongue over his lips, she plunged into the masculine recess of his mouth. The taste of her, the sweep of her tongue meeting his stroke for stroke made arnav's body combust with need.

He cupped her bottom, hitching her further up the door as she wound her legs around his waist, Arnav held on to her as his fingers unfastened the buttons of her shirt hurriedly unclasping her bra and trowing the abominable thing away. His darkened eyes feasted on her gorgeous heaving breasts as he latched his hot mouth on one straining peak. Khushi moaned and threw her head back as she felt the carnal stirrings of want and need pool at her center. She wound her fingers in his hair and rubbed herself against his hardness making him know how ready she was.

Arnav did not waste any time as he lowered both of them on the plush carpeted floor, the bed seemed too far away to reach at this point. He quickly divested her of her bottoms as khushi pulled his t-shirt over him, finally feeling his hard muscles under her palm. She got up to lick his nipples and smiled in satisfaction as she felt arnav shudder at her ministrations “Sorry” arnav said huskily as he pulled off his bottom along with the boxers.

Khushi squealed in excitement as she felt arnav's hands tear at her hardly there thong, she slid her hands over his powerful buttocks and trailed them to the front to hold his proud arousal, arnav held her hands away as she started to stroke him, he saw her pout and grinned at her “Not so fast baby...first let me satisfy my hunger...i've not had dinner you know” he said huskily as khushi saw his head descend down to her curly mound.

She twisted her fingers in the warm carpet as his lips and tongue played havoc with her senses, she moaned his name as his fingers parted her slick folds while his tongue stroked the engorged nub, she held her own breasts with both hands as hot sensations started running amok over her body, starting from her center, she moaned his name loudly as she screamed his name “Arr..nav....i'm coming..” arnav sucked her one last time as she came proudly against his flushed face, he smiled as her body shuddered in surrender.

“Arre titaliya...its me Buaji...not come fast! I've been knocking for the past five minutes” buaji's voice boomed from outside the door. Khushi looked at arnav who was looking up from between her legs. Both seemed to have frozen with twin expressions of horror and bewilderment.  


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