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When I Met You! - Chapter Twenty Six

Mature Content Ahead

Khushi sat on the little settee by the window in her bedroom; it had been a couple of hours since they had gotten back but unfortunately no one was home yet. Anjali was out and Maya and dadiji had gone for a pravachan at a temple nearby. Arnav and mamaji had left around 2 hours ago for an important meeting with an overseas Japanese client. Khushi was actually glad that she had some time alone to reflect on everything that had happened in the past 48 hours.

She gazed out of the window at the sprawling lawns and smiled as she saw the gardener's daughter's pari sprint around the flower beds with her little brother, their father shouting at them for creating a mess of the carefully patterned peonies. In the short time that she had come here, khushi had managed to befriend all the help that worked for the Raizada household since most of them lived on the property.

She saw pari dancing around the magnificent aphrodite fountain which was bang in the middle of the huge garden, she dipped her dainty legs in them and then started running around the circular base flicking the water with her fingers, she laughed an easy laugh as the spring left droplets of cool water on her face, looking at her relaxed innocent face khushi remembered a similar incident which had occurred a few years ago, an incident which changed the course of her life.

Lavanya!! Don't you just love the cool water on this blazing summer afternoon” khushi screamed at a completely un-interested Lavanya who was too busy stretching herself on the soft grass in the university park grounds, her head buried in the art-deco book which she was determined to by-heart before the sun set on the day “Katya seriously! Some of us need to study you know...its not like all of us are blessed with robot brains like yours!” Lavanya huffed looking at her madly enthusiastic friend who was busy flicking water on her face from the public fountain.

She was running around like a maniac and Lavanya was afraid that they may be asked to go away because of her friends weird antics which was gathering an embarrassing crowd. She got up and left to get a bottle of water, making it look like she had no idea who this mad girl was. Khushi on the other hand was enjoying her little play immensely, the water was helping her cool down her heated skin; she was trying to reach the bigger spout of the fountain when suddenly her feet slipped and she fell headlong into the fountain.

Khushi did not understand what happened next as she felt a pair of strong arms pick her up from the cold water and deposit her back on the grass outside it. She was too confused to acknowledge anything as she lifted her eyes to meet impossibly black eyes which were looking at her with amusement and some concern “Are you ok?” he asked in a deep voice. Khushi was too speechless to answer anything to the mysterious man who had just helped her out., i'm fine thanks. I..i mean thanks for helping me out” she stuttered, totally lost for words as her eyes took in the 6 foot 3 frame of the well built man standing in front of her, he was handsome in that totally classic way, with longish black hair and chiseled features, but there was something about him which was not settling well in khushi's stomach. She looked on as he removed his summer jacket and held it out to her “Here, wear this..your completely soaked. This should help” the stranger said to her.

Oh no i really can't. I'll be fine seriously. It will get ruined if i wear it” khushi said uncertain if she should accept anything from this man, he kept insisting though and she was just about to refuse him again when Lavanya came running towards her “Katya! What the hell...why are you soaking wet? Did you decide to have a swim in the fountain?” she scolded her as her eyes went to the tall stranger “Um..Hi, i'm Lavanya..Katya's friend..and you are?” she gave him one of her signature dazzling smile.

I'm Shyam. But you can call me SJ..” he gave Lavanya a small smile before once again holding out his jacket to Khushi, “So Katya, since i now know your name..and you know mine,we are no more strangers. I guess you can take my jacket now?” he looked at Lavanya so that she would convince her friend, Lavanya snatched the jacket from him “Thanks SJ, she needs it, we can't have her walking all the way to the university halls in wet clothes and obviously we'll need to give this back to you, so why don't you give me your number? I'll call you” Lavanya said in a naughty tone to which Khushi rolled her eyes.

Shyam laughed as Lavanya made khushi wear his jacket “Well if you girls stay in the university halls, i'll just come by and pick it up sometime. I'm a guest lecture at Visiguine Institute for summer, you know the fashion since the halls are also on campus i can pick it up anytime..what are you girls studying by the way?” he asked as Lavanya's face burst into a huge smile “Oh my God! No way...we are first years there..both of us are doing fashion i guess we'll be meeting soon!” she jumped up and down making khushi roll her eyes once again.

Shyam looked at both the girls before a small smile lit his face “Yes, i guess we will be meeting soon. Well i better be off now...lets leave it to fate when we meet again...maybe i'll be taking some of your classes...who knows!” he gave a small smile to khushi, who returned one herself. She was suddenly looking forward to meeting him again, he seemed like an interesting guy, 'I mean someone who does not give in to Lavanya's charms must be something else!” they waved good byes and khushi wrapped his huge jacket more closely around her.


Khushi came out of her thoughts as she heard a consistent knock on her door, she got up and went to open it and was enveloped in the tightest of hugs by Anjali “Bhabhi!!! you are back! Gosh i missed you soo much!” Khushi hugged her back and kissed her on her cheeks as Anjali came bounding inside her room and deposited herself on the bed, shopping bags et al! “I missed you too Anji, looks like you went on a shopping spree!” khushi said sitting beside her on the bed.

“Oh yea” she said blushing, then she quickly kept the bags on the floor making sure khushi could not see any of the contents “We have a project coming had to go and look for materials” anjali said nonchalantly, khushi noticed her slightly flushed face, she looked at the bags and smiled “You went to buy material from La senza?” she giggled as anjali got flustered “ i mean, yes but i went to la senza for some linge...i mean for some inner wear, you know boring old granny stuff!” anjali gave khushi a nervous laugh.

Khushi knew something was up, Anjali couldn't lie to save her life, she scooted further towards her and held her hand gently “What is it Anji? You seem worried about you want to talk about it?” khushi asked her as softly “Umm...well, now that you mention it...i mean...i wanted to ask you something know woman to woman...but i don't know how to say it..its a bit embarrassing” anjali said nervously.

Khushi smiled and squeezed her hands “Just ask whatever it is that is bothering you ok...don't feel shy or awkward” khushi gently replied, worried what anjali was about to ask her. Anjali took a deep breath before calming herself down and asking khushi “When you and bhai first did it, did it hurt?” she blurted it out so quickly that khushi had to take a few seconds to understand what she was saying, when it finally dawned on her what she was asking, khushi blushed a pretty crimson “Anji, why are you asking this? I mean its perfectly all right that you did...but why the sudden curiosity?”

Anjali sighed as she got up and walked towards the window, she turned back to face khushi and said in a soft voice “Because i think i'm ready to take my relationship to the next level with my boy friend...please promised me you won't say anything to bhai...please!” she pleaded like a little girl.

Khushi got up and went quickly to her and made her sit on the settee, she was too shocked to say anything, she looked into her eyes and answered carefully “Anjali, how serious is your relationship? I mean you are very young to take it to the next level. I may not have any rights to tell you what to do and when because as an adult you are responsible...but i sincerely hope that you are not doing this under any pressure and you both are sure about your future, plus you need to be absolutely sure about this...are you? and has he spoken to arnav about you two yet? You told me that he was going to soon.”

Anjali pursed her lips as she thought about what khushi had said, she lowered her eyes and held khushi's hands “I'm actually not sure about anything...i mean i really like him, love him even...but sometimes i just don't know...he is a lovely guy, but he has changed over the past few weeks...he was amazing when we first started dating...always taking care of me, never once did he touch me inappropriately...but recently i feel like all that was an illusion...he doesn't even take my calls and few days ago....” anjali suddenly felt a sob coming.

Khushi put the arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer “few days ago what anji?” she asked gently, “Few days ago he tried to get a bit more closer to me and i was not very comfortable because i felt the time was not right, neither was the place...i mean we were in a club for God sakes! I pushed him away and then he got upset...i was actually scared at one point when his eyes turned all scary and dark, but i guess he was just drunk” she sighed as she leaned in to khushi.

“Since then i have not met him, i tried calling him many times but he's always busy and he has no time for me...why do i feel used bhabhi? Like all he wanted from me was my body? Why did he act like such a wonderful person when he...he...” she started sobbing loudly on khushi's shoulder, khushi felt tears falling from her own eyes as she held a sobbing anjali to her, her own memories ripe from a similar experience “ girl..don't cry..he does not deserve should never settle for someone who does not understand you or what you want...just forget about him day you'll find the right guy who loves you for you...that day your heart will will know” she held her close as her tears subsided.

“Thanks bhabhi, i feel much better now...i don't know what i was thinking! I actually went and got a seduction kit for him!” she giggled in her tears. Khushi got up and pulled her up, “Good, now that this is sorted i don't want you thinking about him for a minute more ok!..and don't worry i won't say anything to your brother as long as you listen to what i say” khushi smiled at anjali and helped her with her bags and went to her room “Now go and freshen up ok? We'll meet for dinner in some time” khushi said as she closed the door behind her before kissing anjali softly on her forehead.


“HP! Get me a coffee please” arnav said as he entered the living room with mamaji, they had a harrowing meeting with Mr Yarimoto, but had finally convinced him not to go with Jha textiles, he had never felt so drained out before this..if only he got his hands on that b*****d he thought as he climbed the steps to his room. He wanted to freshen up before meeting khushi, he felt grimy and dull and a hot coffee and shower were just the things he needed to refresh himself.

He could not wait to take khushi in his arms, she really wasn't good for him since all he kept thinking during his meeting was last night and today morning. He just hoped she was better now cause he knew that he definitely could not control himself around her anymore, the only reason he had shifted his meeting from tomorrow morning to today was so that khushi could get some rest before they..he smirked as he gulped down the hot steaming cup and went into the bathroom, turning the shower on full jet.


“HP is arnav back?” khushi asked HP who was walking down the stairs, “Yes khushiji, i just gave him his coffee a few minutes ago. He is in his room” he said as he continued walking down. Khushi looked up and saw arnav's room door slightly ajar, she wondered why he had not told her about his arrival. She wondered if something went wrong in the worried her that arnav might be upset.

She looked around at the empty corridor before walking into his room, his clothes were scattered all around and she could hear the shower in the bathroom. She smiled as she locked his bedroom door and started taking off her clothes one by one..neatly folding them before walking into the steamy bathroom.

Arnav was enjoying the hot shower, the jets of water pelting his back as he braced his hands on the walls opposite him. He sighed as his tired muscles relaxed under its onslaught, his mind started drifting towards khushi again, her soft petal lips inviting him...her lithe body writhing under his hard one, he ran his fingers through his hair shaking the water from them, he was just about to turn around and turn the shower off when he felt smooth hands glide seductively across his vast chest as a cheek came to rest on his back, black hair spilling across it.

Khushi had walked in completely devoid of her clothes, she was nervous as hell and wondered what arnav would say if she went in, but she took a deep breath and stepped into the shower cubicle, thanks to the roar of the gushing water arnav had not heard or felt her presence, she saw him stand back and shake his head, but she was quick enough to catch him unaware as she wound her long arms around him. She felt him go completely rigid before realization stuck him and he relaxed into her.

“Umm..Khushi...are you trying to kill me or something?” he said huskily as he trapped her arms under his, he quickly turned her around pushing her on the wall before holding her roughly by her waist. Breathing became difficult as he saw her completely naked body, wet from the water pressed against his; in all his wildest dreams he had never thought that this scenario would every come least not so soon...and it left him completely speechless, he watched as khushi's free hand slid across his wet torso and came to rest on his neck.

“Why arnav...did you think it was someone else..aww...were you scared? Cause good...this was your punishment for not telling me you had already come home!” she huffed as she pulled his head closer to hers, tilting hers a little towards him. Arnav's hands pulled her more closer from her waist, her peaking breasts pressed to his chest, he placed his knee between her legs, making her moan “Well, if this is the punishment you plate out...i'll keep being bad” he said before he pressed his greedy mouth to her, his tongue probing her soft lips to open up; khushi was too lost in the sensation of his lips against hers to remember her annoyance as her own tongue dipped in his mouth, battling to gain superiority. It was a kiss of want, of need and it left them breathless in the hot steamy shower.

“What have to done to me Khushi...all i think about is you...being in your arms...being inside you, being one with you..” arnav groaned as khushi's kissed him on his chest, her tiny teeth pulling his sensitive buds, she wound one leg around him as he pulled her up and latched his hungry mouth on her hard pink tips, he sucked on one while his hands squeezed the other..he heard khushi moan as his fingers started going south towards her core, she bit him on his shoulders as he pushed one long finger inside her wet dripping center..she could feel his arousal digging near her stomach.

Arnav kept up his actions as he now slid two fingers in while his thumb kept stroking at the swollen nub, he looked up to see her eyes completely glaze over with need as she felt her body getting ready for its release, he quickly slid his fingers out and picked her up in his arms “Not yet baby...just a few seconds more..” he rasped as she wriggled in his arms due to her unfulfilled desire. He banged open the bathroom door with his foot and transferred a wet khushi on his bed “Arrnavv...please...i can't take it anymore” khushi said breathlessly as she watched him quickly don protection.

Arnav stumbled to his bed as khushi waited for him, her legs already parted to receive him. He positioned himself over her and thrust into her in a powerful stroke.She screamed in joy as he continued his thrusts, Khushi would her legs around his waist, lifting herself off the bed to give him better access, arnav felt himself go deeper into her as his body prepared for its release. He knew that khushi would come anytime now. After few more hard thrusts he felt his body go rigid along with hers as they both came together in a shattering climax, their bodies shuddering in its aftermath. They lay in each other arms, completely spent but finally at peace.

“The sheets are all wet” khushi whined after a few minutes, she had no idea how long it had been since they had lain in each other arms, khushi's head on arnav's chest listening to his rhythmic heartbeats while his fingers drew patterns on her arms and back. She shifted her head slightly up, balancing it with her chin on his chest as she heard him laugh, its rumble vibrating through his torso “What's so funny?” she asked getting annoyed.

“Khushi, i can't believe that you are actually thinking of wet sheets?” arnav chuckled as he sat up bringing her her up next to him. “Well yeah...i mean HP will wonder why the sheets are wet right?” khushi got up and ran her fingers on his long aristocratic stubborn nose. He suddenly caught her hands and kissed the insides of her palm “thank you khushi...i really needed you babe” he said as khushi lay her palm across his face.

“What happened arnav? You seem stressed” she asked him snuggling in closer to him “Nah..i was a bit edgy but now i'm fine...its just work related of our competitors is giving me a hard time..but lets not worry about that...i actually wanted to ask you where you wanted to go for our Honeymoon?” he smiled as she hit him lightly on his arm “Really arnav! You are thinking about our honeymoon! I think there are too many things to tackle before that...”khushi said suddenly getting sad.

Armav tipped her chin up “don't worry babe...i told you that i'll sort it right? First we'll tell my family about us, then we'll convince your aunt and friend ok? I don't think they should have a problem with me..after all i am arnav singht raizada!” he puffed his chest as he said it. Khushi laughed merrily at the sight he made “You really are a pompous ass aren't you! And no...for me you are my Arnav...only Arnav” she said softly as she leaned in to gave him a sweet kiss.

“Now get up and get ready, its nearly dinner time..and we better rehearse how to break the truth to your i might as well just pack my bags and case they throw me out” khushi joked as she got up and started pulling her clothes on, arnav leaned back on one elbow and looked at her “Nah..they won't do that...they love you too much! And by the way did i tell you that i find it really erotic when i see you wear your clothes? Its equally arousing as the opposite action” he smirked as he saw khushi blush and open his door “I'll see you later” she said before closing the door behind her. Arnav leaned back in his bed and smiled “Oh yes, you will Ms Gupta”


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