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When I Met You! - Chapter Twenty Seven

(Some Mature Content)

Dinner was merry affair in the Raizada household tonight, everyone seemed to be in a great mood, Khushi looked up to meet Arnav's eyes as he stared at her from across the table, she smiled shyly as she remembered their earlier shower together. She still could not believe that she had actually taken such a bold step...she blushed remembering how desperate she was for arnav.
Arnav saw khushi blushing prettily, he could never understand how she was so sensual and wild in bed while so innocent otherwise. He slipped his feet out of his loafers and touched khushi's feet with his toes under the table. He smirked as she suddenly jumped at the surprise touch "What happened Khushi bitiya? Did you find the kadhi too spicy?" dadiji asked khushi looking concerned. Khushi looked at dadiji and smiled assuring her that all was fine, she then looked at arnav angrily gesturing him to stop.
Arnav's grin became larger now as his toe now started trailing her smooth ankles...he slowly lifted it to caress her calves. He saw her shifting uncomfortable to one side but still did not stop his assault..she gave him a pleading look but he continued. Khushi was now trying to look everywhere but at arnav, his wretched toe was sending tingly feeling all across her leg, she knew it would rise a lot of suspicion if she suddenly got up and left.
Arnav knew his ministrations were having the desired effect on khushi; he could see how her hands were shaking as she held the fork, he saw a small trickle of sweat running across from her forehead to her cheek, "Bhabhi, why are your hands shaking? Are you all right?" anjali asked a perplexed khushi who again smiled at her assuring her that she was quite all right.
She looked at him and gave him a dirty look before crossing her legs and shifting her body to one side, He was pleasantly surprised when she did that because it let him reach the upper part of her leg; he was glad she was wearing a loose skirt which was getting him unhindered access to her long leg. He bent his body little bit downwards as his entire foot now caressed her leg, his toe now reaching her smooth thigh.
Khushi gasped as she felt arnav's foot running over her thigh, she could feel herself getting wet. She quickly held his foot with her left hand and tried to push it away in the process un-crossing her legs, but before she could cross them back, arnav slid his foot right between her legs, his foot now lying on her inner thigh, Khushi's breaths came up short as arnav's toe was now snugly lodged near her nub. He smiled as he started stroking her through her wet panty while he himself was aroused beyond reason.
Khushi started panting as arnav's strokes increased its intensity, she looked up with glazed eyes and hot cheeks as he too seemed to have lost control, desire clearly evident in his eyes. All thoughts left khushi's mind as she felt immense pleasure flit through her..she saw from the corner of her eyes as mamaji asked her something, "What did you say MAMAJI" khushi screamed loudly as she felt a powerful orgasm hit her system. She clutched the edge of the table tightly and closed her eyes as all pairs of eyes were now focused on her.
"What happened Khushi beta? Are you all right? Why did you scream?" Maya asked as she got up with a glass of water and came rushing towards Khushi. Arnav quickly slid his legs back down and straightened in his chair. His own breathing was labored now, his lower region straining against his pants. His little game to annoy khushi had left him breathless. Khushi saw maya coming towards her, she quickly adjusted her skirt which had ridden up a little bit. Her body was still thrumming from the after effects while her heart was beating at a breakneck speed.
"No..nothing ma, i think i'm just not feeling well. I'm having some cramps, so i screamed a bit due to the sudden pain. But i'm fine really, please don't worry" khushi replied calmly, feeling anything but calm. Maya looked worriedly at Khushi's flushed face
"No beta, you don't look ok. Go up to your room and rest. I'll bring in some medicines and tonic" maya said as she helped khushi get up. Khushi deliberately avoided looking at arnav thanking her lucky stars that she could leave, there was no way she could have stayed there without her face sporting a crimson blush.
Arnav had cooled down a bit after Khushi left, but he could no longer sit at the table when she was upstairs, he smirked remembering her angry face, Boy was he going to have a tough time pacifying her, he thought to himself. He got up to wash his hands before saying good nights to everyone. He picked up his phone to go upstairs when it started ringing, showing an international number.
"Hello?" Arnav said carefully, his number was only known to close associates, friends and family. Everyone else called Aman if they wanted to get in touch with him. Plus his was a DND number so he was surprised to find an unknown international number "Am i speaking to Mr Raizada?" a panicky shrill female voice came from the other end. Arnav scrunched his eyebrows wondering who it might be "Yes, that's me..Who is this and How did you get my number?" he asked the caller quite rudely.
"It really doesn't matter how i got your number and as far as who I am, well I'm Katya's best friend" the girl said, her voice getting louder and shriller this time. Arnav was shocked to hear Khushi's other name, was this her friend Lavanya? He was too confused to say anything when the girl spoke again "You do know her right? Your Fiancee Khushi Gupta? Well I am her best friend Lavanya...and i demand to know what exactly have you done to her!" she all but screamed on the phone.
Khushi changed into a soft flannel nightie after taking a quick shower, the nightie covered most of her body but ended at her knees. She had made up her mind that there was no way Arnav would be sharing her bed tonight or any night till he does not apologize to her, which she knew would be difficult or next to impossible for him. She knew the only way to punish him was to not let him touch her, but how the hell was she supposed to keep her hands off him!
She blushed thinking of the dinner table incident as she went towards the french windows to shut the curtains, when she turned back towards her door her eyes fell on her blackberry which was blinking red. She slapped her head for forgetting to remove it off the charger, more over it was on silent and she may have got missed calls. She unplugged it and checked the screen to see more than a dozen missed calls from buaji and Lavanya. She started panicking wondering if something was wrong, she was just about to call buaji when Arnav barged into her room.
"Khu..Khushi..." He panted as he saw Khushi give him a tight look, she went towards him and said in a nasty voice "What! I want you out of my room now! Right now...i cannot believe what you did down you know how embarrassing it was for me.." she poked him on the chest but then noticed him holding his phone out to her, he took her hand and handed his phone to her "Your friend Lavanya's on the phone...we'll continue our talk later but i think you should take this call right now" arnav said with a worried expression.
Khushi froze when she heard him say Lavanya's name, she placed her palm on the phone and whispered to him "What! How the hell did Lavanya get your number? And why is she calling you! Oh God...does she know?" khushi said she biting her lower lip, arnav removed the phone from her hand and placed it on her ear, "Speak" he whispered authoritatively back to her. She nodded and held the phone with her own hands. She smiled a crooked smile as she spoke in the phone "Hey La..." but khushi could not finish her words as an angry voice screamed from the other end.
"Khushi Gupta!! What the hell is going on..Where the hell have you been? Do you know how worried me and Buaji have been? And what the bejesus is going on with that Raizada? You are engaged? To him!! Buaji nearly had another stroke when she read about you two...what did you think, you'll keep it away from us..well Newsflash your 'Fiance' is a very well known bloke! better explain yourself woman!" Lavanya finished her tirade after saying all that in one breath. She took a deep breath and waited for khushi to speak.
Khushi knew Lavanya was royally pissed off, she never called her by her actual name otherwise and she was suddenly terrified for her buaji's health. She held on to Arnav's shoulder as he straight away held her close and made her sit on the bed, he knew something was wrong by the way her face had paled.
" Buaji ok? I'l explain everything to you..but please tell me she is ok..please" Khushi said softly as her eyes filled with tears, her hand clasping arnav's firmly as she waited for Lavanya to speak. She heard Lavanya sigh as her voice came back online, this time much softer "Listen babe, Buaji is fact she is here with me...wait lemme put you on speakerphone aight? U speak to her.." Lavanya clicked the phone into speakerphone mode.
"Khusi bitiya? Its me..madhu bua...bitiya what is all this we are reading? Are you really engaged? Why did you not tell me? I feel so hurt" her buaji's kind voice came on, Khushi closed her eyes letting the residual tears flow away "Buaji..." she sobbed "I am sorry..i'm sorry you came to know all this, this way...but please believe me buaji...i never wanted to hurt you..In fact it was quite the contrary" Arnav held her close as Khushi explained everything to her buaji and Lavanya, he lightly stroked her hair as she filled them in on everything from her first meeting with Arnav till the fashion show.
Khushi felt better after telling the entire story to them, they seemed shocked at first and khushi got a lot of scolding from her buaji for taking this step for buaji's medical expenses, but she was also happy that Khushi found a good man and a good family in India, but she expressed her wish to meet Arnav before giving her final ok. Lavanya who was screaming at her an hour ago was very happy for her friend, she was glad that finally Khushi had found real love though it was amongst a lot of misunderstanding.
Khushi smiled as buaji said good bye since it was time for her dinner, Khushi promised to call her again tomorrow so that she could speak to Arnav's mother. Lavanya set the phone back on normal before her voice took on a more serious note " Babe, you do realize that you are on the news everywhere right? I mean its come all the way to it must be quite a rage there" Khushi smiled as she answered her "I know La, but what can i do if i have a famous fiance!" she laughed as arnav gave her a dirty look as he poured a glass of water for both of them.
"Don't worry La, everyone in UK will know one day anyways, so why not we don't have anything to hide anymore.." Khushi smiled at arnav and gratefully took the glass he got before gulping down half the water in it , she felt parched after taking non-stop for nearly an hour"No katya...that's not what i meant...what i mean to say is...He is India...and the restraining doesn't apply to him applies only in the UK." Lavanya said solemnly.
Arnav felt Khushi go completely stiff, the glass of water would have fallen from her hand if he had not caught it, he kept both the glasses away before turning towards a shocked Khushi, "What happened Khushi?" he whispered as his arms went around her..he felt her skin getting cold and clammy..he knew something was definitely wrong. He was just about to snatch the phone off her and ask Lavanya when Khushi said in a scared voice "He's here...he's in India"
Arnav could not understand what was going on. What was she taking about he thought... "Sweetheart..what is going on? Who is here? Why are you so scared?" he held her closer as her body started shivering. He was too confused to see this reaction from her..he had to know what this was about..He gently took the phone from her and spoke to Lavanya "Hi, Arnav here again...what did you say to Khushi? Is something wrong with buaji? And who is she taking about?"
Lavanya took a deep breath, this was not her secret to tell. She had hoped that Khushi may have told him about her past, but it looked like she hadn't "Look Arnav...i don't think i'm the right person to say anything at this point. Just comfort her ok..and then ask her to tell should know this, but not from me...from her only" she said that and kept the phone, Arnav kept his phone away and turned towards khushi.
He held her hands tight and was just about to question her gently when the door opened and maya walked in with a tray "Arnav? What are you doing here? Let her rest beta...can't you see she's not well" Maya kept the tray on the side table and touched khushi's forehead "Khushi beta, you are so cold and you don't look well at all. Come one, take these will help with the pain and relax you" maya said as she held up two pills in her palm.
"No ma, i need to speak to Khushi. We have something important to discuss..can you give us few minutes?" arnav said curtly. He had to know what was bothering her to this extent. Maya shook her head "No Arnav, this is not the time to discuss anything...its already past look how pale and exhausted she looks. Go to your room now, I'll be sleeping next to khushi tonight" maya said as khushi took her pills, still in a kind of daze. She let maya tuck her in and welcomed the extra quilt she laid on her.
Arnav looked at khushi who seemed lost, he turned towards his mother "Ma listen, i can't explain the seriousness of the matter...please just listen to me...give me 10 minutes with her ok. Then i'll leave her alone" he pleaded to his mother, who was no less than a rock. She sighed as she looked at her son, but they both turned towards khushi who spok in a soft voice "Arnav, its ok..i'm fine. Lets talk about this tomorrow ok. I'm very sleepy right now. I'll see you in the morning" she assured him with her eyes that she was fine.
Arnav turned towards his mother and gave her an angry look before saying a stiff good night to her. He then went to Khushi and kissed her gently on her head "I'm here ok..If you want to talk just come over..i'm always there with you darling" he whispered in her ears as khushi's lips lifted in a small smile. He smiled in relief as he left her room knowing she was a little bit better and went to his room. Tomorrow they had to talk.
'Why are you cutting my calls? I need to speak to you' Anjali saw his text and deleted it right away. Shyam had been calling her constantly for the past two hours, but she had not taken any of his calls. She knew that he was calling her now since he had stopped calling him. What a sadistic guy she thought as she switched her phone off. She was not going to give him another chance..Khushi was right. She deserved someone much better than him. Anjali smiled as she tried to think of the frustrated face which shyam must be having on right now. She laughed as she got into bed and switched her lights off.
"How dare you Miss Anjali Raizada! Aarrghhh" Shyam shouted as he tried her phone one last time, but this time it was switched off. He was already quite restless since knowing about Katya..or as she preferred to be called here, Khushi. He had lost her fact he was forced to go away from her, but not again, not this time. She was his, only one else had the right to even look at her. Arnav singh raizada and his family were going to pay for associating themselves with her.
He looked at the photo in the newspaper of Arnav kissing her, his blood boiled at that image..he screamed as he tore the newspaper into tiny pieces, "This is what i will do to you dare you touch her..let alone kiss her. You will pay for this...first i will destroy your sister and then when you are at the lowest, i'll destroy you...i'll burn you to cinders ASR!" he laughed as he poured his whiskey on the pieces of paper and lit them alight. The flames reflecting in his sinister eyes..


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