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The Learning Curve - Chapter 23

And we Burn together...Oh! what a burn...

WARNING: Mature Content Ahead (18+ only)

Just..yes or no khushi...” he said looking at her with an odd glint in his eyes..khushi who was a little hurt by arnav's questioning, before even hearing her side looked at him and said in a soft but confident voice “Yes, i did” she knew she was right in the way she reacted and arnav better..., she started thinking when the shock of arnav pulling her body roughly against him and slamming his lips on hers left her completely fazed out and shocked beyond her wits 'What the hell just happened'

Khushi gasped as arnav's insistent lips moved over hers in a hurried rapid motion, eliciting a surprised moan from her, she could hardly make sense of her immediate response to this...this frenzied need which was building inside as arnav continued to plunder her lips...she wanted more, she wanted it all...her hands went around his neck as she whimpered against his lips, pulling him closer to herself.

Arnav groaned as he felt her surrender herself to him..he reveled in this new-found sensation of needing, wanting, giving...his mind, a tangle of feelings...feelings which he had dared never hoped for...feelings he had kept buried inside for far too long..feelings he had stopped from ever surfacing, dead in the abyss of lost hope and fear that forced him to keep them away...but along came this woman...this lovely enchanting woman in his arms...and he was her, in this feeling...this thing he was too scared still to name...

Arrnav...” khushi whispered against his lips as they both broke the extremely passionate, heady kiss they had just shared...if it wasn't for the need to breath..they would never have parted. Arnav smiled as he took a deep breath while resting his forehead against her damp one....he took in the sweet smell of her freshly washed hair, loose tendrils caressing his face as they teased her silken flushed skin.

Shh...don't say anything khushi...just...just give me a few more minutes..” arnav said huskily as snaked his arms around her midriff and pulled her closer to his body...Khushi sighed as she laid her head against his erratically beating heart while he laid his chin atop her head..both finding solace in the silence and a sense of belonging in the embrace.

What was that Arnav?” khushi asked in a soft voice as she finally lifted her head from the comforting warmth of his chest..she moved her head a little back to gaze into the deep dark pools of arnav's eyes..he smiled at her as he cupped her cheeks “I don't know khushi...I truly don't know...but I just knew I wanted to kiss you at that moment..I just had to...” he started saying as khushi gave him a wry smile “You kissed me because I threw your aunt out? Boy you must really hate her!” she said as she pulled away from his embrace and laughed.

Arnav gazed at her with an indescribable look in his eyes which got khushi's heartbeats soaring...she stopped laughing and smiled at him indulgently as he stepped towards her, instantly making her take a backward step...arnav raised his eyes brows at her reaction and smirked inwardly as he turned on his heels and strode towards her door “Wait..where are you going?” she asked as she quickly went to him, making him smile as he turned back towards her.

Why? What happened? Just a minute ago you were stepping back from me..” he said as he looked in to her eyes. Khushi blushed prettily as she tried not to get affected by his smoldering gaze...“That..uh...No, I did no such thing..I...I only...” she started saying as arnav stepped again towards her..closer “You what khushi?” he asked as he stepped closer and trailed his finger from her forehead to her nose, making her close her eyes at his touch

N..nothing” she said as she lowered her eyes and willed herself not to step away from him...she did not know why, but she could not stop herself from wanting him...she could not stop herself from running into his arms and staying like that forever..she wanted to clear the webs in her mind before she did anything stupid...what was it about this man that completely undid her..

Fine..since you are not answering this question...tell me this...why did you throw dadi-bua out of your house?” he asked her in his husky voice which had had look at him straight in the eyes “Arnav!..your'e still stuck on that? Do you really hate her that much? I kissed me when i agreed that I threw her out...If i had done something worse...God only...” she started saying as she suddenly realized where her words would lead to

I know you wouldn't have done something worse...and No, I don't hate her that much...its not about why I kissed you...its about why you threw her out...tell me khushi...why did you?...” he asked her again as she looked away and stared at the kitchen area behind him...she gave him a quick smile before quickly dodging him “Coffee? Lets have some coffee..” she said as arnav quickly held her wrist making her stop “Khushi...” he said in a soft voice as khushi closed her eyes.

Fine..if you must know...she was very rude to me...she insulted me and Shilpa di in this very My house!...I could not take it I...” she said as arnav's lips tightened at the thought of dadi-bua insulting Khushi and her best friend...he took a deep breath to ebb his anger away...this was not the time...he will deal with the older woman later.. “Is that all Khushi? Was that the only reason why you did what you did?” he asked her tenderly and stepped more closer to her.

Khushi forgot to breath at the tender look in his eyes..his musky scent was seducing her senseless...she had no control over he mesmerizing were his orbs that they sought out the real reason behind her anger at anjali devi “No..thats not all...” she said getting sucked deeper and deeper into the vortex of an unknown new feeling that his man was invoking in her

Then what was it Khushi? Tell me...what more was there?...” arnav asked as he took in her innocent face, her beautiful eyes shining with a clarity of that unexpected feeling... “Let me hope khushi...let me hope” he whispered against her cheeks as she drew in a deep breath...her hands slid over his forearms as they climbed up higher till she clutched onto his powerful shoulders...both their bodies shuddering in anticipation... “She wanted me to deny you...she wanted me to say a no if you ever...” she whispered back as arnav closed his eyes and leaned his face towards her “Khushi...” he said in a hoarse voice.

She knew she didn't need to say anymore...she knew that she could trust him, but there was still a nagging thought in her mind...something she had to clear before taking things further. She slowly slacked her hold on his shoulders and slid them back on his forearms, creating some distance between them...but not completely letting him go. Arnav looked at her with confusion as she took a shaky breath.

“Arnav I don't think..we need to say anything right now...but i need to know if...if this...between us...will it...will anaya...” she just could not word what she wanted to say but was relieved when arnav spoke up “ don't need to say anymore...I have never felt so strongly about anyone...I truly cannot express what i feel for you...but I know that not something I want to give up on...not now...not ever...and as far as anaya is concerned...she knows...she really likes you Khushi...” he said softly looking into her eyes

He held her gaze steady as he pulled her back towards him “Will you consider giving chance?” he asked uncertainly...hoping against hope...khushi looked down before she looked up slowly...He saw the answer in her starling hazel eyes before she even said it “Yes...yes arnav...” khushi exclaimed as a smile broke out on her gorgeous face as pulled him forward for a deep only took a few seconds for arnav to realize what she had said before he responded almost feverishly to her kisses...nipping, biting, sucking till her lips were swollen form his ministrations

Khushi moaned as arnav's mouth left her lips to travel down her long neck..she splayed her fingers in his thick mass of hair as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, biting and soothing near her pulse points..his hands travelled the length of her upper body as khushi bit her lips and arched towards his touch “Arrnav...” she said throatily as his lips sought her left ear “I want to see you khushi...” he said breathlessly as khushi blushed fiercely...she looked up to see his intense stare on her as a smile graced his lips “Sorry...I don't know what came over me...” he said as he mentally slapped himself for making her so uncomfortable

Khushi melted at his understanding and slowly caught his wrist pulling him along with her into the bedroom...arnav gave her a questioning look before stopping her right before she entered “ don't have to...” he said as she shook her head and pulled him inside “I want to arnav...” she said as she made him sit on her bed before closing the curtains of her room..the hazy afternoon light filtering vaguely through the opaque curtains..

Continued from IF...

Arnav sat as she came near him and stood between his legs....he lost himself in her mesmerizing beauty as she guided his hands on her waist...slipping them boldly under her vest...arnav knew she was too new at all this, but his feelings for her multiplied by this simple submissive act of hers...he looked at her blushing face as she slowly pulled off her vest and threw it on the bed...she looked at him and the blatant admiration in his eyes gave her the confidence to go further.

He gulped as his eyes roamed her perfect body, her gorgeous boobs covered by a black lace bra..her milky skin standing stark against it...he slowly roamed his fingers lightly over her soft skin as khushi gasped at the sensations he was invoking in her “Help me arnav...” she said huskily as khushi caught his hands and placed them on the waistband of her track pants..she bit her lips saucily as arnav tried to control his treacherous body while slowly sliding the soft velvety material off her...his eyes travelled over her taut stomach to the lacy black triangle covering her feminity...his breath hitched as the track pants fell off completely leaving khushi nearly bare in front of him.

Khushi saw him get up slowly...his eyes never leaving her body...she felt him slide his hands over her bare waist, pulling her closer... “God..I want you soo much khushi...” he said as she shyly looked down, not being able to take the scorching heat from his eyes...he turned her around slowly as khushi leaned into him...his hands slowly caressed her sides as they came to rest over her lace covered breasts....she moaned in pleasure as he cupped them in his hands...both perfectly fitting each other...she turned her head to one side, as arnav's fingers deftly undid her bra from behind.

Khushi felt molten heat pool at her core as arnav now placed his roughened hands over her bare breasts, squeezing them, pinching them...taking her to heights she had never dreamed of experiencing...he bit her shoulder as she moaned loudly..wanting more...she wanted this throb that had started between her legs to ease away...she felt restless and excited as arnav's hardened form rubbed leisurely over her bottom....making her bite her lips to stop the endless moans from escaping “Oh God have no idea what you do to me..” he rasped against her ears as his other hand went to cup her above her panties

“Arr..arnav...” khushi gasped as she felt him probe her core over her wet panties... “Show me more...” she said breathlessly as arnav groaned in his throat...he turned her around before taking her lips in another passionate kiss...but this time it was full of raw desire...he deepened it further as khushi kissed him back with equal ardor while she undressed him...ripping his buttons away...he pulled his tie off and over his head as khushi pushed open his shirt... “Khushi...are you sure?” he asked her in an urgent voice as she nodded against his jaw...her mouth tracing a delicious trail all over his body.

Arnav growled as she struggled to open his belt, which he helped her with in an impatient tug...she unzipped his pants as he quickly stepped out of them before picking her up in his arms and laying her softly on her bed...he slowly stripped her of the last scrap before gazing down at her flushed body “You are soo beautiful khushi...” he said as he felt himself harden further...he pulled her up by her hands and placed her dainty hands over his arousal...she looked at his face in wonder as he closed his eyes while she stroked him over the thin boxers

“See what you do to me...I...khushi...” he said hoarsely as khushi slowly pulled his boxers away...taking his hard length in her hands...she kept stroking it as arnav's body shivered at her inexperienced touch...he finally opened his eyes when he could not take it anymore and gently took her hands off him making her give him an annoying look “I can't have you do that anymore baby...or i'll be undone before we even begin...” he said to her as her cheeks flamed red, she pushed back slowly on her bed as he climbed over and knelt in front of her “ need to tell me if...” he said as she got on her knees and pressed her body on his, making him groan again

“I want this arnav...please...make me yours...” she said with such passion that arnav stopped breathing for a while before trapping her in his arms...both of them gasping as their bodies rubbed over each other...khushi's sensitized nipples pulling her towards an unfulfilled want..while arnav's hard arousal throbbing with a need to be inside her warmth...only she could provide the ultimate satisfaction he desired...he laid her down gently as she looked at him with hooded eyes... “Dammit...I don't have protection...” he said as khushi rolled away from him and opened her top drawer before pulling out a foil covered square.. “Shilpa di gave me...” she said as arnav mentally thanked her wonderful friend.

He did not waste a second more as he quickly donned it and placed himself right at her entrance... “ this...I mean i know..” he said as khushi placed her palm on his cheek which he turned around and kissed “Yes...Its my first time arnav....” she said while looking into his eyes which made him smile...he was so blessed to have her here with him...and the fact that he was her first gave him a sense of belonging...not just her to him...but him to her...he belonged to her...this memory will always be special for both of them..

He pulled her up for a mind numbing kiss as he first eased a finger insider her wet core parting her folds... “Aaahhh...arnav...” khushi moaned as she was more than ready to receive him...he slowly pushed in another finger as she arched against him.. “That's it baby...i'm going to take it slow ok...just let me know if you feel uncomfortable..” he said as he eased his finger out as he slowly nudged his arousal at her entrance... he entered her half way through, when her tightness stopped him...he felt khushi hold her breath as he suddenly slid into her deeply in one long thrust, breaking through her barrier..her gasp at the sudden pain was muffled by arnav's kisses...he then started thrusting slowly but steadily inside her as her pain started transforming into pleasure...she relaxed as he moved inside her with slick strokes making her writhe in pleasure.

“Oh God Arrnav...” khushi moaned as he increased his pace...khushi felt stretched beyond impossible as he thrust more deeply inside her with each firm stroke, taking her higher and closer to her building tension... “Look at me Khushi...” arnav whispered against her ears, nipping them softly...she looked up in to his eyes as he thrust into her one more time before she shattered with a pleasure she had never imagined.

Khushi felt stars shooting off as the sheer intensity of the pleasure she had felt overwhelmed her...her body shuddered with the impact of her orgasm as she bit her lips to stop screaming...arnav felt her incredibly hot sheath milking him as her tightness took him to the ultimate peak before spasms of ecstasy rocked his body...he felt utterly satisfied and spent as he stayed throbbing inside khushi while his body calmed down from the aftershocks...they stayed like that for a few more minutes, savoring the feel of their bodies entwined in the most natural way, till arnav pulled out slowly from her warmth.

“Khushi...” he asked her taking in her flushed face...her chest heaving from their love making, her eyes closed “Baby...did i hurt you? Are you...are you ok?” he asked her uncertainly as he watched her face for any sign of distress...he relaxed when he saw her open her sparkling eyes...a shy smile spread over her beautiful bruised lips “I'm fine arnav...i'm more than fine...that was...God...that was amazing...” she said as he pulled her closer to himself, her hands going around his waist holding each other tightly.

“Amazing huh?....i'm flattered..” he said smirking to which khushi pinched his arm “Oi..what was that for?” he asked her as he rubbed his arm “That is for having a big head Mr was my first am I to compare you to anyone else?” she said cheekily as he all but climbed on top of her, imprisoning her body under his as a fierce light crossed his eyes “Oh yeah..and what makes you think i'll let you compare? Don't you even think....” he said as khushi leaned up on her forearms and kissed him gently “I know...i'm yours arnav...only yours...” she said as arnav smiled at her before both fell into an exhausted but satisfied sleep...yes it was only 3 in the afternoon!


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