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The Learning Curve - EPILOGUE!

And so it is...:)'

3 Months Later...

"Please call the groom's sister to tie the knot" panditji said to the elder's gathered around the mandap, gesturing towards the bride and groom...everyone looked around till the groom spoke "Uh...I don't have a sister...can someone else do it?" he asked pointing towards the assembled guests, he looked at his bride who was smiling widely, quite unusual for a new bride..who instead of being shy and reserved was happy and very much involved in her own wedding.

"No wait..." the bride said before the panditji could day anything else... "i want our daughter to tie the knot for us" she said looking fondly at the cherubic little girl sitting next to her in a pink lehenga, she quickly jumped up in joy as her new mother pulled her cheek "Yay! Can i do it? Wow!" she said hopping around the people sitting around the magnificent mandap, she was helped by the brides aunt who could not hep but laugh at the child's excitement.

"Arre junior titaliya...come here, I'll show you how to tie it" buaji said as anaya went ahead to tie the sacred knot between her father and khushi. Arnav smiled indulgently at both his favorite women as he winked at his daughter before leaning towards his to-be-wife "Good choice...!" he said placing his free hand over khushi's.

Khushi squeezed his hand as she whispered in his ears "She is the only one who has the right to tie the knot that will makes us one ...after all, we met because of her...she completes us.." khushi said as arnav's eyes misted up...he nodded his head as his voice suddenly felt choked with emotions at the perfection that was his family...he could not be more thankful for anything else in his life..he looked back into the holy fire as the panditji asked them to get up for the seven phera's...the seven promises that will bind them forever.
9 Months Later...

"Khushi...just relax ok? Breath..." Arnav said in a sleepy but anxious voice as Khushi tried to lift herself off from the bed, she gave him an annoyed look while blowing at the hair resting on her forehead "Arnav Raizada! I am not delivering the baby right now...its just a minor cramp...these things stop panicking for such small things!!" she huffed finally getting up and tying up her hair.

"Ok...i'm sorry...I just get worried wherever you scrunch up your face like that" he said as khushi turned back to look at his tensed face "Baby..i'm fine...please don't worry...i'm only in my 7thmonth right now...God only know's what you'll do when i reach my ninth!" she said as she smiled at him sweetly and kissed him on his nose making him grin.

"Hmm...I guess we'll have to wait and see...and you'll be surprised to see how calm and collected I will be...I mean I haven't been reading those books on pregnancy for nothing!" he said as khushi raised one eyebrow and took her towel to go for her bath...she was just about to open the door to the bathroom when arnav stopped her "Wait...where are you going? You should eat something first...why the hurry?" he said as khushi shook her head

"Really! Who would think that you run such a big business! I mean, your memory seriously deserves a medal!" she said as she went to his work desk and picked up a card "See this? Its our daughter's Sport's day today!...and in case you have forgotten we need to be at the school at 8am sharp! chop chop..get ready...anu must be up by now...I have to make her ready and give her a pep-talk" she said as she pushed open the door

"Shit! I totally forgot about it...Khushi you should not come there...its in open air and you might catch a cold...I'll go...anu will understand" he said as khushi pursed her lips and looked at him in the eye "There is no way i'm missing out on anu's sports day...she's been practicing really hard for her running, there are certain perks to being an ex-teacher...and the principal's pet..." she said wriggling her eyebrows at a confused Arnav.

"Don't worry baby...we'll be siting in the principal's its'll be very please let me get ready.." she said pushing him away when he stepped in along with her "Whaaa?" khushi said as arnav kissed her soundly on her lips "You are the best thing that happened to me, you know that!...and since we are pushed for time...lets do some shower sharing,..." he said as he locked the door amongst khushi's giggles and punches.
2 Months later...

"Mr Raizada? Mr Raizada?...shit...he's fainted...nurse get someone in here..." the doctor said frantically as she heard khushi's dry but painful voice "Oh don't worry doc...just make him sit on the chair there..." she said gesturing towards a lone chair "He'll come around soon...I don't want him to think that he was not here during our baby's his presence makes me feel relaxed" she said as the doctor smiled at her.

Few minutes later...

Arnav felt someone slap him on his face as he heard a distinct sound of wailing...he opened his eyes groggily to see the doctor in front of him...he suddenly saw where he was and got up in an instant but nearly lost his footing as he tried to balance his body.. "Oh be careful now..." the doctor said as she moved aside to let arnav look at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

Khushi was propped up in the bed with a nurse holding onto their crying baby..he slowly walked towards them, as if in a daze and looked on in wonder at the mother and child "Hi baby..." khushi said as arnav was speechless for a few second.. "is it.." he asked as she nodded her head "yes, its out son arnav...i wanted you to cut the cord.." she said breathlessly as arnav nodded his head as if in a trance...he looked towards the doctor who showed him how to go about it.

"C..can i hold him?" arnav asked the doctor who slowly picked up the wailing baby and smiled "Yes, just give me a few minutes to clean him up good for his papa ok?" she said as arnav felt tears prick his eyes...he nodded silently as the pediatrician took his son to get him all cleaned up, arnav then looked towards his wife who was smiling at him serenely "Khushi..." he said in a broken voice as he sat down next to her and embraced her in a tight hug.

"Hey...its ok arnav...its all over...our son is finally here..." she said a she stroked his hair, he moved back a little bit and held her face in his palms "I'm so sorry baby...i can't believe i was not there for his birth..." he said as khushi turned her head and kissed his palm "You were there arnav...i could go through this so easily because i kept looking at gave me the strength..." she said as arnav shook his head "Don't be so good...i don't deserve it...i was supposed to hold your hand...and shout out encouragements while you went through such a painful phase...and...and all i did was faint.." he said and sulked like a little boy.

Khushi laughed looking at his face "It was hardly painful fact our boy did not want to see his mummy in he came out pretty quickly" she said as arnav smiled at her, he felt a tear slide down his cheeks as khushi kissed it away "I can't tell you how happy i am khushi...our family is complete...i never thought i'll feel this fulfillment...this utter bliss have given me everything gave me back our have given me unconditional love and now, our son...I love you soo much" he said as khushi hugged him "I love you too papa" she said as they both held on to each other.

They broke their hug when they heard the doctor come towards them with the squirming baby "Here you go Mr & Mrs Raizada...your son" she said as she placed the little bundle all wrapped up in baby blue soft cotton cloth "You will need to nurse him right away...i'll show you how" the doctor said as she helped khushi hold the baby in the right position...they waited till he found his mothers nipple and clamped on it hungrily, khushi squeezed arnav's hand as their son latched onto her "he is beautiful khushi...I can't wait to take him in my arms" arnav said as he stroked his soft hair... "What should we name him?"
1 year later

"Kairav..." she crooned as he smiled his baby toothless smile at her...she bent down and kissed her brother who was trying to pull at her hair "Ma...see na...kairav is smiling at me" anaya said giggling as her brother joined in...Khushi smiled fondly at the two of them as she got ready...she pulled on the pallu of her saree and fixed her bindi before going towards the bed "he loves you sweetheart...thats why he always smiles when you are around" she said as she sat down next to anaya.

"I can't believe he's one already ma! We will have soo much fun at today's party!" anaya said excitedly as khushi laughed "You bet! But why is my princess not dressed yet?" khushi said as she went to bring out anaya's party dress.. she made her wear it, when Kairanv started crying...anaya frowned and turned around towards her brother "Ma...i think he is hungry..." she said as khushi came and picked him up... "Yes..i'll quickly feed him...go and get your pink hair-clips...i'll do your hair once i'm done with feeding kairu" she said as she slowly took her pallu off

"No feed him and get him ready...I'll do my hair...i'm a big girl now" she said proudly as khushi smiled at her "I know baby...but for me you'll always be my little girl" she said as anaya kissed her cheek noisily "I know ma...ok i'm going now...aashka and varun are coming early to hep me gift wrap kairu's presents.." she said as she ran out of the room before her mother could protest...khushi was very happy to see anaya making new friends...she had become very close to aashka and varun who lived in their neighborhood and went to the same school as her.

Khsuhi thought back to her life two years things have changed; She smiled fondly looking at the family picture adorning their bedroom was taken on the day of kairav's birth...she was on the hospital bed with kairav in her arms, arnav was propped up next to her with anaya on his lap...'My perfect family' she thought as the sudden opening of the door made her look up and cover herself.

"Baby...Shilpa and Navin are here with Maisha..." arnav said as he walked in...he suddenly quited down looking at khushi feeding kairav...he knew his son would sleep after having his fill..he closed the door slowly and walked towards the bed and sat down next to them...khushi slowly pulled a sleeping kairav away from her as arnav took him in his arms...he gently laid him down on his baby cot and placed a blanket over him while khushi straightened her clothes.

"Good shilpa di came early...i need help with the..." khushi started saying as arnav came and placed his finger on her lips "Shh...they are downstairs and shilpa is currently helping maggie with relax..." he said as he slowly swiped his thumb over her glossy lips... "Arnav...stop it...stay here till i go down and help out.." she said moving away when arnav pulled her closer to him..his arms going around her waist as she placed her hands on his chest

"What are you..?" she started saying as he suddenly captured her lips with his...he sucked on her plump bottom lip while khushi moaned in thing she could never resist were her husband's mind-drugging kisses...she let her hands circle his neck as he pushed her body more into him...he let his tongue enter her sweet mouth as she opened up for him...arnav groaned at her delicious taste...he could never get enough of her...they moved away reluctantly after a few minutes as they came up for breath.

" always do know how hormonal i am right now.." she said hoarsely as he chuckled "'ve been hormonal for the past one and a half you remember when i felt like a sex slave? All thanks to your impromptu demands ..." he said wriggling his eyebrows...she hit him on his arm and moved out, giving him a saucy smile "Admit loved it!" she said as he laughed with her.

"Yes i did Mrs...but now we hardly get any time...but tonight...once the party is over and kairu are all please don't exhaust yourself!" he said as khushi smiled at his pleading eyes "I've always been yours arnav...and you have always been freddy..." she said as she quickly ran past him and out the door...he shook his head and smiled as he sat near his son's cot... "Did you know your mother really is Sabrina?" he said as his son smiled in his dreams...'Happy Birthday little one...'


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