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The Learning Curve - Chapter 27 (LAST)

Sugar and Spice...and EVERYTHING Nice!


“So, how does a December wedding sound to you?” Shilpa said excitedly as they waited for khushi to get dressed while sitting outside in the patient’s lounge…She had walked in a few minutes ago to find khushi and arnav in an extremely passionate moment, which had left her red cheeked..Only when they had both sprung apart and khushi had announced in a loud voice that they were getting married, had shilpa forced herself to forget about the scene in front of her and jump in joy…Young love!

“Uh…Shilpa…December is too far away…I was thinking more like…next week maybe?” Arnav said trying to hold back the grin which was dying to pop out on his lips…he pursed his lips together as he controlled himself looking at shilpa’s shocked expression.

“Arnav! Are you mad?!...how can you get married next week? There are so many preparations to do…Do you even know what goes into a wedding!?” Shilpa said getting agitated…she was just about to start another lengthy explanation of 100 things to do before planning a wedding when khushi walked out from the room in her kurti and jeans…she smiled at her and gave arnav a stern look.

“Di…he’s just joking…we will get married in December only…it’s the best time of the year..” she said as both shilpa and arnav got up, Shilpa pinched arnav on his arms as khushi laughed looking at the easy camaraderie her best friend shared with her love…she smiled as shilpa di came towards her while arnav went to finish all the other formalities “Khushi..are you sure your’e ok?” shilpa asked her as khushi nodded.

“Yes di..i’m absolutely fine…whatever weakness I had is gone now…I’m fit as fiddle!” she said as arnav came back to their little group “Ok ladies…all done…Shilpa, we’ll leave you home first…then I’m taking Khushi with me…I can’t leave her alone in this state” he said seriously as shilpa smirked at them “Uh…Arnav…Navin is not here…so I can stay the night with Khushi…you don’t need to worry” shilpa said cheekily as arnav looked on, making khushi blush

“Uh…Oh…ok…then….” He started saying when shilpa burst out laughing “I’m just kidding baba…I know how much you both want to spend time together…I just saw a teaser, remember?!” she said smiling widely making arnav look away in embarrassment…Shilpa winked at khushi before whispering in her ear “I hope you are not planning on giving me another good news so soon?....you are being careful right?” shilpa said making khushi redden “Enough di…lets go” Khushi said smiling shyly while pushing shilpa towards the hospital exit…


“Khushi I guess everyone is sleeping…I told maggie earlier that you'll be staying over tonight…she must have prepared the room for you…come” he said as he held her wrist gently while walking with her towards her room…khushi noticed that this room was right next to arnav's room...she smiled as they entered a sunny room painted in yellow, with a beautiful canopy bed.

“Hey…this is not the room I stayed last time..” she said remembering that the room that day was much muted and simple…not this grand..Arnav took her hands in his and kissed her lightly on her forehead “I know sweetheart…this room is for family…not guests…” he said warmly..khushi felt extremely overwhelmed by this simple gesture…he wanted to convey to her that she now has her own family…someone who never had anyone to call her own was now bestowed upon with an entire family to call her own.

“Thank you arnav..” she said as she hugged him fiercely, letting him know how much all this means to her, she held on tightly as he stroked her back “you should sleep now sweetheart…its past mid-night…and I want you fresh for tomorrow when we tell everyone the big news…do you know how I kept myself from declaring it to Maggie earlier!” he said with mock seriousness as khushi laughed while giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before saying goodnight…she was exhausted!


Arnav could not sleep…not only was he restless because of what had transpired today…but the fact that khushi was sleeping just a door away was keeping him awake…even though he knew he was tired..he closed his eyes as flashes of his desperation to find her kept playing in his mind…he realized today how much she had come to mean to him in such a short time…he loved her. Period. And he would make sure that she gets all the happiness which she deserves...happiness which has evaded her till now.

He suddenly sat up and checked his bedside clock to see it was 2am in the morning..he knew he was not going to get any sleep now..he got up from the bed throwing his duvet aside before stepping in to the bathroom for a hot shower…maybe the hot water would calm him down and help him sleep..


Khushi could not sleep…yes she was tired…but the long sleep and huge doze of glucose she was given kept her awake…or was it the fact that all her dreams were coming true…she was scared, worried that maybe this was a dream in itself...she twisted in the bed till she could not take it anymore…she slowly sat up and saw the time 2:10 am…she looked at her door wondering if she should wake up arnav…she got up and wore the robe over the black satin nighty which Maggie had left out for her.


Arnav let out a satisfied sigh as he stood in the shower, he let his head hang down as jets of hot water cascaded down his lithe body making him close his eyes at the soothing effect it had on him...he had his hands braced against the opposite wall of the large cubicle as the steam from the water swirled around him...he was running his hands through his hair and down his strong neck when a sudden sound made him turn around and stare at the open bathroom door.

Khushi had knocked twice and was waiting patiently for him to open the door...she knew that he would never lock his door when he had precisely told her to either call him or come to him if she needed anything...and all she really needed right now were arnav's strong arms...she tutted impatiently before slowly turning the knob and walking into the dimly lit room...she let her eyes focus towards the empty bed before they strayed to the slightly open door of the bathroom..she crept towards it slowly wondering if she should just wait for him or maybe...the maybe won.


Arnav turned the shower off to make sure she was actually standing at the door...he thought the hazy steam was making him see things...”Khushi?” he called out slowly when she walked right inside the bathroom before slowly closing the door and locking it...the naughty gleam in her eyes did not go unnoticed by him as his heart started to beat erratically...even after being with her soo many times, he just could not get enough of her...she matched him equally in both ardor and passion...and right now all he wanted was her...that's why he could not sleep.

He waited patiently as she quietly walked towards the cubicle...she pushed the door open and gazed at his naked body making her intent very clear...arnav hardened at the way her bold gaze swept over him...he saw her bite her lips as she walked inside pulling off her robe in the process...his throat ran dry as she came closer to him...her intoxicating scent making him go crazy...he could just take her then and there..but today he wanted her to initiate...so he waited.

Khushi felt her breath catch at the magnificence that was hers...his hard muscled body, slick with water droplets made her wet just by looking at him....she slowly turned the knob back on full before walking directly into the stream..she gasped as the hot water drenched her thin satin nighty...she saw arnav's gaze flicker but he did not move from his place..'so that's how you wanna play Mr Raizada' she thought as she swept her wet hair on one side of her neck.

He watched with controlled desire as she squeezed out some of his shower gel and rubbed it between her palms, her eyes never once leaving him...he waited in anticipation as she placed her cool hand against his chest; she started rubbing the lather over his upper body, sliding her hands slowly from his shoulders to his navel...arnav felt his breath catch as she rubbed his nipple in a circular motion...only he knew how he was controlling himself with her standing in front of him..wet, her nightly sticking provocatively to her curves...

Khushi smiled inwardly at the effect she was having on him...she knew that his control would break any second now..but she wanted to know how much of this he could take...she slowly placed her hands on his shoulder before going on her tip toes to kiss him..she pulled his lower lip into hers and sucked on it till a groan escaped from his mouth...she let her tongue play a slow assault on his upper lip as she asked for entrance...when he resisted, she slid her hands down to grasp his throbbing manhood...but before she could do anything else, she was pulled off her feet by arnav as he backed her into the cool wall.

Arnav could not take it anymore...he tested himself for a long time...but when he felt her slippery hands on his arousal, he lost control...he knew that if she had held him for another few seconds, he would have climaxed then and there..he held onto her waist tightly as he slammed his lips on hers...his entire body was pressed into hers as their tongues fought for dominance...she felt arnav pulling off the straps of her nightly till the entire thing lay pooled by her feet...

She whimpered as his lips left her mouth to suck on mercilessly on her hardened peaks...she let her fingers clutch his hair tightly as he shifted his attention between her breasts, making sure both of them were equally pleased..she threw her head back against the onslaught of this intense passion which arnav was wrecking on her..she needed him now...at this moment...”Arrrnav..” she moaned as he continued kissing her over her flat stomach..he kneeled down in front of her as his tongue dipped into her navel...she let out another throaty moan as his lips trailed a hot path towards her hips, eventually moving towards her inner thighs.

God arrnav...I..I can't take it anymore...” she said throatily as her breathing became erratic...arnav smiled wickedly as he quickly pulled down her panties before letting his fingers rub slowly over her swollen nub..he placed one of her trembling legs over his shoulder, giving himself better access to her wetness...he felt khushi shudder in need as his tongue replaced his fingers...he kept sucking onto her core while slowly inserting one finger inside her...he felt her body convulse as he continued lapping her up while his fingers thrust inside her in a continues motion..

Arr...arrnavv...I....Oh God...” Khushi moaned in ecstasy as she felt her body drown into a powerful orgasm...she dug her nails into arnav's shoulders as he slowly pulled his finger out and placed her leg down...he stood up to take her mouth in a mind numbing kiss, made more erotic for khushi as she tasted herself in his mouth...she held onto him as he picked her up and walked out of the bathroom...the sudden coolness of the room made khushi shiver..but she was warmed right away as arnav placed her on the bed before covering her with his body.

Now Ms Gupta...its my turn..” he said hoarsely as he quickly donned protection before placing himself over her...khushi wound her legs around his waist as she ran a hand seductively over his muscled chest...arnav swooped down to capture her lips once again as he thrust into her welcoming warmth...he groaned at the exquisite feeling of being inside her...her tight sheath milking his arousal as he readied himself to let go...he once again started rubbing his thumb over her nub as he increased his thrusts...he felt khushi tightening her legs around him, making him aware that she too was nearing her climax..

He looked into her desire laden eyes as he let himself go completely....he felt her body too shatter beneath his as they both slumped down in satisfaction...their body still fused together...”That....was....” khushi started saying as arnav looked up at her flushed face...he moved the damp hair off her forehead before kissing her softly on her parted lips “Amazing...” he completed her sentence for her as khushi snuggled into his body...

He pulled the duvet over them before switching off the table lamp....he held her close to himself as their heartbeats regulated into a stead rhythm..”I love you arnav...” khushi said sleepily as arnav smiled before saying in a drowsy voice...sleep finally lulling the lovers into its depth “I love you too...”

Arnav woke up with the early morning sun rays as khushi stirred in his arms...he watched as she lazily opened her eyes and smiled at him before slowly propping herself on her elbows.. “Good morning...” she said in a sleepy voice which had arnav smiling “Now, it's a good morning...” he said as he drew her against himself before kissing her throughly “Arnav!” she hit him lightly on his arms “Let me brush at least” she said as he chuckled at her cute pout “Do you realize this is the first time we got up together...in the morning?” he said as she slowly nodded her head.

Arnav used to usually leave early in the morning before she got up so that he could be home before anaya woke up...this really was the first time they had spent the entire night together, waking up in each other's arms.....“Yes...i know...isn't it wonderful...I can't wait to get up with you like this...” she said as she let her hands roam his naked chest...

Ummm...khushi if you don't stop that now...I can guarantee you won't be leaving this room for at least another hour..” he said naughtily making khushi laugh...arnav gazed at her as she raised her eyebrows at him “What?” she asked him as he shook his head “Always keep laughing darling...its so infectious...you taught me how to laugh again...how to live again...I don't know what I'd do if i had not found you..” he said as khushi giggled against his chest.

Well, thank God you were a rude SOB, otherwise...i don't think we would have met...our first meeting was pretty interesting...” she said as arnav threw his head back and laughed...“I know...it was....I could not keep my eyes off you...you did some kind of magic on me...did you know i had nick-named you as Sabrina..” he said as khushi's mouth turned into a big 'O' “You mean like the teenage witch?” she asked cutely to which he nodded...but burst out laughing a few seconds later

What? Whats so funny? I think it suited you perfectly...you did do some kind of magic on me...plus none of the witches in harry potter were cute...and that curly haired girl was too young for me to relate her to you...” he said as she giggled more “You mean Hermione? Aww....she's cute...but did you know what I called you?” she asked him wriggling her eyebrows.

What? Wait...don't tell me...Harry Potter? Cause I too did some kid of magic on you?” he asked her with a charming smile to which she came forward and whispered against his ears “Freddy....” she said as he looked on in confusion... “Who?” he asked her as she smiled impishly “Freddy Krueger silly...” she said as arnav smile widened “Oh...was he like a cute wizard too?” he asked her to which she pursed her lips and nodded “Hmm...something like that...now get up...we need to go down and break the news to everyone...” she said as arnav looked on

No tell me first...what was he in? He is a fictional character right? Not some psycho ex-boyfriend?” he asked as khushi quickly donned her robe and tied it securely over her....she nodded as arnav flicked his phone open “Oh he is definitely fictional...man of my dreams actually...” she said as arnav furiously typed on his phone....”Wait...i'm gonna look up on this right now...why is my 3G connection taking so long!” he muttered as khushi came to him and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek “Check the image section love...i'm sure you'll be floored by how handsome he is...” she said before walking towards his door... “Oh n see you down....come soon!” she said before closing the door slowly behind him,

She had just opened the door to her room when she heard arnav's voice bellow out of his room “Khushi!!!!!” she placed her hands over her ears before laughing out loudly. She quickly stepped into her room and locked the door behind her...'guess the 3G connection is finally working..' she thought before happily getting ready...'Could life be more perfect?'!!


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