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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty Five

Mature Content!
PS: If you are uncomfortable reading 'Bondage' scenes...Please skip the last part..You won't miss much ;)

Ouch!” Aman screamed, wincing in pain as Anjali stared daggers at him “Anjali maam...what a pleasant surprise! Oh and Khushi maam is also here...fancy meeting you this club...I mean...” Aman stammered as Anjali held his lapels and screamed “What the hell are you doing spying on us mathur? Did bhai put you up for this?..oh wait...why am i even asking! Off course he did!” she said letting go of his lapels with a force due to which he staggered back. maam...i think you have it wrong...Sir did not ask me to spy on you....I uh...I like a girl and she comes here to this I was here spying on her...I..I mean looking out for her...” Aman said looking down, he had started to sweat under his black shirt and was seriously scared wondering if Anjali would do any bodily harm to him..her anger and tantrums were legendary!

Oh really? You think i'll believe your bullshit? Gimme your phone..” Anjali said as she lurched forward and grabbed his phone of him. Aman was horrified to see her pressing unlock on his phone...he tried to grab his phone back but khushi came in between them “Enough!” she shouted much so that people near them stopped and stared at the commotion they were making.

Anji give me the phone!” Khushi said with a serious look, Anjali gave a chilly look to Aman and handed over the phone to khushi “Thanks anji...and you could you both do this? I can't believe Arnav put you up for this...I mean this is my Hen night for God sakes!” she said angrily as she jabbed at his phone to check the last call made and all she could see was 'ASR' in big bold letters across the screen.

Khushi held up the lit up screen and showed it to the girls “Surprise surprise...why do I even bother!” khushi said in an exasperated voice as she left Aman to the care of anjali and Lavanya, he did not deserve any other punishment except spending some time with those two while she went outside the back door to call Arnav from Aman's phone. She dialed his number and wasn't surprised when arnav picked up on the first ring.

What the hell dammit! Why did you not reply to my text? Is Khushi ok? Where are the other two hags?What are they doing right now...speak up you moron!” Arnav rasped from the other end. Khushi closed her eyes for a second before replying in a chilled angry voice “Khushi is fine...the hags are fine...Aman not so much and you Mr Raizada have a lot of explaining to do!” she screamed into the phone before switching it off.

She walked inside the club and saw Aman covering below Anjali and Layanya...both of whom were giving him a earful “Girls...just let it go...I mean..I'm really pissed off with all this...lets just go...” khushi said dejectedly as she handed over the phone to Aman “I have nothing against you were just doing your job...just leave...please” she sighed as she turned around and went to the restroom.

Lavanya and Anjali walked behind her to the restroom after giving a last disgusted look to Aman “Bhabhi....I know your upset...anyone would be...but please lets just enjoy the rest of the night? Let this not ruin it..please?” Anjali said she she knocked on the bathroom stall door where khushi had gone into. She heard the flush go off and khushi quietly walked out to wash her hands.

I don't know girls...its just annoying! I mean why is he doing this? Does he not trust me at all?” Khushi said her eyes misting up, she looked into the mirror to see both the girls giving her sad looks “I know sucks...but maybe he was only doing this cause he wants you to be safe...I mean...its kinda freaky and OTT of him..but i'm sure he never meant to hurt you” Lavanaya said as she came and stood behind her.

Khushi sighed as anjali too came and side-hugged her “C'mon bhabhi..the night is till young and whatever my idiot brother can get him to pay ten-times! I mean he will regret it...and he will try to make up for it...soo...” anjali said slyly as khushi burst out laughing “Did anyone tell you how similar you both siblings are!” she said hugging her back to which anjali made a horrified face and Lavanya stared giggling “Well? What are we waiting for girls? Lets go hit the dance floor!” khushi said loudly as she dragged the screaming giggling duo with her.


Shut up Aman!” Arnav said angrily as he pulled up in his BMW outside the club “I asked you to do one thing! And you messed it up royally! Now Khushi's going to think that i sent you for spying on her when it was something entirely different!” arnav said as he threw the keys at Aman and ran a hand through his hair.

Sir...I'm sorry but i couldn't very well reveal anything at that point...but sir they seemed to be ok now...I saw them dancing again..” Aman said trying to sound cheerful but one look from Arnav silenced him “Is Raghu in there still? I'm sure they have not recognized him...since none of them have seen him before” he said punching in a number “Yes there? All ok?...hmm....fine...i'm coming can stay outside with Aman.” he said as he gave one last look to Aman before stepping inside the dark smoky club.

Arnav went silently to the bar and ordered a whisky for himself before glancing at the dance-floor. His eyes went wide as he saw Khushi in a tight short blue dress dancing with his sister and Lavanya. They seemed to have left all the care in the world as they danced their heart the process gaining lots of admiring glances...from men...leering men!' he thought getting agitated.

'So thats why she was wearing that sack!' he thought since he had wondered why khushi would willingly wear that ugly dress to a club this chic...he had thought that maybe it was another of his sisters stupid dares, but now looking at her in the dark blue silk, her curves clearly visible, her creamy skin glowing against it as light reflected off her..her hair flying about her and her dress shifting slightly down every time she threw her hands up...Arnav could not resist going to her. He gulped down his drink in one go and proceeded to the dance floor, his hungry eyes on her.


Khushi could feel a sudden change in the air...she felt goosebumps along her arms as her eyes tried to focus in the darkness of the club. She turned around to see Lavanya dancing with some random guy while Anjali gestured to her that she was going to the bathroom. She nodded at her and rolled her eyes at Lavanya who was now heading towards the bar with the guy and went back to her dancing, she felt all her fears of the night-club vanishing as she immersed herself in the music.

She was just about to stop to catch a breather when she felt strong arms grab her waist and hurl her against a hard body, her breath caught and a gasp escaped her mouth as she felt his lips slam against her own...Arnav's lips she thought as he increased the pressure of his lips against her mouth, his tongue probing her to open up..Khushi put her hands around his neck and pulled him closer as her mouth opened up to take him in, while arnav's hands went behind to cup her soft bottom.

Arnav groaned as khushi's tongue dueled with his own...the sweet margarita mixing with the fiery whiskey...they swayed on the dance floor with the sheer passion in their kiss as both held onto each other tight while their lips made love. Finally as both broke the kiss to come up for air..Arnav smirked at khushi...who in turn squinted at him and asked “Arnav? Is that you?...oh...I thought it was someone else...” she said gasping dramatically wiping that smirk off his face

'Take that for your spying!' khushi thought smiling inwardly. She was about to add more salt when he grabbed her by the arms and said in an angry voice “What the hell khushi! You knew it was me...why the hell were you kissing back otherwise?” he asked angrily to which khushi replied in a calm voice “why arnav? I thought you'll be happy to know i was cheating on you...after all you don't trust me anyways do you!?” she said accusingly.

Arnav sighed and let her go as she turned on her heels and strode away to their table in the VIP section. He gave her a few minutes to sit and collect herself as he made his way upstairs. He sat beside her and held her hand in his, khushi resisted at first but he was too strong for her, she looked the other way as he stroked her palm “Babe...I do trust you...I did not send Aman here to spy on do i explain this?” arnav said getting frustrated,

Well then don't! Arnav...all i wanted was one night with the girls...and you said it yourself that I can how could you...” she said as she looked at him in the eyes “Wait a minute...I never said ok for tricked me!” Arnav exclaimed as Khushi widened her eyes and her mouth formed a perfect 'O' “Yes Khushi tricked me...I never would have allowed you with only those two...” he said as khushi narrowed her eyes.

Oh really? And why would you not have allowed me? Arnav...I never needed your permission, but i asked you for Anjali's sake...I'm a grown woman who can take care of why couldn't you trust me!?” she said getting agitated as arnav's body tensed up “It was never about trust dammit!” he said in an angry voice as khushi looked on “Khushi...i trust you...more than anything in this world...but I had to send Aman to keep an eye on you girls...I wanted to protect you” he said sighing as he looked down.

Khushi was confused as she looked at arnav, he seemed to be hiding something, but what was it? “Why do we need protection Arnav?” khushi asked as she leaned down and held his hand, Arnav looked up at her and tightened his hold on her “Because it isn't safe...everyone know's who my sister is...and now they know who you are...Khushi I have a lot of ill-wishers and rivals...who can't be trusted...that was the reason why I did not want just you girls to go on your own.” he said looking into her eyes sincerely.

I had promised you that I won't come with i had to send Aman instead...I'm sorry but i never meant to hurt you...I love you and with love comes don't ever think that I don't trust you...I was just being protective...and yes Aman was blabbering on about Anjali's dares and I was a little jealous and annoyed..” he said looking down again as khushi's mouth lifted slightly in a smile.

Khushi...i can't bear to see you with anyone else...even if its a dare...I can't see you flirting or dancing or God only knows what other things that little rascal had written in those cards...My texts were real...I was missing you...but i'm very sorry for ruining your hen night...I promise I'll never do this again...In fact i'll leave right away..” he said as he got up from his chair only to have khushi hold his wrist tightly and smile at him.

Arnav looked down to see khushi smiling at him gently while her fingers held his wrists like a vice. He looked at her questioningly but was shocked as she pulled him towards her and made him sit back on his chair while she got up and sat on his lap, her arms went around his neck as her fingers played with the hair at his nape. Arnav's hand automatically went around her waist holding her as she leaned in and touched her forehead to his. Arnav Singh Raizada was jealous....and he was missing me...and he was jealous....wait...did i say Jealous?” she giggled as arnav's mouth lifted at the corners, but he did not want to give her the satisfaction...yet “Stop saying Jealous again and again Khushi...otherwise I'll give you something to be jealous about” he said in a husky voice as he pulled her body closer to him hardly leaving any space between them.

Khushi wriggled in his lap trying to make him loosen the embrace but he wouldn't let her go “Oh yeah! Well what will you do? You'll go and flirt with some girl? Or dance with her? Or maybe you'll just go and kiss h..” Khushi started ranting as Arnav quietened her with an urgent kiss, his lips probing her mouth while his hands slid over her delicate curves, khushi sighed as her fingers caressed his hair while she angled herself better to receive and give into his kiss.

Khushi....lets leave...” arnav groaned as her soft bottom moved restlessly over his crotch..her actions were making it more and more difficult for him not to take her right there in front of everyone. She pushed herself further into him, her soft bosom welding against his chest, he could feel her hardened nipples against his thin shirt. She looked up from their heated kiss to see dark and dangerous desire running amok in those molten caramel eyes. They both resumed normal breathing but their heated bodies wanted a release of a different kind.

She was just about to say something when she heard Anjali gasp out loudly “Bhai! What the hell are you doing here? Wasn't it enough that you sent Aman to spy on us? I can't believe you...and bhabhi how could you forgive him so easily?...wait why are you sitting on his lap? Get up now!!” anjali said as she pulled khushi away from arnav, who quickly got up and gestured to khushi that he will be waiting outside...last thing he wanted was his sister screaming at him in public and the last thing he wanted her to see was his very visible embarrassing state.

Anjali...calm down...” khushi said holding anjali by her shoulders, she was very obviously drunk and still upset about the Aman episode, she made her sit down and explained everything what Arnav had told her, she least expected her to understand in her state but Lavanya helped her out in calming her down and making anjali drink a couple of glasses of cold water. Once she had calmed down, khushi and Lavanya headed out with her to Arnav's waiting BMW outside.

The ride was very tense and quiet with Lavanya and Anjali dozing off with her heads lolling about in the back seat while khushi sat quietly in the passenger seat ahead with arnav driving silently. Hardly any words were spoken as the car finally rolled in through the mansion gates. Arnav and khushi quickly got out, and helped get the girls to Anjali's room. They laid them on the bed as khushi took of their sandals and threw a quilt over them. Once Arnav placed a large jug of water on the bedside, they switched off the light and stepped out.

Umm...I should go and sleep...its kinda late and I don't want Buaji to get up and wonder where I'm gonna go...” khushi said dejectedly as arnav stared at her...both unsure of what they should do. Arnav nodded as he said a quite goodnight to her and turned to leave for his room, but half way through he called her name softly “Khushi...” she stopped in her track and glanced back at him “I'm really sorry that this night did not go as planned for you...I wish it could have been special..but...” he said as he looked down, his body screaming for her.

Khushi smiled slightly as she ran back to him and hugged him fiercely “Well then...make it special for me Mr Raizada..” she said huskily against his ears, as he crashed his mouth against hers, their heated kiss stoking the burning embers their earlier one had ignited, the heat returned ten fold and desire licked their bodies anew as arnav picked her up and took her to his room.

He quickly closed the door behind him with his leg and placed khushi on the huge bed, she slipped off her sandals and tucked her legs under her as he sat on his knees in front of her, he cupped her cheeks and looked in her eyes “I'll sure as hell make this night special for you Ms doubt about that” he rasped as he took her arms and held them above her head, he slightly picked her up and made her lean against the bed “Arnav...what are you..” khushi said getting confused as he took his silk tie and tied up her hands to the headboard. you trust me?” arnav asked her as she nodded her head, not too sure of what he was planning..she was nervous and excited about what he intended to do. “Then let me worship you Khushi....will you?” he asked as he pulled off his shirt to reveal his muscled chest to her hungry eyes, “Yes...arnav....but I want to touch my hands” she said as she struggled in vain and even though the tie was not tied harshly she wanted to experience what arnav had in store.

His eyes darkened as he took her waiting mouth in a searing kiss, his lips travelled along her jaw to her neck and the milky expanse of her shoulders...he nipped and kissed her lightly all over the exposed area of her upper body as his hands crept along her satiny smooth legs, he slid his hands over her hips as his fingers reached the zipper underneath her right arm, he languidly unzipped her dress as Khushi's breath came out in short gasps, his mouth was still latched onto the hollow near her collarbone, she moaned as his fingers grazed the naked skin at her side. my hands...I need to feel you..” khushi said breathlessly as he looked up and shook his head in a no kissing her again, she desperately wanted to run her hands through his hair and down his body, but having them tied up was making her restless. Arnav slowly pulled away her dress from her body and gazed down at her flushed body as it got revealed bit by bit, when the dress was at her knees, she raised herself so that he could take it off her completely.

You are soo beautiful khushi...” arnav said huskily as his eyes skimmed the flesh colored lacy strapless bra and matching panties she wore. He lowered his head to her breasts as he kissed the swollen flesh above her bra, hearing khushi's moans were making it very hard for him to continue, but he had to do this...he had to pleasure her in every way tonight. He quickly flicked the one hook which held her bra and pulled it away from her body.

His mouth latched onto one straining peak as his hand moulded and pinched the other “” Khushi panted as his other hand slowly pulled away the last piece of clothing on her. She shivered with anticipation as his mouth travelled down the valley of her breasts to her waist, he kissed his way down her midriff till he reached her belly button, his tongue dipped into the slight depth as he sucked on the delicate skin there. “I can't take this anymore....i...i need you ar..arnav please...” khushi rasped in pleasure as he parted her legs to taste her dripping core. are so delicious” Arnav groaned as he delved his fingers into her heated core, his thumb rubbing her engorged nub. She thrashed against him as he held her thighs tight with hands while his mouth took the place of his fingers, he rubbed his tongue rhythmically over her swollen center as khushi moaned and gasped out his name...he sucked her hard with his mouth one last time as she came crashing down on him, her body shuddering with the powerful orgasm.

Arnav kissed her all the way back till he reached her hands tied above, he used his teeth to undo the knot and let her free, she quickly pulled his head close to hers and kissed him senseless, tasting herself on him, the feeling making it more erotic She pushed arnav on his back and sat on his thighs as her hands deftly undid his belt and trousers. She pulled them off him as she ran her nails over his chest, lightly grazing his nipples to make him groan out loud.

She then leaned in and held his proud arousal in her delicate hands and stroked it as she positioned herself over him “Don't worry...I'm on the pills” she said leaning down near his ears she as bit him gently on the lobe, she guided his shaft into her waiting wetness and slid perfectly in sync with his body. Arnav held her waist as she rode him in perfect rhythm, her hair flying over her shoulders as her hands rested on his chest.

Arnav had never felt her hot sheath without any protection and this feeling of finally being one with her without anything between them made it all the more sensual..he closed his eyes as she thrashed against him, their bodies fused together as the ultimate pleasure awaited them. 

When he could not take it any longer, he wound his hands around her waist and brought her beneath him, he looked at her desire glazed eyes and thrust into her tightness completely filling her up, she gasped at him urging him to go harder and faster, hearing her soft cries, arnav finally gave in as both their bodies shuddered and melted into the most blissful climax.

Hmm...this really was a special night Mr Raizada..” Khushi purred after a few minutes as she rested her head against his erratically beating heart, “I body is still humming in its aftermath..” arnav chuckled as khushi got up slowly and started getting ready “Do you really have to go?” Arnav asked her sulking “Yes I do...Good night..and sweet dreams!” she said she she leaned in and gave him a kiss “I'll be looking forward to tomorrow Ms Gupta” arnav said lazily she walked towards the door “So will I..” she said as she gave him one last smile before tip-toeing slowly to her room. She really could not wait for the next day to start. 


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