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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty Four

"Get up bozo!" Khushi screamed in Lavanya's ears only to have the latter spring up and jam an elbow in her gut "What! Who! Where...huh?...Katya? Shit...are you ok?" Lavanya got down from the bed to find khushi lying on her back on the floor clutching her stomach "You idiot! Its me...oww...!" Khushi whined in pain as Lavanya kneeled down beside her.

"Shit babe..I am soo sorry! I was too started by you dumbo! What is the meaning of waking me up this way...I need my beauty sleep you know...I don't want dark circles under my eyes...especially with all your functions starting tomorrow" Lavanya giggled as she helped khushi sit up on the bed, she sat down next to her and side hugged her.

"Oh my God! I can't believe you are getting married to McSteamy!" she crooned as khushi pushed her away and hit her playfully on her shoulder "Excuse me! McSteamy! Really! Don't use words from Grey's for My Man!" khushi chided her as Lavanya's face erupted in a huge smile "My Man! Katya...when did you get so possessive...Oh I get it...It's got to be Luurrvve!!!" she said in a singsong way.

"Oh Shut up La...and yes it is Love! You'll know when you find get up and go have a shower! You stink!" she held her nose and gave her a disgusted face as she got up and removed a towel from the cupboard. "Here...I want you to be ready and fresh and down for evening tea...No one has met you properly since you came too early and have been sleeping like a log all day! Chop chop!" Khushi pulled Lavanya by her hand and trooped her to the bathroom.

"Oh and me you and Anjali are going out clubbing tonight...but its all kinda tentative right now" she said with a sigh, Lavanya whose ears had pricked up hearing clubbing jumped up and held khushi's shoulders "Omg! Thats soo cool! But wait why is it tentative?" She asked with a bewildered look..Khushi pursed her lips "Well..Anjali told this plan to Arnav...who flatly refused...he said he will accompany us as chaperon but then it obviously won't be a hen night!" she moaned as Lavanya slapped her forehead.

"Men!...You have to convince him Katya...this is your last night as a bachelorette! You deserve this...hell we deserve this! C'mon...Should i go and talk to him?" she asked with a saccharine sweet smile to which khushi snorted and shook her head "No way! You are not asking him anything...If i let you free you'll make it worse! I'll handle it" she sighed again as she turned around.

"Don't be too long k!" she shouted from outside as Lavanya shut the bathroom door after sticking her tongue out "Pschyo!" Khushi said laughing as she stepped out from her room to go downstairs...Dadiji had asked her to come and choose her Jewelry for tomorrow's function and then she had to go and talk to Arnav about tonight...Anjali had gone through a lot of work getting everything ready...
She was walking around the verandah area when someone's hand caught her wrist and pulled her sharply inside the guest bathroom. The other hand was swiftly pressed against her mouth as she struggled to see who it was in the dark.. "Shhh... Khushi its me...stop wriggling...its turning me on!" arnav said huskily as khushi suddenly stopped, her eyes adjusting in the darkness to make out Arnav's form as he moved his hand away from her mouth.

"Arnav singh Raizada! What the hell do you think your'e doing!" she said furiously. For a minute her heart stopped as her dark memories returned to haunt her. She kept her hand on her beating heart and looked at him with furious eyes. Arnav could make out she got really scared and felt guilty for his silly trick. He quickly switched on the overhead light and pulled her closer.

"Sorry babe...I didn't know you would get so scared..please forgive me" he said softly as Khushi relaxed against his body her hands going around his back as she held him close. She rested her head against his muscled chest as her earlier fears vanished "Hm...i will forgive you on one condition!" she said cheekily as arnav pulled back and looked at her.

Arnav nodded his head and waited for khushi to speak "Off course babe...anything for you..." he said as he nuzzled her neck..she pulled his head closer to hers and lightly kissed his jaw..she saw him shudder as her lips traveled over his cheeks, his eyes and his nose "You love me Arnav.?.." she asked seductively as he closed his eyes and replied " course i do" he said hoarsely drowning in her hot kisses.

Khushi slanted her lips over his and bit his bottom lip lightly while her tongue soothed it flicking over the bite slowly, she then kissed him around his lips but not quite on them "Arrrnav...aren't we perfect for each other?" she moaned as his hands cupped her bottom, pressing her against his hardness, "Yes babe...yes we are" he groaned as her hands went inside his sweatshirt to roam over his hard chest.

"'ll be with me forever.?.." she said as she nibbled his ears and slowly trailed her tongue around the lobe, thrusting it inside his ears, Arnav's entire body shook at Khushi's ministrations...he wanted her badly "Yess..s...always...forever..." he said finding ti difficult to talk.

Khushi was now as turned on as him, but she had to focus...she left his ear and went back to his lips capturing them in a heated kiss, her tongue thrusting in to taste his dark masculine flavor...All arnav she thought pinching his nipple as he let out a sharp breath, his mouth sucking hers hungrily... "You'll let us girls go out tonight...on our own na babe?..." she said in between the kisses only to have him whisper back "Off course baby...anything you want.." he said as his lips travelled to her cleavage, his hands moulding her breasts while busy taking her top off.

Khushi smiled despite her condition and slowly pushed him away only to have him look at her with a confused look "Great! Thanks babe...i love you soo much!..Lavanya and Anjali will be really excited..." she clapped her hands as Arnav looked at her with utterly bewildered hooded eyes "Whaaa...what? Huh?" he asked as khushi lightly pinched his cheek " just gave your permission for my hen night tonight! K I have to go now...remember no hanky-panky in the house! Buaji's orders...Love ya" she giggled as she gave him a quick kiss before rushing out of the bathroom leaving a frustrated and fuming arnav behind!
"Bhaabhi!" Anjali called out from her bathroom as Khushi went about straightening Lavanya's hair in front of the mirror "Yea Anji...your'e not done yet? I need the serum from the bathroom" Khushi yelled as Lavanya looked down to apply nail-Polish on her toes "Uff..La...hold still otherwise i'll end up burning your scalp" khushi chided her as Lavanya straightened up and smiled at her in the mirror

"Katya...i feel its our Hen night and not yours with the way you are getting us ready! When are you going to get ready woman! Did you even see what Anjali got for you?" she said turning around and holding Khushi's wrist. She took the straighter out of her hands and started doing her own hair as Anjali walked out in a shiny pink baby-doll dress "Yeah bhabhi..I was asking the same thing...did you see what i got for you? Go and see need to get ready too!" Anjali said as she moisturized her long slim legs on Khushi's bed.

Khushi sighed as she looked at both of them getting ready...she was excited about her hen night...but somewhere she was also sad that Arnav won't be part of it...she knew it was stupid of her to even think this but this was the first time she was going to a club after that night and somehow having Arnav with her would be more reassuring...though she knew she was overreacting for nothing...but still.

She looked at the two excited figures of Anjali and Lavanya and felt better...she loved both of them a lot, she went to her bed and opened the big black shiny bag which Anjali had got with her, she opened the bag and gasped at the sheer beauty of the dress, she smiled as she picked up the dark blue dress which Anjali had chosen for was in now way over the top or too intricate, but khushi loved the simplicity of the dress, she smiled widely at Anjali and went to hug her
Khushi's Dress

"I love it Anji!" she said as she hugged her sister-in-law.."Its beautiful...but my only concern is that Arnav may not let me out of the house in this...and also I don't know how buaji and dadiji will react to it...its kinda short" Khushi said eyeing the gorgeous dress, she went to the bathroom and changed into it quickly. As she got out both the girls gasped at the breathtaking view khushi made in the dress, her milky skin glowing against the darkness of the dress and the nude heels she wore accentuating her long shapely legs.

"Yep...there is no way Bhai will let you out..." Anjali said as she went into deep thinking, Lavanya took some diamante studs and fastened them on Khushi's ears "Yea thing I could make out when I was telling him about our long friendship was his jealousy that I know you so well...he seems to be very possessive of a nice way...not a pschyo bunny boiler type...just you know..." Lavanya said with a wink.

"Wait! I have an idea.." Anjali said as she went sprinting out and came back after a few minutes, she held out a ghastly green long nun's type of dress for khushi "Wear this on will cover everything...once we are out and near the club, just take it off.." she said smiling triumphantly. Khushi looked at the long sleeved full length green dress with wide eyes "Anji! Do you really think they will buy it? I mean...Arnav may suspect something..." khushi said worriedly

"No bhabhi...Bhai will be too relieved to see you looking pale and puckish in this color and dress, he won't suspect anything..." Anjali said confidently as Lavanya nodded in agreement. "Fine..lets do this" Khushi said as she slipped the heavy dress on top of her pretty blue one. She quickly ran her fingers through her hair and applied light makeup. When they were all ready, they walked down to the living room.
"Aman! I don't want any mistakes ok...Why do i need to repeat my self man? Ok listen...if anything is amiss you need to let me know right away...I'm not taking a chance here...also mail me the latest dealings Jha is doing right now...I need to keep myself updated" Arnav said as he ran a frustrated hand through his hair and clicked his phone off.

He looked up to see Lavanya and Anjali walking down the stairs...he still could not believe that Khushi had tricked in that way...sly minx! He thought as the object of his desire walked down right behind them, to say he was surprised was an understatement...what the hell was she wearing!

"Khushi...why are you wearing a green sack?" arnav asked as the three girls stood in front of him. Khushi looked at him with startled eyes and was about to speak when Anjali interrupted "Bhai! Twenty questions later...we are already too late you insisted we come we need to go...Bye! Love ya..." she said cheerfully as she dragged Khusi and Lavanya with her towards the door, Arnav kept looking at them as khushi turned around and gave him a helpless look. She smiled at him before disappearing behind the huge mahogany door.
Khushi stared at the massive line in front of the club they were supposed to go to, it was Delhi's hottest club frequented by the creamiest section of Delhi's society. She stood behind Anjali who seemed to know a hell of a lot of people. She smoothened her dress and walked with the girls towards the bouncers. She had quickly removed the garish green dress in the car before they reached here.

"Ms Raizada! What a pleasant surprise...please go in right away...let me get you someone to accompany you" the jolly looking bouncer said as he gestured to a girl inside. She came and took them inside, past the gyrating bodies on the dance floor towards the upper section of the club. VIP, Khushi read as she gave an excited smile to Lavanya who seemed to be loving the attention they were getting. Once the girls were settled in their seats, Anjali ordered a few drinks for them before removing some cards from her bag.

"Ok that we are settled and relaxed...Let the games begin!" Anjali said cheerfully as she laid down six cards face down on the table between them. "What games Anji? didn't tell me anything of this sort.." khushi said looking at the cards with a confused expression. "Oh ho bhahi! Its your Hen night...and me and Lavanya have come up with some tasks you need to fulfill...otherwise we won't hesitate to call you chicken!" she giggled along with Lavanya who wriggled her eyebrows at Khushi.

"Ok fine! But i do hope that these are within know what Arnav will do otherwise right?" Khushi said sternly as her hand hovered over the cards "Yes yes bhabhi...bhai will probably skin us alive then roast us over a spitfire and feed us to the dogs..." anjali laughed as khushi's finger landed on one card "Oh many of these tasks i need to do?" khushi asked with sudden interest.

" need to pick 4 cards out of these 4 of them are quite easy and nothing too drastic...while the other 4 are quite hope for the best!" Lavanya said as she picked up the card khushi had pointed at,"Oooh..nice! Ok this one says...go and flirt with any guy at the bar and make him buy you a drink!" Lavanya squealed as Anjali clapped her hands in glee.

Khushi looked at them with a horrified expression "What? way am i doing this! You girls are insane!" she protested as anjali interrupted her "Ok then bhabhi...this was one of the simpler ones...if you don't do this then you we will choose one for you...take your pick!" she said giving her a sly smile.

"Ok fine..i'll do it...God only knows if this is the easy one then what are the risky ones!" Khushi huffed as she left for the bar downstairs, she looked back to see Anjali and Lavanya giving her a thumbs up sign while giggling collectively as Khushi walked confidently to the bar.

She walked slowly making out the people seated at the bar. She checked out five men who seemed to be single without any companion..khushi glanced at all of them and notice two who interested had a huge mustache and looked familiar but was busy talking on his phone 'Odd' she thought but she finally made her way to a geeky looking fellow who seemed quite lost in his world...'perfect' she thought as she went and sat next to him...the last thing she wanted was to attract some perv.

"Hi!" khushi said giving a dazzling smile to the man seated next to her, he seemed shocked to find her acknowledging him and looked around to see if she meant her hi for someone else. "Hi..i'm talking to you...not some imaginary person next to you..." she said giggling, God this is tough she thought as she glanced up to see Anjali and Lavanya clutching their tummies and laughing.

"Uh...hi..." he said uncertainly "Tough day?" she said being friendly...he seemed pretty harmless she thought and was just about to introduce herself when her phone buzzed, she looked down to see a message flashing from arnav, she opened it to read 'Babe...have I told you how much I love you? I do you know...more than anything in this world!'

A huge smile lit her face while guilt at what she was about to do clawed at her. She knew this was just a game but she felt like she was cheating on him...yes it was stupid! But the only man who can ever buy her a drink is her Arnav; she quickly got up and gave an apologetic smile to the guy who was still in some kind of a trance. She kept her phone inside her bag and walked straight back up the stairs to their table.

"What was that Katya?" Lavanya said with an 'unbelievable' look on her face, Anjali too joined in with a twin expression.."Guys! I couldn't do it...I mean I was going to but i got Arnav's message saying how much he loves me...I feel like i'm cheating on him by doing all this!" she said with a nervous smile waiting for the girls to blast her.

"Oooh...I can't believe this! Bhabhi...its not like you were doing this in real...I mean...ok fine forget it...if you are not comfortable, we won't make you do it.." she said getting back to her cheery self " that you have forfeited...We will choose the next task for you!" she said giving Lavanya a hi-fi

Khushi looked at them with wide eyes and dreaded what they were about to ask her to do.."Ok here goes..." Anjali said as she and Lavanya finished their conspiring "You will do a sexy dance in the middle of the dance floor and pull any guy to dance with you!" they both said together...Khushi felt like she was trapped in some parallel twilight zone where two of the favorite girls had been taken over by an evil spirit

She sighed as she looked down at the dance floor, she could do a sexy dance but was unsure of the guy part. She nodded her head at them "Fine..but you both will join me...I'm not going to be the only bimbo dancing there on her own! Capiche?" she asked them as both of them agreed and pulled her along with them on the dance floor.

Khushi danced her heart out to Dirty, which was probably requested by Anjali before they came on the floor. She remembered the risky steps Christina did in the video and tried to imitate them, she looked around to see the same guy from earlier who was on the phone staring at her, but as soon as their eyes met he turned away. She looked behind her to see Lavanya and Anjali dancing while taking her pictures, she realized it was her phone and quickly pulled it out of their hands.

"Guys! What the...why are you taking pictures of me dancing?" she asked as they both looked on guilty "Because you have a better camera then we do?" Lavanya giggled as she and anjali swayed to the music "Ok bhabhi...first part done and I must say you gathered quite a lots of attention with your sexy pull one guy in and dance with him to finish the dare!" she shouted over the loud music as khushi looked around...once again trying to locate a safe looking guy.

She found an old man, probably in his 60s gyrating to Rihanna's S&M, she gave a sly look to the girls who had their mouth open looking at khushi's choice and started walking towards him, this is easy she thought as once again her phone vibrated in her hands, she was surprised to find another text from Arnav 'I miss you so much...wish you were in my arms right now...I love you' she smiled at his text and replied back saying 'i miss you and love you too babe'

She turned around back to the girls and gestured them to leave the dance floor and headed towards their table.
"Now what happened!" anjali said getting irritated. "I were going to proposition a grandpa to dance with you...where's the guilt in that? Its social service if you ask me! Or murder...cause he may have had a fatal heart attack dancing with you!" she giggled as khushi showed her arnav's text.

"I don't know girls...i feel really bad when he's texting me all these lovely messages...I mean how can i do these things when he's alone at home missing me...and telling me how much he loves me...its not right!" khushi sighed as she sipped on her margarita. " the hell is he texting you right at the moment when you are about to do your dare? Something smells fishy!" anjali exclaimed as khuhsi and Lavanya looked at her.

"What are you saying? He's spying on me?" Khuhsi asked with an incredulous expression "No I don't think so...but it is odd that both his texts came at the precise moment when I was...wait! I did see a guy at the bar and on the dance floor continuously on his looked odd to me and I felt him staring at me on the dance floor and he looked kinda familiar" Khushi said realization dawning on her.

"Can you point him out to me bhabhi?" anjali asked looked around the floor below but she went still and a gasp left her mouth as she quickly whipped her head towards the girls away from the floor and said in a calm voice "never mind...just follow me.." anjali said as she led the girls towards the far end of the club near the restroom, khushi and Lavanya looked at each other and wondered who or what she had seen.

Finally anjali stopped behind the same guy who khushi had suspected earlier and tapped him lightly on his shoulder"Hello Mr Aman Mathur! What a pleasant surprise to see you here!" she said menacingly as a scared Aman turned around and Anjali whipped his fake mustache off his face.


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