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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty Three

Some Mature Content Ahead.

Chotey..finally you are here..we've been waiting too long for you...come and sit quickly so that we can start our dinner” dadiji said fondly as she saw her grandson enter the dining area. She was very glad that both the children were keeping their distance and this was very much favorable to buaji, who seemed to have changed her earlier opinions on arnav drastically, especially after Arnav had sent Delhi's most famous ramani chaatwala at their house for a personal chaat session with buaji.

Khushi winked at him and got back to sipping on her glass of water as arnav came and touched buaji's feet followed by dadiji who went rigid with shock at Arnav's uncharacteristic behavior , everyone watched in fascination as arnav pulled up a chair next to buaji instead of his usual one opposite khushi and turned towards her with a 100 watt smile. One could literally see a collective gasp across the table as anjali, khushi, maya, mamaji and dadiji stared at him.

So buaji, how was your day? Did you enjoy the chaatwala? Khushi told me how you love chaat and were missing it thoroughly! I hope you have taken enough rest now...tomorrow I have made special arrangements to take you around Delhi, in fact you will all have lunch at my office tomorrow” he said giving a private look to Khushi who blushed adorably.

Lunch in your office babua?” Buaji asked surprised, “Yes buaji...I actually wanted your expert opinion on Luknowi chikankari work..Khushi has told me soo much about how wonderful you would be an honor to have your advise” he gushed as he got up and started piling buaji's plate with roti and various sabzis.

I hope you like this kali dal, khushi told me its your favorite so I had HP make it especially for you..Oh and there is moong-dal halwa for dessert...with lots of cashews just the way you like it” she smiled at her as he turned towards the other mannequins at the table “What? Lets start eating everyone..i'm starving!” he said with a sweet smile, which was enough to start another round of gasping around the table.

Buaji who was very happy seeing this lovely side of arnav, gave him a huge smile and swirled her hands in front of him as if taking away the evil eye (Nazar utaro)* “Jiyat raho are truly a gem and my Khusi is soo lucky to have you for a husband...I know we got off the wrong foot yesterday...” she said and burst out laughing, thumping arnav hard on his back, making him choke on his food.

He quickly drank some water quickly as dadiji patted him, he looked up at buaji who was still clutching her tummy and laughing oblivious to the weird stares she was receiving from everyone “Arre....Got off on the wrong foot get it? We literally did! Did we not!” she guffawed as everyone got her joke this time albeit in their still shocked state of seeing Arnav's new avatar.

Oh buaji...I really cannot apologize enough for what happened yesterday..and I am extremely sorry about our little misunderstanding last night..I just hope you have forgiven me for that” arnav said with puppy dog eyes, making maya hiccup loudly, she had probably seen that expression on his face last when he was six and was trying to get himself out of a very tricky situation with his homework!

Off course babua...I do not even remember all that! I am just very happy that you have taken my request with so much spirit...I know how difficult it is for young love to be away from each other...but it is for your own good..Now its only a few days more before my titaliya gets married...” she sighed as arnav reassuringly kept his hands on hers “I know buaji...but don't worry..we will not let you go will always be here with khushi...your titaliya” he said dramatically.

Buaji sniffed as she blessed him before conversing back with the other elders, the date had been decided for a week from now and there were too many things to do. Arnav smirked as he got back to eating but could feel a pair of mesmerizing hazel eyes upon him, he looked up briefly and winked at her and enjoyed the way her mouth formed a perfect 'o'. She looked down quickly as he felt his phone buzz.

'Wht r u dng?!! its getting 2 diabetically sweet!! buaji wil catch on if u keep up ths act!' he read khushi's msg and replied back to her with a smirk 'Nope! She won't cause i m a charmer...n ur buaji is a total goner! Oh n btw..thr is no such word as diabetically sweet...quite an irony huh? :)' he kept his phone away to see a furious khushi staring daggers his way. He turned around to see anjali observe them which made him quickly look down and concentrate on his food...God! He hated kali dal!

So..bhai! Did you have your Hot lunch today?” anjali asked him innocently, she looked up at khushi who seemed to be sporting a permanent red face!, she turned back towards arnav and gave him a mischievous look as he gulped down a glass of water “Hot lunch? What is all that about?” maya asked anjali who smiled serenely “Oh..that today na..Khu..”anjali started as khushi quickly cut in “Khurchan da dhaba!” she exclaimed loudly only to make everyone stare at her.

Khurchan da dhaba? What is that?” dadiji asked looking questioningly at her, khushi who was secretly cursing anjali for bringing it up started sweating as her over worked brain tried to come up with an answer..”Khurchan singh dadi...there's this small dhaba by the back road of our office...whenever i'm fed up of my cold pasta salad..I order hot butter chicken from there..that's what anjali and khushi meant..I had told anjali about it when i spoke to her earlier...guess she told khushi too...” he said quickly giving a chilling look to anjali who was enjoying this too much.

yes..did you have the butter chicken arnav? Anjali told me its really nice there” khushi said trying to lighten the situation while stuffing her mouth with salad, she looked up to find buaji fondly smiling at them still doing her weird nazar utaro routine. “Yes..m sure bhai had amazing butter chicken na? Oh and off course you must have also had their tangdi kabab na? Its your other favorite!” she giggled as both khushi and arnav looked ready to maul her to the ground.


I swear I will kill Anjali!” Arnav barked on his phone as Khushi went about her room getting ready for bed. She was sharing her room with buaji now. She smiled as she answered him “Oh God Arnav..chill...she was only kidding! Plus we are so good at making excuses now..we should probably write a thesis on it!” khushi giggled as she pulled out a pair of flannel nightwear..there was no way she would wear her sexy nightdresses with buaji.

Yeah...i know! But sometimes she is too much! I think its best I find a guy for her and get her married least she'll be outta my hair!” he said while laughing “But then on second thoughts...who will be mad enough to marry her! Hell she doesn't even have a boyfriend who can bear her antics!” he said lightly settling back into his recliner.

Khushi took in a sharp breath as she heard arnav's words...she wondered if she should say something to him but then let the thought go since Anjali was no more in a relationship with that opportunistic creep. She smiled as she sat down on her bed “Don't be so mean! She will find the most amazing guy who will love her and bear her'll fact I was thinking about Raghav!” she said biting down a giggle.

Arnav shot up from his seat “What the! Why are you thinking about Mr Ass-rock!..How dare you even bring him up in front of me!” he said loudly...ready to do some bodily harm to that Raghav. Khushi smirked as she said innocently “Why Arnav? He was such a lovely guy...I mean if things hadn't worked out between us...who knows!” she sighed dramatically loud.

Khushi Gupta! I do not want to hear you take that man's name in front of me! Understood! I swear to God that I will rip him apart if he so much as looks at you!” he growled oblivious to Khushi's glee. “C'mon Arnav...stop being soo jealous! I was suggesting him for Anjali..not for me..besides I don't think anyone can make my heart beat as fast as you can!” she said seductively.

Arnav relaxed as he heard khushi say those words, he smiled as he sat back “Well then Ms your heart beat, walking...jogging or running right now?” he heard khushi's lilting laughter “Hmm...well right now it is in between walking and jogging...but if you come near me...its gonna start running...real fast” she said softly as she lay on her stomach and cuddled a pillow.

Do you want me to come near you? Maybe we can have a late night dessert session? I did miss that out during our lunch!” he sighed as he remembered their conference room rendezvous from earlier “Tell me what you are wearing babe” he said huskily only to have khushi blush on the other side.

Arnav! I am not doing this on the phone...especially when Buaji can walk in any minute..Good night!” she huffed as arnav's pleading voice came from the other end “Khushi...please tell me what you are it black? Red or nude? Is it lacy? Or racy?” he laughed as khushi turned on her back and smiled.

Hmm...well...its black...with tiny red roses...umm...some sheer lace...and....” khushi said seductively as arnav's heart raced, “aaand...i'm not wearing any....BUAJI!” khushi shouted as arnav flinched with a bewildered look “Hello! Khushi?..what the hell was that? Why do you have to always take her name when....” he said with a frustrated sigh only to have her cut his phone. He looked at the phone and was just about to call her back when he saw a text flashing 'Buaji's here...can't talk..c u tomo...luv ya! xx' Arnav tossed his phone away before closing his eyes and switching the lights off...'Hello Sleepless Night!'


The next four days went in a flurry of wedding preparations and shopping sprees, Khushi was really excited and tired with the whole ordeal but Lavanya had landed today and things would get pretty exciting with her around..also having Anjali with her really de-stressed everything for Anjali always covered up for her during lunch times with Arnav. She was glad that they were getting to spend those few hours together everyday and today was no different.

Umm...arnav..stop it...I have to go!” khushi moaned as arnav rained light kisses across her bare shoulder. She was throughly refreshed and exhausted from their afternoon lunch session as they called it and she was already late as was supposed to meet Anjali in the nearby cafe in a few minutes.. “I really need to go babe...anjali might be waiting for me already” khushi giggled as arnav circled his arms around her front holding her heaving breasts in his strong hands while his teeth nipped at her earlobe.

No way came in late today...and I haven't had my fill yet...let the brat wait for sometime...she'll understand” arnav whispered in her ears as khushi closed her eyes and threw her hands behind her, pulling him closer, her fingers knotting in his dark wavy hair. She moaned as arnav trailed one hand over her belly, lightly pinching her belly button to finally reach her core.

She shuddered as his fingers dipped in leisurely inside her wetness exploring her folds, while his thumb rubbed her swollen nub “Ahh...arnav...” she purred as he bit her lightly on her neck. Khushi's knees turned into jelly as his fingers kept up their assault “Please...arnav...i need you” she moaned as she heard arnav's in-drawn breath against her ears “ now you want me huh? Didn't you say you were in a hurry to leave?” he said in a husky voice and smiled as she slumped against him, her body preparing itself for her release.” khushi gasped as his fingers left her parched core, she could feel arnav's arousal poking her back and was relieved when he quickly picked her up and placed her on their well used couch, it wasn't a moment later when he thrust inside her waiting warmth, her pelvis rising up to meet him automatically as his thrusts increased in speed. She pulled his head down for a passionate kiss as her body started peaking towards its climax.

Arnav felt her muscles clench against his hardness, making him moan out her name, sometimes he wondered about how they fit each other so well, as if two parts of a puzzle. He kissed her madly as her body went rigid..he waited for her release as he too gave in and spasmed against her, both their bodies enjoying the shared shattering orgasms as it rocked them to pleasurable heights.

Arnav....its only a few more days...I'm so excited for the sangeet and mehendi tomorrow!” khushi gushed a few minutes later as she got out of the bathroom after freshening up. She had already texted Anjali and told her she'll be there in a few minutes and apologized for being late. Anjali had sent a 'winking smiley' as her reply! She smiled as she put on her heels and picked up her tote.

You know...i was never interested in all this wedding crap...oops I mean rituals..” arnav corrected himself as he saw khushi flash him an angry look “But...since you are loving this so much...I am loving it more!” he said softly as he came towards her and took her lips in a slow teasing kiss. They broke up after a few seconds of holding on. khushi buttoned up her shirt as she pecked him quickly on his cheek “I'll miss you...and I hope you do know that there will be no more of this till we are married now” she teased him as his eyes went wide.

What? Why?...there's still three more days for the wedding!” arnav moaned as khushi picked up his tie and handed it to him “Yes..and from tomorrow all the rituals I can't leave the house...soo...” she gave him an innocent smile as his face twisted in anger “What the! You know what! Screw the rituals...lets just getting married tomorrow...what difference does it make if it's tomorrow or three days later!” he grumbled loudly as he fixed his tie.

Khushi giggled as she saw his irritated face “Aww...c'mon can do that much for me right? It won't be easy for me too...but for our family's sake...its only three more days...and then...” she winked at him as he smiled at her. He came forward and circled his arms around her waist “These will be the toughest three days for me...but i do get some leeway for being a good boy right? Maybe a couple of stolen kisses or somthing else...” he leaned in only to be stopped by khushi's hand. way! Not in the house...if anyone sees us...if buaji sees us! I can't take that risk..besides Lavanya is already here...she's gonna be stuck to me like I won't get time at all!” she said she she smiled and stepped away from him “besides..distance will make it all the more exciting babe....only 72 hours...start counting!” she laughed as she left a adorably irritated arnav behind her.


Bhabhi! I really regret giving you this lunch idea now...Do you know how long I have been waiting for you!” anjali huffed as Khushi came and hugged her “Aww...sorry anji...blame your brother this time!” she grinned as she placed an order for a cafe machiato for her and sat down “So! I was that all the preparations are done..why don't we go out tonight..just us girls...kinda like a mini hen night!Lavanya should will be up and refreshed by this evening” anjali said jumping in her seat.

Khushi thought over this, She was so excited that her friend was finally here..but she had been sleeping since the time she got to India..they had tons to catch up but Anjali's idea sounded a good way for all of them to bond together...and she really needed to de-stress! “Hmm...i guess i'm good with it...but we'll have to see if Lavanya will be ok...she's been too jet-lagged..” khushi said thinking.

Oh ho! She'll be fine...let me get the plans in place..Oh and you have to wear what I give you ok! Plus its friday night and we gotta show you the Delhi night-life!” she whooped as some of the people around looked at her, khushi shushed her and giggled along with her, she was too infectious not to laugh! “Ok fine..Knowing Lavanya she'll be up for this sorta thing anytime! But we can't go overboard ok...I don't want anyone in the family to question us...” khushi said looking serious

Fine ms Party pooper! But you have to promise that you will do everything we ask you to! And i mean everything! fact i'm gonna be making a list of to-do things for you...after all this is going to be your last wild night out!” anjali said as she removed her pen and notebook and started jotting down oblivious to Khushi's stricken expression...speaking of night clubs had reminded her the last time she had visited one...

Anjali looked at khushi who seemed to have spaced out, she moved her hand in front of her face “Hello! Earth to khushi! What happened? You ok?” anjali asked her looking concerned..Khushi gave a quick smile before answering “Ah..yes...I'm fine...just remembered something...Fine i'll do whatever you guys ask me long as it is within limits...” Anjali smiled at her naughtily and went back to making her notes “Oh yes bhabhi...its all gonna be within limits!” she smirked as Khushi rolled her eyes.


Thats a fancy little invite...Arnav weds Khushi...but you can't expect anything less from the Raizada's can you!” Shyam sneered as he burnt the golden colored invitation with his lighter...he threw the half burnt remains of it in the dustbin before pouring over his remained whiskey on it. He laughed maniacally as the flames went up consuming the rest of the paper “Swaha!*” he smirked evilly as Mishra looked on.. that we know when the wedding is taking uh...the rituals are starting tomorrow...don't we need to get out plans in action? I mean it shouldn't get too late...” he stammered as Shyam looked at him with bloodshot red eyes “You are growing brains Mishra...but not quite!” he roared and laughed at him.

He stumbled towards a scared Mishra and looked him in the eyes.. “Its too soon for anything my dear man...let the Raizada's and Gupta's enjoy these festivities for the next two days...we will strike on the eve of their wedding...” Shyam said smiling with an evil glint, “Poor poor anji...the star of everyone's eyes...mary's little won't mary come looking for her if she goes missing..especially when she comes to know that the little lamb is up for slaughter?” he sneered and walked away from Mishra.

You see Mishra...I have changed my original's not going to go public this time...but instead its going to be a show recorded only for one pair of beautiful hazel green eyes...My Katya's eyes...” he smiled as he picked up her photo resting on top of the piano “How shattered will Mr Raizada be when his fiancee is found in the arms of his arch-rival one night before the wedding? Shocking right!...” he took a deep breath as he stroked her photo before keeping it back “SJ will win this time Mishra...SJ will win”

*Nazar Utaro : Its a small ritual/routine one does in India to ward off the evil eye..
*Swaha: Sanskrit word for when the ritual or prayer is 'finished' marks the end of it


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