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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty Two

Mature Content Ahead.

Would you like some more orange juice behenji?” maya asked passing the jug of juice around the breakfast table, buaji smiled at her and shook her head “I think i have had enough breakfast to last me the entire day!” she guffawed loudly, making everyone settled at the table smile and laugh with her. Khushi finished eating her paratha and gulped down her coffee, she was hoping to catch arnav before he left for office but unfortunately he had left quite early today...most probably to avoid meeting buaji she thought sadly.

Arre Khusi, what are you staring at?” buaji asked khushi as she tapped her lightly on her shoulders, khushi looked up from her thought and pasted a jovial smile on her face “Nothing buaji...i was just thinking that maybe we should go for a tour around Delhi will surely enjoy it and if you want to meet any of our relatives then we can do that too” khushi truly hoped she will deny the relatives bit because she was in no mood to meet any of them, but she knew she had to eventually so might as well ..

No no, not today...panditji will be coming today na? Isn't that right behenji?” buaji asked looking up at dadiji who nodded in the affirmative. “Why don't you go and finish all your left over shopping? I think i will rest feet still hurt..maybe tomorrow we can do the tour around?” buaji said patting khushi's head, as khushi let out a relieved breath. She smiled at everyone before excusing herself from the dining hall.

As she started walking towards her room, anjali came running behind her “Bhabhi!!” she called out loudly making khushi take a sudden turn back “Anji...what's wrong?” she asked her as she walked the rest of the way back towards anjali. “Nothing..i kinda just wanted to ask you for a favor..” anjali said breathlessly.

Khushi smiled at her “Off course hun, whats up?” they both started walking towards the outside verandah “ know i told you about that guy i was seeing right?” anjali asked cautiously to which khushi nodded, “Well, he wants to meet me today...i guess just to apologize or something...but i wanted your opinion if i should forgive him and maybe give him another chance?” she said in one breath waiting for khushi to react.

At first khushi was quite surprised that anjali was even meeting up with the guy, but then it was her life and she was free to make her decision, all she could do was advise “Listen Anji...if you felt the need to ask me for an opinion on something which should have been very clear to you if you were sure about it...just confirms the fact that you are unsure about this personally i think you should say your goodbyes and part ways...but then after what you told me about him the other day...i feel you should not meet him at all!” khushi said as her own past experience came haunting back

Anji...this guys tried to pressurize you in to something you were not ready for and then ignored you really think such a fella is even worth considering for a second chance?” she said slowly trying to gauge anjali's reaction who seemed to be listening very carefully to her bhabhi “ are right babhi...but i think we need a closure of sorts..he's been really behind me to meet up and talk...i guess i'll talk to him once so that i can finish all this for good” anjali said as a serene smile lit her face.

She was glad that she spoke to khushi regarding this, it was eating her up emotionally about what she should be doing. She gave khushi a deep hug before thanking her for her advise, “ the way..where are you meeting him?” khushi asked anjali as she turned to leave “Oh i'm meeting him at Noni's near bhai's office...why?” khushi frowned as she answered her “I think i should come with you..just in case..” anjali smiled at khushi's suggestion.

You know what..i think you should come...but you should go to bhai's office instead...maybe surprise him for a hot lunch?..once i'm done with this guy i'll call you then we can both go shopping together..what do you think?” anjali said with a wink. Khushi blushed at her suggestive suggestion “ its ok..i'll wait at a nearby table in the cafe..we'll see arnav in the evening anyways” she said as anjali gave her a huge smile

Oh come on bhabhi! I know that you and bhai have decided to keep your distance in front of buaji..but what makes you stop when you are another place..far far away from her? Plus it will help put my frustrated brother at ease ya know..” anjali teased khushi who pinched her on her arm “Ow..what! I'm not that naive to not know what a sexually frustrated male looks like!” she giggled as khushi started laughing.

Fine, for the sake of your brother's sanity..i'll go meet him for lunch...but you better call me as soon as you are done ok!” khushi patted her cheek as she skipped to her room to get ready, her spirit had suddenly lifted after anjali's suggestion..she knew how unfair the last few days had been for arnav..her mind started swimming in gutterry thoughts as she smiled coyly thinking of how she would get Mr Arnav singh raizada on his knees..literally!


Khushi walked in gingerly through the huge glass doors of arnav's office, the massive 36 storey building was an architectural wonder in the heart of the city. She went straight to the reception “Hello, i'm here is see Mr Raizada” she said with smile only to be given a cold look by the woman seated “ you have an appointment? Because Mr Raizada does not just meet anybody without one” she said sarcastically as she looked at khushi up and down, sizing her up.

Khushi was seriously irked by the girl but she kept the smile plastered as she answered “Well, I don't think I need to take an appointment to meet him...I mean would you take an appointment to meet your fiance?” khushi asked with a sweet smile 'Take that b***ch' she thought triumphantly..being Arnav singh raizada's fiancée had its perk she thought as she saw with great satisfaction, the girl scrambling from her seat and nearly tripping on her way from behind the desk.

Maam, i am so sorry....I did not recognize you...its just that I cannot just let anyone meet boss without an appointment, but obviously you don't need one. Please proceed to his floor from the VIP elevator” she said pointing to a side elevator guarded by security “His office and conference room is on the 36th floor” she said breezily as she led Khushi to the lift.

Khushi nodded before asking her one last question “Is the conference room empty?” she asked quickly and smiled as the girl nodded, “Great, Arnav and I will be having our lunch there, please make sure no one disturbs him...God only knows when he gets the time to eat in his busy schedule” she said exasperatedly as the receptionist smiled and waved her in. Khushi pressed the 36th floor button and leaned against the mirrored wall of the lift, 'This was going to be fun'.


Anjali saw khushi walk into the her brother's office building as she walked into Noni's cafe...she looked around and saw him sitting by the table right at the back of the cafe, she glanced around at the few other patrons sipping their coffee's and chomping down their lunch as she moved towards him quickly, wanting to finish this off as fast as she could. She was glad that she hardly felt anything for him now. She saw him getting up with a huge smile as she approached him.

Baby! I missed you so much...” he said as he held a bouquet of blood red roses towards her, he came forward to hug her but was surprised when she held her arm up stopping him “Shyam..lets cut the bullshit. I only came here to meet you so that we can finish this off..whatever it is we had. So please lets not pretend romanticizing each other when we clearly know there is no such thing between us” she said caustically as she took her seat, she felt a sense of immense satisfaction as she saw his shocked face.

Shyam sat down and kept the roses away “Anjali...i know i was a jerk...i know i don't deserve a second chance...and i'll never ask you to reconsider our relationship if you are completely over it. But i know that deep down you love me, always have as i have's just that i was too confused about my feelings..but now i am very sure about them. You are the only girl for me baby...i can't live without you” he said trying to sound as sincere as he could.

Anjali looked at him skeptically and was surprised to see genuine warmth in his eyes, was she judging him too quick she thought getting confused again. Few minutes ago she was so sure about her feelings, but now listening to his confession...she wasn't sure. She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes “Look shyam, whatever was between us is over now..It has been since a long while. I thought i loved you..but it wasn't love since it never even withstood a small argument..lets please just part on amiable terms..lets not drag this any further.” she said softly as the waiter came to their table.

'What the hell!' shyam thought as his well planned out plan was falling apart..why was she behaving like this! Here he thought that she would forgive him and again start trailing him around like a lost puppy..but the reality was something else...he had not planned for was he supposed to take her away from here? He gave her a hurt look and said softly “Don't you feel any love for me? Any at all?” he asked with a hurt face.

Anjali sighed as she saw the hurt in his eyes, she did not know if she was doing the right things but she wanted to be firm in her belief “No Shyam, there is nothing left now...please try and understand...we were never right for each and just wasn't meant to be. I really hope you find the right woman...but its not me.” she said gently as she got up to leave “i need to go now..take care ok” she picked up her bag and got up only to be stopped by his hand gently clutching her wrist.

Anjali i said I won't force you..but for me to move on, I need to give you back all those things which remind me of you...can you come to mine for a few minutes, you can come in your own car if you need not even get down...just wait outside...I'll bring all the things to you...I'm not asking for another chance because i know i royally screwed it up...but i won't be able to survive if i keep things which remind me of you and they are too precious to be hidden or throw away..please?” he asked as a last resort only to have her nod back in an affirmative. He breathed a sigh of relief as she followed him out.


Aman, i seriously don't know why i employed you! All i wanted was for you to get me that damn contract paper know what! just leave it..i'll do it myself!” arnav roared as he ended his call. He ran a hand through his thick hair wondering why he was being so harsh on Aman..this new condition buaji had put before them was killing can he be away from Khushi for so long? He poured himself a glass of water and prayed to God that the panditji will give them an early date for the wedding..he had no idea how much longer he could survive.

He walked to his window and saw a flaming red Audi spyder parked outside noni's cafe...anjali's car he thought surprised, there was only one in the city so he knew it was her...what was she doing here? He quickly called her and waited for her to pick up, as soon as the phone clicked he spoke“Anji...what are you doing at Noni' here for lunch?” he heard her take a sharp breath and thought something wasn't right, he heard her soft voice speak up “Ah...yes bhai I had come for a coffee with a friend but i'm leaving now...did bhabhi tell you i came here?” she asked cautiously.

Arnav raised his eyebrows, “What? Why would Khushi say anything? I can see your car parked outside the cafe..who are you with?” he asked quickly, wondering why she came all the way to the other side of town for a coffee, “Ha..that...i was with know my team-mate for the upcoming fashion show? She just leaft so I'm leaving now'll probably see me walking out..ha ha...umm...k bhai..bye..see you later” he heard a soft click as she disconnect and sure enough he saw her walking out looking up at his window..he then saw her give a quick wave towards his window before getting into her car and speeding off.

'Strange' he thought, wondering if anjali was lying to him, but his thought was broken when his phone beeped, he smiled as he saw khushi's name flashing on the message indicator, he opened the text to read it 'Hey babe...r u hungry?' he grinned as he texted back ' only for u'. He waited a few seconds before she texted back 'Don b naughty...hav sent lunch fr u..its set up in ur conf room' he looked at the text quizzically before answering back 'Wht did u make? Buaji ka bharta?' he got out of his room laughing to see his secretary get up quickly and give him a frightened smile.

What!?' he asked her looking at the weird look she was giving him , “Uh...nothing sir..mam has arranged lunch for you in the conference room” she said pointing towards the door at the far end of the corridor, he nodded at her, 'Did everyone but him knew about this lunch...Khushi and her mysterious ways' he chuckled as he slipped his phone in his pockets and stepped into the room to get totally blown away by the sight in front of him.

Khushi smiled at him slyly as she sat cross legged on the massive wooden conference table, the soft dark oak making her milky white skin glow..the lights were dimmed out giving the room a sultry feel. She smiled at the shocked look on arnav's face as he took in the ethereal sight in front of him, Khushi with a mid thigh length red dress, her long gorgeous legs crossed in front of her,leaning her head on one arm placed on her knee giving him a tantalizing view of her superb bosom..she knew she had him when he quickly closed the door and locked it.

At first he thought he was hallucinating but even his extremely desperate frustrated brain could not chalk out this very real scenario..he locked the door and picked up the intercom on the wall 'Suzy, I'll be busy for an hour at interruptions and i mean no interruptions..” he said calmly, feeling anything but. He slowly placed the receiver back on the cradle and walked towards khushi. He saw her uncrossing her legs as her eyes got dark reflecting his, there was no time to waste with pleasantries between them as need and desire overtook their systems.

Khushi gasped as arnav pulled her roughly towards him, his lips claimed her in a frenzy as all thoughts left her system and her well planned seduction came crashing down. Her eager mouth responded feverishly to the assault on them. She pushed his coat away from his body as her fingers started undoing the buttons on his vest, before she knew his vest came off followed by his tie, her fingers now found their way into his thick black hair pulling his face closer to hers as their tongues played for dominance.

Arnav groaned as khushi bit his lower lip then gently took it into her hot mouth to suck on it as he widened the gap between her thighs, sliding his hands on her inner thighs making her dress ride up dangerously high, he loved her in red and today she looked no less than a siren. She bent her hand down to take off her red killer heels but he stopped her “leave them on..” he rasped before pulling her lower body towards his, her butt resting on the edge of the table while her legs wrapped themselves automatically around this hips.

Khushi could feel his hardness poking her, it excited her to no end, she threw her head back as his tongue started this decent down the delicate column of her neck his fingers simultaneously undoing her zip at the back of her dress; once arnav pulled the entire zip off he lowered her dress from her shoulders to her waist, his eyes darkened further as he saw her sparking eyes, swollen lips and pink flushed body waiting to be one with his. He lifted her up slightly as she uncoiled from his body, his hands taking off the dress completely off her.

He suddenly stopped for a second as his eyes registered the sexy lingerie she wore, God she was beautiful..he once again pulled her against him as she helped him take off his shirt..he groaned as she nipped at his pecks with her small teeth then laved it with her soft tongue. He pushed her back on the table as he leaned down to trail small kisses all over her body, his deft fingers quickly undid her bra as his mouth suckled on her pebbled peaks, Khushi let out a satisfied moan as he kissed her further down her body, his tongue dipping into her navel. too much....i need you...” she moaned as his tongue now lapped the sensitive skin near her panty-line. He cupped her straining breasts as his teeth pulled down her soaked panty down her long legs, she flicked her legs to throw it off her as he undid his belt and pulled off his trousers and boxers “I've been waiting too long for this baby..please forgive me if i'm too rough” he said huskily as he pulled her up to cradle her body against his, khushi smiled at him coyly before reaching into her handbag for protection.

I don't care how you take me baby...i'm all yours” she said as she kissed him passionately while sliding the rubber on his arousal, arnav hissed as her hands caressed his length, readying her, he cupped her butt cheeks as he deepened the kiss and thrust inside her welcoming warmth at the same time, he swallowed her gasp as he filled her up completely, his thrusts becoming more and more fast and rough as he claimed her. She scratched her nails on his back and cried out his name as each thrust took her to newer heights “Faster arr...rnav..take me baby” with a final thrust ,her body finally crashing in waves of pleasure as she climaxed against him.

Arnav finally felt like he was home, his khushi was his home.., her husky voice was his undoing as he bit her hard on her shoulder while his body responded with violent orgasms..he held onto her tightly as she wound her hands around his neck throwing her head into the crook on his neck, he finally felt his body relax as the aftershocks shook him slowly out of the reverie..he had never felt this alive. They held onto each other like that for a few more minutes before arnav scooped her up from the table and laid down with her on the dark leather couch.

Sorry baby...i know i was too harsh with you...i can't believe i bit you..” he said as they lounged about on the couch, he took her hands in his and kissed her knuckles, khushi smiled at his guilt ridden face and kissed him on his cheek “Don't be silly arnav...please don't apologize...besides i love your wild side...its such a turn on” she giggled as he pulled her down below him, his lips gently brushing against the stark bite mark on her shoulder, “in that case my love, maybe you'll find my gentle side equally arousing...” he whispered in her ears as once again they got lost in each other, making most of their short time together.


Shit! Shit! Dammit to HELL!” Shyam shouted as he banged his hand on the dashboard of his car, he could not believe that luck could be so cruel to him, that his well thought out plan would fail so miserably! “Damn that f*****g ASR!” he gritted as he remembered what happened a few minutes ago. Anjali and he were just at the door when she got a call from her brother who had incidentally seen her stupid car parked outside the cafe. She made up a lie and told shyam that they could meet some other time for the stuff before walking out of the cafe straight into her car.

He could not believe his rotten luck, he could not even run behind her since he was watching from his ivory tower! All his well thought out plan went down the dumpster, thanks to that sonofabitch! He had immediately canceled everything because now arnav knew she was at noni's...and there was lots of evidence like CCTV camera's if he wanted to find anything in his sister's last visited place..IF his plan had become successful. Now he had to wait for the next opportune moment to strike..he just hoped it was well before the dreaded marriage took place.

Khushi's Dress....But imagine a little bit shorter :)


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