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The Learning Curve - Chapter 15

A Paradigm Shift...'

"Sweetheart! What happened? What was all that about?" Navin asked khushi as she sat stiffly in her seat, staring out of the window...finding similarity between the state of her sanity and the devastation the rainstorm had caused on the roads last night "Nothing bhaiyya..I just wanted to go home...you know..since i was there all night...did not want to impose more on them" she said sighing softly.

"Oh really? I know you too well...something is bothering you..spit it out!" he said as he swerved the car towards the intersection leading to their neighborhood "Uff ho...i told you na bhaiyya...its nothing...can we just drop this for now...your wife will anyway grill me later, so you'll get to know everything from her...in detail!" she said as navin raised his eyebrows "What? You think I don't know that she spills everything to you...all those false 'God Promise Khu...i won't tell anyone!" khushi sniggered as navin coughed trying to hide his blush.

"Accha fine..don't tell me...but i know something was wrong...you never call me Navin, so i'm sure there is something cooking in that khurafati dimag of yours" he said light-heartedly as khushi scowled at him "Ok..ok fine. I'll take your word for it...plus I have the most amazing solution to your foul mood" he said smiling widely at her

"Noo...you're not fixing me up with another of your ship mates! Cause let me tell you this...I want my man with me, day and night, 27/7/365...not sailing on some ship where i get to see him only once in a few months" she huffed as Navin chuckled "No baba...i'm not fixing you on any date...not after the last time anyways" he said, his eyes crinkling with mirth as khushi burst out laughing remembering the last time she went out with one of navin bhaiyya's friends...how she had nearly bitten off his head when she heard his thoughts on woman who work.
"So, if you are not fixing me on a date...what is it?" she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her "Well I actually need a favor...but you will enjoy it too...you know it'll get your mind off things" he said as khushi interrupted him "What is it bhaiyya?" she asked exasperated as Navin gave her a sweet smile "Well..there's this party..."
"Uh sir...are you going alone for the gala...since you haven't told me who to pick up...?" aman asked arnav as he was getting ready to leave. Arnav looked up and gave a cold look to aman who mentally slapped himself for asking him this question..he had noticed that arnav's mood was extremely foul since morning..he had nearly had a heart attack at the way he was snapping at the smallest of things.

"Aman..I don't need to take anyone with me...you get it? I'm the main sponsor of the bloody event...No one and I mean No one can dictate who I bring or don't bring...do you understand?" he asked scathingly to which aman replied a meek "Crystal" while Arnav's head shot up to stare daggers at his PA "Don't you dare say that word...when i asked you if you understand...you say 'Yes Sir!' get it? If i hear you say crystal again..i swear to God i'll smash the crystal chandelier on your head!" he said angrily as he brushed past him and walked out, leaving a shivering and utterly confused aman behind thinking...what was wrong with crystal?

'Dammit! Why am i thinking of her so much!...if someone even says something she worded, it gets me on the edge...why is that Sabrina affecting me so much! Arnav thought as he sat in his car and leaned back in his seat. His thoughts once again went back to the disastrous morning...the morning which had started so good and ended so sour..who does she think she is?

'Ok..fine, he was wrong in talking to her like that...but she did not have to be so..so...Arrgghh...whats that word! Yes...so lethal! God, but that woman could cut him to pieces with that razor sharp tongue of hers...her tongue...her lips, the way she wet her lips with her...'What the!' Not again Raizada...He sat up as his thoughts now shifted to that Navin fellow...who was he? Was he her boyfriend? Oh..he did not care! It was best she stays away from them anyways...

'Nooo...he did not want her to stay away...he wanted to be near her..he liked being with her...her warmth, the kindness in her eyes...her beautiful face...her perfect figure..her soft dewy skin...There he goes again...straight into the gutter! He closed his eyes again at the prospect of going to the gala without her...he had thought all night about taking her to the gala and now...he sighed as he looked out the window when a sudden thought struck him...'Why didn't he think of this before?...he'll take the most beautiful girl with him...'
"Shilpa di...i'm not sure i look good in this dress" khushi moaned as she observed herself in the mirror, she scrunched her eyes as she twirled around trying to see the back of the red dress which was sticking to her body like second skin, moulding itself to her contours perfectly "Seriously di...i have never worn something like this...why can't I just wear jeans and kurti instead?" she asked making a face at which shilpa laughed.

"Pagli..this is a very important party...its being held by the owner of Navin's shipping company and his new partner, a very well known Industrialist..not sure what his name is. It's to raise money for the mine workers's children in India, for a good cause. The who's who of Indian celebs are coming for it..and as navin is the first captain, he was privileged enough to get an invitation" shilpa said proudly to which khushi made a face "Pfft...Navin bhaiyya is way dignified and a better person than any of these rich pompous idiots! They should be privileged that you and navin bhaiyya are gracing their pathetic party" she said haughtily

Shilpa laughed as she walked towards khushi and slipped a delicate silver pendant on her "Chup kar pagal...here wear this, it goes very well with the dress..oh and khushi, please carry the black clutch with you...since the theme is red and black.." shilpa said lightly as khushi suddenly felt a 500 Volt current pass through her

"Wh..what? What did you say the theme was?" she asked nervously "Its red and black...thats why i'm wearing a black and red sari and navin a red tie with black suit...also this dress looks khatarnaak on you...I was finding an occasion to wear it since the time navin bought it for me from Hong kong...but never got a chance...it fits you perfectly...why do you think i insisted you wear it? I know you don't own a single red dress...at least not western..." she said as she finished applying her makeup unaware that khushi was now rooted to the floor..unable to breath...was this the same party which Arnav was attending?
Khushi looked around nervously as they got down from the car, she wondered for the hundredth time if she should have opted out of coming here...but she had promised Navin bhaiyya that she will accompany his second mate to the gala..'Which stupid person kept a clause of couples only!..dolts!' she thought as the pleasant young man, who bhaiyya had introduced as Rahul held out his hand for her. She was pretty vary at first about agreeing to this, but navin had assured her that Rahul had a fiancee' who was in Bangalore at present..and it was important for Rahul to attend the gala, hence 'Khushi the scapegoat'!

She smiled nervously as she walked with him to the entrance of the massive ballroom of Grand Hyatt... "Sorry Navin dragged you into this...but thanks for coming..i really needed to attend this gala and trust me if it was'nt couples only..." Rahul started explaining to which Khushi assured him quickly "Don't be silly...It's a fascinating party...and its for a nobel cause...I'm glad i came..plus it looks like it will be fun" she said nervously and stepped into the main hall.

After showing their invitations and making themselves comfortable at the designated table, both men went off to meet their mates and officers while Shipla led khushi to a group of women who were her husband's friend's wives..they sat at their table chatting away as khushi pretended to take part in their conversation while her eyes constantly moved around..trying to find a glimpse of him. Yes she had confirmed the sponsoring company as AR from Navin...so she was very sure that Arnav would be here...she only wondered who he will come with.
"Mr Raizada..when did you come?" Azeem Shergill, owner of S&S Shipping company boomed as he walked towards his new business partner "Mr Shergill...I just got in. Sorry I was late...got held up with something" he said as Mr Shergill laughed good naturedly "No worries!...women problems i'm sure!" he guffawed to which arnav smiled and shook his head "Not really...I wanted to avoid media, so we came from the hotel entrance" he said as Mr Shergill caught a waiter and handed him a glass of champagne

"To our new venture!" he said as arnav clinked his glass and looked around "Great turn-out I must say...I'm sure we'll be able to raise a good amount" he said as she sipped on the bubbly "Oh yes! This gala was so talked about in tabloids and amongst celebs that everyone fought tooth and nail for the bloody expensive passes...anyways come..I want you to meet my first officer" Mr Shergill said as he led arnav towards a group of men standing near them.

As soon as they reached the group everyone turned towards the two men "Guys...I want you to meet Mr Arnav Raizada of AR..we will be working on many new projects in the future." he said to all the men who shook hands with Arnav "Mr Raizada...you have to meet my First Officer..he's the one who handles My Largest Ship.." Mr Shergill said pointing towards a well built man "This is Captain Navin Iyer..." he said as Arnav's mind registered after a few seconds that this was the same man who had come to pick up Khushi.

"Mr Raizada...a pleasure and honor..." Navin started saying as he too remembered arnav from the morning's incident...he opened his mouth to ask him about it when Arnav himself spoke first "Mr Shetty...glad to meet you...are you enjoying the party?" he asked with a bit of an edge to his voice which Navin thought was odd "Y..yes sir, the party is amazing..the management is fantastic" he said as arnav nodded "Good...you should enjoy it to the fullest...you know, the food...drink...uh..dance...I'm sure you've come with someone? Your girlfriend...?" arnav asked acting pretty nonchalant when in truth his heart was burning.

"Off course...i'm here with my wife...she's..." navin said smiling, trying to find his wife with his eyes...he saw shilpa sitting at a table on the far right, he pointed towards the table as arnav's eyes followed his finger "There...probably gossiping with her friends.." he said as arnav's eyes started right ahead at the table he was pointing...there sitting with a champagne flute, in a sinful red dress, her hair lying delicately on one bare shoulder...was his Sabrina. Status confirmed-Married.
Khushi was truly bored now..she was sure that Arnav was not coming for the party...'So what! Its not like she was dying to see him...plus he must have been really hurt that she declined to go with him, no wonder he didn't turn up..' she thought dejectedly and also feeling a little high thinking that maybe he really did want to go with her..when she felt someone's eyes boring into her...she quickly looked around as her eyes came in direct contact with molten chocolate orbs...Freddy's eyes.

"Ooh...girls!" khushi's eye-lock was disturbed as a plump woman dressed in a garish red lace sari leaned across their table, nearly suffocating her with her perfume...she tried to look past her to catch arnav's eye, but he seemed to have disappeared...'Weird..' she thought 'Did i just imagine him'...she wondered when the same plump woman spoke loudly "Arnav Raizada is here...isn't he handsome?" she crooned as khushi crossed her eyes at the woman 'So she wasn't dreaming..'

All the ladies at the table started looking around, but no one could spot him "Arre...he was just here a minute ago...anyways he must have gone to get his girl..." she said as all the other women nodded except for khushi who let out a loud "Kya!", much to the amusement of Shilpa. The plump aunty looked at her and said in a sympathetic voice "Yes...Janaab was saying that he's brought the most beautiful girl with him to this gala...and the love was so evident in his eyes...hayee...so no chance with him...but don't be disappointed...plenty more fish in the sea.." she said as khushi jumped from her seat...her glass of champagne forgotten as a single thought came to her mind 'Who is that Chudail!'

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