Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Learning Curve - Chapter 16

Comedy of Errors...'

"Khu? What happened? Are you ok?" Shilpa asked in a concerned voice, she had noticed how khushi had suddenly gotten up only to sit back down with a huff, she then proceeded to mutter something under her breath while giving dirty looks to Mrs Shah who had very unceremoniously told everyone about Mr Raizada's lovely girlfriend..she knew this was what was bugging khushi.

"N..nothing Shilpa di...just...I..I'm not feeling too well...do you mind if i go home?" khushi asked in a troubled voice to which shilpa shook her head "No..absolutely not. Khu you know na how far away this place is? I'm not letting you go all alone" shilpa said in a firm tone, but she softened when she looked at the miserable face khushi was sporting

"Ok, fine...i'll check with Navin...we'll all leave early" Shilpa said getting up to which khushi quickly held her hand and made her sit back "Arre..chill di...there is no way i'm pulling bhaiyya out of this pompous party..let them enjoy his presence a while longer" khuhsi said as she smiled at shilpa, but that smile did not quite reach her eyes. Shilpa leaned forward and asked her softly "Are you upset about Mr Raizada?"

Khushi looked at her wide eyed and vehemently shook her head "What! No way...I don't care which bimbo he has got to this party...why should i care? I mean..its not like I give two hoots about it" khushi said quickly as she picked up her champagne glass and downed it in one go, shilpa looked at her with an amused expression as she patted her hand "Ok darling..if you say so" she said gently as khushi's eyes started their rotation around the hall once again.

Finally her gaze stopped and focused as they found the one man she was looking for. He was at the bar..sipping something that looked like whiskey..chatting to a woman who had curves in all the right places...her slim back open to ogling eyes...Khushi Gupta had found the chudail.
"Arnav...she's fine now baba...Don't worry" Shelly said warmly as she placed a hand on his shoulder "Yeah I know she's ok...but I was a bit worried. Can you check if she's done?" He asked her keeping his glass down while he signaled the waiter "Can you get me a glass of milk please?" he asked him to which the waiter gave him a bewildered look. Shelly laughed as she asked the waiter to get a glass of mongo juice instead

"Arnav! What's wrong with you? Milk? They won't serve it here...plus i'm sure she'll prefer Juice.." shelly said lightly as arnav rolled his eyes "Whatever..." he said as shelly shook her head "You toh na baba...ok leave it. I'll go and check if she's done and bring her to you...after that I need to go and dance with my hubby..who will no doubt murder me if i stay any while longer with you!" she said as arnav got up and hugged her lightly "Thanks shell...your'e a star" he said as shelly winked at him before going towards the bathroom.

Arnav picked up his glass again and took a sip of his drink while his eyes fluttered back to the table at the other end, but his gaze got caught as he saw khushi looking at him. So finally she has noticed him...wait why was she looking at him angrily? What did he do for her to look at him like that? If anything he should be the one angry with her...the way she led him on...ok..fine, she did not lead him on...but...' he thought as suddenly he saw her get up and move towards the open terrace.

He left his drink on the bar and went in the direction she had gone 'Why was he following her? She's off limits raizada!...no..he was not following her...he wanted some fresh air and the terrace is the best option there is!' he thought as he walked out trying to locate her when he felt his breath catch. He had not seen her properly from that far away..but was he blind to not notice her dress? She stood facing away from him..the silky red fabric hugged her curves perfectly...moulding itself to her body at every dip and rise. She had taken off her shawl to reveal slim, perfect arms...only thin straps marring her skin...while the dress itself ended at her knees, showing her long smooth legs in all its sinful glory.

"If you are done staring at me Mr Raizada, kindly state your purpose for following me out here" Khushi said in a cool tone, bringing arnav out of his reverie. She turned around swiftly to find arnav looking uncomfortably at his shoes. She was actually pretty flattered to know he was right behind her...she had an inkling that he will follow her out her when he caught her looking at him with that bimbo, but she had no illusions about him anymore..she would be strong and walk out of here with dignity...despite of any tricks her stupid coronary organ wanted to play on her

"What are you talking about? This is a free country..I only came here to catch some free breeze" arnav said as he walked ahead and stood by the balustrade; he was trying very hard not to look at her but her perfume was now playing havoc with his sense "Whatever Mr Raizada...I don't want to spend even a second with a playboy like you, besides you shouldn't be seen with a small time primary teacher like me...what with your reputation and all that" khushi said briskly as she turned around to leave only to be pulled roughly by arnav towards him.

"What the hell do you think your'e doing?" she asked him with a shocked face as she found herself pressed against him, his one hand holding her waist tightly while the other held both her hands behind her back "What am I doing Ms Gupta? Really? I'm the playboy? You have the gall to accuse me about promiscuity while you run around acting all innocent and charming hiding your real self away from all your fans...don't you?" he asked her twisting her hand further

Khushi hissed in pain as he pressed her further against himself, she could see anger in his eyes, but also a hint of pain..which she could not understand. She tried to think what she had done now for him to act like this "I said leave me Mr raizada...I don't know what crap you are going on about..but if you don't let me go this instance, I'll scream like a banshee!" she said loudly, wriggling her hands away from him, when he himself let her go.

"You know what? I should have known you were a lier..How much of what you told me that day was true? Are you actually an orphan? Or do you have a pair of parents hidden somewhere just like your husband? He asked her harshly to which her eyes went wide "What? You thought I won't know? I know everything about you Ms Gupta..or should i say Mrs Iyer!" he said angrily to which khushi looked on with confusion

"Oh, stop this innocent act now..I know everything...I met your husband Navin...the same guy who had come to pick you up today morning!!" he told her, his eyes flashing fire. Khushi stepped back a few steps and felt hysterical laughter bubble up inside her, she could not believe he thought Navin was her husband! "Mr Raizada...what have you been smoking? Who the hell told you Navin bhaiyya is my husband?" she questioned him firmly...her eyes boring into his

"Bhaiyya? I can't believe this! Your'e making up another story!" he said as khushi lost all her cool. She walked straight to him and pushed him hard on his chest which made him lose his balance, but he caught onto the railing and steadied himself to lean against the wall on the side "What the!" he swore as khushi came further ahead and stood right in front of him;her eyes boring into his.

"Listen Mr Raizada...I will say this only once...First of all Navin is my neighbor Shilpa di's husband..remember i told you about her and how her husband's a shippy? Well..tada! Thats him...secondly I never lie...I am very honest about everything as you must have noticed...I only came to this gala because one of bhaiyya's friends needed a plus one...so don't you ever accuse me of lying...thirdly I did not make up my past or my situation...I opened up to you that day seeking understanding not mockery of my being an orphan..." she said as her voice suddenly broke making large tears appear in her hazel eyes.

Arnav stood shell shocked as khushi's eyes filled up...he felt like a class one Ass to accuse her of so many unnecessary things...he was surprised with himself for believing her words but he knew that she was not lying about any of this...she wiped her tears as she stepped back to move away from him when he once again grabbed her wrist, but this time gently and pulled her towards him, crushing her against his chest as he held her close, his hands going around her waist and back.

"I'm sorry khushi...I don't know what happened to me...I..I just...I don't know what i felt when Navin pointed towards your table, saying his wife was seated there..I assumed it was you and..." he said softly as closed his eyes and pulled her closer, trying to soak all the hurt he had inflicted on her. He sighed as he felt her hands go around his shoulders, holding him close while resting her head on his chest "Its ok...i also don't know why i react so violently towards you..I...I can't explain" she started saying as arnav gently pulled back from their hug, his hand cupping her cheeks, his eyes looking softly into her wet ones.

"Shh...its ok. These things happen...lets not try and justify anything..." he said as his left thumb lightly stroked khushi's flushed cheeks making her shiver in anticipation. Arnav looked at the innocent beauty in front of him...so brave, so kind..how could anyone be so perfect in all senses...he felt her eyes flutter as she took a deep breath. His gaze shifted to her plump lips...slightly parted. She quickly swiped her tongue along her lips as arnav groaned and leaned ahead to taste her, to crush her lips with his...she was so irresistible.

Khushi closed he eyes as she felt his hot breath on her lips, any moment now he would kiss her...the thought both exhilarating and scary...she held onto his shoulders and gave in as he bent down further to claim her when their trance was broken "Arnav! Where the hell are you?" shelly's voice carried across the terrace making both khuhsi and arnav jump away from each other.

Khuhsi was blushing furiously trying to avoid arnav's eyes when she saw the same woman from the bar coming towards them. She quickly straightened her dress to avoid any unwanted scene..she could not believe she was so close to kissing arnav when the girl he had come with was waiting for him outside...the same one who he considered to be 'the most beautiful girl'..she quickly averted her gaze and without saying anything walked away from there towards the ballroom completely ashamed of her wonton behavior..she did not even stop when arnav called out her name. She just wanted to get the hell out of here.


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