Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Learning Curve - Chapter 3

 'The Summation of all Madness'

"What the hell!" Khushi grunted as she tried fixing the pallu of her sari for the umpteenth time! She knew it was a bad decision to wear this contraption to school, Oh how she hated sari's with a vengeance. She took down the pallu from her front and started re-pleating it, she was already quite late and she did not want Mr Raizada to reach before her..her long hair was falling over one side of her swan like neck, while her deep blouse gave an ample view of her creamy bosoms and her milky back, the dark green color of the sari making her skin glow.

She smiled as she finally got the perfect pleats in her hand and looked up in the mirror to pin the pallu over the shoulder, but as soon as she looked up her eyes fell on the figure standing right behind her, his eyes boring into her...hey eyes widened as she screamed in shock and fear as her perfectly made pallu slipped from her hands and pooled by her feet. She turned around and grabbed the first thing she could find "Get out you sicko!Or..or i will kill you"
Arnav was too stunned to react..how could he when the vixen in front of him had completely shook him to the core. Her long straight black hair was flying around her as her heaving chest provided a tantalizing view of her perfect bosom and flat waist, thanks to the fallen sari on the floor, he could not stop to admire her beauty and innocence as she stood in front of him wielding a toilet paper roll to attack him with.

Khushi saw the Greek God stare at her with his molten caramel eyes while she threatened him, she could not believe he was shamelessly checking her out when she was wielding a weapon...she glanced at her hand and saw what she was holding...Ok so its not really a weapon...and wait a minute! Did she just call him a Greek God!...what was wrong with her...Hades...yes...thats the Greek God he represented, all dark and...and...sick!

She saw his eyes travel the length of her and stop somewhere near her middle, she quickly looked down and was horrified to see her entire front gaping open, served like a bloody sunday buffet. She threw the toilet roll away and gathered her sari up, not bothering to pin in place as she bunched the fabric and strode towards him grabbing her phone from the dark granite slab of the washbasin " Leave from here this instance you paedo!or..or i'll call security and have them haul your ass out!" she rasped while arnav kept staring at her.

"Hello! Are you deaf? Or are you just plain dumb? Oh wait...your'e probably one of those suave looking rapists! The one's that try and charm their way in and before you know...boom!" she said, her voice showing a small wisp of fear, wondering if he really was one, it pissed her off that he had still not moved an inch "I know what you are...you are one of those voyeurs! The kind that get sick perverse pleasure watching women change...l..l..like in malls and all" she said stammering...she could see his eyes getting heated up as she stood bravely in front of him.

"I swear to.." khushi started coming forward ready to hit him if required when his controlled voice made her stop in her tracks "Enough!" arnav said in a slow voice, he was still trying to make sense of the situation..but her constant accusing and her damn fine body were a total distraction for him to think straight, plus her voice seemed familiar..but he really could not make out since all she did from the past few minutes was scream at him..he was surprised no one had come in yet.

"Listen miss, who ever you are...I am not a sicko, a paedo, a rapist or a voyeur...or all the other ten thousands accusations you have thrown at me in your mind! I was led to this washroom since the men's one was being cleaned..also if you had the slightest common sense, you would have locked the bathroom door instead of leaving it open..giving a free invitation to say a sicko..a rapist..a voyeur and oh yeah, a paedo...tho i don't understand for the life of me why you would think i'm a paedo! Contrary to what you may think...you are not a child" looking boldly at her chest, "But well, your actions speak more of a 4 year old.." arnav said gesturing to the toilet paper roll.

Khushi's eyes flashed a brilliant green as her anger exploded "Excuse me! This is a school...so any man who just walks in on anyone in a bathroom will be termed as a paedo..what if there were children here? huh? And as for that" she sad pointing towards the toilet paper, now laying happily on the floor "I was only defending myself..its the first thing i found..how was i to know that you were not some pervert!" she huffed as she tucked her sari more tightly around her.

"Oh..ok..thanks, one more word to your dictionary! Pervert...I would love to hear some more names which you are dying to throw at me, but i have an important meeting to attend and unlike you i don't have time to waste!" he said as he willed himself to tear his eyes away from her and turn around but he once again got caught in the red hot anger blazing through her eyes, man was she magnificent!..he thought as he mentally slapped himself, he was arnav raizada, not some 'sadak chaap romeo!' get a grip!

"You...you better apologize otherwise i swear I will..." khushi started screaming again, but was once again cut short by his piercing gaze as he held his palm up "Seriously..stop! You have sworn enough...its not very becoming for a woman to swear you know..." arnav said opening the bathroom door, he needed to get away from here, otherwise he might do something very much unlike himself.. "and I don't apologize...ever..its simply never my fault!" he said nonchalantly as he turned around and left, leaving a fuming khushi behind.
Khushi stood still as the bathroom door was flung open and he walked out..'How dare he!' she thought as she quickly locked the door and readjusted her sari pallu, she pinned it quite brutally imagining she was poking the pin in his face, that rugged masculine face...that absolutely gorgeous adonis..how soft his lips looked, how built and fit he looked in that designer suit, those strong arms..What! Stop khushi..stop! What the hell is wrong with you! She thought irritated as she walked out to meet another arrogant man...she just hoped Mr Raizada was more pleasant in person, though no one could be more rude that that..that...'Mr I don't apologize!' the hell!
"So arnav, how is everything?" Mrs D'Souza asked him gesturing towards the hot steaming cup of tea in front of him "Thank you" arnav said as he held the cup to his lips, the hot liquid soothing out the lava which was burning through his interiors and some part of his exteriors, he thought trying to get comfortable on the chair, he looked at anaya who sat on the couch, her face totally covered by the huge book she was reading; pretending he thought looking at the stiff way in which she was sitting.

"Uh..everything's going quite well Ms D'souza..I hope the school is receiving its yearly donation on time? I was thinking of donating a new computer and IT room, in baba's name...after all his family has been one of the founding members of this school...do check with the other trustees and let me know" he said as he kept the cup down and smiled at the old lady, they were waiting since ten minutes now for that blasted Ms Gupta...but his thoughts kept wandering to that vixen who he hoped to never meet again!

"Here she is!" Mrs D'souza said as she got up and looked at someone over his shoulder, so the hag had arrived! He thought as he got up, he straightened his coat and turned around to greet his daughter's class teacher cordially, after all it was best to be civil to her, even though she was a total loony!..he cleared his throat and looked up, his smile frozen, his hand stuck halfway to shake the other shaking hand "What the!" he shouted as the woman before him widened her large hazel green eyes and swore.

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