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The Learning Curve - Chapter 18

'Of Wishes & Instant Combustions!'

Slightly mature ;)
"Just call her dammit!" arnav said to his reflection as he stood in front of the mirror. He had hardly slept a wink last night, her mesmerizing face and tinkling laughter making it 'hard' for him to sleep...literally! He was just about to press call on Ms Gupta's number when he heard someone walk in behind him "Pa! You are still not ready?!!" anaya said in an annoyed voice.

Arnav kept his phone aside and quickly and ran a brush through his hair "I'm ready baccha..." he said as anaya looked him up and down "Pa, we are going for kulfi..not for some business dinner...can you please change into jeans?" she asked him with a teasing smile as arnav looked on with an amused expression "So my little princess is big enough to dictate what her pa should wear huh?" he said smiling as he opened his cupboard and picked out his faded jeans and a white polo t-shirt.

"Hmm..off course!" she said as arnav winked at her "By the way..why are we going all the way to Goregaon for kulfi? I mean i can order some for you here" he said as anaya vehemently shook her head "No! I want to go to that parsi dairy and eat the mango kulfi there only...my friend told me its the best!" she said, her eyes pleading him not to cancel. 

"Fine..if that's what you want...that's what you'll get...though i don' think its wise to eat kulfi in this weather" arnav said as he looked out the window and noticed a steady drizzle "Anyways..i'll be down in a minute..why don't you wait for me in the foyer?" arnav said as anaya nodded happily and left, leaving him to get ready...the phone call to Ms Gupta forgotten..for now.
"Shilpa di! Can't i go later and pick it up? I mean...it might rain real heavy now.." khushi moaned as shilpa gave her the dry-cleaners bill "Khushi..its not going to rain heavily..its a slight drizzle...and you need to get the clothes now, tomorrow is monday and the shop is closed" shilpa admonished her as khushi sulked away 'Great! She has to go out in this mad weather on a sunday when she could have just lazed about made some maggie noodles and dreamt about chocolate caramel eyes...' what!..oh god..why does his face grace everything dam thing she thinks about.

Earlier when she was making tea, she saw his eyes boring into hers from the boiling water...then when she went for a shower, she saw his face in shower head...later when she was applying lip balm, she wondered if it was his lips instead of the balm stick she was generously applying...she slapped her head to come out of this self-induced arnavism...yes that's what it was! Bloody freddy...she was seeing him everywhere! She picked up the bill lying on the table and made her way out hoping it won't rain..
"Dammit!" Arnav swore as anaya walked slowly behind him "Pa...you should not swear!..its bad manners!" she said as arnav looked at her "Sorry anu...but out car's gone!..i think i parked it in a no-parking zone" he said exasperated at the predicament he was in. Since it was sunday today, Mohan his driver was on leave..he saw the white chalked words written where his car was parked 'GTC'.. 'Goregaon Traffic chowk' he thought as he took out his phone to call aman, he could send them the company car; This place was too quiet and deserted to find a taxi or rickshaw. Mohan could go and pick up the car tomorrow.

"Shit!" he said as he got another of those disapproving looks from anaya "Sorry baby, but my phone's battery's conked off..but how is that possible? I charge it to full last night!" he said as he ran a frustrating hand through his hair, he turned back towards the kulfi shop, they had just come from to find the owner shutting down the shop "Uh..excuse me, can i make an urgent phone call?" he asked as the owner looked at him with an apologetic smile "Sorry, but i don't have my phone on me...you can walk to the next lane..some shops might still be open...you can call from there" he said as arnav turned around to see anaya shivering due to the light drizzle.

"Baccha... are you ok? Are you feeling cold?" he asked her as she nodded her head 'I can't make her walk to the other lane..she'll feel more cold...' he looked around trying to find someone, anyone who's phone he could borrow but no one seemed to be around..'obviously! Its a sunday and at 8pm...everyone was probably at their home relaxing'...he considered going to the neighboring building and knocking on someone's door to ask for a phone call when his senses were once again on red alert..'why did he fell she was near him?' he thought as he saw anaya jump to her feet and shout 'Ms Gupta!!!'
'What the!' Khushi thought as she saw arnav and anaya standing right below her building...'was she dreaming about him again...but this time it seemed more real..plus anaya was waving her hands at her' she smiled as she reached anaya, who skipped the last few steps and hugged her "Ms Gupta!! wow..what a surprise! Do you live here?" anaya asked her to which khushi simply nodded, words seemed to have left her tongue as she took in the delicious sight of arnav in faded jeans and white t-shirt..'Va va vroom'!

"Uh..yes, I stay here...in this building..but what are you doing here?" khushi asked getting back to the present..as arnav shifted unsteadily and cleared his throat, he wondered at the height of coincidence "Anaya...she wanted to eat kulfi here...so we came. But my car got picked up by the traffic police...wrong side parking" he said as he pointed towards the other side of the road, khushi looked at him as his lips moved, but her mind was elsewhere..'arnav was in front of her..in the flesh...in front of her building..'

"Oh pa..didn't you say you wanted to call for the car? We can call from Ms Gupta's house!" she said enthusiastically as if all the puzzle pieces had finally fit together. Arnav looked at Khushi uncertainly wondering what was going through her mind, but she seemed to be fine with it "Off course..please come up..its freezing down here anyways..you can call from my phone" she said looking everywhere but at him.

Anaya squealed with delight as she held khushi's hand and pulled her father along the small lift "So, which floor do you live on ms Gupta? And does shilpa aunty stay here too?" she asked as arnav closed the rickety lift door "Yes, we both live on 5th floor.." she said as she smiled at anaya. The child's exuberance was so drugging that khushi could not help feel her happiness seep into her.

They got out on the fifth floor as khushi struggled with the dry-cleaning bag and her keys "Here..let me help you with that" arnav offered as he took the bag from her hands, his fingers slightly brushing against hers, making a soft gasp escape from her mouth at the sudden feeling of warmth. He looked at her intently as she quickly looked away and inserted the key to open her door.

They stepped into the cosy house as khushi switched on the lights "Make yourself comfortable.." she said as she went to unplug her phone from the charger, she turned back towards arnav who had kept the bag on the small sofa and was now observing her house "Its, not much..i mean..it's really small compared to.."she started saying to which arnav cut her "Its home...doesn't matter about the size...its the feeling you get when you step into it...plus my home with my parents was probably 1/4th the size of this flat...but the satisfaction i felt there cannot be compared to the mansion we stay in now" he said as his gaze swept over the various kick-knacks khushi had collected over the years.

Khushi felt her heart flip at the admiration in his voice...she felt warmth suffuse her body at his words...he was right, size really did not matter...and she had worked very hard for this house...she looked around and wondered what he thought about her whacky home...with the bright colors of orange and yellow curtains to the rustic wooden flooring with soft colorful rugs and her off white sofa with cushions of same color as the curtains.. "I love the colors!" anaya said as she made herself comfortable on the sofa "I wish we had more colors in our house" she said as arnav smiled at her "Indeed" he said as khushi turned away from him

"Anaya...would you like something to drink?" she asked her as arnav got busy with calling aman "No..i'm ok...but i am starving!" she said as khushi looked on concerned "Oh...off course dear, what would you like to eat?" khushi asked her as she went to pour two glasses of water from the attached kitchenette "hmm..i want pasta!" anaya said loudly to which arnav looked at her from his phone call "Anaya..behave...you can't order around in Ms Gupta's house" he said as he finished his call.

"Oh, its no bother...plus i make a mean pasta..or thats what shilpa di thinks!" khushi said as she started removing pots and pans "Thanks Khu..i mean Ms Gupta...but i think it only fair we help you with it...my manager is sending the car for us but it will take some time...i guess anaya is hungry..so" arnav said slightly embarrassed to which khushi quickly replied "Please Mr raizada...its the least i can do after you let me stay over that night" she said as she started peeling an onion only to remember that night...her cheeks flushed severely making arnav smirk.
Half an hour later, after arnav and anaya helped khushi prepare the pasta, the table was laid down with both a red and white pasta..apparently anaya liked white sauce while arnav preferred red..khushi smiled as both father and daughter dug into their meal while khushi poured orange juice for them "Yummm this is the best pasta i've ever had Ms Gupta! Its better than maggie's!" anaya said between bites, arnav too nodded in appreciation "Hmm..this is amazing khushi..you should have some as well" arnav said as he served some for her.

Khushi sat down and fondly looked at the duo throughly enjoying something she cooked...'how wonderful it would be, to be part of a family..' she thought as the absurdity of her thoughts hit her. She shook her head as she ate the pasta along with them amongst funny and mad conversation, mostly led by anaya, but even though the pasta was great, all khushi could think was the depth of her attraction towards arnav...she just could not help it anymore..his presence made her brain turn to mush and her body into jelly...she needed help.

"I'm feeling so sleepy..is the driver here yet?" anaya yawned as she snuggled close to khushi on the sofa a while later, her head falling dangerously close to her lap. Khushi looked down and saw anaya's drooping head; she didn't know why but she felt like caressing her soft hair and putting her to sleep "Uh..it might take some time baby...aman's phone is coming unreachable" he said as khushi let her fingers go through anaya's hair.

"Why don't you sleep for sometime huh?" she asked anaya who yawned in response, her eyes droopy with sleep. She gestured arnav to pick her up and bring her into the bedroom. Arnav took a deep breath and gently picked up anaya and followed khushi into her bedroom. His eyes adjusted to the soft light coming from the bedside table lamp of the large bed. He noticed the cosy feel of her bedroom and wondered how it would feel to be on her bed..with her..

"You can put her there" khushi said softly, bringing arnav out of his gutter thoughts. He nodded as he laid anaya down on the flowery satin quilt while khushi brought a soft blanket to throw over her. They both adjusted her properly on the bed before leaning away from the bed "Uh...I can sit with her here..." arnav said as khushi wondered what to say, she really had no idea how she would react with just him and her...all alone, but she did not want to be a wuss and act all weird in front of him

"Uh, i think she'll be fine...i'll keep the door open...why don't you..i mean...would you like some coffee?" she asked him breathlessly as arnav nodded in agreement "Yeah..that would be great...plus the driver might be coming in any minute" he said trying to assure himself more, so that he could control himself. He watched as khushi quickly moved out of the bedroom and towards the kitchenette

"You really have an amazing collection of Sufi albums...and old hindi classics" arnav said as he went though the cd collection, khushi looked up from heating the milk to see him observing the painting on the wall "Yes..i love sufi and old hindi songs...and before you ask, no, those are not made by me...they are made by my friends from the orphanage..we all learnt to paint and draw as part of the program" she said as arnav felt more respect for her growing in his chest.

Khushi was just about to pour the hot milk into the mugs when the heat from the vessel scorched her skin, she let out a small yelp and was about to go to the sink when she felt warm hands hold her hand, arnav was standing behind her, his arms encircling her as he led her slowly towards the sink...he opened the tap and held her hand under the cool gush of water "You should be careful khushi" he whispered as khushi's senses went into overboard...the burn on her hand forgotten...she started feeling a burning sensation at other places on her body.

Arnav felt his breath catch as he felt khushi tremble in his arms...he was still holding her hand in the sink while her back was pressed in to his front. He slowly brought the burnt hand to his mouth before blowing softly on it..he could feel khushi's body tensing up and was about to let go when she relaxed against him. He took that as encouragement and pressed a small kiss on the burn, his other hand holding her gently by her waist with her hand rested on his.

Khushi let out a small gasp as she felt his warm lips on her hand, she had already given into her feelings when she felt his hard body against hers..she closed her eyes as arnav kissed her hand again...but this time he pressed an open mouthed kiss..his lips slowly trailing her hand as he reached her fingers...he slowly took in her forefinger in his mouth and sucked on it while she let out small moan of desire at this torture...

Her fingers tasted of coffee..arnav thought as he kept sucking on them wjile his other hand caressed her soft belly over her thin t-shirt...he gripped her more closely as his finger dipped into her belly button making her moan out his name "Arrnav..." khushi moaned as she felt heat pool between her legs...they had not even kissed, but his ministrations were creating havoc on her senses.

Arnav slowly let go of her finger, as his mouth dropped to the gorgeous curve of her neck; he pressed small kisses and nips on her delicate skin as khushi writhed in pleasure...her breathing uneven...he loved hearing her moans as his hand crept under her t-shirt and touched the silky skin of her belly...the feel of his rough hands against her naked skin felt like fire to khushi. She quickly turned around and met his aroused eyes...her own dark with passion "Arnav...i don't think.." she said as arnav placed his finger on her plump lips "Shh.." he said as he pulled her closer to him, her breasts crushing under his hard chest.

She closed her eyes and gave into the sensation she was feeling for the first time as both his hands went under her t-shirt...he grabbed her waist tightly as khushi's hands crept over his toned chest to lock over his neck, he pushed her gently towards the fridge as his mouth descended hungrily on her luscious mouth..khushi hardly had time to recover from his assault on her body as his lips crashed over hers...she moaned loudly as his lips pulled her bottom lip into his mouth, he sucked on it expertly as khushi whimpered in unrestrained passion..she opened her mouth inviting his tongue, which he gladly thrust in before exploring her sweet mouth,

Arnav was momentarily shocked to find such responsiveness from khushi...but as he deepend the kiss, she pulled him closer and kissed him back with equal if not more fervor...he groaned in need as her hands went underneath his t-shirt, her hands exploring his muscled chest and rock-hard abs...her nails grazed over his nipples as arnav felt a shudder run through him 'god..he wanted her so badly' he pulled off her t-shirt swiftly before leaving her swollen lips to trail kisses along her collarbone leading towards her cleavage. Khushi held his head tightly; her fingers gripping his hair..making it quite clear what she needed.

He ran his fingers around the edge of her bra as she bit her lips trying to keep her moans from escaping...he let his hands cup her satin covered breasts and pressed them hard, his fingers then started pinching her taut peaks as they hardened under his touch. Khushi thrashed under him as he rubbed his hardness along her pelvis, she held onto him tightly as he pulled down her bra to taste her straining nubs... "I want you soo bad khushi.." he groaned as khushi arched up to meet his hot mouth..he was just about to open her hook when the loud doorbell got them back to their senses.

Khushi looked on with shocked eyes at the state they were in, her t-shirt was lying on the floor with her bra pulled down to her nipples, wet from arnav's kisses..arnav's t-shirt was riding up on his chest while his hair was sticking out at odd angles..arnav stared at her blushing form as she quickly pulled her bra up, he helped her wear her t-shirt.His own body was ringing with need while hers seemed to be shivering with the aftermath of what just happened...khushi quickly redid her ponytail and looked on as arnav pulled his t-shirt down and ran a shaky hand through his hair.

Arnav went in to get anaya while khushi went directly to the door and opened it. She found a pleasant looking be-spectacled man standing nervously.. "Uh..hi. I'm aman..is arnav sir here?" he asked to which khushi nodded..she smiled at the man and led him in as arnav walked out carrying a sleeping anaya on his shoulders "Aman..what are you doing here?" he asked in an irritated voice as aman explained how the driver could not make it and he himself came to pick them up.

Arnav's anger at finding aman and interrupting his and khushi...ahem...was diffused as he felt gratitude towards his manager..he had left his sunday evening to come and pick them up. He smiled at aman who nearly pinched himself to see his boss smiling at him. Arnav then turned towards khushi and cleared his throat "Uh...Thanks khushi...I...I...I mean...thanks for the help...and...dinner...uh..." he tried to find words as anaya's sleepy voice broke in "Pa..are we home yet?"

Khushi smiled at anaya as she went slowly towards arnav's back and kissed her on the cheek...in the process brushing her lips on arnav's ears without anyone noticing "No sweety...your'e going home now...sweet dreams.." she said, moving away as anaya went back to sleep while arnav looked on stunned, his ears burning from that contact "Good night Mr Raizada" she said as he gulped before saying a quick goodbye...aman held the door for them before he nodded at khushi and closed it.

Khushi leaned against the door as soon as it closed, She took a deep breath and closed her eyes with a satisfied sigh, a slight blush marring her glowing cheeks...'God...she wanted more!'


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