Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Learning Curve - Chapter 2

"The Probability of being...the One!"

"Haan buaji...i wore a sari...i did the pooja like you explained...i got the prasad and tipped the pandit as well" khushi said rushing off to her next class, her phone cradled between her neck and left ear as she balanced her books in one hand, while holding up her sari with the other, it was so difficult to walk in this contraption, khushi thought as she mentally thanked Shilpa for helping her out with it in the morning.

"Tipped? Did you say tipped the panditji? Khushi! You don't call it a tip..its called 'daan' or 'seva'..you jhalli ladki! When will you understand these things?" buaji said sighing dramatically on the phone, khushi held back a giggle as she imagined her buaji's face...the woman always meant well, but she could be such a drama queen sometimes! Inspite of her eccentricities, khushi loved her buaji a lot, she was the only family khushi had...so she happily did whatever her buaji asked her to do.

"Uff ho buaji...you know i don't believe in all this...i mean, if i'll get a distinction just by doing some random pooja...i might as well give up studying and concentrate more on the jhingalala ho haa! that the pandit's seem to mutter during the havans" khushi said imagining her buaji's horrified face at her words "Khushi!!! thats blasphemy...Hai re nandkishore! Please forgive this girl for saying these things!" buaji said loudly as khushi whined further.

"Buaji! Please...i'm only doing this for you...i know i'll do well in my thesis...i've worked my pretty little derriere off!" khushi said as buaji's stern voice got her back on attention "Chup! Ekdum chup! Who says I made you do this pooja only for your thesis...in case you forgot, doing this pooja will bless you with a handsome and loving groom..soon i hope!" buaji said, now sighing in satisfaction.

Khushi groaned as her buaji once again steered the ship towards an unwanted topic "Not again buaji...i'm sure i'll find my Mr right when i'm meant to...and I don't need any more of these poojas, upwas and vraths...please!!" khushi moaned as buaji scolded her "Fine! But don't tell me when you reach my age and are sitting in a lonely house in laxminagar, talking to your niece about how she should start thinking about marriage!" she huffed as khushi smiled on the phone.

"Ok buaji..i love you too much to argue with you...i'll do what ever you as me to ok! And who knows owing to the fantastic pooja i did today, i'll probably find my Mr right today itself...i did the panditji quite well!" khushi laughed as she came to a stop outside her class "K, i have to go now buaji...i'll call you later..love you loads!" khushi said quickly as she gave her buaji a loud smacking kiss before ending the call. She composed herself before entering into the class, time for the stern Ms Gupta to emerge!
"Aman Mathur!" arnav screamed as his Abha, his secretary stood shaking in front of him, he waited till the door slung open and Aman walked in, his trademark worried expression on his face "Y..yes sir?" he stammered as he looked at Arnav, a murderous expression on his face...he shivered as arnav got up menacingly and walked towards Abha.

"Did you forget to inform Abha here about my meeting this evening?" he asked as both aman and abha looked at each other, the former gulping in nervousness "Uh...wh..well...I..you did not tell me about it sir..." aman squeaked as arnav trained his eyes on him now "What? What did you say? I did not tell you?" he shouted as aman cowered further "S..sir i'm n..not sure...I..I mean..i don't recall you informing me ss...sir" he stammered as arnav walked slowly towards him.

"Mr Aman Mathur...do i need to inform you? Do you work for me or do I work for you?" he said very slowly as he looked straight into aman's eyes, "Y..yes sir...you are ab..solutely right..." aman said as arnav's stance relaxed a little bit "Exactly! I know i'm right...you as my PA should know everything about my schedule...even if i don't tell you! You should have a sixth sense about all this!" he spat at aman before turning towards his secretary "Abha..its not your fault..aman forgot to inform you...please readjust the 4pm meeting with Ahuja's for next week" arnav said politely as abha nodded her head and sprinted out.

"Aman...wait" arnav said as aman turned to leave as well, he looked back to see arnav sitting at his desk with his head in his hands, he waited till he looked up and was shocked to see his boss looking so tired, Aman had his issues with arnav...but he also knew he was a genuine good person..he just had this really tough exterior which no one had seemed to break, not even his daughter.

"I..uh..i'm ss..." arnav started before straightening up and barking his orders again "Just ask the damn driver to get the car ready will you!" he said getting up and packing away his things. Aman smiled inwardly as he understood arnav's thoughts, he knew that arnav felt bad for shouting at aman, but apology came very rarely..or better to say never! From arnav. He nodded as an understanding passed between the two before aman left arnav alone to collect his thoughts.
"Oh No!" khushi moaned as the pleats in her sari came undone, she quickly adjusted the now bunched up pallu on her shoulders and started walking towards the staff bathroom when she heard a knock on the door, she turned around to see Ananya standing awkwardly at the entrance "Hi Anaya, i;m just going to be a minute...could you please go and wait in Mrs d'souza's office? Your father should be here any minute" she smiled as anaya nodded and left dragging her feet.

Khushi looked at the forlorn look on the child's face and felt bad, she wondered why such a bright and sweet looking girl would do such things she was being reprimanded for, for sure it had to be because of her rude, absentee father! Khushi huffed as she shook her head and walked into the bathroom to adjust her sari.
Arnav asked the driver to stop at the main entrance of the school, he always felt nostalgic when he came here, he had lots of fond memories of his schooling days when he had joined St Theresa in grade 5...he got out and started walking purposefully towards the principles office think about how he had tried to speak to Anaya last night, but she had shut off completely and locked herself in her room instead, he didn't blame her!

He walked towards the principal's office in the west wing of the shool and smiled politely to see the principle Mrs D'souza waiting to greet him "Arnav, how wonderful it is to see you, its been a while! Can you wait a while in the adjoining room? I have a quick errand to run and Ms Gupta will also come in by then" she patted him on his back and left as Arnav looked around the room. He hardly recognized the school now...lots had changed since he had come here last, he asked a passing peon to guide him towards the bathroom,

"Sir, the men's toilet is being cleaned right now..but you can use the staff one over there...Shouldn't be a problem" the peon said as he rushed past him, Arnav nodded a thanks as he started walking towards the staff room, he knocked once but no one answered, he opened the door to find the room empty so he walked directly to the bathroom and stepped in, only to be shocked out of his wits!

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