Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Learning Curve - Chapter 5

 "Being in Neutral is also a start...it is!"

"Anaya...wait!" khushi called out loudly, as the girl was trying to quietly slip out of the class. She turned around and looked at khushi who was busy collecting her things off her desk

"Guys! Please work on your poems...i need them for review by this friday!" Khushi shouted as all the other kids rushed out.

Khushi walked towards anaya who was standing quietly by the door with the other children ran out, suddenly two of the bigger girls brushed past her pushing her purposely, thus making her lose her balance.

"Careful.." khushi said as she quickly rushed and steadied anaya who looked embarrassed and slightly irritated by her teachers help.

"I'm fine..it was a mistake..they didn't do it on purpose" she said agitatedly , her voice trembling, khushi looked at the little girl and smiled "I didn't say they did anaya and you really don't need to justify them dear.." she said as anaya looked away.

"Anaya, you do know why we are doing these session right?" khushi asked her kneeling down to her level. Anaya kept staring at the floor while nodding her head "Yes...i know...pa told me" she said stiffly. Khushi thought it would be best to question her later.

Khushi walked her quickly towards the staffroom before turning around "Can you hold on for a minute? I just need to pick up my bag" khushi asked her softy as anaya nodded and stood stiffly by the door.

As they walked out of the school building, khushi waited to follow anaya towards her car in the parents parking area "Uh..Ms gupta? No one will see us right? I...I mean.." she said nervously as khushi understood her predicament.

"Don't worry, why don't i walk a couple of blocks huh? You can pick me up from outside Al's freezy zone" khushi said kindly; she knew that anaya might feel uncomfortable if any of her class mates found out about this.

She looked on as relief passed over the girls closely guarded features and she nodded in an affirmative before running to her car. Khushi turned around and started walking towards the designated area for her pick-up. She truly hoped that she could get through to anaya in these three days.
"What? You knew about this? You knew that this might happen and your'e telling me now?" Arnav screamed down the phone as he ended the call and threw his phone on the leather seat, he ran a frustrated hand through his perfectly gelled hair and let out a frustrated sigh

"Mohan, the trip has been cancelled...turn back home" he said as to his driver who simply nodded and took a u-turn from the next signal. Mohan knew never to question his boss when he was in one of his foul moods, which was most of the times!

Arnav dialed another number and waited patiently for the person to pick up "Damn it Aman! How long does it take you to pick up!" he yelled as he heard stuttering from the other end

"S..sir? y..you? I thought you'll be ch..checking-in by now...aa..are you at the airport?" he asked as arnav thinned his lips in annoyance

"No aman..I am not at the airport...because that idiot George forgot to tell me that Mr Medina's wife was expecting...and as a matter of fact 'Delivered'! Today!...so all our meetings have been postponed till next month...you know why?" he snarled to an obviously petrified aman.

"Because the effing columbians believe that its bad luck to conduct business when a child is born! At least for a month!..Have you ever heard such crap? How the hell will they feed the child if they stop working! God!" he sighed, exasperated at the turn of events.

This was supposed to be THE deal for AR...his trip to Bogota was to finalize their tie-up with one of world's largest coffee producers! It was another feather in AR's cap. Arnav had been trying to broach this market since a long time..ever since AR stepped into consumer goods, but his overseas manager George Pagaris had forgotten to inform arnav about this eventuality! Now he had to wait for another month, when this could have been closed last week!...he just hoped that none of his competitors get a whiff of it during this period.

"Anyways...I'll be coming to office tomorrow, so the meetings which were postponed for next week can be shifted back to this week itself" he said, nearly ending the call as he heard aman's voice squeak out

"All meetings have already been rescheduled sir...and all your work had been eased out for this week...owing to your absence...I...I think that except for your mails...there's no work...I..I mean in office..f..for you..till next week" he said trying to calm down his heartbeat and prepare himself for another onslaught.

"What? Are you trying to say that I have no work? Thats preposterous Mathur! Have you gone mad? I run a bloody multinational company with a 2000 Cr turnover! How can I not have work? You handle my schedule..find me something! What do you expect me to do otherwise? Stay at home and watch soaps?" he said his nostrils flaring with each word

"S..sure sir..I think we can start work on the Real estate deals with our Dubai partners? Thats not been set yet" he said finally breathing normally as he found a solution "Fine..i'm heading home now, if there is anything let me know..I'll see you tomorrow sharp at 9 am." arnav said as he ended the call and rested his head on the headrest. He needed three things right now...a hot shower, strong black coffee and peace!
Khushi walked quickly behind Anaya as they stepped out of the silver mercedes.She looked around the huge property which was being manned by top-security that seemed too alert for their own good!Gardeners were tending to the luscious flowering plants and trees, which opened up into vast gardens beyond.

Khushi looked up in awe as they approached the sprawling three storey mansion. Who the hell has this much space in Mumbai! She wondered, but her thoughts were disturbed as a kind looking older woman opened the door for them.

"Anu!, you've come'oh..and your teacher..Ms Gupta is it not? Please'please do come in" she said as she ushered them inside. Khushi looked on as Anaya strode past the woman and ran up the flight of stairs without giving a backward glance.

Khushi could feel the uneasiness the other woman felt at anaya's behavior "Don't worry about it..let her do what ever she does normally" khuhsi said kindly, putting the older woman at ease.

"Oh'yes, she'anu..uh'she has never acted this way before'recently she has changed'I mean'" the woman started trying to make khushi understand "Its ok, I know.I'm here to figure this out'" khuhsi said as the woman led her towards the warm living room

"I'm Maggie by the way..Anu's nanny'I've been with anu since she was a day old" she said proudly as khushi smiled indulgently at the motherly woman; She had instantly liked her for the warmth she seemed to exude and knew the feelings were reciprocated from maggie's end as well.

"Ms Gupta.." Maggie said as khushi held up a hand "Please..call me Khushi" she said as maggie smiled at her and gestured her towards the stairs

"Arnav is not here all week, but he told me that you will be observing anu till 6pm everyday? why don't I take you to her room? You can make yourself comfortable there while I bring in some refreshments for you." maggie said as they walked up the stairs.

As they reached the second landing, maggie gestured her towards a bright pink door on her left before leaving for the kitchen downstairs. Khushi took a deep breath and knocked on the door; she waited for a minute before the door opened and khushi walked in gingerly, muttering to herself 'Hope these two hours go without any glitch'.

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