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Maid in Love! - Chapter 11

Mature Content Ahead (18+ Only)

Watching the play of emotions on Khushi's face was like a balm to Arnav's tensed self. Here he was worried that she would be gone with the others without him when she was right in front of him, staring at him as if he were a ghost, first her face showed fear, then shock and then finally relaxed and showed a sort of shy realization of his being in front of her. Arnav stepped forward as she stepped away from the ledge and shifted sideways. He walked right in front of her and held her eyes “What are you doing here? I thought you went with the rest of them for the picnic” Khushi smiled shyly and shook her head “Well i was but i hurt my knee earlier and decided to rest here instead. I thought you must have gone with them; How come your are still here?” Arnav looked with concern at her knee “Forget about me, hows your knee now? Does it hurt? You shouldn't be standing, come and sit down” he led her to the chaise lounge chair on the terrace. He kneeled down besides her as he caressed her now bare knee, her dress had ridden up when she sat down and the sensations she felt when arnav touched her were unbearably pleasurable. She wanted his hand to travel upwards. Khushi was shocked by her train of thoughts and looked at Arnav to ask if he had eaten when suddenly the butler came and spoke from the entrance “Sir, Miss Arunima is here. Should i show her to the study as always?” Khushi instantly shot up from the chair as she heard Arunima's name, wasn't she the same girl arnav was flirting with at the party! Arnav nodded his head to the butler and sent him on his way, he got up quickly to hold Khushi's hand, he was surprised to see her eyes brimming with unshed tears “What happened Khushi, why are you crying? Did i hurt your knee?” Khushi snatched her hand away from him and gave him a hard stare “So, thats why you remained back! So you could call Her here! I should have i was soo sure of my feelings for you while you were just playing about with me. You must have thought that you'll bring her to the palace today since no one is here, especially me! How could you arnav?” Arnav was first confused who she was talking about but then understood she meant Arunima, he mentally kicked himself for making Khushi jealous that day, He calmly looked her in the eyes and spoke slowly “Khushi stop jumping to conclusions, Arunima is a work colleague and is here only to get my signature on something. You should stop overreacting” Khushi thinned her lips and turned away to go before replying in a curt tone” Oh right, she's probably here to get you signature on her Ass!” Arnav stood in shock still wondering how such a perfect moment got so messed up!He thought he should leave Khushi alone for some time to cool down.

Khushi ran down the stairs to the kitchen; when she was entering she saw Arunima walk towards Arnav's study as if she owned the place, she looked hot in a black mini skirt and a white blouse with the top three buttons open, once again Khushi said 'Slut' in her mind and walked towards the refrigerator. She took out a huge tub of vanilla ice-cream and sat down to eat huge spoonfuls. This was her way of cooling down. She was curious to see if Arnav was telling the truth so she slowly tip-toed to his study, the door was nearly closed except for a sliver of opening and she could hear their voices quite clearly “Arunima, i told you that we cannot continue this, it has to stop. I cannot understand why you don't get the point! I have chosen someone else and thats how its going to be” Arunima spoke back with a teary voice “But why don't you understand! Im only asking for a last chance, give me one last chance to prove you that i am the right one. I promise you that you will not regret this” Arnav sighed and seemed to walk towards her “Ok, lets give this one last go, but if i am not satisfied, we end it, ok?” Khushi could not take it anymore. She walked back to the kitchen and sat again to eat her ice-cream. She was hurt that Arnav was back with Arunima, she didn't even know that they were dating! Did she come between them? She wiped her tears as she heard some foot steps come towards the kitchen. She saw as Arunima came in looking pleasantly happy. Khushi wanted to stab the bitch! She took a while to notice Khushi sitting at the table, but when she did she came near her and spoke in a very sweet voice “Oh, i didn't know you were here. I saw you the party that night, in the red sari? You looked gorgeous. I am Arunima by the way, your'e Khushi right?” Khushi gave her a tight smile and nodded, Arunima came near her and did a very strange thing, she smelled her, then wiped her thumb near her bottom lip to remove the ice-cream bit from it, she smiled a sexy smile and said slowly “You have gorgeous eyes” then she drank a glass of water and winked at Khushi before walking out. Khushi was left speechless and kept staring at her with her mouth open 'What the!'

Arnav said a quick good bye to Arunima and started walking towards the stairs, he had to speak to Khushi before she slept, he saw the kitchen light on as he walked towards it, He was surprised to see Khushi sitting at the table eating ice cream out of the huge tub, he saw her eyes were closed in pleasure and she licked the spoon slowly and moaned while enjoying it, he instantly went hard. He cautiously walked towards her as she opened her eyes to look into his, She got up from her chair and started closing the ice cream tub, Arnav walked to her side and leaned against the table “Khushi, seriously stop acting like a child! I told you she was only here for some office work” Khushi turned towards him and twisted her mouth, which arnav found adorable “Work? Really! I heard you two speak she was asking you to take her back and to give her one more chance and You! You said to her that you require satisfaction! I mean what kind of a person are you!” Arnav looked annoyed and amused both at the same time, he loved seeing this jealous side of Khushi, he held her by the shoulders and kept one finger on her plump lips to quieten her “Khushi, i will tell you this only once. I am not involved with Arunima in any way. She is a work mate and was here to plead to give her a chance in a new project we are doing, thats all. She did not do satisfactory work earlier, so i had to warn her but am giving her another go, Thats all. And on top of everything, if you choose to believe me, Arunima is Gay...she liked girls” Khushi was still trying to process everything 'so that explains her earlier behaviour with me' khushi thought, when she suddenly remembered the ball “What about the ball? You were all over her like a rash!” Arnav hid his smile as he answered “right...that was just to make you jealous...” Khushi's mouth fell in a perfect O, she took some ice-cream from the tub and smeared it on arnavs face, he took a while to react before he did the same thing, both started giggling like children as arnav got another idea, he pulled khushi towards him, holding her hard by her waist and whispered as he started licking the ice-cream off her “I love the combination of you with vanilla, can't get enough of it” Khushi started getting hot as his tongue lapped up the ice cream from her neck to her mouth. Khushi moaned his name as his licks played havoc with her system, she slightly pushed him and then pulled him down towards her, she then started playing his game on him as she licked off all the ice cream from all over his face except his mouth. She then took a kitchen towel and wiped his face clean before calmly stepping away from him. Arnav who was breathing heavily was surprised to see her odd behaviour, he knew she was playing a game with him, She slowly started stepping backwards towards the hallway as he kept coming forward. She had a seductive smile on her face as she backed out of the kitchen and started running towards the stairs with arnav right behind her. They made it to the first landing as Arnav dragged her close and trapped her between his hard body and the wall. With his hands planted on either side of her face, he nuzzled her ears, lips, cheeks and her neck sending heat shooting through her veins to her core. Her breasts felt heavy and a pulse throbbed hungrily between her legs, when she opened her eyes, she saw a wicked gleam in arnav''s eyes. She was drowning in arousal by the time arnav dipped his head to brush her bottom lip with his mouth. As she felt the warmth and strength of his tongue envelope her, she felt all her senses on fire, she smiled as she heard him groan deeply when she deepened the kiss and tangled her tongue with his, she felt hungry and greedy.

Their kisses grew more heated and more urgent as she wound her arms around his neck and caught onto the neck of his t-shirt, arnav turned her around and started backing her towards the stairs one at a time, he knew they would be one tonight, he had seen the surety in Khushi's eyes and he'd be damned if her first time would be on the staircase. Khushi kept hold of his t-shirt and started sliding it off him as she climbed the steps backward, Arnav took care of the offending item as he pulled it over his head and threw it down while holding Khushi against him the entire time. They slowly came to arnav's door and Khushi leaned against it with one hand on the handle stopping arnav from opening it. She looked at him shyly and whispered against his ears “Arnav...i'm very sure of what i want and all i want is you..” Arnav felt his heart constrict as he heard her honest confession, he hoisted her up as she wound her legs around his waist and held her close against his bare chest “Khushi, i want you too, more than anything else in this world” He pushed the door as Khushi tangled her hands in his hair and held him tight as he slid the straps from her dress and kissed the swell above her breasts, he gently lowered her to the bed and she dragged him down along with her. He slowly undid the side zip of her dress and removed it from her body in one fluid motion. She lay in her silky lacy black underwear, her face flushed from his kisses, her proud breasts straining against the lace while her perfectly curvy waist and long legs filled him with awe, he thanked God for making this beautiful creature just for him, there was no way he would ever let her go. He sat down near her leg and took her right foot in his hands, he started kissing her from her toe up on one leg while his hand stared caressed the other. He kept kissing her from her toe, to her knee, her thighs until he came to her center, he lightly kissed her inner thighs as his finger slowly pulled the lacy wet panty away from her legs and threw it away, he looked into her desire filled eyes as he lowered his tongue to lick her, Khushi was on fire as his tongue stroked her into a frenzy of arousal. He was just building up her anticipation when suddenly he moved away from there and started kissing her on her abdomen, he could feel her disappointment but he looked up at her and said “Not yet sweetheart, i want to take this slow” Khushi held onto her breasts with both her hands as she felt them strain and peak against his caresses and kisses. He put his hands on hers and squeezed them harder as his tongue licked her belly button, Khushi kept moaning his name which further aroused Arnav, he was soo hard by now that he felt he will burst any minute, but he wanted to make Khushi's first time very special for her and for him. He slowly put his hands behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra, she quickly removed it, wanting arnavs hands and tongue on her burning breasts. Arnav saw her need and started sucking one perfect peak and then the other, the lash of his tongue, the rasp of his stubble all heightened the pleasurable sensation as khushi was completely lost in the moment, she pulled arnav up and pleaded with him “Please Arnav...make this stop..i can't take it anymore” she moaned deeply as he took her lips in a passionate kiss. He slid his sweatpants off him and planted his legs on either side of hers. She looked up to see his powerful body, now only clad in his boxer shorts, she had never seen so much of him before and it gave her sense of wonderment seeing his perfectly toned, muscled body. She hooked her thumbs in the band of his boxers and eased them down as he sprang free.

She was mesmerized by his length and girth; he was huge. She was suddenly afraid as to how he would he fill her, arnav saw the uncertainty in her eyes and leaned in to kiss her on her lips as he guided her hands to his length “Don't worry darling, i'll take good care of you” Khushi wanted to taste him like he had tasted her, this was all very new to her but with arnav she felt comfortable and out of control, she pushed him up and held his buttocks with her hands as she lowered her mouth and closed her lips around him. For a moment Arnav was completely lost, he couldn't move, he couldn't think, the pleasure was far too intense. Khushi had surprised him with her boldness, she was instinctively sensual, she traced his sensitive tip with her tongue, sucking and licking him along his length. Khushi felt wonderful having him in her mouth, his velvety hardness and deep moans were driving her mad. Arnav felt he will come anytime if khushi kept on with this, he pulled her away gently and brought her beneath him, parting her thighs and positioning her as he teased her with just the tip of his pulsating erection. She loved the way he cushioned her buttocks with his hands “Oh please arnav, don't make me wait any longer” she moaned out loudly, arnav could not take it anymore as he quickly pulled out a condom from the side drawer and put it on, He felt Khushi writhing beneath him as he delayed her need, he started into her eyes and kissed her with all the desire he felt for her as he eased inside her, filling her completely. He could feel her barrier which he slowly but with slick strokes broke through, he felt Khushi instantly hold onto him as the pain ripped through her, he held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply , he then started moving inside her slowly at first as she relaxed and got in tune with his strokes. “yes oh yes” she cried as she felt stretched beyond what seemed possible. He then thrust inside her deeply as she cried out his name asking him to fasten his pace, she was soon gasping for breath as he started moving to a steady and dependable rhythm, taking her higher and closer to the promised goal with each firm stroke. “Look at me Khushi” arnav whispered against her ears. As he claimed her attention, he looked deep into her eyes and with one final thrust he gave her what she had waited for so long. Shooting starts invaded her head as pleasure exploded inside her., her body shuddered with the impact of the orgasm and she bit arnav on his shoulders to stop from screaming in pleasure. Arnav felt incredible as her amazing tightness made him come right after her, he felt spasms of pleasure rock his body as he felt completely spent and utterly satisfied. He slowly pulled out of Khushi's warmth and pulled the blanket over them as he brought her flush against him. He looked into her eyes to find her smiling, he felt concern as he roamed his hand on her belly “Did i hurt you sweetheart? Was i very rough with you?” Khushi felt touched by his concern again, she leaned back on one elbow and reached out to plant a feathery kiss on his lips “Not at all, the pleasure you gave me was a thousand times more than any slight pain, Thank you arnav for the most wonderful and special night ever” She threw her hands around him as she peacefully dozed off. Arnav held her tightly against him as he felt sleep taking over him, Arnav singh raizada will sleep soundly after a long time.

Arnav woke up in the morning to find Khushi holding him possessively while his arms were clasped around her body. He felt at peace being with her, he knew he fell in love with her the first day she fell into his arms, he kissed her fondly on her forehead and leaned in to kiss her gently on her parted lips. He felt her stir and slowly open her eyes, at first he saw shock register in them before she relaxed against him and smiled shyly, she murmured a sweet good morning before burying her face in his chest. Arnav hugged her tightly and breathed deeply, this is how he wanted each of his mornings to be, he got up and pulled her up gently along with him while she clung to his body. They both did not want to leave each others warmth, he tilted her face up with his finger on her chin “Khushi, we need to talk. No, not the serious kind, but i want to know all about you. I want us to have a real relationship but before that i want you to tell me everything there is about you” Khushi smiled at him and rested against his chest once again “I was telling you everything the other day when you didn't want to listen. So tell me what do you want to know about me” Arnav smiled and turned her towards him, he was just about to ask her when the phone started ringing in his room, he picked it up and answered to find sharada asking about Khushi. She claimed she could not find her and was wondering if he had seen her last night, Arnav quickly signaled Khushi to keep silent as he spoke to sharada “No, i last saw her before she went to sleep yesterday. I think she must have gone for an early morning walk or something. She was saying something of the sort” Sharada was satisfied with the answer and kept the phone saying she'll get breakfast ready in a few minutes. Arnav turned towards Khushi who looked troubled “Arnav, what about the mess we created in the kitchen? And our clothes on the you think anyone saw us last night?” Arnav held her face in his hands “Don't worry sweetheart, i'll handle it. You don't have to answer to anyone. We'll get dressed and go down for breakfast. The rest of the family will be back by noon anyways, plus i have office. I wish i could stay and spend the day with you but we have our results of a very important tender coming out today” Khushi felt strange thinking that the Goa project tender was also out today, what a co-incidence she thought. She quickly got off the bed pulling the blanket along with her, she blushed all over realizing she was butt naked beneath it. Arnav felt instantly aroused, he pulled her back and leaned over her, she pushed him back and reminded him of his office “You should go and shower quickly otherwise you'll get late for office” Arnav picked her up and carried her along with him to the shower stall “Well, you also need to shower right, so why don't we do it together?” saying this he turned the shower on, Khushi felt desire build inside her as the warm spray soothed her body and massaged her senses, she saw as arnav took some shower gel and started lathering her body with it, he slowly massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples, she moaned aloud and held onto his shoulders. She too took some gel and started sliding her hands along the hard panes of his body. He could not take it any longer as he pushed her against the shower stall and thrust inside her, she wound her legs around his waist and arched her back to give him more access, this was an urgent need which they both wanted fulfilled. Arnav's thrusts increased as Khushi kept moaning his name, they both came together in a shattering climax. Khushi slowly slid down as arnav gently pulled out of her. They stood under the shower in each others arms as the soapy suds washed over their bodies. Arnav lazily kissed Khushi one last time before closing the shower and stepping out to towel themselves, Arnav wrapped her in his large towel while he slung another along his waist. They walked out hand in hand. Khushi sat on arnav's bed as he got ready for office. She could not take her eye off him, he was perfect in every sense, last night was incredible and she felt complete after being one with him. Arnav came and kissed her one last time before saying good bye, he opened his door to check if all was clear, he motioned her to come out, Khushi picked up her discarded clothes and quietly tip-toed to her room, she saw arnav's back as he briskly walked towards the stairs and down. She would miss him terribly!

Arnav reached his office quite late. Aman was waiting for him in the conference room, he looked worried and quite on the edge, Arnav was anyways in a good mood and knew that they will definitely win this project. He took his chair and questioned Aman “What happened Aman? Why are you looking so tensed? Don't worry we got this. Call the rest of the team up, once we get the call we can all celebrate” Aman took a deep breath, he had no idea how to break this to arnav “Umm...ASR, we did get a phone call” Arnav looked perplexed “So soon? Well what did they say?” Aman sat on the seat adjacent to arnav's and spoke slowly “The MD of the company called to say they they have disqualified out bid due to unlawful practices. According to them you sent a million dollars as a bribe to acquire this project. I too don't understand how this has happened, but he was quite adamant and gave me a lecture on morals and integrity.” Arnav saw red, he got up and banged his hand on the table “What the F**k are you on about! When did we bribe anyone?! Arnav singh raizada does not pay money to get some project! I want you to get to the bottom of this, who the hell is so bent on taking us down” Aman stared at the floor instead of the anger blazing in Arnav's eyes “Well..if you ask me there is only one company capable of doing this, none other than Gupta group of Hotels. Mr Shashi Gupta is still being questioned while his daughter is AWOL. I am sure that she only must have bribed on our behalf” Arnav wanted to murder that Ms Gupta right now, how dare she try and tarnish his company's reputation! Just because their fraud got caught, she wanted to take his company down too!Hell No! No one messes with VBR group of companies, No one! He took his phone out to call Mr Bagchi when he heard a knock on the conference door. He turned around to see who it was and was surprised to see the same man standing there awkwardly “Mr Bagchi, i was just about to call you. Come in” Mr Bagchi slowly came face to face with ASR and quietly said “Actually sir, yesterday you got sent the wrong picture of Ms Gupta, the photo sent to you was of her cousin Sheena Gupta, iv'e got the correct photo with me. It was taken just a few days ago when she had her huge coming out party”, saying this he handed over the envelop. Arnav took a deep breath as he hardly cared what she looked like, he was hell bent on taking her to jail and making the rest of her life miserable, he could not explain the intense hatred he felt for her already without even meeting her, he slowly pulled the picture out from the envelop and stared at it for a long time; as the reality of the betrayal sunk in, the photo fell from his hands and arnav felt the whole earth shake under his feet as his heart shattered into a million pieces, staring back from the photo now lying on the floor was a gorgeous woman in a green silk dress, it was His Khushi....Khushi Gupta.


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