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Maid in Love! - Chapter 14

Some Mature content ahead (18+)

Khushi thought she must have heard him wrong, she stared at him and asked in a small voice “What did you say? I don't think i heard you correctly” Arnav took a deep breath, Oh boy! If pacifying khushi to forgive him was a difficult task, this was like going to hell and hoping to return back in one piece, he looked her straight in the eyes “Khushi, you did not hear anything wrong. I said that i think your uncle and Sheena are behind this”

Khushi first felt shock, then disbelief and lastly disgust at arnav's words, she pulled her hands from his forcefully and gave him an angry blazing stare “Mr Arnav singh raizada, have you completely lost it! First you accuse me and my father, then you clear it and say you trust me, now you are again putting the blame on my family! That too my uncle..what has he got to do with this?! Can you not come our of this sphere of accusations towards the Gupta family”

Khushi's chest was heaving, her eyes were blazing and her face was flushed, My God she looked magnificent Arnav thought, if only fate was on his side “Listen Khushi, i know it looks completely mad for me to take their names. But i have come to this conclusion after a good amount of thinking. I have some proof, maybe not solid but enough to think that they may be involved”

Khushi sat down on her bed, can it be true that her uncle and Sheena would droop to this level, she could still believe Sheena of this since she knew how she could be, but she also knew that both Sheena and her uncle were fiercely loyal to the company. So why would they want to tarnish its reputation! She was sure that Arnav was wrong, but still a tiny dot of doubt irritated her. She looked at arnav and asked in an angry voice “What proof?”

Arnav released the breath he was holding, at least she was willing to listen to him. He took out his phone and asked Aman to check with Mr Bagchi on the new assignment and get back to him as soon as something comes up. Then he went and leaned against the bedpost and faced khushi “Do you know anyone called Shyam Jha in your organization?” Khushi tough for a minute before saying quickly “Oh yes, Mr Jha. He is our legal advisor. What has he got to do with this?”

Arnav came and sat next to her “Shyam Manohar Jha is my ex-brother in law. He is the one who betrayed di and left her for dead, he is the twins father unfortunately.” He saw khushi's face turn ashen as he spoke. She took his hands in hers and encouraged him to go on “8 years ago when we came to know about his infidelity, i had taken a vow to destroy him completely. He was not only cheating on my sister, but we later found out that he was also giving out information to our competitors. In fact one of our competitors hired him once he was fired from VBR. I had kept an eye on him for all these years, but was surprised to find that he had joined your company a year ago.”

Khushi looked in disbelief as the story unfolded “I never did like that man. He was always trying to flirt with me but i made it clear to him that i was not interested in him at all. I always felt creeped out when he was near me. Like a snake he always slithered everywhere, even where he was not needed. He was kishore uncle's blue eyed boy.” Khushi felt her dot of doubt getting larger. Maybe arnav was right, but it was just soo far fetched that she was finding it hard to believe “Arnav, how can i suddenly change my opinion about a man whom i have grown up with. He's like a second father to me. He always supported my decision. In fact he was the one who encouraged me to come to Delhi, even convinced my father of it. How can i think to doubt that man!”

Arnav squeezed her hand “I understand Khushi, but please you have to trust me here. I have sent some investigators to check out their recent activity. They should come back to me with the information shortly. I am not down-right accusing them, but only doubting that they may be responsible for all this. Anyways since you trust your uncle so much, what about your cousin? Could she do such a thing?”

Khushi shuddered thinking about Sheena. Oh yes! She definitely thought that sheena was very much likely to be the culprit, but unless and until she had proof, she would not prosecute her “Well, Sheena has always had this superiority complex. She always tried competing with me in everything. In fact she can be down right vicious! I remember in 9th grade i used to like this guy, when i told her about him, she went and kissed him in front of the entire gym class! It was horrible. I mean she had also once tried to drown me when we were kids! I still remember that unfortunate day like it was yesterday. Fortunately i came out alive and well.”

Arnav who was fuming when Khushi had mentioned her liking some boy, immediately sat upright and felt a rage bubbling inside him when he heard her talk about Sheena trying to kill her. He wanted to tear that woman from limb to limb. How dare she try and hurt his Khushi.
Khushi saw the effect her news had on arnav. She took his face in her hands and said sweetly to him “Hey! Its ok. That was a long time ago. We were both kids. She won't try and kill me now..but yes she can try and destroy my reputation. Of that i am quite sure”

Arnav calmed down and pulled her closer to him. Even the thought of her leaving him or him never meeting her gave him the chills. She was his addiction, he could not live without her. Khushi looked at him with love filled eyes and leaned in putting her head on his chest and her hand on his shoulder. She felt secure being with him. She could not imagine being anywhere else but his arms. Even though he never said it, she knew that he was equally in love with her.

But however much she loved him, she could never doubt her uncle; even if aranv said it. She had just tilted her head to talk to him when his phone interrupted them. Arnav took the call and asked the person on the other side to bring some Mr Bagchi to the study. Then he looked at Khushi and said in a triumphant voice “Well. Looks like we'll have our answer in a few minutes”

Pranab bagchi entered the huge palace alongside aman. He was in awe of the entire place; one could only imagine living here. He was still not sure why they were all meeting here instead of the office and aman had not been very co-operative. He had managed to gather as much information about Kishore gupta and his daughter as he could and was ready with his files as evidence. He was confused when Arnav asked him to investigate them, but once the evidence started piling up it all made sense. Aman led him to the study area of the palace and closed the door behind him. Arnav was already sitting on his chair along with a petite woman who was sitting uncomfortably on the sofa. Mr Bagchi felt he had seen her before when it suddenly struck him, he stared at her as his mouth opened on its own accord “Ms Khushi Gupta? You've already found her!!”

Arnav gave Mr bagchi an irritated look and turned towards him “Mr Bagchi, Khushi has been working her for the past few weeks. I know her very well and i'm convinced she is innocent. Now close your damn mouth and hand me over all the things i asked you to investigate” Mr bagchi quickly came forward and handed over the files to Arnav. He now understood his erratic behavior in his office earlier. He straightened up and started relaying all the information he found out “Mr Raizada, you were right. Mr Kishore and his daughter Sheena have not left the country at all. I have checked their immigration status and the last time either of them traveled out of India was a few months ago. I also checked with our Dubai people who insists that no one of their names or description have entered the country. They are definitely still in India.”

Arnav looked at Khushi as Mr bagchi narrated, she looked more uncomfortable and decidedly sick. He called Sharada in with some steaming hot coffee for her. He went and sat down next to her on the couch and held her hands as Mr Bagchi continued. “As you asked us, we managed to get the list of calls made between their phones and Mr Jha's. The alarming thing is that many calls were also made to a particular number from Mr Kishore Gupta's phone. When we traced it back it led us to none other than Ms Lavanya seth. She was stupid enough to leave her new number with the authorities when she came in to accuse Mr Shashi Gupta. All these things point towards one thing. Mr Kishore Gupta, Ms Sheena Gupta, Mr Shyam Jha & Ms Lavanya seth are definitely in this together.

Khushi felt sick to her stomach! What explanation was there for the uncle and Sheena to not be in Dubai. If they were in India then why were they hiding?! And Layanya seth! She's the girl who accused her father. Why was her uncle in touch with her all this time. She felt like throwing up, the people who she grew up with, her uncle whom she loved unconditionally; how could they do such a thing. She was in a state of shock. She vaguely felt Arnav handing her a hot cup of coffee as darkness took over her, if arnav had not been holding her hand she would have slid down to the floor and crashed.

Arnav saw Khushi loosing consciousness as her head lolled back. He quickly pulled her up and lay her down on the couch. He sprinkled some water on face but she wouldn't give in. He picked her up and excused himself from the study. He carried her quickly to her room and lay her down on the bed. He quickly went and got a wet towel from the bathroom. He started dabbing her face as she gained consciousness. She looked up at him with sad confused eyes; her eyes started welling up as soon as she remembered what she had heard a few minutes ago. It was confirmed. He uncle had betrayed them. She clung onto Arnavs arms and cried.

Arnav felt her small body shuddering as she cried herself dry. His heart was breaking with each of her sobs, he wanted to kill all four of them for making her cry. He had no idea that this truth would hurt her that much,otherwise he would not have made her sit in the meeting. He knew she suspected her cousin, but never in her wildest dreams did she think that her uncle could have done this. He gathered her in his arms and lay down beside her on the bed. She looked at him with such pain that he could not take it anymore. He wiped her tears with his thumb and pulled her closer in for a deep understanding kiss.

Khushi felt her pain lessening as Arnavs lips met hers. She needed this kiss, she needed his arms. His lips traced hers torturously slow. His tongue gently laving her lower lip as if taking away all the pain from her system. She opened her mouth to invite his tongue to merge with hers. His taste made her forget everything. His one hand was massaging her head as the other held her tightly by her waist. She felt her own hands traveling beneath his shirt and clasping onto his powerful back. She deepened the kiss as if she could not have enough of him. She needed arnav to fill the void left in her by the betrayal of her own family.

Arnav knew what she wanted. He gently turned her around and leaned over her. He pulled back to see her face clearly, asking for her permission; he did not need any. She pulled him back down as her hands started pulling his shirt away, he put his hands below her kurta and pulled it off her. He smoothed her hair away from her face as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra, she wanted to feel his naked body against hers. He bent down and took one straining peak in his mouth as his other hand started pinching and pulling the other. Khushi moaned his name and scratched his back with her nail, she needed more, she wanted him to fill her up, she wanted him inside her. This need was urgent as if nothing else could stop her pain , as if he was the only thing that could bring her back to normalcy. She unzipped his pants and started pulling his trousers away from him, Arnav saw her struggling and helped her remove them. Khushi slid her hands in his boxers as his lips once again found hers in a hungry mad passion. They just couldn't have enough of each other. As Khushi's hand held his member in her trembling hands, arnav let out a hiss of pleasure and groaned deep in his throat. He could not hold it any longer.

He undid her salwar and pulled it off her. With his one hand he parted her thighs as she pushed his boxers off him with her legs. He looked once again in her desire filled eyes and pushed the last scrap of cloth from her body, khushi had a hungry look in her eyes “Arnav...please take me, i want you to fill me entirely. I want to feel you without anything between us. I love you”; That was all arnav wanted to hear, he caught her mouth in a passionate kiss as he thrust deeply inside her. He kept thrusting in her as she held on to him; her nails pressing deep in his back, she moaned loudly as she felt herself come to the edge, arnav felt his climax nearing as well. He controlled himself till he felt her shattering in pleasure, only then did he let himself go and joined in the ultimate pleasure. As he tried to pull out, she trapped him with her legs and pleaded him to stay inside her for a little longer. He looked deeply in her eyes and kissed her softy before saying the three words which Khushi was dying to hear “I love you too Khushi, more than anything in this world, heck you are my world” with this he gathered her in his arms as they both lay peacefully together.

An hour later, Khushi and Arnav returned to the study. They had completely forgotten that Aman and Mr bagchi who were still there. They inquired about Khushi's health to which khushi nodded and said she was fine now, if only they knew her cure. Khushi felt guilty that she nearly forced arnav to fulfill her carnal needs when her father and arnav's company were in trouble and on top of that her uncle and sheena were running free. Arnav saw her look and squeezed her hand. He did not want her to feel guilty about anything. He made her sit in his chair as he paced the room trying to work out what they should do next. He turned towards aman “Where is Mr Shashi gupta right now? Is he back home?” Aman looked at arnav and answered “Yes ASR, he came back in the morning today. But they have kept some ACB officials at his house since he is still under speculation”

Khushi was intently listing to their conversation when her phone rang, she picked it up when she saw it was Dipti “Khu, listen i have made some arrangements and can come and pick you up in a hour if you still want to leave from there” Khushi looked at arnav and replied in the phone “No Dipu, everything ok now. Don't worry. There was a big misunderstanding but alls clear now. I'll call you later and explain everything” Dipti was not convinced but said she'll expect her call soon otherwise she'll be trooping down to the palace. Khushi looked at arnav and said “It was my friend Dipti, she was just concerned when i wanted to leave in the morning. In fact she told me about my father in the morning”

Arnav nodded and once again felt bad that Khushi was going to leave because of him, it would take a hell of a long time for him to forgive himself. He turned towards aman and Mr Bagchi and started explaining the first part of his plan “ So, first thing is to get the police on our side. If any of the four, kishore, sheena, lavanya or shyam suspect something is wrong or not according to their plan they will change their moves. We have to catch them at their game.” He looked at Khushi “We are going to Mumbai. I'll explain the plan to you en-route. Aman get my helicopter ready. Mr Bagchi, pls call the ACB (Anti-corruption bureau) commissioner right away i need to talk to him before we make an appearance” Mr Bagchi quickly connected the call through his person in the office, he handed the phone to ACB Commissioner Mr Raghav Patnaik “Yes Mr Raizada, how can i help you” said a booming voice from the other end.” Arnav looked at Khushi's anxious face as he replied “Well Mr Patnaik, where do I start?”


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