Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Maid in Love! - Chapter 13

Khushi took her bag from the overhead compartment of her cupboard, she started pulling out all her drab clothes from the hangers and started piling them up in it, finally she took all other nick-knacks and packed them up as well. Her heart felt heavy as tears threatened to spill form her reddened eyes once again, she sighed as she zipped her bag. As she turned, her eyes fell on the welcome card the twins had given her on her first night, she smiled sadly remembering that day..how much had happened in these two weeks she thought.

Once her packing was done and she was ready, she called Dipti to talk about her plans “Dipu, listen i'm coming over to yours right now. I can't stay here anymore” Dipti could hear her sad tone “Khu, whats wrong? Did you meet ASR? And you can't come here, the cops might come again looking for you. You should stay back there only till things get sorted out”

Khushi took a deep breath and calmed her nerves, she did not know how to explain everything to Dipti “Dipu, everything is soo screwed up! Arnav is ASR! I've been living in his house all this time..i had no idea it was him. And to top it off i've gone and fallen in love with him, i don't know how to sort this mess. He thinks i betrayed him when i did not even know who he or what his company's name was. He doesn't trust me Dipu and that hurts the most!”

Dipti was shocked to hear this turn of events, she was still trying to figure out how Arnav turned into ASR “Khu, what do you mean you have fallen in love! And that too with ASR? He accused your dad and you of treason and your'e taking about him not trusting you! Screw him girl...he doesn't deserve you.”

Khushi smiled sadly “I know Dipu, but what can i do? More than his love, i want his trust. I would never do such a thing dipu, you know that! I even tried telling him the truth about me, He just does not believe me!” She sniffed sadly

Dipti could feel the anguish khushi felt at not being trusted “Don't worry babe, i'll come there right away to pick you up. We'll try and find some place for you to live till all this cools down. I'll call you in an hour after making all the arrangements, till then just stay put” saying this she hung up the phone. Khushi quietly sat down on the bed and was just about to place her bag down on the carpeted floor when she saw someone enter her room.


Kishore gupta was enjoying his afternoon tea, everything was falling in to place. The bribing went perfectly well taking VBR out of his way, this cleared the path for any further competition from these guys cause once the company is tarnished it done for. And even if they do prove that they had nothing to do with the bribing, the damage was done, this would definitely make the mighty ASR very angry, so angry that he will destroy the person responsible for this!

This thought got him to his next part of his master-plan, His big brother, not so big anymore he thought. All his life he had to wag his tail like a dog in front of him, never, never did he have any say in any of the decisions! But now it was his time. He had paid Lavanya to leak the quotes and then accuse Shashi gupta of it. He knew that for VBR, once Lavanya confesses, they won't bother with her but catch hold of Shashi instead!

He had also made sure that the project leaders name was never changed from Khushi to Sheena, so now even if Sheena was the one to change the quotes the proof will point towards Khushi. Poor darling Khushi, always trying to do what was right, being the perfect daddy's girl. He felt the heavens were with him when she asked for a few months out of work,it was the perfect opportunity for them to put their plan in motion.

Now he had his brother out of the way for corruption along with his darling niece. VBR will make sure that Shashi & Khushi will have no where to show their faces and the Board will vote in Kishore Gupta as the new CEO! He also had to thank Shyam who so diligently took care of all the nitty gritty's, he placed Lavanya at VBR at the right time. He would surely promote the ba****d once he's CEO and as for his daughter, she would be the Managing Director. They would take this company to new heights, he knew that with a little corruption here and there, no one could stop them from getting to the top! Alas his brother never took this route otherwise they would be sharing the wealth together! He looked out at the park below the building, he was waiting for Sheena to get back so that they could plan when they should make their appearance as the supportive relatives.


Yuvraj was in a state of shock as he heard Khushi on the phone; he was just going to the twins room when he heard some one sobbing in Khushi's room, the door seemed to be slightly open. He was just about to knock when he heard Khushi tell someone about how bhai was ASR! What the hell was all this about! He knew something was up between his brother and khushi, but had no idea that they were involved to such an extent. He heard patiently as khushi poured her heart out to her friend. She confessed her love towards his brother but he could not understand what she meant by him not trusting her and her betraying him. He had to get to the bottom of this; he came forward and entered her room.

Khushi was shocked to see Yuvraj in her room, how much had he heard she thought. She got up from the bed and wiped her tears which seemed to be running of their own accord. He came forward and saw her packed bag “Running away Khushiji?” Khushi looked down at her feet shuffling them not knowing how to handle this “Umm...nn..no....someone back home is not well. I have to go today itself. In fact i was just leaving”

Yuvraj looked taken aback “What? Without saying good bye to anyone? Have you told bhai about this?” Khushi looked sadly at him “yes i have told Arnavji about this, and its too hard to say good bye to everyone. I think its best this way” saying this she got up and picked her bag.

She would go and wait at some cafe for Dipti's call, she could not risk staying back longer and answering questions. She had just reached her door when she heard Yuvraj speak behind her “So you love bhai huh?” Khushi gasped as the bag fell from her hands, so he had heard her conversation. She turned sharply towards Yuvraj “What do you mean? How dare you eavesdrop on my private conversation?”

Yuvraj gave a lopsided grin at her heated glare “Well, its not very private if your door was open. Besides if my brother is involved i think i can listen to it. Relax Khushiji, i'm not accusing you or something, i just want clarity about what you were talking about. I have seen the changes you have brought about in my brother and because of you we have our di back, so i just want to help...if i can”

Khushi sighed and motioned him to sit on the chair, it was best she tell him the truth, at least one person wouldn't think bad of her when she left. She sat down on her bed and started narrating the entire story to Yuvi, somehow she could easily put her heart out to him and like a little brother he heard everything she had to say without once judging or interrupting her.

Once she finished telling him everything, he got up and came and sat next to her on the bed. He took her hands looked at her tear stained face “Don't worry Khushiji, i think you and bhai are perfect for each other. All this is a big misunderstanding. I am sure that b***h Lavanya , yes she is the ex-employee bhai told you about, she is lying and someone else may have bought those quotes. Let me go and talk to bhai, he has to believe you!” saying this he was just getting up when the door once again opened and in walked Arnav Singh Raizada.

What the!” was the first thing arnav said when he walked into Khushi's room. Here he was horribly worried for her that she would be very angry and very upset, when he found her sitting on her bed with his own brother! They were holding hands too..he saw Khushi's face turn red while Yuvi quickly got up from the bed. For a minute he did not know what to say when Yuvi's voice interrupted his thoughts “Bhai, i was just talking to Khushiji and she told me the entire story. I think you should believe what she has to say. Trust me bhai she is not lying”

Khushi felt like she was back in arnav's office, she could still feel his eyes boring in to her as if trying to reach her soul. She knew when he saw both her and yuvi on her bed he must have thought that she is trying her charms on him, she could see it in the twist of his face and angry eyes. She was ready to hear more accusations being thrown at her, when the most amazing three words were heard from arnav's mouth “I believe her”. She quickly looked up into arnav's eyes and saw him relaxed and calm looking at her with uncertainty. He told Yuvi to leave them alone as he had to talk to her. Yuvi left at once. They were both left alone in the room. Arnav shut the door and locked it before turning towards her.

Arnav knew he had to handle this carefully. He did believe Khushi and was sure that there was a bigger game being played, but more than anything he had to pacify her; he was very rude to her in his office and for that he would not forgive himself. Somehow he always let his head rule his decisions instead of his heart, but it had to change now. He knew she was innocent, not because of some proof which he acquired, but by the truth in her eyes, by the hurt she shed in her tears, her kindness and care towards him and his family and finally her passion towards him. No one can fake any of those. He was a fool to think for even a second that she was involved in all this. She was just at the wrong place at a wrong time, but everything about her was right. He went slowly towards her and sat on the bed next to her.

Khushi shifted uncomfortably on the bed as it sunk down under Arnav's weight. She moved slightly away from him afraid that he may scream at her, of this she was very sure; Arnav singh raizada was very unpredictable. She felt her heart beats get quicker as he slowly took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. He pulled her closer towards him and whispered in her ears “I believe you Khushi, every word you say. I will never doubt you. I am truly sorry for all that i said in my office, but can you blame me for it? I just found out seconds before you entered my office that you are Khushi gupta, the same girl i was convinced was behind the fiasco. I should have listened to my heart which kept telling me that it couldn't be you, but my practical and logical mind kept reminding me that the evidence points towards you. I should have listed to my heart Khushi. Can you forgive me for all that i have put you through?”

Khushi felt like her broken heart was mending back, she felt delighted that he believed her! She wanted to pull him close and bury her lips in his, never letting him go, but she pushed him away and got up from her bed. Arnav was shocked to get this response from her after he poured his heart out to her. Khushi looked away and smirked slightly before turning towards arnav with a stern look “Mr Arnav singh raizada, do you think its normal to accuse someone one second and then believe them the next! You should never have accused me in the first place. So what if you came to know my true identity a few seconds before i met you, you should have trusted me after all that we have shared. It hurts me to think that you doubted me for even a second!”

Arnav stood up angrily, he had apologized right! Yes he was wrong in doubting her, but why was she giving him a hard time! He came within an hour of their meeting in his office, so its not like she should punish him for such a small time of misunderstanding. Why couldn't she understand that he was truly sorry, he returned her stern gaze and spoke in an angry tone “Fine Ms Khushi Gupta! Have it your way..since you won't accept my apology, i don't have anything else to say. You know how difficult it was for me to come a apologize?? but i did it for you..yes You! You are the only thing that matters right now and if you can't see it then fine, i'm outta here!” saying this he turned around to leave when he suddenly felt her arms around his waist and her breasts pressed tantalizingly against his back, she held onto him tightly “I was just joking arnav...there's nothing to forgive..i can't blame you anymore for thinking wrong about me. If i was in your place i would probably do the same thing, what with our Practical and Logical brains right” She laughed as she placed a small sweet kiss below his right shoulder.

Arnav felt like heaven being surrounded by Khushi, she was his salvation, her kiss, her laugh they were his undoing, he quickly pulled her in front of him and held her close by her waist. He never wanted to let go of her, he saw her desire filled eyes with a newer emotion in them, he did not want to analyze anything right now, right now he just wanted to feel her sweet mouth against his, with this thought he lowered his mouth to her and kissed her hungrily. Khushi wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer deepening the kiss. Arnav moaned into her mouth as the kiss went on for God only knows how long. They both finally pulled away for some air. They wanted more but knew it had to wait. There were too many things to sort out.

Khushi felt her entire self go up in flames just being in arnav's arms, the kiss was just what they both needed, it represented their hunger, their want, their need and their love for each other. They hugged tightly as arnav stroked her hair with his hand “Khushi, we need to figure out who the real culprit is, unless until we do that, we cannot save your father or you from the authorities.” Khushi looked up into his eyes, she felt worried “I know arnav, the same person may have also bribed in your name. We need to clear your company's name too” Arnav was touched by her concern, he chose to speak his next words very carefully “Khushi...just a thought...i think i know who might be responsible for this. That is both framing your father and VBR”

Khushi looked hopefully at him “really? Who? Some other competitor? I know all top ten companies were vying for this project. Maybe they thought it best to eliminate both our companies? We should start checking out all of them right away” Saying this she pulled out of his embrace and picked up her phone. Arnav came and quickly caught her hand before saying slowly “Khushi, i think the people responsible for all this is not some company or competitor” Khushi looked on expectantly at arnav as he spoke the next words “I think it your uncle and his daughter Sheena who are behind this. They are the real culprits.”


  1. Wow! misunderstanding cleared quickly and back on track with story.

  2. WOW....Yuvi is a suprise package.....he is a very nice guy who supported Khushi.

    ASR and Khushi they cant stay away from each other....can they...no never....they know none can never hurt eachother and betray eachother....ahh....they had amake up kiss....okaies...

    So ....Now....will Khushi beleiev what ASR says about her chachi and Sheena....as from previous updates...Khushi dont hold high opinion on Sheena....as she tried to drown Khushi in swimming pool when they r kids...so waiting ASR reaction when he knows about this ...

    Thank u so much for the update.