Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Maid in Love! - Chapter 10

Khushi woke up with the alarm at sharp 6am in the morning. She was disappointed not to find Arnav in her room, but equally relieved when she saw the twins slowly tip-toeing in her room from the connecting door. She started panicking wondering if they had seen Arnav in the room or leaving it. She sat up in bed as they came near her. Vivaan was the first to speak up “Good morning didi! We were waiting for your alarm to go off, we both hardly slept all night with mom reading to fact she slept off before us, so we tucked her in” Khushi grinned and pulled both of them on her bed “ sure your mother has slept well after a really long time! So how long were you both waiting up for me? I mean were you standing near the the...door?” They looked at her confused “Huh? Oh no..we could hear your alarm from our beds, so we came in” Khushi looked relieved, she was scared the twins may have seen arnav. She settled back in bed as they went on about the conversation they had with the mother, all the stories of their childhood and all the tales of hers. They did not realize where the time ran off as the clock struck 7, Khushi leapt of of bed and ushered the kids to their room instructing them to get ready soon as they had to leave for school in an hour. 

She went back into her room and closed the door as she picked up a nearby towel and started walking towards the bathroom. She was remembering the delicious sleep she had, being in Arnav's arms, with a silly grin she opened her bathroom room and let out a scream!Arnav held her mouth with his hand as she calmed down; She was shocked to find Arnav in her bathroom “What are you doing here? When did you get in? Wait! Were you in here all this time?!” Khushi was breathless, the sheer excitement of finding arnav in her bathroom and the fright he gave her was making her giddy, Arnav held on to her shoulders and steadied her “Yes. I went to the bathroom right before your alarm went off, but when i was coming out i heard some voices and saw the twins snug against you in bed. What would i have done! I was sitting here all this time, trying not to make any noise! And you all wouldn't shut up! I mean how much do you all talk!” Khushi pinched him “How was i to know that you were still in the room? I thought you left my side in the middle of the night so that we don't get caught together” Arnav held her gently by her waist “Nope, no chance! Yes i would have gone in the morning but only after you had woken up and i after i have had my morning kiss which i was denied by the way!” Khushi nudged him playfully and wound her hands around his neck “In that case,Good morning” saying so she leaned her head in and placed a light kiss on the corner of his lips, she teased him by kissing him around his lips, but not directly on them. She nibbled on his bottom lip and found him go all hard, she loved the effect she had on him, it gave her such a powerful feeling. Finally she touched her tongue and traced his lips before plunging it inside his mouth, her tongue dueled with his for what seems like an eternity. Arnav could not control himself any more, her sweet tshy ongue sucking his had completely undone him; he pushed her against the wall next to the bathroom and put one hand under her tee while with the other he pushed her buttocks towards his hard-on. He cupped her left breast while he teased her hard peak with his thumb. He started slowly grinding her against him as she moaned out his name loudly, he loved the way she said his name with soo much passion. Khushi felt like she was on fire, her whole body was craving a satisfaction which only arnav could give, she bit him hard on his bare shoulder and scratched her nails on his back. Arnav knew what she wanted. He inserted his hand inside her silky bottoms and found her wet core, he kept stroking her there with his finger as his tongue deliciously laved her hard peaks through her thin tee. As arnav's strokes grew quicker and harder Khushi felt she was in a trance, she had never felt this level of pleasure ever, it was as if something was building inside her to take her to new heights. She held tighter on to him as he shifted his lips to her neck,sucking her delicate skin and licking it with his tongue. His stroking increased to a crazy fast pace as Khushi finally felt her body shattering into millions of tiny sparks, her body finding that release as waves of ultimate pleasure ran through her. She looked up to find Arnav grinning at her. He caught her lips one last time in a passionate kiss before reluctantly leaving her “This is how each morning will be between us” he said breathlessly “And a good morning to you too!” saying this he turned and picked up his shirt, he gave her one last look full of desire before closing her door to the hallway slowly. Khushi was left speechless as she stepped into the shower still reeling from the pleasure throbbing between her legs.

Arnav briskly walked into his cabin and switched on his laptop. He had tons of mails to answer before the day got more hectic. His morning had been frustrating due to unfulfilled desires but he was happy that at least Khushi had experienced her first orgasm with him, he got hard just thinking about the way her body shuddered and then relaxed against his. He had enough cold showers to last him a lifetime! He was still lost in Khushi's thoughts as Aman walked in “Thinking about Khushi?” Arnav's head shot up “What?! How the hell did you know?” Aman sat down opposite him and looked confused “Whoa ASR, why so hyper! I was only asking since Mt Bagchi said he sent you her picture yesterday night. Do you recognize her from anywhere? Have you met her before” It took a few seconds for Arnav's brain to process that he was talking about Shashi Gupta's daughter “Oh right, i forgot to check.I was a bit busy yesterday and completely forgot about it” Aman smiled fondly “I heard about Anjaliji's recovery. I'm very happy for you. I can understand how busy you must have been yesterday. Don't worry i can ask Mr Bagchi to send another picture to our office. He can fax it right away” Arnav nodded as Aman called Mr Bagchi “Hmm..Mr Bagchi is not in his office right now. He said he'll ask his secretary to fax it. We should get it in few minutes” Aman called Arnav's PA to send in the fax which comes from Mr Bagchi's office. After a few minutes as Arnav was discussing the sales figures with Aman, Arnav's PA walked in with a sheet of paper “Sir, this came for you from Mr Bagchi's office” She handed over a photo to Arnav. He looked at the picture and gave it to Aman “Nope. I haven't seen her before. As you said she's new to the industry and has probably not been around too many conferences which we attend. But at least now we have a face to the enemy” Aman looked at the picture marked Khushi S Gupta, she looked cute, dark in color but prettyish features, she had a short bob, black eyes and a thin straight mouth. Arnav was right, now they had a face to the enemy, Aman was just leaving the office when ASR got a call from an unknown number, he picked it up and looked shocked to hear what was being said on the other side; but after a while he smiled and looked up at Aman, he nodded his head and spoke “Indeed, i am so glad this got solved. Yes i know he may not have done it but it is definitely her. I am quite sure of this. If you require any help from me please let me know” Arnav had a serene look on his face. Aman wondered what that call was about.

Shashi Gupta was having his afternoon tea when his butler came hurrying inside “Sir, there's a Mr Shetty and Mr Goyal here to see you. They say they are from the ACB and Police” Shashi gupta looked confused, what were people from Anti-Corruption Bureau doing in his house. He slowly got up and went to meet them in the main living room. He saw two middle aged men, one dark and tall while the other fair and short standing near the central fountain in the hall.He approached them and gestured them to be seated “What can i do for you Gentlemen?” Mr Shetty observed Mr Shashi Gupta with scrutiny. He saw that Mr Gupta looked very confused as if he had no idea why they were here, his concern looked genuine, Shetty spoke in an authoritative tone “Mr Gupta, Do you have any idea why we are here?” Shashi gupta shook his head, he truly had no idea what these two were doing in his house. Mr Shetty took a deep breath before speaking “Well to start, You must be aware of the Edinson & Wyatt Goa Resort Project for which your company had filled in a tender a few weeks ago and then had re-quoted a couple of days ago” Shashi nodded his head in agreement as Mr Shetty continued “Then Mr Gupta you should know that an ex-employee of VBR Group of Companies has accused you of paying her to get their quotes. And since your company has re-quoted after this has happened, We suspect you of foul play. You and your daughter will have to come with us for questioning” Shashi gupta felt the earth shift beneath his feet “Fraud! You are accusing me of fraud! How dare you. Gupta group of hotels does not need to buy some other company's employee to win this project. My daughter's initial quotes would have been enough to win it without any such underhanded dirty trick! Unfortunately my brothers daughter Sheena has recently re-quoted due to some discrepancy she found in the earlier one. This was done in consultation with out legal advisor and my own brother Kishore. You can ask them if you like” Mr Shetty looked over at Mr Goyal and nodded his head “Well Mr Gupta, you are the one she is accusing. Not your brother or niece. Since you are in direct line of fire, we have to take you in for questioning.Also we tried getting in touch with your brother, your niece and also your own daughter but all their phones seemed to be either switched off or not available.” Shashi nodded his head “Yes i know. Kishore and Sheena are in Dubai working out our latest international deal while Khushi is in Delhi studying. I'll come with you without any fuss, just don't get my daughter involved at this stage. Also did you talk to ASR about this? I know him personally and he will vouch for me” Goyal came forward and spoke “Yes we called him a while ago and he was very happy to know that Ms Seth confessed to everything. He also seems to think that it may be your daughter who is behind all this, even though he did vouch for you as you said.I am sorry Mr Gupta, but we must proceed to our head quarters as we cannot delay this any longer. We won't call Ms Gupta right away but eventually she will be called in for questioning.” Shashi gupta looked flustered “What! How the hell can he accuse my daughter? He doesn't even know her” but his words were said in vain as both the men led him out of his house.

Khushi had been in a fantastic mood all day, ever since she had told Arnav the truth she felt like  a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders.Also the morning activity had left her feeling amazing and very sure of her feelings for Arnav, she blushed thinking of what he did to her. She had just sat down for a quick lunch with Anjaliji and the kids when Yuvi came to the dining room "Listen up everyone! In celebration of Di's recovery i have planned a small picnic to our Farmhouse at Manesar, we will leave right away and be back tomorrow. The twins will miss school but what the hell! " Yuvi's excitement was so infectious that everyone loved the idea of the picnic. Anjaliji got up and went to call dadiji while Khushi took the kids up to pack up for the trip. She was very happy to go on this short trip since arnav would also definitely be there. She went to her room to get her things in place; She was just reaching up to pull her bag from the top of the cupboard, when she slipped and her knee hit the bed post very hard, she screamed in pain and sat on the bed. The Twins came running into her room along with Anjali "What happened Khushiji? Why did you scream? did you hurt your knee?" Khushi had tears in her eyes "Yes Anjaliji, its hurting a lot! i must have banged it pretty hard", Anjali pressed her knee lightly as khuhsi yelped in pain "Oh God, it must be worse than it looks. I'll call for an ice pack for you" Sharada came a few minutes later with the ice pack as anjali applied it on Khushi's knee "I think you should rest your knee for a while so that it does not swell up. Don't worry we'll cancel the picnic. You won't be able to go like this and we don't want to go without you" Khushi was touched by Anjaliji's concern for her. She took her hands in hers and smiled "Don't worry Anjaliji, i'll be fine. You all should go. I can rest at home and will be as good as new by the time you all return tomorrow" Anjali looked uncertain and was insisting on staying back when Yuvi came in to her room quickly and assured her that he has instructed Sharada and the rest of the staff to take good care of Khushi and if they want to avoid traffic they should get going, Khushi smiled at Anjali and urged her once again, she finally agreed.

 Everyone left by 3pm as it would take them around 2 hrs to get there. Khushi's knee was feeling better by the time they all left. She decided to have a quick nap before soaking herself in hot water to ease the pain. She got dressed in a white flowing summer dress since no one was home to question her, Sharada had prepared the food and was staying at her daughter's house for the night. The rest of the staff had already retired to their side of the palace. Khushi slowly tiptoed into the kitchen to fetch a plate of sharada's delicious food. She had just filled her plate when she heard some noise in the living room. She assumed it must be one of the helps and  hesitated to go out in her current attire. She quickly ate a few bites and washed her plate in the sink. After drying her hands she slowly tip toed to the upper floor balcony. She felt at peace without anyone in the house, she greatly admired its architecture and felt this was the perfect time to explore the intricate designs around the house.
She took her phone out to the balcony; it had been a while since she spoke to her father and was missing him a lot, she quickly dialed his number and was surprised when she found it out of reach. She assumed he must have also gone to Dubai with her uncle and Sheena. She felt guilty that she was so caught up in her current life that she had neglected her own family, she dialed her mothers phone to talk to her instead but her mother too did not pick up her call. Finally she called her home. The phone kept ringing when finally her maid picked it up. She told her that everyone had gone out and she had no idea where. They had said that they may be coming in late. Khushi felt odd that no one had informed where they were going. She assumed her mother and aunt must have gone to one of their relatives house for either a pooja or party, smiling fondly she turned her head up to catch a light breeze which caressed her hair and face and made her beautiful long hair sway gently with it. She held onto the ledge to enjoy the cool breeze when she heard a sharp intake of breath behind her. 

Arnav had just finished his meeting when Yuvi had called him about the picnic. He seemed very excited about it and was insisting that they should leave right away. Arnav could not leave before 6 due to pending meetings and there was no way he could make it to Manesar after that due to heavy traffic. Arnav declined saying they should all go and he will see them tomorrow morning, Yuvi seemed to agree right away not even insisting that he try. Arnav felt irritated thinking Khushi will be with Yuvi for the trip while he will be all alone in the house; he did not know where this jealousy came from because he was sure about Khushi's feelings for him. He stayed in office till late as he did not want to go to a quite home. He ordered food in his office and had his dinner there with Aman. They both felt pretty relaxed since the Lavanya issue had been sorted. Arnav still wanted to strangle her but at least she had come clean in the end, so he left her without pressing any charges. He wanted nothing to do with her anymore.
As he got home, the eerie silence in the palace seemed to be more than usual. He assumed all the staff had gone to sleep in their wing since it was already past 10. He went directly to his room and changed into an old t-shirt and tracks. He was going down to get some papers he left on the coffee table on the way up when he heard some movement near the terrace, he silently walked towards the door to the moonlit balcony to find the most mesmerizing scene, Khushi was standing leaning back with her hands holding the ledge , her face was turned upwards as a gentle breeze caressed her face, he gorgeous long hair was flowing about her slim shoulders while the sheer white dress outlined her figure perfectly in the glowing moonlight. She looked like a mirage, he had to pinch himself to check if he was dreaming. He took a sharp breath as he saw her suddenly face him with wide frightened eyes. 


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