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Maid in Love! - Chapter 8

Arnav left early for his office in the morning.Aman had called him saying that the agency people wanted to meet them urgently. He took his private lift up to his office and entered the conference room next to his cabin. Aman was already there with Mr Bagchi and his colleague “Good morning Mr Raizada. You'll be very pleased about the information that we have gathered regarding the case” Arnav nodded and sat down at the head of the table “Well Mr Bagchi, we don't have all day.Please proceed” Mr Bagchi took a file and handed it over to Arnav “Well as i had earlier suspected, Gupta group of companies looks like the culprit. Not only did they re-quote a few days ago but another alarming thing has come into light” Mr Bagchi liked being the dramatic type, he paused for a second before continuing “Your brother in law, Mr Shyam Jha is their legal advisor since nearly a year” Arnav saw red “EX- brother in law Mr Bagchi. When did he join them? Aman i thought we were keeping an eye on him. Why wasn't i told about this?” Aman had a flustered look on his face “I'm not sure why this information did not come through earlier. I was also under the impression that he was still with his earlier company” Arnav took a deep breath “Ok, now that we know the creep is working with them, how do we prove that they were the ones to buy the quotes of Lavanya” Mr Bagchi's smiling face fell, he had not thought of this yet “Umm...well we can start by gathering information on them, maybe get someone inside the company to help us out by paying them? Also we are still looking for Ms Seth. I am sure we'll get there whereabouts in a day or two” Arnav looked angrily at him “I do not pay people to steal or spy for me! What difference would be left between us and them! Get me information freely available on Shashi gupta's daughter as i requested earlier. I'll handle this my way now” saying this arnav left the office. Aman looked at Mr Bagchi and shrugged his shoulders “You should have thought of a better idea. Get info on this girl asap!”

Khushi had not seen arnav the entire day. It was good off course, the last thing she wanted was drowning in his eyes and acting like a fool that she was! She felt happy that the kids had finally started listening to her. They seemed very co-operative all day and were also complimenting her on her choice of dresses for them. As per dadiji's instructions, she had bought a beautiful lehenga in pale blue color for Vibha while Vivaan looked utterly handsome in his mini tux. Since it was a black tie affair,the dress code was accordingly decided. Khushi was wondering what she should be wearing and started looking through her drab wardrobe. The only things sexy was her night wear and underwear, which obviously she could not wear for the event. She had absolutely refused to buy cotton bra's and panties when Dipti has insisted. She wanted to be comfortable in her own silky satiny underwear, it wasn't like anyone was going to see her in them; she blushed remembering the bathroom incident when Arnav would have seen her with a lot less if she had not stopped it. Once again she started getting hot and bothered. That stupid bet was the heights! As if she would throw herself at him. She picked a light green dress off the hanger and laid it down before stepping in for a shower. She washed her hair throughly with jasmine scented shampoo, she scrubbed herself clean with rose scented body scrub and shower gel. Finally she moisturized with a summery smelling body butter and came out wrapped in a towel. She had just started drying her hair when there was a knock on her door. She quickly put on her robe and opened the door slightly to find Sharada smiling at her “Khushiji, Dadiji sent this for you. She wants you to wear this for the ball tonight” Khushi remembered dadiji telling her that she'll send something for her, she happily took the packet from her hands and thanked her. She eagerly opened the packet to find the most gorgeous red embroidered sari in the sheerest chiffon. She was delighted and touched by dadiji's generosity. After drying her hair and setting it in a classic chignon, she applied a quick mascara and kajal to her already beautiful eyes, she knew this enhanced her large eyes and gave it a seductive quality, she kept telling herself that she was not trying to look pretty for Arnav, otherwise why would she tie up her hair when she knew he liked it down. She pacified herself with these thoughts as she wore the petticoat over her red lacy underwear. When she got the blouse out she was utterly confused. The blouse was long sleeved in a beautifully embroidered silk, but it did not seem to have a back at all! There were only two strings on it, one on top and one on the bottom. That means her entire back would be exposed. She obviously could not wear a bra with it and on top of it, the blouse seemed a little tight on her chest as well. It positively thrust her breasts out of the deep neckline. She struggled to tie her strings at the back, but finally managed to do it. She turned around to look at herself from the back. It was truly shocking to find her wide expanse of back completely bare. She quickly wore the sari and took the pallu of the sari over her shoulders to cover her back . She did not have any piece of jewelry to adorn her neck or wrists or ears, but other than that she looked stunning, her slender body was enhanced in the elegant sari and the sheerness of it left little to the imagination owing to the tight and barely there blouse. Her eyes looked mysterious and alluring while her plump lips had a 'Kiss me' look about them. She walked out of her room to see if the twins were ready. (PS:Khushi's Saree )

Arnav was happy with all the arrangements. This annual ball was one of the highlights of Delhi society. His business associates from Europe, Asia and Australia made it a point to attend every year along with the elitist business men and entrepreneurs of India. The food was specially prepared by the chefs of Michelin starred restaurants while the champagne and caviar was flown right from france. The flowers came a day before from Amsterdam while the world renowned orchestra was flown in from the US. This was the ball of the year and Arnav singh Raizada wanted everything to be perfect! He was just adjusting his bow when Yuvi barged in through his door “Bhai! You're looking tall dark and handsome! Love the tux on you, it brings out the power in you!” Arnav smiled at him “Uh-huh...well you don't look too bad yourself little brother. Whats made you all chripy all of the sudden. We've hardly seen you around since your always with that study group of yours. Hows everything going at Uni?” Yuvi sighed “Well uni's going great but our assignments are killing me. This ball is just what i want to relax...you know pretty girls and good food. Speaking of which i did'nt recognize Ms Khushi kumari when i went to the twins room. I mean Bhai, she looked HOT!” Arnav felt an annoyance at his brothers remarks “Yuvi, you should respect her. Don't use such derogatory words for her. She's here to take care of the twins remember, know your limits!” he felt himself getting agitated. Yuvi had a knowing smirk, he knew something was going on between them, it was as if the air got charged when they were around each other “Hey! Cool down bhai, i was only saying...plus what are you gonna do about all those men who will ogle her all night” Yuvi left the room chuckling away.

Arnav was in a dilemma, he wanted to see Khushi himself to find out what the hell Yuvi was on about, Arnav knew she was hot, but knowing her sense of day-dressing he truly doubted his assessment. He quickly got himself ready and went to the twins room. The door was open but no one was inside. He assumed they must have gone downstairs, the ball was about to start and few guests may have already come. He took to the stairs two steps at a time and started looking around for her as soon as he reached the grand ballroom. All the assembled guests swarmed him as soon as he got there.After all the pleasantries were exchanged, Arnav picked up a glass of champagne and made his way towards the other end of the ballroom. He met his dadiji and Aakash and Payal. Everyone looked in their prime tonight. He inquired about the twins and was told by Payal that they were in the terrace area. He quickly took a right turn towards the open terrace. It was a bit dark so he could not make out the person standing solitarily near the railing. He went forward and was stunned as she turned around at the same time. Arnav felt his heart stop as he saw the breathtaking sight in front of him, Khushi, her porcelain skin glowing in the moonlight, her eyes darkened in kohl had a sensuality about them, her red sari looked wonderful on her while the sheer fabric gave a glimpse of what lay underneath. Her lips were ever inviting and her slightly trembling body made his body go hard. She smelled wonderful. As she turned away he saw her back which was left bare except the two strings holding it together, he sucked in a deep breath as utter lust took over him completely!He wanted to devour her fully and never let go,he wanted to undo those strings and roam his hands over her soft skin, he felt like he was on fire and only Khushi could douse it. He took a step towards her when the trance was broken by the twins shrieks “Mama!! where were you all day! We missed you!” Arnav turned towards the twins and hugged them, he saw Khushi quickly turn and go inside the ballroom.

Khushi was hyperventilating. He looked divine in his tux, the made to order garment fit his hard taught body perfectly, the white shirt outlining his broad chest and superbly muscled body. He had a slight stubble which looked so sexy on him, she had loved the way his hair swayed in the wind outside. She preferred him without the gel she decided. She knew if the twins had not interrupted in time, they would have kissed for sure, she could see it in his eyes and felt in in her own desire. She had to stay away from him, for her sanity's sake! She was just turning back to fetch the twins when yuvraj came in front of her “Pretty lady, can i have this dance please?” Khushi could not say no to him, he had such an infectious smile,she nodded her head and went to the dance floor. Yuvraj took her in his arms and twirled her around the room to the beautiful jazz music. Khushi started laughing at his jokes on the old men who were ogling her, she looked around and saw the angry blazing eyes of Arnav singh raizada staring at her as if boring a hole into his own brother. She quickly hid her face as she saw him coming towards them“Yuvi i think dadiji is looking for you, you should go” Yuvraj looked questioningly at Khushi “Don't worry about her.I'll take over from you” Saying this Arnav more or less pulled her away from yuvraj's arms and held her tight against his. Yuvraj mentally hi-fi'ed himself and left quickly leaving Khushi utterly confused and agitated, she felt so very aroused just being in his arms, his one hand was caressing her back while the other held her hand. Khushi looked at arnav and whispered “What are you doing? I thought i told you to keep to your limits. Why are you dancing with me”, Arnav had an amused look on his face “Why khushi, you can dance with my brother but not me? Its only a dance..im not asking for a repeat performance of that night” Khushi started blushing instantly “Its different with your brother, i feel comfortable with him. And why do you keep bringing up that night? I told u it was a mistake and will never happen again!” Arnav was irritated when she said she was more comfortable with Yuvi “Fine. Like i said i know my limits. You will not be bothered by me again Ms Kumari. Thank you for the dance. Hope you will find more comfort from my brother” Saying this he left her on the dance floor and stormed out.

For the next hour or so, Khushi kept herself busy with the kids. She saw Arnav with a girl in a black figure hugging dress. Her dress was split to her thighs and her cleavage was on display for the world to see. She was clinging on to him like a vice and Khushi did not like it one bit!'Slut' khushi thought venomously, She was helping Vibha with her hair bow when she saw with blind rage as the girl kissed arnav on his cheeks and then proceeded to wipe the lipstick mark with the thumb, as if it was an everyday act. Arnav seemed to be relaxed around her and was animatedly conversing on something. She wondered why they could not have a civil conversation ever! Why did things always seem crazy and mad when they were facing each other. She did not understand this urge of hers to jump him every time he was in front of her, she wanted a repeat performance of that night and more! But she had to keep her distance and be within her limits. Whatever this was had to stop. She could not risk getting involved, not when she had blatantly lied about her background. She saw the twins yawning and decided to get them ready for bed. As they were climbing upstairs, Vivaan pulled Khushi's hand and asked her “Can we have a quick look at mom? I know she won't look at us, but can we just say a quick good night to her?” Khushi looked on with tears in her eyes “Sure sweetheart, lets go” She led them to Anjali's room where She was sound asleep. The twins climbed up on the bed and kissed her on either cheek, they said their good nights to her and came out of the room. Khushi felt her heart tightening looking at the kids, she quietly took them to their room and got them dressed for bed. She told Sharada to tell dadiji that she had retired for the day and the kids were sound asleep.

She slowly went to her room and looked at herself in the mirror, what a mess she had landed herself in. A week ago she had no idea she would be lusting after a tycoon, saving her self from the twins pranks, having a verbal one sided battle with their mother and keep up the act of being a small town girl from Lucknow. She was sure by now someone definitely suspected her, most probably the devil himself! Mr Arnav singh raizada. She undid her chignon and was just unpinning her sari when Vivaan barged into her room form the connecting door “Ms Khushi, please come right now, Vibha is having some allergic reaction” Khushi flew to their room to see Vibha sitting up in bed with deep red blotches on her skin” Khushi looked on in horror “What happened? Were you allergic to something?” Vibha looked on with teary eyes “Yes, i think i ate brinjal. I am allergic to it. If i don't take my anti-allergy pills it can get worse and i can even faint” Khushi started panicking, Payal had not told her of any allergy to brinjal, but this was no time to think “Ok, where are the pills? I'll get them” Vivaan went over and wrote something on a piece of paper, he handed it over to Khushi “This is the pills name 'zanoxinomin'. There's none left in the medicine box so you'll have to get it.”Khushi took the paper and ran to her room to get her purse, she came back to the twins room and said “Vivaan be here with vibha, i'll get someone to look after the two of you. I'll also let dadiji and all know about this” vivaan quickly held her hand and said “No. I don't think you should tell anyone of this yet. The party is still on and everyone will panic. I'll go and get sharada to come up. You should go straight away. Oh and also this is a very rare medicine, so you may need to look in a couple of medical shops” Khuhsi nodded her ok and left, but she had to let someone know about this. She went down to the ballroom and started looking around for dadiji, aakash, payal or even yuvraj but no one seemed to be there. She had no time to look around the entire palace so she took off when she bumped into Arnav and that girl in black. She looked relieved and opened her mouth to speak, but before she could say anything Arnav turned around with a hand on the girls butt and walked away, she called out to him but he did not look back. She got more angry and left the palace from the front door. She asked the guard to see if any driver was available to take her. The guard checked but said that all were busy with guests parking and valet. She started walking out the main gates since she did not want to waste any more time; She quickly got a rickshaw and asked him to take her to the nearest medical shop.

Arnav knew he was harsh on her, she wanted to speak to him about something, he saw the worried look on her face, but his pride was hurt. They way she kept pushing away from this attraction when he knew she felt it too was very annoying. He was sticking to Arunima was a reason, he wanted to get khushi jealous. So jealous that she would not be able to hold onto her limits anymore. She looked divine when she came towards him with her hair flowing about her angelic face; now that he remembered she had her purse with her as if she was going somewhere. He panicked thinking she left the house or something. He quickly dashed through the ballroom to try and find the twins but sharada told him that the twins had gone to sleep nearly three hours ago! He saw the time that it was nearly mid-night. He asked sharada if Khushi left for somewhere, Sharada just shrugged and said that she had called to tell her that she had retired for the day and the twins were asleep. Arnav sighed with relief, he still wanted to confirm that all was well. He went up to the twins room to find them sleeping peacefully. Then he opened the connecting door to Khushi's room to find the bed empty. He knocked on her bathroom but found it empty as well. Her things seemed to be in the same place, but where was she? He called the guard on the main door and inquired about Khushi, he told him that she had asked for a driver around 3 hours ago, but when no one was available she took a rickshaw and left. He did not know where she had gone. Arnav felt his blood run cold, she was on the delhi streets in a rickshaw at mid-night, could she have gotten into a worse situation! He banged his hand on the dressing table and dialed her cell. He heard it ringing on the bed. Great he thought that silly girl had left her phone as well. He ran down to the car parking and took his SUV out, he had to look around for her. He once again inquired with the guard if she said anything to him. The guard thought for a second and said that she had asked the Rickshaw driver to take her to the nearest medical shop. Arnav started driving like a madman. The nearest medical shop was just a few minutes away so why was she not back yet? He came to Om medical store and saw it shut. Obviously only a few shops were open 24/7. He decided to go to every 24/7 medical shop on this route. He took his phone out and searched.

It had started raining very heavily. Khushi was soaked to the bone! She had already tried 12 medical shops but no one had the medicine. Some even said that they were doubtful that this pill even existed. She had left her phone at home and had no one's number by hearted to call them except her parents and they were the last people she would call. The rickshaw fellow had left her at this last shop which was just closing up. He said he couldn't take her further since it was way past him time as well. She paid him his money and got down. As she walked towards the shop the owner was pulling down the shutters, he saw her sorry state and told her to stand inside the shop while he searched the pill. He came 10 minutes later saying that such a pill did not exist, he told her that it looked like someone had made the name up with two different pills 'Zanex' and 'Polynomin'. Khushi felt tears well up in her eyes, she knew the twins had once again fooled her. The man told her that its difficult to get a rickshaw at this time, but she should walk towards the bus stop on the other side of the road. There was a late bus which will take her to the main city where she can catch a rickshaw from. He also warned her to be careful of thugs who roamed the night. Khushi wrapped her soaked sari around herself and went and sat at the bus stop. She prayed to God that the bus comes soon. It was nearly half an hour since she was sitting at the bus stop, the rain had gotten heavier and khushi was freezing in the cold. She saw a movement along the side of the road. Suddenly a man emerged in front of her. He looked drunk, she shuddered as she saw him coming towards her. He had a mean grin on his face and his lustful eyes locked onto khushi's cleavage. Khushi quickly got up and started walking away from him. He quickened her steps towards her and shouted for her to stop. Khushi's heel got caught and she slipped. She got up quickly only to find him looming over her. She caught hold of her pallu and pulled her towards him. She screamed on top of her lungs as bright white headlights nearly blinded her. A car came to an abrupt stop in front of them and someone came out banging the door “Leave her alone!” he bellowed. She recognized Arnav's voice; Khushi felt her whole body relax. The man looked positively frightened and ran away from there. Khushi had never seen Arnav look so dark and angry. She felt exhaustion take over her as she fell to the ground unconscious.

Arnav had never felt this dread which he did when he could not find Khushi. He had searched every medical shop on route when he came to a 24/7 one after the 5th one. When he enquired there, the person told him that a girl in a red sari had come a few hrs ago asking for some unknown pill called Zanoxynomin, he also said that he had told her that such a pill did not exist but she wouldn't listen She had asked for the next shop and left. Arnav visited every shop he could find where she could have gone. After a few more all night shops he came across one who told him that there is only one more shop ahead of there but it closes by mid-night.Arnav drove like a maniac to the mentioned shop. When he got there he slowed down his car to see the shop closed but just ahead of him he saw some commotion and a flash of red. He jammed his leg on the accelerator and stopped right in front of them. He could feel her, he knew it was she who was lying on the road. He didn't know what came over him as he jumped out of the car and shouted at the man; the drunk man ran away from there and he saw his Khushi, His Khushi...it sounded so right. He did not know what this feeling he had for her meant, he just knew that in that moment he felt his entire body go slack as he found her safe. But then she fell down and fainted. He picked her up and sat her down in the passenger seat. He put her seatbelt on and brushed her hair out of her face. He aligned her head correctly before starting the car. The drive back was quick. Arnav quickly gathered her in his arms and took her up to her room. He lay her down on the bed and picked up the phone to call sharada with a hot cup of steaming ginger tea, he knew she would come through any moment. Sharada came a few minutes later with the tea and inquired if her help was needed, Arnav told her to go and sleep and not to worry. As soon as the door closed, Khushi woke up..her head felt heavy and her body tired. She sat up and saw Arnav leaning against her door with a cup. He came towards her and gave her the cup to drink. She greedily took the hot tea and sipped it, it made her feel a little warm and relaxed as the ginger did wonders to her nerves. She glanced a look at Arnav and slowly said “Thanks...i guess” Arnav opened his mouth in astonishment and sat next to her on the bed “Thats it? Thanks...did you know how worried i was for you! What is the meaning of leaving the house so late to go and look for God only knows which medicine that does not even exist! Had you completely lost your mind” Khushi felt her blood bubbling “I did try and talk to you, but you completely ignored me! Vibha had an allergic reaction to brinjal and i had to go and get the pills right away to stop it; i did not find any of the family members and no driver was free, so i left on my own! I had no idea that the twins were again playing a trick on me sending me off for a wild goose chase since the pills did not exist!!” Khushi was breathing heavily now. Arnav closed his eyes and felt like an utter fool! He had not even listened to her. All of this could have been avoided. He looked at her teary face and said gently “I am sorry Khushi, but every time you come near me i lose control! I can't think straight! The fact that you don't react the way i want you to makes me go insane and i do things and say things that i don't want to! Its as if someone else takes over me...What have you done to me!” Khushi was shocked to hear all this, this is exactly what was happening to her. She moved away a little bit and got down from the bed. She opened the door and looked at him straight in the eye “Please leave Mr Raizada. I told you we need to keep our distance. I cannot help the way you feel, but trust me when i say that i do not reciprocate those feelings. I feel nothing for you. I have told you umpteen number of times that what happened that night was a mistake and will never happen again” She saw Arnav's eyes register shock, hurt and finally anger.

He came towards her and slammed the door shut not caring if anyone woke up. He had had enough! He calmly looked into her eyes and spoke “Do you feel nothing when i do this Khushi?” he blew her hair away seductively from her face and traced his finger along her jawline, khushi closed her eyes and shuddered at his touch “No” she replied, Arnav placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her around so that he faced her back “Do you feel nothing when i do this khushi?” He moved her hair to one side and threw her pallu away from her, he started placing small kisses along her back towards her neck. Khushi started feeling lightheaded, his kisses burned a trail of hot coals over her body, she still said “No”, Arnav smiled and whispered in her ears while nibbling them “And now?” he undid her upper string with his teeth and grazed her back; while doing so, his traced circles on her back with his finger and then traced it again with his lips, biting her here and there and then blowing on it. Khushi felt she was transported to some other level of pleasure, she squeaked a “No”, Arnav smiled again...he was getting to her, “Now Khushi” She felt his hands on her breasts, her wet blouse and lack of bra gave him direct access to them, he moulded them and teased the peaks with his thumb, he then placed his hands on her flat waist and turned her around to face him, Khushi's eyes were still closed but he saw her chest heaving in rhythm to his fingers, “No” she whispered..Arnav was already quite hard as soon as he had touched her, but he wanted to taste her; he was getting impatient, he moved his lips to the valley between her breasts, her tight blouse was pushing those gorgeous globes up, giving her a tantalizing cleavage, he wanted to explore what lay beneath it “Now Khushi?” he rasped as he started nibbling on her cleavage and at the same time undid her other string from the back. The blouse gave in at one and her breasts sprang out from the bottom. He quickly pulled her blouse away from her body and buried his head between her inviting breasts, she was perfect! He held her breasts in his hand and squeezed them hard, he then started sucking on each pink nipple as he felt khushi lean completely against the door. Khushi could not take this torture any more, she moaned his name and pulled his hair, “Arnav...” she gasped, he looked up into her eyes and saw naked desire in them, he leaned in with his hands still on her breasts; he felt her hands grip his head tighter and pull him towards her, he saw her plump lips ready to fight a new battle with his own, she placed her lips on his in a hungry possession and nibbled on his bottom lip like he done in their previous kiss, she then entered her shy tongue into his mouth to taste him, she felt bliss as he started sucking her tongue and pulling her more closer. Arnav was completely undone by her bold kiss, he tangled his tongue with hers while her hands roamed all over his back. Her chest was pressed tightly against his shirt, she wanted to feel his skin along hers, she started pulling at his shirt, breaking buttons in her impatience while the whole time moulding her mouth to his, she was on fire..and nothing but this man could satisfy her hunger. He helped her to completely remove his shirt and press himself close to her body. They both felt a current run through them as her breasts came in contact with his muscled chest, her softness against his hardness, it was driving both of them mad. Arnav Pushed her up against the door as she wound her legs against his waist, her sari had come off a long time ago and now she was only in her petticoat which rode up her thighs to accommodate his body around her. Arnav could not hold it any longer, he started grinding against her as he felt himself get harder and harder. He moved his mouth again to her breasts as she arched her back to give him more access. She could feel his hardness throbbing against her thighs, she moved one hand down to rub it. Arnav felt he could not hold it any longer and carried her to the bed. They both fell down hard against the soft bed, completely lost in each others embrace. Khushi felt arnav's hand go inside her petticoat and touch her centre,he parted her satin underwear which was already wet and dripping, his fingers made contact with her core, He could feel her shudder at his touch, she whimpered against his lips “Arnav please..i can't take it anymore” Arnav looked up in her eyes to confirm that she meant it, her eyes were as filled with desire as his but he saw her eyes registering uncertainty, he quickly got up and covered her up with the blanket. She was shocked at his actions, but didn't say anything, she couldn't believe that he would leave her all high and dry!. Arnav kissed her on her forehead and held her face between his hands as he leaned his forehead against hers“When we become one, i want you to be absolutely certain about it. This is meant to happen Khushi, but only when i know that you will willingly and without any hesitation give yourself completely to me. I need you Khushi, my body craves you, but you are not ready for this yet. The day you are, no one can keep you away form me” saying this he quickly left the room with his clothes. Arnav singh raizada needed an ice cold shower!
Khushi on the other hand was deeply touched by his words, she wanted him, madly, wildly, passionately but she was a virgin and she was unsure about making love to him right now in this heat of passion. She knew that if he hadn't stopped it, she would have let him make love to her and then maybe she would have regretted it..but the fact that he stopped and understood her hesitation made her go all warm and fuzzy inside. Arnav singh raizada, you are a puzzle and i would like to solve you one day! thinking this she fell into a happy deep slumber.

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