Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Maid in Love! - Prologue

Character Sketch: Main characters;

ASR (Arnav singh raizada): Royal by blood, Ruthless in business, he is the owner of one of the largest and oldest hotel chains in India. Lives in Delhi at their city palace with his grandmother Shobhana devu, sister Anjali and her two kids Vibha & Vivaan, cousin brother Aakash and wife Payal and last but not least his beloved step-brother Yuvraj. He is cold and unmoving due to many tragedies in his past. He has girlfriends but never has he been in a real relationship, he does not believe in them as he's seen many breaking around him. Only an angel can melt his stone heart.....

Khushi Gupta : Rich but not spoiled, chirpy and full of life! She is born and bought up in Mumbai, she lives in her palatial home at Nariman point with her parents (best that one can have), her uncle Kishore & aunt Menaka and their daughter Sheena. Khushi's father is a very influential man and a top industrialist; his company owns a growing chain of some of the best hotels all over India. Khushi's innocence and purity shines through her...shes a woman of today, but still dreams of her man who she feels will be imperfect but will love her unconditionally and whom she will love with all her heart. She dreams of having control over her life and some time to herself before she takes over from her father in the family business. This angel needs her wings to fly....

This story revolves around the lives of these two individuals, how fate has mischievously played around in such a way that they meet in the most un-usual circumstances. The story will shape up in such a way that Khushi will work a a governess in Arnav's house under disguise and slowly but surely Arnav's cold heart will melt towards her...but as there should be...some misunderstandings will test their love..how they come out of it...or do they? You'll just have to wait and watch! Its a classic love story with a few twists...hope u guys like it :)


Mumbai: 4:00pm

It was a sunny afternoon, lazing around on the poolside is just what khushi needed, after the new project her father had put her on, she could not remember the last time she felt truly relaxed! 'Aah' thought khushi, 'I wish life was always like this', but even though her father was one of the richest men in India and a force to reckon with in the hospitality industry with a chain of the most magnificent hotels, Khushi was bought up with the right values and true understanding of how not to be a 'Rich brat'! Though she was schooled in the best schools in Mumbai and did her graduation from Princeton, she had her head in the right place. Yes she was groomed to take over from her father and uncle once she is ready and prepared, but she always felt she wanted to take some time for herself, just be on her own...maybe do some small job, live in another city and just be by herself before the entire empire is thrust on her slim shoulders.
Khushi heard footsteps coming towards her, she quickly donned her robe and stood up; She saw her aunt coming towards her with a stride in her walk “ Khushi what are you doing here? We were all looking for you! Don't you know the party tonight has been organised with a single objective of introducing you to the society, its sort of like your coming out! I'm soo excited for you! Now come on, go and start getting ready, Sheena has just left for the parlour. C'mon now get going”!
Khushi sighed again! “ Chachiji why do i need to make an extra effort for this party? I mean i look like this everyday; only with more clothes on than just my swim suit” she smiled mischievously. “Seriously i think the dress you and mom chose is just too much, i'll rather be happy with my business suits instead, plus i have a con-call later at night for the new Goa project, we really need to get this tender, otherwise its gonna go to our competitors and Khushi Gupta cannot have that, so im virtually just gonna be present for a few hours in the party” Khushi whined.
“I don't know anything Khushi, i want you dressed to your ninny's and ready to mingle at sharp 8pm”! Saying this khushi's aunt left in a huff. 'Oh well' khushi thought ' At least i won't have to chit chat with Sheena for a few hours' Her cousin irritated the hell out of her, always trying to up her in everything, though she had a brain the size of a pea, but boobs the size of melon! Khushi on the other hand was just perfect. Her hour glass figure and fair skin gave her a look of an angel..She had no idea how attractive she was and that's what made her more irresistible! Khushi finally left to get ready for the big day!

Delhi: 7:00pm

'What the HELL '!! Arnav singh Raizada yelled, he could not believe what he just found out ! He needed a stiff drink especially when his head was pounding due to the incessant jabbering of his current girlfriend. He had enough of her and her antics, to think that she betrayed not only the company she was working in, but also him, her boyfriend! The one thing Arnav hated with a passion was Betrayal and Lavanya Seth was going to pay hell for it! “How the hell did you think you'll be fine after you sold our tender quotes to our competitors! Do you even know what you have done! This Goa project was one of the largest in the world and Arnav Singh Raizada does not lose! You are going to pay for this ms seth” saying this he called his best friend and VP to his office “Aman, i need you to call the police right away, ms seth needs to be escorted out of here, make sure everyone in the office sees this so that no one and i mean NO ONE will cross me again” Lavanya was shivering from head to toe, she had to do something to run away from here, she could not get caught, her whole life will be ruined if the police take her; She looked around and saw a heavy trophy on ASR's desk, she lifted the trophy in her hand and whacked it on ASR's head, Arnav had no idea what just happened, he felt a searing pain in his head and he held on to his desk for support, Lavanya took no time to run out of his office; fortunately for her the lift was open as someone had just entered ASR's floor, she pressed the ground button and ran from the building once she came out. The only person she could turn to was the person she had sold the tender quotes to, she quickly took out her phone and called a number “ You need to help me out, please ASR will kill me if he finds me, please do something” the voice at the other end said; “Listen i have a party at my house tonight, take the first flight out of Delhi and come to Mumbai, my person will contact you at the airport, we'll see what to do once you get here”. Lavanya seth breathed a sigh of relief and headed for the airport.
Meanwhile Aman came running into ASR's office, he was shocked to see a trickle of blood on ASR's head running over his neck, he called the assistant to get a first aid box and call the doctor immediately “Arnav what the hell happened, all i saw was Lavanya running from your office, i sent security to get her but she escaped, come and lie down on the settee, i'll see to your wounds”. Even in his dazed state, all arnav could think was how he wanted to kill Lavanya seth! She has no idea what was coming for her, but first of all he also needed to start investigating which competitor had paid Lavanya to get their tender quotes. “Aman forget everything, we'll get Lavanya one way or the other, but this project is extremely crucial for us, get the team to start working on new lower quotes and get me an investigator to look into all our competitors, there are around 8 major players in our industry, we need to find out who was the one that Lavanya ratted out to”. Saying this he lay down and closed his eyes; Arnav singh Raizada never lost!


  1. Wow dude, seems really interesting. I have read ur wen I met u and have loved it to the core and this one seems so very different, I going to read the whole thing soon. And u can't imagine the pleasure I get when I find complete stories, waiting sucks big-time!! And also plz don't stop writing, such brilliantly written ffs r my only recluse, after the show ended.

  2. Awesome start, love it :)

    -- Pixiegirl

  3. Nice start...