Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Maid in Love! - Chapter 6

Dinner was a quite affair in the Raizada palace, Aakash and Payal had gone out with some friends, while Yuvraj was still with his university study group. Shobhana devi had opted to have only fruits and milk in her room and Arnav had said he's not hungry. All in all it was a very quite table with only Khushi and the kids. Since the twins had hardly had anything since early evening, they gobbled down their food with great gusto. Khushi only picked at her food; she craved something sweet as she always did when she was stressed. She went to the kitchen and looked around to see if she could find anything. As the staff had left for their dinner in the east wing, the kitchen was eerily empty. Vibha entered the kitchen silently to see what their Ms Kumari was upto “So, why are you snooping around in the kitchen?” Khushi got startled “Umm....i was just thinking of baking a cake, it usually de-stresses me. Plus i wanted to make it for you kids for the amazing welcome you gave me” Vibha looked suspiciously at Khushi “Oook...can i have a glass of water?” Khushi quickly turned to the other side of the kitchen to fetch water for her, when she returned she saw Vibha hovering around the cupboards, “Here's your water dear” Khushi said pleasantly. Vibha nodded a thanks and said that she and her brother will now go to their room. Khushi smiled and told her that she'll come up in some time.
After Vibha left, Khushi got about getting her cake batter ready, she broke eggs, mixed butter, whizzed the cream and sugar and finally looked around trying to locate the flour; she found it on the overhead cupboard. As she leaned up to remove the container, she felt it move unsteadily and before she could catch it, it fell hard on her head with the flour all over her hair and dress. She cleaned as much of it as she could with a kitchen towel while trying to salvage what ever was left in the container. She cleaned up the mess and finished getting her batter ready. 'can this day get any worse and weird!' she thought. After plonking the cake in the oven and timing it for 45 minutes, she hurried up to her room to have a quick shower before putting the twins to sleep.
The twins meanwhile were stationed near the connecting door waiting to hear khushi enter her room. They quickly backed away as soon as they heard her cursing and entering the bathroom. As soon as she entered, Vivaan quickly went and locked the bathroom from outside. Then they resumed their earlier coloring activity while waiting for the ball to drop.

Khushi stripped herself of the offending clothes and soaked them in water to get rid of the flour. She stepped into the shower and felt relaxed as the hot water ran across her body. She closed her eyes and leaned on the cubicle door 'This is bliss' she thought.

Arnav had enough of stress around him, first of all a certain ms Kumari would not leave his mind and the twins laughter across the hall seemed to irritate him further; he wondered why they weren't asleep yet, he was now convinced that Khushi was irresponsible, how could she keep them awake till so late on a school night! He put on his robe over his pajama bottoms and strode across to their room. As soon as he entered he saw the kids rolling on the carpet laughing their heads away to glory “What the...why are you both still up? You should be sleeping by now!” The twins went quite as they observed their angry uncle, vibha spoke up first “Mama, we were waiting for ms Kumari to read us a book; but she seemed to have dozed off leaving us all alone. Now how are we supposed to sleep?” Arnav grew more irritated at the silly girl, how the hell did she fall asleep while the twins were still up? He smiled gently at them and motioned for then to get under the covers, he picked up a tom sawyer book and started reading it to them, eventually they both fell into deep sleep while Arnav himself felt drowsy; He switched off the side lamps and put on the night lamp before tucking them in. As he was leaving the room, he felt he heard someones voice and a banging; it was coming from the adjacent room. He slowly crept towards it from the connecting door.

Khushi was panicking! Not only was there no towel in the bathroom, but the lights had gone off and the door was bolted shut from outside. She had never felt more scared and irritated before. She kept banging on the door and screaming to either get someones attention or make the twins feel bad about locking her, she was sure this was one of their pranks just like she was convinced that the flour container trick was Vibha's. She tried looking around for some kind of dry clothing or even a face towel to dry herself but it was too dark to look anywhere. Suddenly she felt someone on the other side of the door “Sharadaji is that you? Please unlock this door and hand me a towel...i have nothing in here” As she was banging again, she felt the door being unlocked and a hand reached in with a towel. She thanked sharadaji and wrapped herself with the towel while steeping out tentatively. She blinked in the dim light and turned towards her side to thank Sharadaji; who she saw made her blood run cold but also made her flesh go all tingly and warm, once again she faced the ruthless face and smoldering eyes of Arnav singh raizada.

Arnav was once again mesmerized by her sight, he had gotten into her room only to find her bed empty and her shouts from the bathroom. He gauged what had happened quickly; the twins had once again played another trick on their Ms Kumari. He tried hearing what she was saying assuming he was Sharada, she was complaining of not having a towel to cover herself up...so that meant she was naked in all her glory on the other side of the door. He felt hot and bothered all of a sudden. Before he did anything stupid, he quickly took a towel thrown on the floor and unlocked the door; he had decided to run from the room as soon as he gave her the towel but something made him stop. He felt his feet stuck onto the carpeted floor as she walked out with her hair all wet and her skin glowing in the soft light. The towel barely reached her mid thighs while her slender neck looked extremely inviting to his parched lips. He saw her shocked face and luscious lips forming some words; before he knew what happened, she had pushed him away with surprising force and was now trying to dodge around the room trying to find God only knows what. He felt anger at her audacity again as he heard her mutter 'shameless' and 'arrogant' and many other not so nice words obviously directed towards him, he started walking purposely towards her while she started backing away with each step he took forward.
He was truly irritated that instead of thanking him she was once again making him look like the instigator of her sorry situation. His robe got undone as he kept moving towards her slowly. When finally she had no where to go , her back collided with the opposite wall with Arnav only inches away from her. Arnav felt his instinct take over as he locked his hands on either side of her with his arms holding her captive against his body, but as soon as she looked at him with her hazel eyes, he felt something melt inside him, all the anger and irritation had suddenly turned into something else. He once again felt himself lose control as he leaned in to inhale her scent. She smelled of roses and summer breezes; her quivering lips were rosy red while her face was getting flushed by the minute. She trailed her tongue along her lips getting them wet, He felt totally lost in her as he felt himself lean in to capture those perfect cupid arrow lips, but he completely lost control when he felt her tiny palms on his naked chest burning through his skin. He swooped down and possessed her lips with a hunger that surprised him.

Khushi was scared, she had never felt so helpless in her life! As he started walking towards her, his eyes full of anger and something else, she felt fearful of him, but as his robe started unravelling the hard muscled body under it she felt her insides constrict, she trailed her eyes from his collarbone to his tapering waist, Khushi felt her mouth go dry at the sight. When he held her captive on either side of her body, she felt herself drown in his eyes and his masculinity. She did not know what was happening to her, but she had this insane urge to kiss him senseless. She involuntarily wet her lips with her tongue and saw his eyes get darker; she wanted to stop this before she lost control but when she tried pushing him away, her palms touching his hard chest, she felt the dam break as his lips took hers in hungry abandon. At first his lips were urgent against hers but then he started teasing her with his tongue and teeth, brushing the swell of her bottom lip with kisses till she was struggling to breath. Khushi felt her entire body on fire as arnavs lips played havoc with her senses, she knew he wanted her to open up; she resisted for a few seconds but when she couldn't take it anymore, she opened her mouth with a moan of surrender and felt him take full possession of her lips while plunging his tongue deep inside her mouth, Khushi crept her hand hands over his chest to finally lock them around his neck and pulled him closer towards her.

Arnav felt heaven as he tasted her, so sweet yet robust. He moans were making him go crazy and he deepened the kiss as he felt her pull him towards her. He put one leg between her thighs and let his hands roam across her shoulders, with one holding her waist firmly while the other cupping her bottom. Khushi suddenly felt something hard nudging her stomach. She suddenly pushed Arnav away as the reality of what just happened crashed on her. She clutched her towel harder and looked at Arnav who was breathing heavily against her. He too looked equally shocked and confused as she did. Before she could say anything, he quickly turned around and stormed out of her room. Khushi stood rooted to the same spot for quite some time trying to work out an explanation of what possessed her to kiss him back and act like such a wonton. This was the first time anything like this had ever happened to her, she had been kissed before but they were tiny pecks by guys she had dated during university, What she had just shared with Arnav went way deeper. She felt scared and vulnerable. She had no idea how she would face him now. She felt it best to completely avoid him for the time being; if only fate had not interfered!

Arnav banged his door shut as he threw his robe on the floor. What the hell just happened there! One moment he was trying to scare her and make her apologize for her words while the next moment he could not stop kissing her. He wanted to take her right then and there and maybe he would have if she had not pushed him away. Arnav singh Raizada never lost control! Then why does it happen that with Khushi he always did..He had no idea what this feeling was and as always was too scared to explore it. He felt it best to avoid her from now on. He already had too many things to worry about already. He got into bed and switched off the lights. He rested with his arms crossed behind his head; all he could think about was the feel of her lips and body against his own and how her sweet moans were his undoing...this was going to be a long night once again!

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