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Maid in Love! - Chapter 19

Mature Content Ahead (18+ Only)

Shashi gupta was thoroughly confused. He had no idea why they were in GGH head office building instead of the court. He looked at Garima who looked equally confused while Khushi seemed to have a calm look about her. He turned to Khushi “Khushi, what is happening. Why are we here? Mr Shetty is not saying anything, but I have a feeling you know something.” Khushi smiled at the father “Papa, just hold on a minute, you’ll know everything soon” saying this she led her father along with the other officers up the VIP lift. They entered their floor and went straight to the room adjoining the conference room. They could heated loud voices in the conference room, especially kishore’s. Khushi made her parent sit on chairs facing the other room and opened the adjoining room a fraction. What ensued there stunned them.


Kishore felt like he was being sucked into some kind of a cruel joke “What the hell do you mean by saying that I signed over the company to him?! Mr Khan your old fuzz of a brain is making you a complete loony to even suggest this! My God man, at least review what you say before blurting it out. I think its time I terminate you from this board!” Mr Khan laughed loudly “really Kishore, are you drunk! What the hell do you think you just signed for? My dear man, you just signed over all your stock in the company to Mr Raizada, in fact you also signed over all of Sheena’s stock! This deal was proposed by Mr Raizada so that we can have a good and strong leader for GGH, and he fit the profile perfectly! Did you really think we would hand over this company to both of you!”

Sheena felt her entire body shake in rage! How dare he play this game with them, she leapt forward and held arnav by his hands “ASR, please tell me this is a joke! Did you really dupe us? We thought this was a joint venture, not a buyout! In fact we read the proposal word to word. How can it be otherwise” Arnav calmly pushed her hands away and looked them straight in the eyes “Well Sheena, this is business. I knew that you both would never agree to this, so I had to strategize. I did give you a proposal on a joint venture but we conveniently changed the documents when you went to other room to formalize your directorship. Sorry sweetheart but everything is fair in Love and war and business is a kind of war right?!”

Kishore came forward and went straight for arnav's suit lapels “How dare you! I'll take you to the police! I swear to God i'll make sure you are put behind bars you B*****d!” Arnav stared at kishore angrily and shook his hands off him before saying in a menacing voice “Don’t swear at me Mr Gupta! Whatever we did was legal, in fact SEBI might have already documented the deal. So lets just leave it at that, right now you are the beggars. I mean whatever your personal wealth is will be sealed by the govt since your brother will be in jail for corruption, by the time he comes out it may be a few years at least. I think its best you accept this humbly instead if making a bigger fool out of you and your daughter”

Sheena went and stood by her father “You will pay for this Mr Raizada, just you wait and watch. You only have stocks which were mine and my fathers. My uncle and Khushi’s stocks are still with them. Their portion is far bigger with them owning majority of promoter shares. They will make sure you don’t get any power over this company. And board members, I can’t believe you all would fall so low! I will make sure that all of you are jailed for this betrayal to the company and to us!”

Arnav looked at the members smiling, “So you are saying that Shashi gupta and his daughter will oppose this? But how is that even possible! Do you have amnesia? As far as I know they will be in Jail for a long time! Thanks to you both, they will be easily convicted and the best part is that after three months their shares will automatically get transferred to me, the new CEO of this company. So lets just cut the crap, either you both leave cordially or I call security”

Sheena looked with blazing fury in her eyes and said confidently “Oh but they haven’t been convicted yet have they! We can always take our statement back and just to let you know I can prove that they had nothing to do with any of the accusations! In fact it was all done by us! me and my father planned the entire thing! So its very easy for me to prove otherwise” She laughed maniacally as everyone looked on shocked “Everything from the buying of quotes to the bribing was my brainchild! I will put the entire blame on that Lavanya and Shyam who by the way were hired by me! I will get my uncle and khushi out and tell them the truth about you! They will be forever grateful to me and my father for saving them. We’ll take you down mr Raizada! Along with all of you traitors!!”

Sheena was breathing heavily, she felt Kishore hold her hand “Shut-up Sheena, why are you telling them all this!” Sheena turned her angry eyes to her father “What does it matter pops, its not like they can prove anything! We have to rush to the court so that we can take our statement back.” She gave one last angry look to arnav before turning on her heels, she felt a chill as she heard arnav speak “Well, you really don’t need to go to court and we needn’t prove anything since you just proved your uncle’s innocence and your conviction” She shivered all over as she felt the adjoining room open. Her mouth fell open and she felt her father stumble on the carpeted floor. Right in front of them was a very angry Shashi, a very angry Garima and a calm Khushi along with a bevy of ACB officers.


Khushi felt her father jerk forward as he heard arnav speak about the deal, she quickly clamped a hand over his mouth as he started throwing abuses towards both his brother and arnav. She gave him a pleading look and asked him to only listen to the conversation instead of reacting to it. He nodded his head and she slowly went and opened the door a little bit more. Luckily Kishore and Sheena’s back was to the door so they could not see anything. They all heard as Sheena spoke about their part in the plan, all the hidden hurt and pain was resurfacing on Shashi’s face. Khushi could see his face contort with suppressed hurt and anger. When she finally saw Sheena turning to leave the room and stop, Khushi opened the door completely and led her parents out. She could literally feel the anger emanating from their bodies. The officers followed after them and at last they were standing face to face with the real culprits. Khushi took a huge sigh of relief as she finally felt a 100kgs lighter.


Arnav saw the horror on Sheena and Kishore’s faces and felt a sadistic happiness at the pain and the suffering which was in store for them. He saw as Shashi came forward and face Kishore “How could you Kishore! How could YOU! I trusted you more than myself, I nurtured you, I gave you all the love of a parent. Why did you do this to me?! What was lacking in my love for you!” Kishore’s face first showed shock and then as he heard Shashi’s voice he felt anger bubbling inside “What did you do bhaisahab? Really! U trusted me huh? That’s why you kept me away from all important meetings. I saw how you made sure I was never part of any major decisions. You treated me and my daughter with indifference and not only that, you named your daughter as the predecessor for your position, when you know for sure that I deserved that seat! And u ask me what went wrong!”

Shashi looked at his brother with sad pitiful eyes “Kishore all these things are your imaginations! You think that you are not worthy of this job. I never kept you away from anything. Sometimes I did not involve you because you were not concerned with those projects. Moreover I never thought of Sheena as less than Khushi, both were equal for me. If you remember, it was the board which took the decision to appoint Khushi next in line, not me! In fact you were one of the first persons to congratulate her. If you had a problem with it, why did you not say anything at that point!”

Kishore felt like there was no way out now, they had dug their own grave and now they had to lie in it. He looked at Arnav who looked at him with scorn. He could not believe that he was brought down by him. He wondered why of all the people arnav had helped them. He felt another bout of anger grip him as he leapt forward to hit arnav, but this time instead of arnav he felt a strong but soft hand grip his arm.

He looked up to see Khushi looking at him with angry blazing eyes, “Enough uncle, you have done enough! I cannot believe I gave you the same place as my father. You are not worthy of any of our love or loyalty.” Kishore pulled his hand from hers and raised it towards her, but before he could bring it down he felt his head being snapped back as a powerful slap landed on his face. He looked up to see Arnav towering above him “Don't you dare touch her! You have done enough damage here. Its time you and your daughter make way to your new home with the officers.”

Kishore and Sheena were more shocked to see arnav go and hold khushi possessively by her shoulders, Arnav turned towards Shashi gupta and Garima “I'm sorry Mr Gupta, i know my way was wrong but this was the only way we could bring the truth out. Khushi was working in my house as a governess. I'm sure she'll tell you the entire story later but right now you must know that i fell in love with her, she is my life and even though fate has played this game with us, i know that we have come out of it stronger. Our love is pure and nothing can change that. I have always respected you and never once did i want to hurt or trouble you. Please understand that all this was done intentionally to prove your innocence. I hope you can forgive me”

To say that Shashi gupta was shocked was an understatement. He did not think that he could take anymore shocks, but this one was a pleasant one by far. He came towards arnav and took his hand, then he placed Khushi's hand in his and looked him straight in the eyes “I always liked you son, i knew something was up when you got so defensive in this case. In fact to tell you the truth the time when Khushi left for Delhi, we had received a proposal from your grand mother for Khushi's hand for you.”

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other suddenly with their mouths hanging open, Shashi and Garima smiled at their expression, Shashi continued “That was why it hurt me so much when i heard that you were accusing my daughter without even knowing her and that too after the proposal had come from your house. But now i know how fate has played this game. You two were always meant for each other kids. You have my blessing and forgiveness” He clasped their hands together and turned towards Khushi “And you young lady have a lot of explanation to do! I will be having a stern talk with Dipti”

As Khushi hugged her parents, they heard a loud scream and a raging Sheena looking at them “ You b***h! First you play this game with us and then you snare him too! I always knew you were a wh**e, I hope both of you rot in hell!” Arnav came forward and held Sheena gruffly by her chin, she got terribly scared of his devil angry eyes “Not a word more Sheena. I have never hit a woman, so don't provoke me to start and trust me there will be no place in hell left with the likes of you there” Sheena gulped but said in a nasty voice “Well Mr Raizada, who are you to say anything! You are no better, you have the blood of a cheater running in your blood or have you forgotten how your mother killed herself over your father infidelity, its public news!”

Arnav dropped her face and took a step back, her words rang in his ears. He turned away form her when he saw Khushi whoosh past him towards Sheena. It took a second for him to realize what had happened as Sheena fell down with the powerful blow of khushi's slap, he could not believe that such a petite creature could pack such a powerful punch. He saw as Sheena was pulled up by one of the lady officers and cuffed, her lower lip was bleeding and her eyes were now full of terror as she looked at Khushi.

Arnav felt khushi slide her hands in his as she spoke with passion while looking into his eyes “You don't hit woman, but i definitely can” Arnav pulled her up and held her tightly against him, they did not care for the audience that were interestingly watching the drama including Khushi's parents. Khushi closed her eyes as she felt arnav's lips on her, He kissed her with a gentle abandon as if trying to put all his love in that one kiss. She pulled away a few seconds later and they both turned towards Kishore and Sheena who were now standing near the door with the officers ready to take them out. Khushi walked towards them and spoke slowly “You lost. You thought you could deceive us, well you tired your best. I hope we never see you again. You deserve no love or respect form anyone! Do you understand” with that she turned her head away from them as the officers led them out.


It was nearly two hours later and 3 cups of coffee down that Khushi got to explain the entire story to her parents, she told them everything right from her decision to work in delhi at the Raizada's to the events which took place in the morning today. Mr Khan had joined them in the cabin and patted arnav's back as he spoke “Shashi, this is a good man here! Did you know he masterminded this entire thing! The bugger called us up at 2am to explain his plan. Without him we would not have been able to bring you both back”

Shashi gupta looked at arnav and came towards him, he placed his hand on his shoulder “Thank you son. I don't think i can thank you enough. For trusting khushi, for helping us out and for just being there for us in this difficult time. I cannot ask for a better person for my daughter” Arnav placed his hand gently on top of his “There is no thanks needed Mr Gupta, i love khushi and i respect you. Even though i did doubt her i knew in my heart that i could trust her” He smiled at him and continued “Also, just to let you know i have already asked my company secretary to send papers for transferring Kishore and Sheena's shares in your name. I only bought them for this plan.”

Shashi shook his head at arnav's words “No son, you and Khushi are one. You need not transfer the shares back to me. I and i'm sure the board as well would love to have you on as a promoter director. I have already stepped down and with my brother gone, khushi will need a hand in running this business. If you don't mind we can actually think of merging both our companies together or forming a new venture” Arnav looked at Khushi and spoke “I would like nothing better”


Everyone left the office building after a good lunch; Khushi felt like she was on cloud nine! She could not believe that dadiji had sent a proposal for her, destiny could never be planned. She saw as arnav said his goodbyes to everyone including her parents. He had promised them that they would come home in his car. He came in her cabin and locked the door behind him. She looked on impatiently as he loosened his tie and walked slowly towards her. She was standing against her desk when his arms came and suddenly lifted her up on the table. He made her sit up with her legs twirled around his. He leaned down and whispered in her ears “So..fate huh? What do you think? Would you have accepted me or rejected me if you had seen my proposal?”

Khushi felt his hot breath on her ears as he continued nuzzling her neck and bite slightly into the delicate flesh of her ears “umm...i don't know...maybe i would have tried you first...see if we were compatible...and then made my decision” she replied breezily, her nipples getting harder as his body pressed further against hers, arnav started opening her shirt buttons slowly and took off her shirt completely, she was left in a lacy cream bra. His lips trailed her neck and he whispered again “Well then, i guess it time to find out” with that he hoisted her up as she wrapped her arms along his neck. His lips captured hers with a hungry desire. He could not believe how much he wanted her all the time, even after the amazing night and day they spent together, he could not have enough of her.

Khushi responded feverishly to his kiss, she tangled her tongue with his as he assaulted her mouth with his hot demanding one. She pulled his tie off him and slid his coat from his broad shoulders. Her deft fingers, now experienced tore his shirt as she slid her palms over the hard panes of his body. She heard him suck in a breath as her hands pinched and grazed his nipples. Khushi could feel his throbbing arousal between her legs, it made her already wet center drip with excitement.

Arnav unclasped khushi's bra and latched his tongue on her straining peaks, his body went completely rigid as he heard her moan loudly. He quickly pulled off her pants as she undid his. He got rid of his boxers and slid Khushi's wet panty off her. In his impatience he cleared the entire table of the clutter in one sweep of his hands and looked at Khushi with passion diluted eyes, she understood what he wanted. He helped her get on all fours over the desk and he quickly thrust into her from behind. She gasped loudly and started moaning as his thrusts got harder, his one hand pressed her soft breasts under her body while the other held her lush bottom. Khushi moaned loudly “ please..harder...yess...” hearing khushi's voice nearly threw him over, his rhythm took a wild turn as he increased his pace and thrust harder in her welcoming warmth. He felt her body getting ready to climax as her tight sheath milked his arousal.They both came together as their bodies shuddered and reached the ultimate shattering orgasm.

Khushi felt arnav slowly sliding out of her as he pulled her up and hugged her tightly. Their sweaty bodies pressed together gave a sense of being one to her. He held her face in his hands and gave her light kisses “I didn't hurt you did i baby?” Khushi shook her head and continued kissing him back “No, you could never hurt me darling, that was the most amazing experience i've ever had. Maybe we should do it more.” she giggled as he ticked her waist “Your wish is my command princess” Khushi got down from the table and put her arms around his neck “By the way my answer would have definitely been a yes if it was based on compatibility” she said while laughing, she picked up her clothes and ran to the en-suit bathroom to freshen up.


Half an hour later they were heading to the Gupta mansion, Khushi looked at arnav sideways and asked “by the arnav, what happened to Lavanya? Do you have any idea where she is” Arnav smiled sheepishly “ tell you the truth....what the!” before he could complete his sentence he saw his phone buzzing, he saw that it was his sister calling. He parked the car on the side curb and showed Khushi the caller ID, Khushi smiled as arnav spoke on the phone, she wondered how they would explain everything to the raizadas. She saw as arnav got tensed and looked at Khushi with worry “Don't worry di, i'll be on the next flight back” He clicked the phone off and took a deep breath “I have to go home right away. Di said the twins were picked up from school but not by her. The teacher said their father had come to pick them up”


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