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Maid in Love! - Chapter 16

Slightly Mature (15+)

Khushi woke up at 6am in the morning, both she and her father had hardly slept a wink. She looked up to find her father pacing the length of the small room. She turned her neck around trying to wake up the tense muscles, her awkward position on the small chair had given her a crick in the neck. Both father and daughter refused to sleep on the beds provided; instead they stayed up all night waiting for the morning to come.

Khushi did not remember when she dozed off, she got up and stretched her limbs before addressing her father “Papa, how are you feeling? Did you sleep at all?” Shashi gupta smiled at his daughter “No kiddo, i could not sleep all night. I was afraid of the nightmares i would get if i do. If only i had Mr Raizada in front of me. I swear i chop his head off if he comes before me.”

Khushi gulped visibly “Umm...Papa forget about all that. I'm sure all this will be sorted out before the day is over. We have to prepare ourself for the barrage of questions which will be asked by the authorities again. Do you have your suspicions on anyone?”

Shashi gupta looked pensively at her “Now that you say it. I don't know...who can i suspect? Wait what if ASR has done this all purposely! I mean both the accusations are from his company that too in the wake of this tender. I am quite sure its him..i mean who else would do this!”

Khushi quickly cut him of before he threw more accusations arnav's way “Papa, i don't think ASR has anything to do with this. Maybe he is also a victim like us?. Think papa who else will benefit from me and you out of the way” She wanted her father to reach a natural conclusion about his brother. God only knows how he would take the truth about her uncle and Sheena.

She looked up at him as his face lit up “Wait...Kishore” Khushi smiled thinking how soon her father suspected his brother, now at least half her work was done. But she still had to be careful about not revealing too much of their plan, she turned towards her father to find that her excitement was short lived, shashi gupta spoke animatedly to her “Kishore is coming in today. Garima told me that she spoke to him yesterday. Apparently they were in some far away district in Dubai where reception was low. Kiddo all our problems will be solved once your uncle is here. I am sure he will find the culprit and clear our names” Khushi sighed loudly “yes i hope so too papa..i hope so too”


Arnav stretched on his office couch. He had spent all night calling up the board of directors trying to explain his plan to them. He knew that they had a board meeting scheduled for today evening and he wanted to get his plan ready before Kishore and Sheena made their appearance. What surprised him the most was that all the directors agreed with Arnav about Shashi's innocence. They too were in a jumble wondering how this blame got put on his head and how they should deal with it. The most natural thing for them to do was to disassociate him from the company and appoint the person next in line; unfortunately since Khushi too was under accusations so it would have to be Kishore and nearly all of them were dreading it. No one trusted Kishore to take this company forward.

All the board members were surprised and some annoyed to get his call this late, but being Arnav singh Raizada had its benefits. Everyone had agreed to cooperate with his plan. Arnav smiled as he remembered Khushi's sweet face, he wondered if she had slept at all. He had to see her right away, with this thought in mind he left for his penthouse for a quick shower and change.


Sheena was waiting for Kishore in the car. They were leaving a little late in the morning since the first flight form dubai reached mumbai around noon, so they did not want to reach mumbai earlier that required. As she saw kishore coming out her phone buzzed; she picked up her call to find shyam calling her “Sheena, listen there's some disturbing news” Sheena's heartbeat started speeding, they could not have any hicks at this time of their planning, she waited for Shyam to complete his sentence “Lavanya has gone missing. I tried calling her in the morning since the gupta's are being taken to court today. So she is required for their acquittal. I had some men following her all this time, but she vanished into thin air. Her hotel room has been checked out and her phone is switched off. Ask your father if he knows anything about her”

Sheena turned towards her father as he was belting up “Pops, did Lavanya contact you? Apparently she is missing” Kishore looked panicked “No she didn't. But how is that possible. I spoke to her last night and told her that shyam was coming to pick her up in the morning. Do you think its possible that the police have figured out something” Sheena looked tensed “No i think the b***ch took off on her own. You know how scared she was about all this. Plus you made sure she was sufficiently paid for everything, so its possible she's up and left. This is not good for our plan. But maybe we can turn things around, maybe make it look like Shashi gupta has had her kidnapped for speaking against him”

Kishore did not look convinced but nodded his head. Sheena spoke on the phone to shyam and explained to him that if she does not surface before the court session, make it look like she was kidnapped. Sheena clicked her phone off and started her car. They had a long day to go and a lot of tears to cry albeit fake ones.


Garima's eyes were swollen red, Khushi felt horrible that she had to put her parents through this ordeal. She kissed her mothers palm and assured her that everything will be fine. Garima had come in the morning with breakfast and a change of clothes for khushi and her father. After a quick shower in the attached bathroom, khushi came out wearing one of her pant-suits, a pale yellow one with a white satin blouse. Her mother had got some pearls for her and she was wearing her hair up in a stylish bun. Her mother felt they should look their best for the court session. Shashi gupta was sitting with his head down on one of the chairs.

Khushi walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulders “Papa, please stop worrying so much. I am sure things will work out in our favor. Like you said now that uncle will come in some time, im sure Sheena will clear everything about the quotes.” She wondered how her father will react when he sees sheena denying everything. Khushi knew for a fact that both father and daughter will deny making any changes in the quotes. She just hoped her father was strong enough to face this storm.

She had just gotten up to get a glass of water when the door was unlocked, Everyone got up suddenly. Mr Shetty was standing at the entrance with a lady guard behind him. He looked at Khushi and motioned her way “Ms Gupta, please come with me” Shashi held her wrist tightly “No. Where are you taking her? There' still a few hours to go to court. If you are going to question her than i want to come along” Mr Shetty asked the lady guard to go forward, “Don't worry Mr gupta. We just need to complete a few formalities. We won't take her for questioning or court without you” Khushi looked with assurance in her eyes towards her father “papa, don't worry i'm sure its just a formality. You just relax here with mom” She kissed his cheek and left with Mr Shetty.

As they walked out and Mr Shetty locked the room once again, she turned towards him “So where are we going? Did my uncle and Sheena come here yet?” Mr Shetty shook his head “No Ms Gupta, they have still not come in and we don't expect them till quite some time. But Mr raizada is here to meet you. He is waiting in the VIP lounge. You will be quite safe and secure talking there. He said he wanted to discuss the further plan with you. He has already met the commissioner and me and explained everything to us.”

Khushi's heart started beating very fast, how she longed to see arnav. All night she could not sleep; she was dying to be in his arms, to be kissed by him into oblivion, just thinking about meeting him gave her goosebumps and made her go soft in the knees. She followed Mr Shetty to an isolated room right at the far end of the corridor. He opened the door for her and asked her to ring the red button once they were done talking, since she was under arrest, they had to lock the door from outside. Khushi thanked him and walked slowly inside as the door closed shut behind her.


Arnav was mesmerized by the sight in front of him, if he thought khushi looked breathtaking in the red sheer sari, she looked equally gorgeous in the formal suit she was wearing. He wanted to take he r in his arms and ravish her then and there, but he had to keep his urges in check. She kept standing there near the door with her hands behind her resting on the door frame so arnav started walking towards her.

Khushi saw as arnav walked with a predatory look in his eyes. She was shocked to feel her body grow hot with excitement. She could not understand this wonton nature of hers or how this wild side of hers surfaced when ever Arnav singh raizada was in front of her. She held onto the door frame behind her as he came near, he was hardly a few inches away from her and all she could think was to press herself against him and get lost in his arms.

Arnav stood in front of her, not touching her even though his body ached with a need to feel her, he smiled at her and spoke slowly “Hi Khushi, how are you feeling?” he could see the bewildered look on her face as if wondering why he was being so formal, but he had to maintain a formal demeanor, after all they were in a Govt organization. He was wondering when Khushi would answer him when he suddenly felt himself being pulled forward and propelled against the door.

Khushi had no idea where she got the strength to do that, but she was pissed off with arnav for being so nonchalant. She grabbed the lapels of his coat and yanked him down to her. Her mouth closed over his and what felt like an electrical charge blasted both of them. Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck and held on while his tongue parted her lips and slipped into the heat of her mouth. She sighed into him and instantly tangled her tongue with his , eager and hungry for him.

Arnav felt like heaven as her lips touched his, he thought to hell with formal behavior and other complications, right now his body craved khushi. His desire for her was overwhelming and it consumed him as she sucked on his tongue with her hot mouth. The feel of her body pressed against his only made him go harder. He pulled her closer to let her know what he was feeling, and when she moaned, it almost pushed him over the edge.

Khushi's stomach flipped, her heartbeat staggered in heavy beats and her already weak knees turned to jelly under the onslaught of soo many sensations. As he pulled her closer pressing his hard length into her, she felt every hard muscled inch of him imprinting itself on her body. A familiar throbbing ache settled between her thighs as he swept his hands up and down her back caressing her behind.

Suddenly the tempo of their kiss changed, the passionate desire had turned into a wild almost animalistic need, Khushi whimpered and moaned as she felt the erotic thrust of aranv's tongue and the hard pressure of his skillful mouth. He bit her lower lip and sucked it till it was swollen to a blushing pink. He wanted to devour her completely as he undid her chignon and let her hair tumble on her back in a beautiful cascade.

Khushi held on tightly to arnav and slid her shaking hands beneath his coat. She could feel the warmth of his body and the rapid beating of his heart as he gripped her shoulders and pushed her once again against the door. Roughly khushi pushed his jacket off his shoulders as he pulled hers off her. Her hands started yanking at his shirt removing it from his pants and over his head, she slid her hands seductively over his hard chest. She circled her thumbs over his sensitized hard nipples and pinched them as she felt him groan in his throat. Then she lowered her mouth to where her thumbs had been.

Arnav felt like the earth was shattering beneath him as he felt khushi's responsive mouth roaming on his chest. He pushed her satin blouse over her head and gathered her heaving breasts in his hands. He pressed the globes and kissed her in between them as she arched up towards him. He undid her bra and flicked it away as his tongue latched on to her tight buds. He massaged one perfect breast as he sucked on the other. She looked gorgeous with only the chain of pearls around her delicate neck. He nipped her on her neck as his tongue licked the pearls, the sensation of his hot tongue and cool pearls was khushi's undoing. She writhed beneath his assault as he ground his arousal between her thighs.

Arnav once again claimed her lips as khushi ran her nails over his back. They both wanted each other desperately. Arnav picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He once again started kissing her between her breasts as they heard a loud rap on the door from the other side “Mam, are you done with your talk? Can i open the door now? Mr Shetty said you will be leaving for court in an hour” Khushi looked at arnav with a horrified expression, he still had his mouth around one of her nipples. She quickly pushed him away and replied in a steady voice “n...n..no, give us a few more minutes. We still have some more to discuss. I'll ring the bell when we are done” the lady guard said from the other side “Ok mam, but only five more minutes then i need to take you back”

Arnav quickly took her bra, blouse and jacket to her. He looked at her longingly as she dressed herself quickly. He too wore his shirt and jacket quickly while pushing his hair back from its delicious chaos. Khushi looked at him and asked him to check if she looked all right. He thought she looked gorgeous with her flushed skin, swollen lips and hair astray. He went forward and straightened her hair for her, getting rid of any knots by running his hands through it. He loved her soft silky hair. Then he held her face in his hands and looked her in the eyes “God Khushi, you are so beautiful. I wish we were in a different place, just you and me. I wish things weren't so complicated and that you and your father wouldn't have to suffer soo much. I am soo sorry for making you go through all this. I feel horrible that you had to spend a night here in captivity and your father too. I just hope you forgive me.”

Khushi had tears in her eyes, she place her palms on top of his “Oh arnav...how could you even think for a minute that i would be upset with you. What you are doing for me and my father is more than i could imagine anyone doing for us. Don't you ever think that this is your fault or you are responsible for anything. We were all pawns in this game played by my family and your ex-brother in law. We will make them pay arnav.” She bent forward and placed a feathery light kiss on his lips “I love you arnav, more than love itself” Arnav hugged her tightly and kissed her on her forehead “I love you too darling, don't you ever forget that. I cannot wait to be with you once all this is over” They pulled apart as they saw the door being opened and the lady guard walking in. Khushi looked a arnav one last time as she was led away from him towards their waiting room.


Her parents both asked khushi about the state of her hair. Luckily her lips were not as swollen as before and she quickly applied dark lipstick to hide the bite mark. Her coloring had returned to normal but only her hair was in a disarray. She quickly made up a lie about the tight bun itching her, luckily no one asked any further questions. Khushi was just arranging her hair in a loose bun when the door once again opened, her heart thudded hard against her ribs thinking that the person might be arnav, but angry bile rose up in her as she saw her uncle and sheena coming in with fake concerned faces. She wanted to take the comb in her hands and shove it down sheena's throat but she had to be careful and not show any negative emotions to succeed in their plan.

Khushi saw her father flung his arms around his brother and hold him tightly against him. She felt like her heart was breaking looking at her father trusting his brother so blindly, if only he knew. She came forward and got held in an embrace by sheena and then her uncle. She felt like throwing up looking at the show of concern for them. She looked down as her uncle went on about how unfair this is and how VBR should be sued to accuse them so “Don't worry bhaisahab, i'll make sure that ASR will pay for this! I am quite sure he has played this game. I'll clear you name, don't you worry about it.”

Sheena also gave in her two pence “Oh Kush, don't worry baby. I'll tell them that i had changed the quotes and not you. This is all such a big misunderstanding, its practically a joke right!. Don't you worry. Both of you will be out of here in minutes” She motioned to her father to get going. Khushi did not miss this exchange. As her parents were busy trusting them, she was busy analyzing them. She saw as they walked out of the room promising her father that they will get everything sorted. Her father looked visibly more stronger and confident as he saw his younger brother leave. He was happy that now things will fall in place. Khushi was just praying that the next part of their plan would be a success and both Kishore and Sheena will fall for their trap. She just hoped it would work out smoothly. Now it was all up to Arnav.

Sheena was laughing maniacally as the door closed behind them, she was careful not to say anything in the premises in case someone heard them. Such a pity she thought, a bright young girl amidst such controversy and an industry veteran respected for all these years, down the gutter! She felt gleeful about the news which was going to make headlines tomorrow. They were called in to the interrogation office for their official statements. They already knew what to say when asked, denial was the best form of answer she thought slyly. Poor Khushi she wouldn't know what hit her!

They were just turning around a corner when their path was blocked by an imposingly tall man, he had wide shoulders, straight aristocratic nose, chocolate brown deep eyes and gorgeous wavy hair. He looked like a Greek God Sheena thought. So manly, so handsome, she just wanted to devour him then and there, her curiosity got the better of her as he looked at her father beside her and said in a deep rumbly voice that sent delicious shivers down her spine “Good afternoon. You must be Mr Kishore Gupta. I am Arnav singh raizada, CEO of VBR Group of companies and i have something very important to discuss with you”


  1. very nice update
    it's so sad that Shashi trusts Kishore so much and just cuz he came he got his strength back
    Damn at arhi for having such animalistic needs for each other, it was too passionate
    I wonder what Arnav is going to say to them :O

    1. Thanks :) Well Arnav has planned something big..will be partly revealed in the next chapter.

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