Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter 1

"What the hell Aman! I don't understand why you fix my appointments without consulting me. I don't want to attend this damn fashion show, I want you to fix my meeting with Mr StClair, we need to finalize on our export terms with him"
Aman was visibly shaking at the other end of the phone "Umm..sir, I had asked you about this show earlier; plus Mahendra sir had said it might be good since we may get to see some fresh talent, Visuigene Institute of Fashion is one of the top most in the world, so you never know" 
Arnav ran a frustrated hand through his hair "I know that Aman, but my other meeting is equally important! You know that! Fine i'll come for some time, but only half an hour tops! If mamaji wants me to attend then I will"
Aman let a sigh of relief "Thank you sir, plus i'll fix your meeting with Mr StClair in the Ritz which is only 10 minutes away, so you can do both"
Arnav agreed and kept down the phone. He picked up his coffee cup sipping the hot liquid, he could not believe he had to sit through a show of amateurs, but then he thought smiling, you never know who he'll come across, the next Gianni or Coco for all you know.
Khushi sat with her pencil dangling from her rosy plump lips, she looked up as her friend Lavanya made her way to her table "Whats up Katya? You look stressed, I mean if you are stressed for an exam one can only imagine what we mere mortals must be going through"
Lavanya sat down next to her and khushi gave her a smile "Nah, i'm not worried for the exam or show. I'm well prepared for both, plus professor Cheny thinks my dress rocks!" Lavanya gave her a confused look "Well then why the long face hunny?"
Khushi kept her pencil down and showed her what she was doing, Lavanya saw that khushi had doodled lots of numbers with lots of additions and subtractions "My expenses La, I don't know how I can meet them. Plus I need to start looking for cheap accommodation like Now!"
Lavanya grinned at her "Oh yes! Now I understand. I get you babe, I have the same problem. I mean sometime I only get to buy 6 or 7 pairs of shoes you know and daddy has become so strict now, so I get you"
Khushi looked at her friend with an amused face "incredible" she thought, here she was wondering if she should start eating paper and drink sewage water while lavanya was bothered about shoes! She could not remember the last time she bought shoes or a pretty dress. She had her limited wardrobe to go along with, but she did make her own dresses and tops with left over fabric from projects so she was not complaining.
Suddenly Lavanya jumped up "Katya! You can come and stay with me till you find some accommodation, i'm sure Andy won't mind" Andy was Lavanya's live in boy friend, Khushi smiled at her offer "Thanks darlin, but I don't think andy will be too thrilled, plus I don't want to stay up all night with you two going at it, remember the last time I stayed over?"
Lavanya blushed furiously "Oh yeah, sorry for that again. We tend to forget anyone is around us when'll know what i'm taking about when you meet the right guy"
Khushi rolled her eyes "Uh..huh. I think i'm the last person who will be that wild. The last time I kissed a guy, it felt like I was eating jelly fish! Plus you know what happened that night, its just put me off men!
Lavanya gave her a sad smile "Yeah babe I know. He was a sleazebag! I know how he took advantage of you, it was good that you kicked him where the sun don shine! He's gonna think ten times before touching a girl!"
Khushi did not want to remember that encounter! She quickly changed the topic, and after chatting for a bit more Lavanya stood up to leave "K babe, gotta go. By the way the buzz is that ASR is coming to review the show tomorrow. I mean you know who he is right!"
Khushi looked uninterested "yes I know who Arnav singh raizada is, have heard soo many things about him! He seems absolutely vulgar and a downright womanizer. I won't be seen dead near him!"
Lavanya slapped her forehead as she heard khushi "Seriously woman! He is soo effing hot! If I did not have a boy friend I would be all over him like a rash!"
Khushi smiled at her "Well its good that you have a boyfriend then! I don't care how good looking he is, my only concern is that he should like my designs., I mean it would be great to work for his company" saying this she too got up and started walking out of the study hall with Lavanya, tomorrow was gonna be a big day for her!
Arnav woke up at sharp 6am on Monday morning, he made sure he never slept past 6 on weekdays no matter who he shared the bed with; his lazy mornings were only for the weekend.
He stretched and reached for his blackberry. He glanced through his schedule for the day which was updated by Aman remotely. He was annoyed to see the blasted fashion show he had to attend at 7 pm. He thought it best not attend by making some excuse, but then he wasn't someone who backed out of commitments.
He got ready in his running gear and went out for his early morning jog to Hyde Park, he loved London in the summer, the mornings were cool and breezy and it gave him a sense of peace in his hectic life. He ran for nearly an hour and turned around to get back to his townhouse but on the way he got into Starbucks to pick up a coffee.
Khushi was stressed out of her head, when she left her halls in the morning, her warden reminded her about the coming weekend and asked her plans to clean-out her room, he then handed her some pamphlets for movers and a student union brochure for help with cheap accommodations. By the time she left the halls, she was already 20 minutes late and had to rush into the tube to Knightsbridge.
Once she reached Knightsbridge station , khushi proceeded to walk to Apsley hall in Belgravia; her last examination was being held there instead of the university. She was bone tired and totally exhausted by the time she reached her destination; she turned around to see a nearby starbucks; how she craved a good hazelnut cappuccino with extra cream. Her eyes lit up as she walked in.
Arnav ordered his coffee and waited as the guy behind the counter prepared it. The caf was filled with early morning office goers, he was staring out of the window when the most amazing perfume hit him, it was a delicate smell of citrusy fresh lemons, something very unique and exciting.
He turned around to see a tallish girl with dark brown hair standing at the counter. Her back was towards him so he could not look at her properly. She was wearing skinny jeans which molded her long legs and pert bottom perfectly; he could not clearly see what she was wearing on top since her hair covered most of her back. He felt turned on jut by staring at her behind; his hand extended on its own accord to touch her shoulders, when his phone rang.
Khushi was in too much hurry; she ordered her coffee and waited as the person finished making it. He called her order in which was placed on the side counter. She quickly picked it up and rushed out. She bumped into someone as she was leaving, but was too much in a hurry to stop and apologize; she mumbled a sorry and literally ran out of there to make it in time for her exams.
Arnav had just ended his call when he felt the softest body collide with his, he stood mesmerized as hair as soft as silk hit his face; the girl said a quick sorry before she ran out of the caf. He kept staring at her retreating back as he realized it was the same sweet smelling girl, damn he thought; he didn't even get to see her. Shaking his head he headed to the counter to pick up his order.
As arnav sipped his coffee he nearly gagged at the extra sweet, extra creamy version. He chucked the coffee angrily at the staff and questioned them about his order; they apologized saying that the girl who just left must have picked up his order. He turned back towards the exit to see if he could spot her, but she was gone. He shook his head and ordered another strong black Americano.
Khushi spat out the bitter hot liquid as she waited in the room outside the examination hall, everyone assembled stared at her as if she had grown two horns. Her face twisted due to the assault of the extremely bitter coffee on her tongue. She wondered whose order she picked up. She threw the appalling excuse of a coffee and wondered what kind of a bitter person drank this! She saw as the clock struck 8am, she rushed into the examination hall for the last exam.

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