Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Twenty

(Some mature content ahead)

Khushi could not believe she was doing this, she only wanted to give him the balm and run out of there, but the pained look on his face made her do it, somehow she could not bear to see him in so much pain, her heart lurched when she saw him wincing and holding his head. She quickly made up her mind and led him to the chair, she knew it surprised both of them but they could surely keep the civility away for a few minutes as she helped him out.
She took some balm out of the bottle and applied it on his forehead, her hands shook as they touched his heated face, she had given tons of head massages to buaji before and some to lavanya as well but doing the same thing on arnav was proving to be very difficult when all she could think of was to grab him and kiss him crazy. She tilted his head back and saw his eyes boring into hers; she quickly averted her eyes as he closed his and relaxed
Arnav groaned inwardly as he felt her soft fingers lightly touch his throbbing forehead, he closed his eyes and relaxed in his chair as she started applying some balm whilst softly kneading his temples, she applied the right amount of pressure while massaging his aching head and stroked her fingers from his nose to the top of his eyebrows. He started feeling much better after a few minutes of massage. He felt a feeling of bliss settle on him as her fingers worked their magic.
She saw arnav completely relax and lay back in his chair, the worry lines were now smoothened and he seemed to enjoy the head massage, she swallowed hard as she saw him sigh when she pressed her palms around the side of his head to relieve him of any lingering pain. She heard him moan as she rubbed her fingers slowly down the side of his head, his nose and lastly his eyes. After about 15 minutes of kneading, stroking and rubbing she stopped and wiped her hands clean of the balm.
She thought that probably arnav fell asleep since he was breathing quite deeply, she picked up her phone from the side table and was just about to turn when she heard him speak behind her "Khushi, can you please also massage my neck? My head feels better but the pain in my neck has increased" arnav smirked inwardly as he saw her standing stiff, he had felt such a loss when she had stopped the massage, there was no way he was going to deprive himself of her touch, its probably all he'll get for now.
Khushi pursed her lips as she saw him drop his head down, and hold the back of his neck. 'What the hell have you gotten yourself into Khushi!, this is what to get for being a bloody modern day florence nightingale!' she sighed and kept her phone back on the table and took the balm bottle in her hands "No, don't use will burn my skin, its already too sensitive. Can you use some kind of oil? It will help" arnav said stopping her hands midway.
He saw as khushi muttered something like 'yes my lord' and went inside to bring a bottle of almond oil, he smiled contently as she left but quickly resumed his pained face when she returned a minute later "I guess almond oil will do, I don't have any other with me. But I can ask anji if you want" she said with concern, she genuinely thought that his neck was hurting very bad.
Arnav nodded his head and gave her a thumbs up. He once again dropped his head as he anticipated her delicate hands on his skin once again, he went hard just imagining what it would be like when he got to massage her, he groaned as the images got very vivid 'Control arnav!' he reminded himself as she once again positioned herself behind him.
Khushi took some oil in her palms and rubbed them together before slowly lowering them to arnavs neck; she started rubbing her hands along it while she worked out the tense muscles on the side of neck, she heard him moan as her hands glided across the hard column and into the hair at the back of his head, she suddenly felt herself get all hot and bothered as her hands started a journey of their own, into his hair and down his neck, she slowly trailed her hands a little bit away from his neck and along the muscled upper part of his shoulders below his robe, she closed her eyes as she started kneading his shoulders with slight pressure gradually increasing it.
Arnav loosened his robe and let it slide over the upper part of his body as khushi's hands continued their erotic path over his shoulders, he assured himself that he was only helping her get a better hold by loosening his robe, but in reality he could not get enough of her roaming hands; all he wanted to do was grab her by the waist and bring her down on his lap, his hands were itching to explore her delicious body, but he had to control it, he was eagerly waiting to see what khushi did next and she definitely did not disappoint him
Khushi was so lost in massaging arnav's neck and shoulders that she did not realize when her hands started their decent towards his back and chest, she slid her oil slicked hands to the front of his chest, massaging the front column of his neck, his collar bone and finally his hard as rock pecks, she then retreated her hands and ran them over his rippling back increasing the pressure as she repeated the motion, her breathing had become labored as her body started responding fiercely to him, she sighed and whimpered as she felt heat pooling between her legs.
Arnav groaned as he felt her hands kneading his back and then his chest, he held onto the arms of his chair when she leaned in and slid her hands over his pecs, he was completely aroused when her fingers gently brushed his nipple while her soft breasts pressed against the back of his head, she continued this motion for quite some time testing arnav's control to the core. When he heard her hard breathing and sigh he knew she was as affected as him, without any pre-warning he turned around and pulled her hard towards him, she fell perfectly in his lap with the sudden impact.
Khushi was too turned on to complain when arnav pulled her harshly, she was too gone to say anything as she found herself sitting on his lap, she was too mesmerized by his lips to protest when he pulled her further towards him holding her prisoner between his legs, she was too aware of his arousal and her need to think before his lips crushed hers in a possessive hungry kiss.
Arnav felt like all his prayers had been answered when he found khushi's lips as eager as his to devour each other, she slid her tongue into his waiting mouth and fought with his for dominance, if it was possessive kiss from him while it was pure hunger from her. He sucked on her plump bottom lip nipping it between his teeth, his one hand in her luxuriant hair while the other pressed her aching breasts urgently. This was no time to be gentle with each other, they both were starved beyond reason and nothing could stop this madness which had enveloped them.
Khushi moaned loudly as her breasts were pressed and her nipples rolled between arnavs expert hands, she guided his hands underneath her top so that she could feel his touch on her bare skin. He did not need any more encouragement as he lifted her top and splayed his hands over her lace encased breasts. He started sucking on one taut tip through the bra while his hands fumbled with the hook, he kissed his way up towards her neck as she held him tight, winding her fingers in his hair, oh how she had missed this she thought.
Finally when her bra was undone, arnav pulled her closer to him joining their chests together, she rubbed her breasts against his hard rough skin as he trailed his tongue over her neck, he once again took her mouth in a crazed kiss while her hands travelled inside his robe to touch his throbbing arousal, he hissed with pleasure as khushi increased her pressure on him, he was just about to settle her in a better position above him when they both froze.
"Maaji, lets go..we are getting very late. Just because we are raizada's they won't keep waiting for us at the clinic you know" maya raizada's voice came from right behind them. Khushi looked with shock stricken eyes at arnav who had gone completely still at his mothers voice. They both realized at the same time that the only thing separating them and maya was a glass door which was obviously unlocked and a thin curtain behind it.
Khushi got up with super speed and wore her bra and t-shirt quickly, she pulled arnav up from his sitting position and tied his robe around him tightly, he was obviously still in a daze; she ran a hurried hand through her hair before doing the same for arnav. Then she took a deep breath and waited; either of the two would happen, maya would walk into the balcony which would be fine because both of them looked presentable now or she and arnav would be once again left in an awkward position cooking up reasons for their obvious attraction. The second happened.
Khushi let out a sigh of relief as she heard maya's retreating steps, she looked down into the empty garden and it hit her hard that today they could have been caught very easily, either by someone who could have maybe seen them from the far end of the garden or arnav's mother, who she had started loving and respecting a lot. She turned towards arnav who was looking at her with an odd look. She turned to leave when his voice stopped her once again.
"If that's the kind of head massage you give, I wish I have headaches everyday khushi" he said huskily. She turned towards him with an angry look "You think this was funny arnav? I know that we are both very much attracted to each other, that is something neither of us can deny...and whenever we are together we tend to not think of anything and anyone! It happens all the time..someone or the other is bound to find us like a complicated...compromising can be HP, Anjali or your own mother!" khushi said breathing hard.
"Relax khushi, why are you getting so worked up! I too cannot deny the attraction between us, and its difficult to control, especially today..but so what if anyone finds us! Its not like what we are doing is wrong in their eyes..we are engaged to be married right, so its perfectly natural" arnav said with a grin, he started walking towards her but was surprised to see khushi backing away. He stopped a few feet away from her as she said in a clipped tone "Its perfectly natural? Really arnav? Is that what you think? What is perfect or natural in this situation? We are not engaged arnav, not in the true sense at least" she said sadly, all the anger leaving her face.
Arnav looked at her sad face and felt his heart beat accelerate, was it possible that she was upset about their arrangement, he had to ask her "Khushi, what are you trying to say, please explain to me?" khushi looked up at him with teary eyes "If I have to spell it out to you and explain...then what the hell am I even doing here! Just forget it arnav, we only have a few more days left...lets try and keep away from each other ok? Its best for both of us..and do let me know the next part of your plan, I don't think I can keep this up anymore!" she turned on her heel and ran out though she could hear arnav calling her name. She had to get away from him!
"Dammit!" arnav said as he hit his hand on the balcony railing. 'Why does it always happen! What does she want? On one hand he knows she has strong feelings for him, the way she cares for him and looks at him, the way her body responds to his and the way she trembles when he is near her, thats not just lust...there's more to it, but then on the other hand she always reminds him of their fake engagement, the fact that all this will end soon, what the hell is he supposed to think! 'Women'! No..not all women...only Khushi!
'Fine' he thought, if she wanted to stay away from him, he will. He'll do exactly as she wanted, but he knew that she would not be able to hold on to her words for long. He had to find out what she wanted, because he sure as hell wanted a lot more. He wasn't going to let her go off so easily, there was no way he was going to break up this act till he was not 100% sure of her feelings. If she truly did not want to be with him then he will let her go but if there was any hope for them to be together, Arnav singh raizada will make sure that nothing in this universe separated them!
Anjali sat at the cafe waiting for him, they had decided to meet up for a quick coffee before anjali got back home for dinner. She sat tapping her feet listening to her favorite song on her iPhone when suddenly she felt strong hands on her eyes and husky voice whisper in her ears "Hows my baby been?" she turned around to meet smiling eyes of her boyfriend. She got up and hugged him tight before giving him a quick chaste kiss on his lips. She sat down holding his hands as he slid in next to her and held her other hand pulling her softly against him.
"I missed you baby, i'm so sorry for that silly argument we had. I should never had asked you for that photo. I hope you have forgiven me?" he asked in a sweet voice, anjali gave him a huge smile and hugged him sideways as she ran a hand through his longish locks "Off course baby, I know why you asked for the photos. And i'm sorry I could not send any to you" she said snuggling up to him, she felt his body stiffen as he asked her "What do you mean you know why I asked for them? I was just curious you know" he said in a nervous voice.
"Oh ho! Now don't pretend ok? I know how much you wanted to be part of my family's celebration, its sad that bhai did not call you when so many of his industry people were there. But I guess the old rivalry will only end once we get married. I know that the photo would have made you feel like you belonged. But don't worry baby, once we get married all this will be yours, my family, their love, their respect. Everything. All the old painful past will be forgotten. I just know it."
He saw as anjali closed her eyes and put her head on his shoulders, he had her exactly where he wanted her. He squeezed her petite soft body more closer to him and grinned at his genius. This was Shyam Manohar Jha's time..and no one could stop him.
"Khushi beta, arnav said that you are a fashion designer? Is that true?" mamaji asked khushi while she sipped her soup, the pungent thai soup nearly went down the wrong pipe as she coughed in surprise and dread 'Why the hell had arnav told him that?' She drank some water to calm her nerves and answered him "Yes mamaji, I just graduated." maya quickly looked up at khushi and said in an excited voice "Oh yes! I always forgot to ask you what you did beta, this is so good. You should join our company then, I am sure arnav can open a whole new line for you to design! Right chotey?" maya looked expectantly at arnav.
Arnav who was amused by the whole exchange smiled cheerfully at his mother "Off course ma, khushi just needs to demand, it will be lovely working with her..anyways I can't stay away from her for too long" he said in a saccharine sweet voice. Khushi wanted to bludger him right then and there! What was the meaning of this, she had just told him that they needed to stay away from each other, and here his mad family was trying to throw her in the lions den. She smiled sweetly at him before responding "Oh, no..that won't be necessary. Plus I want to get ahead on my own merit. I would like to start my own thing ma" she said looking at maya.
Arnav saw as maya beamed at her, she nodded her head and agreed to khushi's dream of making it on her own, she always respected people who were ambitious and had the will to come up in life on their own. They all resumed eating while arnav simpered at khushi's rebuke, 'so thats how shes going to play huh? He was just thinking of how to keep her close when his brilliant mamaji said the magic words.
"Khushi, since you won't work with would really benefit from getting some experience you know. It will be great if you would attend the upcoming ethnic fashion show we have kept in Neemrana fort palace in Jaipur. It will showcase all the new young talent which our company has gathered plus the fabrics used are bought from third world countries through fair-trade. It will be a huge opportunity for you to meet and interact with all the new and old designers and get a first hand experience, plus its only a 2 day event" mamaji said in an excited voice.
Khushi felt elated at the prospect, she was a firm believer in fair-trade and such an experience would be amazing for her. She nodded her head enthusiastically and nearly jumped out of her chair in her excitement "Oh that would be so wonderful mamaji, when does it start? I mean if its ok with all of you..i'd like to attend this" she turned towards arnav and said in a mock sad voice "I know i'll be gone for two days, but arnav this would be an amazing opportunity for me. I hope its ok?" she asked looked triumphantly at arnav, 'hah! She finally had him, two days of bliss away from Mr raizada' she thought merrily.
Mamaji smirked inwardly as he saw his nephew hide his smile and khushi discussing her plans with an equally excited anjali, everyone had given their consent to her going 'Oh his plan was falling right in place...both did not know what he had planned for them over there, he looked at khushi and waited till she calmed down enough before breaking her bubble "Oh beta, why would arnav have any problem. Plus I would never have suggested you go alone, new place...and you don't know anyone, Arnav will obviously be with you for the trip. After all this is his brainchild" mamaji looked on as khushi smile faded into a horrified look. 'Ooh this is going to be helluva lot fun!' mamaji thought before going back to sipping his soup happily.

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