Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Ten

'Where the hell is she?' arnav thought as he paced the foyer , he was waiting patiently since 10 minutes now and khushi had still not made an appearance, they were getting late for the dinner, arrghh..he thought, can she be punctual once in her life! He saw from the corner of his eye as his mother and dadi approached him, 'great! He thought, ma will probably tell me how much she thinks khushi is wrong for this house!'
"Chotey, you haven't left still? Where is khushi..i thought you were taking her along." dadi asked as she saw arnav glance at the staircase "oh..your'e waiting for her, you should get used it now beta, us women always take time getting ready" she chuckled as she said it.
"hmm..well punctuality is a good trait to have you know, but sometimes being late is forgiven isn't it arnav?" maya looked on with a strange expression towards arnav. He coughed slightly before answering "yes ma, khushi will be coming down any second now" as soon as he said it, he saw a movement at the top of the stairs, his mouth went dry when he saw his 'fiancee' descend.
Khushi was nervous, she had no idea if what she was wearing was fine for a dinner or not, should she have worn jeans and top instead? She started briskly walking down the stairs, not daring to look into ASR's angry eyes, she knew that he was probably pissed off cause she was late once again! She came down and halted on the last step, both maya and dadi were standing looking her up and down, now she felt really awkward, she probably should have worn salwar kameez!
Arnav could not take his eyes of her, she looked so elegant walking down the stairs, she wore a simple peach colored chiffon dress which ended at her knees, it had a modest boat neck but no sleeves, she had paired it with nude sandals and the only make-up she had on was her lip gloss, her hair was serenely resting on one shoulder leaving the other creamy one bare, she looked gorgeous.
Khushi took a deep breath and smiled nervously at both maya and dadi. "You look very beautiful khushi" dadi said with a smile as she took some kajal off her eyes and applied it behind khushi's ears, khushi smiled as she remembered her buaji doing the same thing to her all the time, she missed her terribly! She had only gotten a chance to call her once quickly from the phone arnav had given her and tell her about her arrival. She would speak to her later properly.
Maya gave her a quick once over and nodded her approval "Good, you dress well. Are you a designer? You seem to have a good understanding of fashion" khushi was flustered for a minute but was saved from answering when arnav interrupted "Guys, we really have to go, we are already late. Bye" he grabbed khushi's hand and pulled her along with him to the main door.
"Wait a minute, i have a question before you both leave" maya said as she walked towards them, arnav groaned but stayed put and turned around with khushi to face her."Yes ma, what is so urgent?"
"Where is her engagement ring?" maya asked with a genuinely confused expression looking at khushi's bare finger, khushi's eyes went huge and she held onto arnav's hand tightly while arnav struggled to answer her question " i haven't bought one yet" he simply said, but as he was going to explain some lame story dadi interrupted and said in a gleeful voice "Off course he hasn't maya, she is the elder bahu of raizada family, so she will only wear the heirloom ring"
Arnav was relieved to hear his dadi's words "Exactly, i was actually going to talk to you about it ma, i did not buy a ring for khushi because she needs to wear that ring, you know the heirloom one" thank God thought arnav, otherwise he was toast today!
Maya nodded and said quickly "Oh, how could i forget. Yes you can take it from me later or tomorrow, she needs to wear a ring since she is your finacee" arnav smiled at his mother "so does that mean she passed your interrogation" khushi was blushing furiously.
"She passed the first hurdle, but khushi you need to see me first thing tomorrow morning. I have a few more things which i need to 'discuss' with you" saying that maya turned and left, dadi too bid them a good bye and went to her temple for the evening prayers.
"Wow! You seemed to have conquered her khushi, what did she ask you? What did you answer?" khushi was still blushing, she thanked the lord that his mother had not told him anything, she cleared her throat "Nothing, just general stuff, mostly what we had discussed" arnav nodded and led her out the car. Khushi was already dreading tomorrow, but she had no idea how interesting this night would be.
"Lets toast guys! To the cutest couple we have ever met! Arnav and Khushi! Woohoo!" Jyotsna said as she picked up her champagne glass. They all clinked their glasses and settled down to dinner, the table was set with amazing mouthwatering food and khushi was starving!
She was very genuinely surprised to meet arnav's friends, she thought they would probably be stuck up and snobbish, but she was totally bowled over by them, they were such warm people that she had not pretended even once to smile or laugh with them, she liked them instantly and the three women bonded like a house on fire.
Her only constant worry was arnav's proximity, they had to project themselves as the perfect couple and so in love, but it was getting more and more difficult with arnav's hand being in hers and their bodies leaning most of the time towards each other, they couldn't very well sit apart when the other two men sat so intimately close to their wife's.
It was past 10:30 pm and they were finally sitting for dinner, she had not had too much to drink since she had a tendency to get drunk very quickly plus jyotsna was a light drinker and rohan's wife nisha was expecting, so it was fine. Their conversations ranged from fashion to music and both the women gave her sound advise on how to handle arnav and his temper tantrums.
"You know what khushi! In college arnav was this complete nerd! He had specks and braces and would stutter while taking to girls! Who the hell knew that one day he would turn into this casanova! But we are all so glad that he found you to settle down with, finally our trio is complete, trust me we had given up on arnav ever getting married!" nisha said while smiling at her.
Khushi felt at odds, she once again felt like a complete fake! These conversations and jokes should be shared with his real fiancee not her, it was getting more and more difficult for her as they all spoke about how perfect arnav and she were for each other. Arnav saw her discomfort , he understood how she felt but he was very happy that his friends liked her so much, if only all this was real 'Whoa! He did not just say that! What was wrong with him' he quickly shook his head and changed the topic.
"So guys, lets stop taking about me and talk about something else like how amazing is this coffee huh?" everyone looked at him like he had lost his mind but nisha was too excited "Oh yeah, we bought it the day i found out i was pregnant, in fact i was craving a good Brazilian coffee, but who knew it was due to this" she said pointing at her tummy.
"Oh yeah baby, i totally forgot! She dragged me across to the other side of city to find these coffee beans, but it was all worth it cause that was the precise moment we got that call to confirm her pregnancy" rohan said as he pulled her closer to him "And we shared the most romantic kiss in front of the shopkeeper!" nisha said in a slow drawl. Khushi and jyotsna had an aww look on their faces while arnava and samir just started at the couple with a 'W*F' look.
Rohan saw them and chuckled "You won't understand yet boys! Wait till you become fathers, then you'll know how it feels. Its such a beautiful feeling when you come to know that you created a baby" he then looked at khushi and said "So khushi, have you and arnav thought of names for your babies"
Khushi blushed crimson as she felt arnav's eyes bore into her, she gave a small smile to rohan ", its too soon for that. We haven't even got married yet!" everyone else laughed as arnav stared at khushi, 'their kids' he thought, he felt goosebumps on his arms, man he was getting soft! He looked away from khushi and started fiddling with his phone.
"You are right, it is too soon to start thinking of all that and we haven't even seen you kiss yet! C'mon guys kiss! You are madly in love, we haven't seen your groping each other or stealing kisses all night!" nisha said as the men rolled their eyes, jyotsna too egged them on.
Khushi looked quickly at arnav and saw his shocked expression, how can she get out of this one! "Oh, we just did know...Kiss...before we came here" she said matter-of-factly, everyone burst out laughing "Oh my God Arnav, do you treat your woman as a business call? You guys actually decide your timings to kiss! C'mon we don't believe that!" jyotsna said with a gleeful smile.
Arnav was feeling a lot of things right now, he was already having trouble all night as he held her hands and felt her soft body lean towards him, there were times when he just wanted to pull her to himself and ravish her, but obviously controlled himself; now he was getting a chance to actually kiss her, could her? He thought as he looked sideways at her.
"C'mon guys kiss, don't be shy! I mean you guys are newly engaged, when samir and i got engaged we couldn't keep our hands off each other!" jyotsna laughed as the others joined in.
"Whoa Arnav..don't go on shy on us now! Its not like we haven't seen you kiss before..oops sorry khushi...that was in the your'e the only one for him...ok you know what if you guys are feeling awkward i'll kiss my wife and samir will kiss his, deal!?" saying this rohan bent forward and kissed his wife deeply.
Arnav gulped visibly as he saw jyotsna kiss her husband, this was not something new for him, he always kissed his girlfriends in front of them and vice versa. There was never any awkwardness, but this was khushi...he was dying to taste her, but he knew his limits...he looked sideways at her and saw her staring at her hands, she was feeling equally at odds, he willed her to look at him.
Khushi felt hot, there was a strange excitement in her at the thought of kissing arnav, its not like she had not kissed earlier...but this was arnav. She slowly looked up at him and saw him staring at her with a strange look in his eyes as if questioning her, she gave a slight nod as if to say yes.
Arnav slightly shifted towards her and looked straight at her lips, khushi's heartbeat was running at the speed of light, she knew they had to kiss to convince his friends, she quickly wet her lips with the tip of her tongue and closed her eyes as she felt arnav come closer towards her, she felt his hands on her face as he pulled her towards him for their first kiss.
Arnav saw her pink luscious lips part in invitation, her eyes were closed, he could feel her breathing hard and he could bet that her heart was racing as quick as his, this was it he thought; he inched forward a little bit more towards her and pulled her face closer to his, he slowly leaned in and placed his lips on hers.
The first contact was electric! He could feel his lips burn with the desire to mate with hers, now that he started he could not stop, he wanted to give her a quick brush of a kiss to satisfy his friends, but the temptation was too much to completely devour her, he pulled her closer to him with her nearly in his lap, he pressed his lips further into her deepening the kiss, he sucked slowly on her bottom lip, pulling it slightly with his teeth; he wanted her to open her mouth; he was carving her taste.
Khushi felt like she was floating on thin air, what was supposed to be an innocent fake kiss was turning into a volcano of passionate desire, she felt herself being pulled further and further into the vortex as arnav lips played havoc with her senses, his one hand was now in her hair pulling her closer still while the other held her tight against him on her waist, she felt her own hands lift off their own accord and wind themselves around his neck, her hands traveled further up savoring the feel of his silky hair.
Khushi's felt arnav's tongue against her lips urging her to open up to him, she wanted it, she wanted to feel his tongue making love to hers, with a moan she finally opened her mouth as his eager tongue thrust in to mate with her own. Arnav was loosing all his senses, she tasted amazing, he just could not have enough of her, he groaned as her tiny hands pulled at his hair while her hot tongue matched his thrusts consuming him completely.
They had no idea for how long they kissed, but eventually they had to come up for air. Khushi was the first one to pull away; they were both staring at each other still in a daze when rohan coughed loudly. Khushi immediately pushed arnav and straightened herself, she was embarrassed to find herself in his lap, she quickly ran her fingers through her disheveled hair and blushed furiously as she reached out for a glass of cold water.
Arnav took some time to come out of it, 'wow' he thought, that was some kiss, he did not want them to stop he wanted to pull her back on his lap and kiss her senseless, he was not satisfied yet; he looked at her red face and swollen lips, she had never looked more beautiful; he looked up to find four pair of eyes staring at them with curious faces;
"Well uh guys..we asked for a simple kiss you know...thank God for breathing...otherwise you both wouldn't have stopped!" jyotsna said laughing hard "Well i'm feeling all horny now, can't help it its my pregnant hormones" nisha said as she poked her husband, finally rohan put his hands up, "ok guys stop embarrassing them, we asked them to kiss remember...wait a minute...arnav we asked you both to kiss...not eat each other up!" with that they all burst out laughing again.
The rest of the night went by with all four pulling their leg, khushi and arnav avoided looking at each other, khushi suddenly got busy chatting to her new found lady friends while arnav got busy on his phone. The ride back home went quietly as arnav drove in absolute silence while khushi kept fidgeting with her dress while staring out the window, both in their own thoughts and too wound up to say anything.
When arnav finally pulled the car in front of the main door, khushi undid her belt, unlocked her door and leapt out "Khushi! What the hell..khushi wait.." arnav quickly turned off the car and slammed the door, he had to talk to her. It was just a kiss they need not be so worked up by it, but he knew that was not possible.
The reached the swinging door and stepped in as he saw khushi being hugged fiercely by his sister, they both turned around to see arnav, khushi with shocked huge eyes and anjali with a super happy smile, she came forward and hugged her brother "Bhai! I'm soo happy...just told khushi the news! ma and dadi are arranging your engagement party! Not only that you'll now get to put that ring on khushi's finger in front of the whole world! Isn't that exciting!!"

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