Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Seven

Arnav put on his tie savagely, once again he had overslept thanks to the uncomfortable night he had! He could not believe how bothered he had been last night, first he felt vastly guilty about the way he acted with Katya but then on the other hand he kept wondering what would have happened if the damn assistant had not interrupted, he so wanted to taste her soft skin, loose himself in her lips..arrgh! Control Arnav! Be professional…using that as a mantra he grabbed a quick breakfast and rushed to his office.
"Be Professional Khushi!!" she kept repeating this as soon as she got up, she had hardly slept a wink last night and the tiredness was evident in the bags under her eyes, she had gone through the contract and it looked solid enough to pass through a legislative society, who the hell drafts such things for such a small thing, but then again this was not a small thing for arnav singh raizada!and confidentiality was imperative! She signed her real signature since it only had a 'k gupta' in it and thanks to her horrible signature no one could understand the 'Gupta' part!
She got ready to leave for the hospital; she had to move her aunt back to the care home today after which she had to drop off the contract in ASR's office. She glanced at the nearly empty room which was devoid of all her stuff, she had sent everything in storage for now; once she gets back she'll have to find a flat and shift everything back. She wondered if Arnav will get all the stuff from yesterday with him but she'll only know once she meets him. She sighed at the prospect of seeing him again, the awkwardness would definitely be there from yesterday, of that she was sure.


Arnav was just finishing his conference, he had got a call from his secretary that Katya had come to meet him, he had asked Mr Thomas to meet her and check the contract papers, he did not want to meet her till tomorrow when they left for India, God only knows what he'll end up doing. He stayed back in the conference room once everyone left. He sat down at the head of the table and clicked on his iPad to check his mails. He was still there half an hour later and wondered if she had left by now. He called his secretary who was not picking up her phone. He then dialed Thomas's cell which he picked up straight away; he could hear Katya's sultry laugh in the background.
He was extremely irritated to hear her laugh and his irritation increased as he heard Thomas speak in a joyful voice "Yes ASR, what can I do for you? Are you still in your meeting?" Arnav wondered what was going on in the meeting room "No, I'm not done with my meeting yet. What's all that commotion about? Aren't you done with the contract signing yet?"
Thomas sobered up "Uh…yes we were just chatting..she's done with signing the contract and I have handed over the advance to her along with the flight money as you requested; we were actually waiting for you but since you are busy, we'll leave" Arnav raised his eyebrows 'We'll leave!' did he hear him right? "Thomas, where are you both going exactly? I mean you did saywe right?" he heard Thomas chuckle at the other end "Oh that, well since its lunch time I offered Katya to have lunch with me at the caf across the street, we were waiting for you but we'll leave now"
Arnav felt his irritation rise to the highest level "No you may not go, Katya needs to come with me. She has to pick up all her junk from my house. Ask her to be ready, I'll buy her lunch on the way if she is starving soo much" he ended the call violently. He had no idea where this beast rose up in him, he did not want to be near her, then why was he taking her home! Damn the rational thinking, he had to take her away from here; he did not want her spending any more time with Thomas.


Khushi had been waiting for Arnav since one hour now; she had come in after taking her aunt to the care home. Once she was satisfied that her aunt was well settled in her new accommodation, she had left to come in and drop the signed contract off. She met Mr Thomas who went over all the points with her once again and handed her the cash as promised. As they were waiting for arnav to show up, they started a conversation about office culture and scarcity of jobs, she enjoyed talking to Mr Thomas since he seemed to know a lot, they decided to grab a byte before khushi left for her halls.

Khushi looked up to see a positively sweating Mr Thomas, she knew he was on call with ASR and was sure that he must have said something to unnerve him, she saw as he smiled nervously at her and picked up his papers and other things, Khushi stood up and smiled at him thinking they were leaving for lunch, she thanked her stars that she did not have to meet….her thoughts were cut short as she saw him enter the meeting room, he looked livid and a little bit pissed off as he looked first at Mr Thomas and then at her "Thanks for keeping her company Thomas, but I'd like to talk to my faux Fiance in private" khushi saw as Mr Thomas quickly made his getaway without even glancing at her once.
Arnav took a deep breath as he slowly let his eyes trail her from bottom to top. Today she was wearing skinny jeans and a simple white tee with cap sleeves, she looked gorgeous, the white tee outlined her perfect boobs while the skinny jeans made her legs look long and never ending, her hair was tied up in a pony and his hands itched to free them and feel their softness; he realized after a while that he was staring at her. 'Focus Arnav Focus', He straightened up and looked everywhere but at her "Shall we?"
Khushi was seriously annoyed with his highness! First he scared Mr Thomas off,then he shamelessly checked her out and now he was not even looking at her while speaking, who the hell does he think he is! "I'm leaving Mr Raizada, if you can't even bring yourself to look at me I don't know how we'll spend the entire month together! I've given the contract to Mr Thomas, if the deal is still on then let me know, i'll meet you tomorrow at the airport" saying that she picked up her bag and headed towards the door.
She had her hand on the door knob and was about to open it and step out when she felt a steel grip on her other arm, she turned to see arnav looking at her peculiarly "Look i'm sorry Katya, i'm just a bit wound up with some other issues. Plus what happened between us yesterday was completely my fault and totally out of order. I don't want you feeling awkward because of it; you should be comfortable with me and I promise it will never happen again" 'unless you take a lead' he thought. He mentally slapped himself again.
Khushi looked at him and wondered where this gentle caring person was hidden under that tough exterior, she never in a million years thought that Arnav singh raizada would apologize to her. She turned towards him and gave him a dazzling smile "Apology accepted. Don't worry I guess you just got carried away. It happens" saying this she patted his shoulders.
Arnav was furious, what the! "Excuse me, this was not an apology..i don't owe you an apology all right! And it wasn't just me who got carried away, I didn't hear you complain..i mean if that assistant had not interrupted God only knows what would have happened" He saw khushi scrunch her nose, even in his annoyance he thought about how cute she looked.
Khushi pursed her lip "Look Mr Raizada, nothing would have happened ! If the assistant had not come in, I would have pushed you away anyways. So lets not even go there. You know what! I can't remember one conversation we've had till now without you either accusing me or misunderstanding me or just plainly not listening to my opinion..!"
Arnav loved the way her skin went all pink as she got agitated, her chest rose rhythmically making the thin cotton of the tee strain against her heavy boobs, he once again controlled himself, thats it! He went ahead and put his finger roughly against her lips "Stop! Can you stop talking for a minute woman! If you keep on shouting at me we'll be having this verbal war throughout the day! Can we just focus on the task at hand?!"
Khushi was shocked to feel his rough finger on her lips, the feeling was very pleasant indeed and she wondered how his lips would feel against hers, she saw his determined expression and nodded her head up and down, she pouted her pretty lips to show her annoyance, but what she did not know was her simple movement played havoc with arnav's senses, he felt her soft lips slowly rub against his finger, when she pouted it felt as if she kissed him, he was once again loosing control, he had a mental image of her sucking his finger with that incredible mouth and then maybe something else...arrgh! 'Be Professional!' he quickly took his finger off her mouth and gestured her to step out with him.
"Give me your address so that I can send all the bags from yesterday to your house. You will need to pack them up" he said as they stepped out, he wanted to get as far away as possible from her. Khushi looked at him worriedly, she very well could not give him her halls address and neither could she give him the care home's, she squared her shoulders and replied "um..can I come and pick it up please? I won't be home later and tomorrow also I have some errands to run, so..." arnav closed his eyes, no no "Fine, i'll ask my butler to keep the bags ready, i'm headed home anyways so you can come with me"
Khushi was not sure if she did the right thing by inviting herself over, but she had no other choice. She went down with him and sat in the limousine which pulled up outside his office. They sat in absolute silence as the car trundled around London's cobbled street, Khushi looked out in awe at the huge mansions in Belgravia, she saw the starbucks where she had coffee the other day and let out a small giggle.
Arnav saw khushi giggle while looking out of the window, he turned towards her and asked her "Whats so funny?" she looked at him a straightened up "Um..nothing I was remembering a coffee I had here couple days ago" arnav looked out to see his usual starbucks, he wondered what she was doing in Belgravia ,but thought best not to ask her, he won't be able to bear if she said she was here with some client of hers.
They finally reached arnav's townhouse, Khushi got down as the chauffeur opened the door for her, she stood outside looking at the beautiful victorian style house, it looked absolutely gorgeous. She stepped in the house through the door which was held open by a kind looking old man, he greeted her and closed the door as soon as they stepped in. Khushi looked at the huge portrait of an older looking couple hanging on the wall in front, next to it was a very artfully taken photo of really pretty girl. She looked at arnav questioningly "Those are my parents and thats my little sister Anjali"
Arnav looked at khushi as she gazed around, she seemed to be mesmerized by his house, she went forward and touched the photographs on the wall, then she trailed her hand along the gilded mirror and the alabaster table underneath, then she softly touched the orchids in a vase on the table. She was smiling as she turned around "Must be wonderful to stay in such a magnificent house"
Arnav looked at her innocent face, she did not look like she was acting or complimenting the house for extra brownie points, she looked genuine in her praise. Arnav wondered what made such a young girl take up a job as an escort, was she that desperate for money. Arnav wondered why ,but then let the thought pass as he heard his butler come up to him "Sir, I have kept all the bags in the guest room downstairs, would the miss like to check if all the items have arrived?"
Arnav gestured Khushi to go along with this butler to check the clothes, since she was the one who chose everything so she must know if anything was missing. He excused himself saying that he had to make some phone calls. Khushi nodded and went to the guestroom.
Once the butler left her alone, she checked all the bags and the dresses which were in plastic covers, she admired all the dresses and casuals which she had chosen, she never knew that she would get to wear these beautiful pieces, well definitely not on her pay! She was nearly done when she came across a couple of flat boxes, she wondered what was in there, she assumed they were accessories or more shoes but when she opened them her eyes turned round as saucers! Gently folded inside soft tissue were the most exquisite inner wears, she remembered seeing the lingerie on the dressing room stand but had no idea that arnav had bought them, she picked up a red lacy number on one finger and looked at it.
Arnav had just finished his calls, he headed towards the guest room to see if khushi had finished checking the clothes, he walked into the open room and was once again rooted to the spot. He groaned inwardly as he saw her holding up a piece of racy red lingerie, it was more or less see through and extremely delicate, his wild thoughts once again started picturing her in it, he felt like a starved man who was being offered sweet nectar but could only see it from afar, not taste it. He had to clear his mind, he coughed slightly and saw as khushi quickly stuffed the item in the box on the bed.
Khushi's cheeks were burning, surely he did not see her gazing at the lingerie, she licked her dry lips and turned towards him "Hi" she said breezily "Umm...did you but those?" she said pointing towards the lingerie boxes. Arnav was wondering what she was on about, he stepped towards the bed as she stepped away from it. He looked down at the open box full of teeny tiny underwear, he started sweating under his collar " way! Why would I but those? I thought I made it clear that they should pack whatever you had tried on. Did you uh..uh try those?"
Khushi felt more heat run up her face "No way. I told them I did not want them, she must have assumed we wanted to buy them. No harm done, we can return it back" Arnav looked straight at her "There's no need for that, you can keep it" Khushi shook her head "No ASR I don't want it" Arnav pursed his lips, he was annoyed now "Fine, give to a shelter or something on your way home" Khushi gave him a weird look ""Yeah right as if people at the shelter wait for some sexy lingerie to cover themselves"
Arnav realized the stupidity of his comment and felt a grin creep up, he looked at khushi's twisted face and burst out laughing, khushi was first quite shocked to see him laugh but then joined in too, they both started laughing very loudly till tears started forming in their eyes, arnav sat down on the bed while khushi stood holding her stomach, they would have continued further in case the butler had not come in, he looked positively shocked beyond compare. He had never seen arnav smile let along laugh!
Both of them sobered up as the butler announced that the car was ready. Arnav helped him take all of khushi's bags to the foyer area. They did not look at each other till the car was packed with all her bags. The butler bid her a farewell and turned towards arnav "Sir, the people from the animal shelter were here to..." as soon as they both heard the word 'Shelter' their laughing spree started again. They looked at each other and continued laughing to the shock of both the butler and the chauffeur, finally they stopped as arnav helped khushi sit in, he closed the door as she rolled down the window "So, i'll see you tomorrow at the airport. Should I send the car over?" Khushi shook her head "No, i'll make my way there" looking at his troubled face she added "And I will be there in time. See you tomorrow."


As soon as the car left khushi felt her face double up in a huge smile, she could not remember the last time she had laughed so heartily. She remembered how wonderfully handsome arnav looked when he laughed, how she wished he would always laugh and smile like this. She sighed as she told the chauffeur to drop her outside Knightsbridge tube station, when he insisted that he would leave her and how would she manage with all the luggage, she said she will take another taxi from there. He did not argue with her since she was his bosses friend and a very close one it looked like. He helped her load all the bags in the cab and bid her a goodbye. Khushi sat back in the cab and gave him the address of her halls.


That night as arnav ate his dinner alone, he remembered that he was supposed to buy lunch for Katya, as soon as he thought of her, he went over the events which occurred earlier in the day, he had never in his entire life laughed as much as he did today, that too on such a silly thing. He did not understand why he reacted in such a way, he just could not put his finger on what made him have such mixed feelings for her, sometimes he was angry, sometimes possessive, sometimes oh no most of times horny and today he actually laughed so hard that his sides were still hurting. He finished his meal quickly and left to do his packing. He wasn't going to think on this anymore.


  1. "Yeah right as if people at the shelter wait for some sexy lingerie to cover themselves"..I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG I LAUGHED AT THIS SENTENCE ....UR SENSE OF HUMOUR IS GOOD...USE DEAR ....IT WILL BE CHERRY ON TOP OF A CAKE

  2. That was hilarious about the 'Shelters' 😂