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When I Met You! - Chapter Six

Khushi quickly turned her head towards him as she felt his breath caress her ears, she did not realize how close his face was to hers when her lips brushed his jaw. She instantly pulled back and stood up as arnav took his time to straighten up. He looked at her with smoky eyes which turned her knees to mush, she held onto the chair for support as she spoke "You don't have anything to worry Mr Raizada. I know how to behave professionally, plus you are definitely not my type. So lets not even go there"
Arnav was still absorbed in the feel of her lips on his jaw, he felt a shockwave pass through his system when her soft lips brushed against his rough skin; he was still in a daze when her words bought him back to earth, he could feel anger rising in him "Well, you are also not my type so don't flatter yourself. I have already told you the plan. I'll work out the contract and send for you to sign it. Do you have any more questions?"
Khushi was annoyed with his change of attitude, as if she cared what he thought of her "No, i'll wait in your office, can you give me the contract today? I'd like to go over it tonight. I'll bring the signed one tomorrow morning" she slung her purse on her shoulders and waited for his answer.
Arnav felt it odd that she wanted to go through it, its not like he would take advantage and put in unnecessary clauses in it "Fine, you can wait in the meeting room outside. I'll ask my person to send it over" he saw as khushi nodded and turned to leave but she turned back to him at the last minute "Just one more thing Mr Raizada, i don't want you asking me anything personal.I don't want to involve my family or my personal life in all this"
Arnav nodded "As if i want to know anything, since akshay recommended you i don't have anything to worry, i trust him completely. What you do with your money, how you spend it, who your family and friends are, i'm not interested. But i do need to know if any one of them would be a hinderance to my plan?"
Khushi shook her head "Don't worry no one will know about this, i won't tell my family anything. For me its just a one month overseas job, once its done i'm free. Oh and can i have the first payment tomorrow?"
Arnav sighed, once again she was back on the money subject "Yes yes..once you sign the contract, the money is yours. I always keep my word" with that she bid him a goodbye and stepped out of his office. She went and sat in the meeting room outside.
Khushi was waiting for nearly half an hour, she had to go to the hospital as well. She still could not believe that she had agreed to this madness and lied about her real self, but she had to do it for her buaji. She had just taken out her phone to call her when arnav walked in with another man.
"Katya, this is Mr Thomas my personal legal advisor and lawyer." khushi smiled and shook the man's hand "Madam, if you would kindly write your full name here; i need to draft the contract accordingly and re-print it"
Khushi looked nervous, she very well could not give a fake name, plus what if arnav already knew katarina's last name? She would be caught right away! She looked at her watch and said in an agitated tone "Listen i really don't have the time to wait another half an hour, i need to get somewhere right away. Can i just take this contract as it is? My sign will be on the dotted it is legally binding right?"
Arnav looked at Mr Thomas who nodded his head "Very well madam, yes you can sign it as it is" arnav thanked Mr Thomas and looked at khushi "Seriously woman! You don't have patience at all do you?! Anyways i wanted to ask if you have a British passport? Cause in case its Spanish i will need to send it for Visa asap! Also we are leaving in two days time, so start packing"
Khushi started panicking again, she had not thought of this at all but she was glad she had a British passport but two days! Thats too short a time, she looked at him and said confidently "yes, i do have a British passport, so you need not worry, but why do we have to leave so soon? I have lots of things i need to manage her" she thought of her buaji, she couldn't very well leave her right away.
Arnav spoke in an annoyed voice "Listen Katya, you have to understand that this is an urgent matter, i had told you the other day itself that i need a fiancee asap! So don't give me grief about having too many things to manage, get everything you need to do in two days. We leave on thursday night! Period."
Khushi felt she could not argue with him here, she had to figure out about buaji, but Shit! The ticket! If he sees her passport and name on ticket, he'll know she is not katarina, she pursed her lips and spoke quickly "Fine, we'll leave in two days but i want to book my own ticket? You can let me know the flight and i'll do my own booking accordingly"
Arnav looked at her as if she had lost her mind "What! Why the hell will you do that? You are coming as my fiancee, so I will book your ticket! Its absurd to even ask me that"
Khushi sighed "Listen ASR, i've always had this thing about others doing my bookings. I don't know how to explain it but i feel creeped out if anyone books or reserves anything for me. I like doing these things myself"
Arnav looked at her weirdly "You do know such things are called OCD? Obsessive compulsive disorders? Fine! Do your own booking, my secretary will let you know the flight, please make sure you book the same one. Oh and book first class since you'll be traveling with me. I'll give you the money for it tomorrow as well"
Khushi gave him a tight smile and picked up the contract, she stuffed it inside her bag and got up "Great! So i'll see you tomorrow. Do let me know if i need to get anything specific for the trip?"
Arnav thought for a while "Well, as long as you have some decent clothes it will be fine. I mean you will be staying with my family and they are a bit traditional, though i suppose they'll be fine with whatever you wear since you are Spanish, i don't expect you to wear any indian clothes" he saw her shift uncomfortably "By the way, you do have some good evening wear right? We'll be expected to attend many parties and corporate do's"
Khushi was really annoyed now, he still thought she was spanish, 'but then i too never cleared his misunderstanding" she thought, 'plus the real katarina is spanish'. She thought about her wardrobe and wondered if there was anything worth wearing for arnav's parties, she shook her head "Well, i don't really have any designer wear if you mean that, but i do have some good decent gowns which i have myself.." she stopped there, she was just going to blurt out everything.
"Which you have what Katya?" arnav asked her, she looked at him nervously and answered "Which i have myself bought" arnav gave her a weird look "Well who the hell buys your clothes for you then? Your mother!" Katya gave him an irritated look "Look, i told you i don't want to talk on anything personal. Can we just drop this!"
Arnav felt that he had stepped on a touchy subject, he quickly nodded "Fine, leave it. I'll meet you in Harrods at sharp 5pm, you need to get everything which Arnav singh raizada's fiancee should have. Be there on time" saying that he left her staring at him with her mouth open.
Khushi was pissed off! What gave him the right to tell her what to do, she stormed out of his office in a huff. That was a close call she thought, she had picked up the details of the flight from his secretary. She rushed out of the main building towards the tube station.
Arnav was reaching Harrods in 10 minutes, he had sent khushi a text when he left, one thing he really did not like was her tardiness. He liked punctuality, but as he reached the main street off harrods he saw her standing by the display window and admiring a dress, he got down from his limousine and came and stood right behind her.
Khushi had just reached Harrods after visiting her aunt in the hospital, she was happy that they were discharging her tomorrow. Khushi had explained to her that she had gotten an internship but the job was in India for a month, her aunt was very excited for her since khushi was going to India' Khushi had already spoken to the care home and they had assured her of taking extra care of her aunt, specially since she had upgraded her care package.
Khushi sighed as she waited for Arnav, she was kind of excited to see him again but then maybe that was only because she would actually get to shop in Harrods; she remembered when she was young her father had got both her and her brother here, they had bought those huge pencils which were the rage at that time, they really could not afford any of the other extravagant things which were on display, her eyes misted up as she thought of that day.
She wiped her tears and went to check out the window display, she got mesmerized by a deep red marchesa gown which was on display, it was made of the finest silk, she wondered how she would look in it when she felt a presence behind her. She looked quickly to see arnav staring at the gown"Oh hi, your'e here. Shall we go in?" arnav nodded and gestured her to lead while he walked behind her.
Arnav was also wondering how she would look in that amazing gown, it really was a beautiful design, at least their tastes were similar he thought, he lead her directly to the designer area where they could find that dress. He really wanted to get it for her, he had never felt this feeling for anyone before but somehow Katya made him feel things which he could not understand himself.
Khushi met up with a personal shop assistant who arnav had sent, she would be helping them out with the entire shopping right from shoes to accessories to dresses. It took them nearly an hour to choose tons of dresses,suits and casuals. The assistant asked khushi to try on her clothes while she got matching shoes and accessories to go with it. Arnav had left half an ago to make few calls and wasn't around.
The assistant helped khushi hang all the clothes in the huge dressing room, she closed the door behind her as khushi locked it and started trying on all the clothes, she did not understand why all this was necessary, but then she was acting as ASR's fiancee; that means the goods should go with the right packaging, she sighed as she had finished trying on most of the clothes, there was a knock on the door as khushi tried on a pale blue skirt suit.
Khushi quickly unlocked the door to find the assistant with another stand full of clothes, this time they were gowns and nightwear, with lots of tiny itsy bitsy lingerie, khushi's eyes became wide as she saw the array of clothes "Did ASR ask you to send these in?" she said pointing towards the lingerie.
"Oh no, he just insisted on this one dress and few more gowns. I felt you should try out the lingerie as well and some nightwear" Khushi looked at the Red gown which she was admiring earlier, she felt her heart contract as she thought how sweet it was of him to send in this gown. She smiled at the assistant "Thank you, but i don't want to buy any lingerie. I'll try on these gown only"
"Very well madam, you can leave the lingerie out, please do try on the gowns though. I'll be right outside if you need any help" she smiled at khushi as she once again left the room closing the door. Khushi locked it and started taking off her suit, she hung it amongst the other clothes and went straight to the Red gown, she was in awe of the beautiful design, she eagerly stepped into in and pulled it up. Since the gown had inbuilt cups, she unhooked her bra and threw it on the little settee. She reached behind her to zip herself up.
Arnav had just finished his calls and had come to the dressing area. He was wondering why it was taking so long "Is she nearly done? Did you give her the gown to try?" he asked the assistant who was standing outside "Yes sir, she is nearly done with everything. I'll just go and bring the shoes" with that she left the place and hurried along to get everything.
Arnav stood right outside khushi's dressing room, since she was nearly done she was probably choosing what all to get. He felt happy buying things for her, as if it was his right to do so. He shook his head again as he heard khushi's voice from inside.
Khushi was trying very hard to zip up the dress from behind, but since the zip ran all the way down, she could not reach it. She felt sweat beads form over her lips as she struggled with it, she then remembered that the assistant was right outside, she spoke loudly from inside the dressing room "Hey, can you come in for a second?" she unlocked the door and turned towards the other side, she wanted the assistant to help zip her up.
Arnav wondered what help she required from him; She probably wanted an opinion on something or the other. 'Women' the thought, he went in and closed the door behind him; as he turned, his mouth literally dropped to the floor; there she was standing in front of him struggling with the deep red dress, her gorgeous silky smooth back all bare from the nape of her neck to the base of her spine, it was sight for sore eyes!
Arnav was left stunned as he stared at the naked expanse of her back, he was rooted to the place and could not move as his eyes devoured the sight in front of him, since her hair was tied up, her entire back was on display, he could even see the faint black lace of her panties where the zip started, he glanced around to see the stand full of naughty lingerie pieces and her black bra resting on the settee in the front,since khushi was facing the other side, she could not see him and assumed it was the assistant.
"Well, can you help me zip up please? My hands are getting tired of holding this dress up" khushi said tiredly. Arnav saw that she was holding the dress from the front right over her breasts, if she left it now it would fall right off, oh how he wished he could see her in all her glorious nakedness, he went hard just thinking of that image, he forced himself out of his x-rated thoughts and stepped forward, his trembling hands reached for the zip at the bottom and he slowly pulled it up.
Khushi's breath caught as she felt hard fingers graze her naked back, she shivered and sucked in a breath as she realized that this was definitely not the assistant. As soon as the zip was pulled all the way up, she spun around to gaze directly into Arnav singh raizada's smoky eyes, his desire for her was evident in the way he started at her, she herself was stunned to find him here, she backed up a little bit from him and asked in a shaky voice "Wh..what are you doing here?"
Arnav saw the blush forming on her gorgeous face, he gave her a crooked grin "Well, you were the one who called me in remember?" Khushi looked at him with wide eyes " i did not call you. I called the assistant! Why did you come in?" arnav gave her an amused look "Well, did you say assistant? I assumed you call me in!"
Khushi shook her head, the audacity he had! "Why would i call you? It was just a miscommunication. Im not mad to call you in" Arnav started walking towards her "Well, i don't know...we seem to have a lot of miscommunications huh?" Khushi kept walking back as he neared her, finally she felt the wall on her back as arnav came and stood right in front of her, she had no place to move.
Arnav saw her breathing heavily and was once again mesmerized by her cleavage visible right above her neckline which rose with her erratic breathing, he was too dazed to think what he was doing as he slowly trailed his forefinger over it. Khushi was shocked by his bold move, but it felt so good to have him touch her like this. She saw as his finger slowly dipped inside the middle of the heart shaped neckline to caress the valley between her breasts, Khushi moaned as she felt heat pool in her lower region, she held her breath as he leaned forward towards her chest.
Arnav was vaguely aware of what he was doing, he knew he was playing with fire but he could not resist, plus her moan had completely undone him, he wanted his mouth to be where his fingers were at present, he saw her tremble slightly as he dipped his fingers inside her cleavage, he was just leaning down to fulfill his fantasy when there was a knock on the door "Miss, are you done? Do you want to try the shoes now with the gowns?"
Khushi realized what they were about to do, she pushed arnav away and straightened her clothes, she then went straight to the door and opened it, the assistant walked in with a surprised look on her face, but being the professional that she was did not comment on anything. She proceeded to keep the shoes down "We'll take everything, just pack it. She'll figure out what to mix and match. Just bill everything in this room in the next 5 minutes, we have to leave" He did not even glance at khushi as he left the room.
Khushi was annoyed beyond reason! First he bossed her around to shop for all this, now he is not even taking her opinion, granted she loved everything she had tried, and then what just happened between them...arrgh! Men she thought as she quickly changed into her own clothes. She stepped out as a bevy of other assistants milled in to take everything out.
Arnav could not believe that he went that far, what was wrong with him! Why the hell was he acting like a bloody teenager with raging hormones, it was as if when she was in front of him he forgot everything! He had to be more careful, he was aware of the sexual tension between them and he also knew that she was bothered about it as well, but they had to keep their distance. He made up his mind to keep away from her as much as possible. He had to avoid any complications. He went ahead to the billing counter to make the payment
Khushi knew that they had to speak about what happened inside, but she too wanted to avoid the conversation. Since he was not even looking at her, it was best to think that nothing happened and nothing will happen, she could not understand why her senses left her every time he was around. The shop manager came and thanked them for the purchases and assured them that they will be delivered to arnav's house by tomorrow morning.
Arnav and khushi left the store in silence, he walked as fast as he could with her trailing behind, as they reached the glass door, he turned around "Do you need a lift home? I can leave you if you like?" Khushi looked at him uncertainly, she did not want to take him to her halls "No, i'll be fine. I'll come by tomorrow morning with the signed papers." saying that she turned and left quickly as arnav got into his car. This was a day to remember for both of them.

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