Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Fifteen

(Mature content warning...)

By the time they reached home it was past 11:00pm, Khushi had gotten a text from Arnav saying that he wanted to talk to her; her heart had once again started that weird flip-flop movement as soon as she saw his name blinking on the message indicator, 'What did he want to talk about now' she wondered then thought about the numerous things which were left un-discussed and un-said between them, she was actually glad they came home so late, at least now she could avoid their chat for one more day.
She quickly ran to her room after saying her goodnights to the other ladies; she kept her shopping bags to one side and went in for a quick shower to relax her tired body, she then changed into her cotton shorts and a cotton sleeveless t-shirt and snuggled into her bed, she switched off the light and fell in a deep slumber, this time her dreams were all pleasant as she slept with a sweet smile on her face.
Arnav was done with reading, then replying and then re-reading his mails, he realized that he had nothing to do but just wait till they turn up, he was thinking of texting her again but did not want to look desperate; he switched on the TV to a news channel and sat in front of it waiting for Khushi to come and meet him or at least call him when she was back, his head was just lolling on the easy chair when he heard Anjali's voice outside his door, he quickly got up and opened his door "Anji? When did you guys return?"
Anjali's head shot up and her giggling stopped when she saw her brother standing in front of her, she had thought he was asleep and she was freely talking to her boyfriend, she quickly cut the call and looked up at her brother with nervous eyes "Uh…Bhai…you are still awake? It's nearly mid-night…and we came back more than half an hour ago…is everything all right" Arnav felt irritated, once again she had successfully avoided him "What the! Anji..i did not know you people were back, no one bothered to tell me! Where is Khushi?" Anjali giggled at his annoyed face "Aww…u missing her? Well she's probably asleep now…she was too tired to stay awake!"
Arnav should have known; Shopping with his mother and sister was indeed tiring, but still she should have at least informed him or texted back, he said goodnight to Anjali and was just turning back when he saw her clutching her phone "Anji, who were you talking to at this time of night?" Arnav asked suspiciously. Anjali who was hurrying back to her room froze, she looked back at her brother and gave him a nonchalant look "Uh..Just my friend, she wanted me to get my e-commerce notes tomorrow" she quickly turned and walked back to her room leaving a satisfied arnav behind.
Khushi suddenly got up sweating , this time it was very vivid, she had an extremely erotic dream about her and arnav in various different positions, many which made her blush furiously, she felt hot, her nipples were hard and she felt a dull throbbing between her legs,she stood up and went to the table to fetch some water, this had never happened to her before, her hands reached out to find a jug of water and she gulped down a few sips but it did not cool her down, she needed cold water to douse the fire which had started in her.
She quickly gathered her hair and clipped it loosely on top of her head, then she quietly left her room to go to the kitchen downstairs, when she had nearly climbed down the stairs she realized that she was not wearing any underwear underneath her night clothes. She looked around to see the entire house eerily silent, she thought that since everyone was asleep, she need not worry about her state of dressing; she padded to the enormous kitchen and went straight to the refrigerator.
"What the!" Arnav got up from his sleep; he could not stop thinking about her, as soon as he closed his eyes he could see her, this was getting frustrating! He had been trying to sleep since the past 3 hours only for his thoughts to wander once again to her. He checked the clock to see that it was 4:30 am in the morning; he had to anyway wake up in 1 more hour for his jog. He stood up and stretched out; he might as well leave early today since he was not getting any sleep. He changed into his vest and jogging pants and left his room.
Khushi took out the huge jug of ice cold water from the fridge, she was trying to balance it in one hand while trying to close the fridge door with the other when she felt something slither along her arm, she shrieked and lost control of the huge jug, luckily she caught it before it fell down but in the process the cold water has splashed all across her thin cotton t-shirt completely drenching her. She quickly kept the jug on the table and started looking around for a mop, she also realized that it was her own hair which had come undone that slithered on her arm; she started laughing while trying to mop the now wet floor;
Arnav was just crossing the living room when he heard a shriek followed by laughter coming from the kitchen, he straight away changed his course and went towards the kitchen, he thought that it was probably Anji sneaking in for a bowl of ice-cream in the middle of the night. 'When will that girl learn' he thought, he had a huge smile across his face cause he was going to catch her red-handed once again! He slowly tiptoed into the kitchen to surprise her, but his smile died on his face and he stood shock still at the sight in front of him.
Khushi….her hair moving around her angelic face as she concentrated on mopping the floor, she stood in front of the open fridge, its light illuminating her luscious form, her top completely drenched was sticking to her upper body, clearly outlining her ample bosom, their peaks visible from the thin while cotton now nearly transparent, she looked like a temptress standing there swaying her hips to the rhythmic movements made by her hands while mopping. Arnav went hard just looking at her, his hands itched to hold her and completely devour her delectable body.
Khushi felt his presence before she even looked up, she stopped her movement and leaned the mop against the table before glancing up to find Arnav staring at her, he had a predatory look in his eyes which strangely turned her on, she felt heat creep up her body as his eyes roamed over her, lingering on her chest and finally coming to rest on her face; his look was challenging as if daring her to run away or face the truth which they were both too stubborn to admit, she slightly shifted her body away from him shielding him from observing her as she shyly realized her state.
Arnav stared at her, he was trying to gauge her reaction on finding him in front of her, he was hoping she wouldn't run away this time, far from talking, he wanted to roughly pull her against him and show her how her mere look affected him. He slowly moved towards her as she turned her body away from him, he inched further towards the table as she walked further away from him around it, finally they were both on either sides of the table, not saying a word just staring at each other, arnav knew her brain was probably thinking rationally while his had gone for a vacation the moment he saw her.
She had to go from there, if she stayed for a minute longer then God only knows what she'll end up doing. He looked so hot in his tight jersey vest sculpting his hard muscles underneath, his stubble gave him a dangerous look, her heart was probably beating at a rate of 560 horsepower! She quickly turned completely and started briskly walking towards the kitchen door, not saying a word to him; Best to make a run for it before he catches her or worse she throws herself at him!
Arnav knew she would run any minute, but this time he won't let her. He saw as she quickly turned towards the door "Scared..Ms Gupta?" he asked in a husky tone. Khushi stopped in her track, she only had to take one more step to walk out of the kitchen, but the hell was she gonna admit that he scared her, she confidently turned towards him and looked him straight in the eyes "Scared? Who me? You must be joking...i had just come down for a glass of that i've had it..Good night"
Arnav smirked as she tried her lame excuse "Incorrect! Its Good morning now...and I think you are scared of me..otherwise you won't be avoiding talking to me...would you now? You have successfully avoided talking about yourself, what bothered you last night, what happened between us yesterday and how we should take things yes..i think you are scared" he saw as Khushi stood to her full petite height with a hard determination on her face.
"Excuse me Mr raizada!" she said as she came forward and stood right in front of him "You were the one who said I should be professional" she poked in him the chest while saying that. "You were the one who said 'I am the boss, you are the employee'"! She poked him again. "So who are you to ask me all these questions when you wanted to keep this soo professional!" she poked him again, she realized it too late that she was hardly a breath away from him., his musky scent making her wild, his mouth was opened slightly in surprise, oh how she wanted those lips on her, she stared at him for a second more before she threw caution to the wind, pulled his head down and smacked her lips against his.
Arnav was shocked...wait not shocked...more like electrocuted! He was still trying to figure out if he was dreaming when he felt khushi bite down on his lips, with that there was no stopping him, he pulled her up against his body as his mouth responded to hers wildly, they met in a passionate fervor, he could taste her sweet unique flavor as his lips sucked on her tongue, his own tongue thrusting inside her mouth plundering its divine softness, he felt khushi's hands holding onto his hair, pulling it hard as she pressed her luscious body further into him.
Khushi was too dazed and gone to realize what she had started, right now her only salvation was arnav, his touch, his feel, his kiss...she only wanted him..nothing else mattered. She wanted to get as close as possible to him, she wanted to roam her hands over his taut body, she moaned deeply as his hands got under her t-shirt, his rough hands against her heated skin took her to a newer highs, "Ah..arnav...oh God..yes..." she moaned as she felt him bite her shoulders.
Arnav let his hands wander below her wet t-shirt, his hands moulded her flat tummy and circled her belly button lazily as they sought her smooth silky skin, he nipped the sensitive skin near her ears and neck, his tongue twirling around as he made his decent down to her creamy shoulders, he heard a throaty moan escape her as he bit her there and then twirled his tongue to soothe the pain. He could feel her hard nipples straining against her t-shirt, rubbing deliciously against his chest.
He slowly lifted her t-shirt to reveal her beautiful breasts, now standing proud and eager for him, he quickly picked her up and made her sit on the table, he lifted her top completely and threw it down as he held her gaze for a quick second, her desire filled eyes made him go wild, he lowered his mouth a took a straining peak in his hungry mouth as his hand squeezed the other one, his thumb rubbing against it simultaneously, Khushi had never felt this alive, she moaned louder as he increased the pressure of his mouth and fingers, she held onto him tightly as her own hands started exploring him beneath his vest.
Arnav felt khushi's tiny hands on his abs, he wanted to feel her skin against his, he wanted her mouth on his body, he quickly helped her divest him of the vest and pressed her body to his, the first contact between their bodies was phenomenal, arnav had been with many girls before but with khushi he felt like a born again virgin. The pleasure he felt as her skin rubbed against his, the friction it created was mind blowing.
He felt her nails bite into his back as she too felt the current which ran through them, " do you do to me" arnav groaned as her fingers now teased his nipples, pulling them roughly, he once again took possession of her lips and pulled her towards him, she wrapped her legs around his buttocks as his other hand went slowly towards the top button of her shorts.
Khushi felt arnav's hand slowly move towards her shorts, she was already too wet now, she knew only he could give her the release she craved, she shifted slightly so that his hand could slide inside her shorts, he was just about to push his finger through when they saw a light turn on in the living room; Khushi and arnav looked at each other dumbly and froze, they realized that they were in the middle of the kitchen and it was nearly morning. She quickly unwrapped her legs and pushed him away as she slid off the table and stood beside him,
Arnav looked at khushi as they both did not know how to react, he knew that any minute someone might walk into the kitchen, he saw as khushi started looking around for her t-shirt, she bent down beneath the table and was just fishing it out when they heard footsteps and a voice "Arnav saab? Is that you?" Arnav swore under his breath as khushi hid beneath the table, it was too risky for her to bolt out now. She held her breath and looked at arnav's legs as he shifted around nervously.
"Arnav saab...oh it is you..but what are you doing here? And your clothes..." HP questioned him looking first as his naked torso and then around the kitchen, Arnav racked his brain for a good excuse, there was no way he would let khushi out in this state in front of HP, he had to get him out of here "Uh...nothing...i was going for my jog and came in to get a glass of water...but unfortunately the water spilled on the floor..i was just mopping it all up" arnav gestured towards the mop.
"Oh my God saab, why did you not wake me up! Its my job not yours" HP said as he started coming towards him, arnav quickly held his palm up " HP..i did not want to disturb deserve to sleep well after a tiring day...Uh...i'll just leave now...why don't you come and lock the door behind me?" HP nodded with a confused look, his saab had never before cared about waking him in the middle of the night, something was definitely odd he thought.
Arnav started following him out when suddenly HP turned towards him "Uh saab, where is your top? You are going jogging like this?" arnav looked at him and nodded "No, its right here..i took it off cause I was feeling hot...while mopping...its a lot of work" he looked around and tried to find his vest, he saw as HP started coming towards him...arnav gestured to Khushi to give him the vest which was probably lying beneath the table too, but in her haste she ended up giving him her t-shirt. She cursed herself and tried to hit arnav's leg but he had already walked away.
"Ok, so here it is" he held it up to find khushi's cotton t-shirt. Arnav gave a horrified look at HP who looked seriously suspicious now, he came more forward to see what arnav was holding, arnav quickly pushed his hands through it and wore it before HP could come nearer, the t-shirt was too damn tiny and only came up to his navel, thank god it was sleeveless otherwise there wouldn't have been any sleeves left.
Arnav saw as HP's eyes turned huge "Uh..saab, this looks like anjali didi's t-shirt...are you sure this is yours?" arnav gave a stern look to him "Yes it is mine, its the new fashion. But how would you stop asking me questions and come" HP scurried out as arnav followed him, he gave one last wistful look at the kitchen before her left the house.
Khushi meanwhile could only imagine how arnav looked in her t-shirt, she was painting a mental picture when she heard them leaving the room, she quickly donned arnav's too loose jersey vest, she scrunched it up and stuffed it inside her shorts, she then quickly stood up to see that HP had left and ran out, she ran as fast as her legs could take her; only when she reached the sanctuary of her own room did she release her breath.
She locked her room and took off her shorts; she snuggled into bed with only arnav's vest on, it smelled like him; She would think of what happened later, right now she was basking in the aftermath of their wonderful encounter. she closed her eyes and fell asleep within a few minutes with a serene smile on her face once again for the second time that night...oops morning!


  1. OMG, LMAO, I could actually imagine Arnav in Khushi's too tight and short Ts... HP would have had a heart attack if he'd seen khushi...poor guy, would have been scarred for life.
    Good one hun...