Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Four

Arnav could not take his eyes off her, she was gorgeous beyond words. He took her outstretched hand and gently held it in his own, he felt a spark go through him as their palms met; he looked at her to see that she too was taken aback as she quickly pulled her hand away "Too much charge in the air! It happens you know.." she laughed nervously, somehow arnav found that very cute. But he still wondered who she was when it struck him! Katya...Katarina...she's the spanish escort? Katya must be her short name. He thought what a b*****d akshay was for not telling him how breathtakingly beautiful she was.
Khushi sat down as ASR pulled out her chair for her, she was amused to see what a gentleman he was, but she was nervous as hell! She had no idea how she would convince him to offer her a paid job in case he speaks of an internship. They both sat awkwardly looking here and there but at each other,arnav had never felt so tongue tied, he felt like a bloody teenager!; finally khushi thought she should say something "So, did you like my dress?"
Arnv looked at her with a weird expression, that was a first in an ice-breaker conversation, he nodded and smiled at her "Yes, really gorgeous" he looked her up as he admired her dress. Khushi was feeling too hot, she wondered when he would stop staring at her and observing her so shamelessly. But she had to get this meeting on its way "So Mr Raizada, what do you propose? This job I mean..?the pay...i..i..m.m.mean...Sorry i'm just a bit nervous"
Khushi fiddled with her bracelet as arnav spoke "Well, you do know how to get to the point huh?" arnav felt annoyed that she only cared for money, but then he thought its her job so can't blame her for it "Well, I will offer to 20,000 pounds. 10K you will get as soon as you agree and the other 10k once the job is over"
Arnav saw as her pretty little mouth fall open, did she expect more?..well he was already giving her more than she should get he thought "t.t.t...twenty grand?All at once? Are you serious? You liked my dress that much!" khushi swallowed hard as she digested what he just said, what happened to the unpaid internship? Who cares! She thought and smiled widely.
Arnav was worried that he was proposing the deal to a looney! Who the hell talks so much about a dress! Fine it was a good one and suited her, but why did she keep talking about it. He saw as her face lit up with a smile, he once again was mesmerized by her, 'f**k the looney part he thought, she was too beautiful to be mad, plus she just looked nervous! Arrghh what the hell was wrong with him!...arnav singh raizada never moons! He wondered how many clients she had.
Khushi looked expectantly at him as he asked his next question "If you don't mind, can I ask how many clients you have served?" he saw as khushi's face looked confused, she in turn was wondering what he was talking about, then she understood he meant patients, Ms Cheny probably told him about her part-time nursing job
Khushi smiled cutely"Oh, I really don't many come in one day!i love my job, I mean I get to meet so many different types of people you know..from youngsters to dear old men! I love caring for them" she then gave him an assured look "But you don't worry about that, when i'm working for you I will dedicate 100% to my job"
Arnav was flabbergasted to hear her words, 'she had that many clients!, young and old men too? but she looked too sweet and innocent of sorts to escort so many people at once, Akshay had told him that even though she is an escort, she was definitely not a prostitute and this he said he knew from personal experience, he suddenly felt jealous and angry at the other men who had taken her out. What the f**k was wrong with him!! He calmed himself down and ordered her drink for her.
Khushi was wondering if something was wrong, why would anyone pay that much money to a new intern? She felt something was not tying up. She leaned towards him and asked "So Mr Raizada, could you tell me what exactly the job entails?"
Arnav looked at her amused "Well I thought akshay must have told you everything" he saw her face register a confused look "So he didn't tell you the whole thing yet?" she still looked confused, was akshay the guy she spoke to on the he said his name was aman something... "Oh agreed to his job because of me! Well I understand everyone wants to work with Arnav singh raizada and your job entails you to be by my side 24/7, so I get it katarina"
Khushi was really annoyed now, not only did he have the arrogance of a chauvinistic pig but he also called her by another name and what kind of a job was 24/7 with him! "Listen Mr raizada, I think there has been a confusion..." Arnav interrupted her before she could finish "Listen I know you are an escort katarina or katya whichever you prefer, but you should know that this is a one month contract, you will come with me to India as my fiance and stay with my family, then after a month we stage a break-up and you go your way"
Khushi could not believe her ears! He thought she was an escort! How dare he..but she still could not understand how this confusion happened, was he supposed to meet this katarina here? She put her hands over her mouth as her eyes widened, she was so in the wrong place right now, not only will she not get a chance to work in his company, but things might get complicated and ugly since she knew about ASR's plan. Big guys like him work on confidentiality.
Arnav saw her uber surprised look "Listen katya, this is a business proposition. It will be strictly professional relationship which we will share, in front of the world you will pose as my fiance but between us i'm your boss and you a temporary employee. So if you are worried on those lines, ahem.. don't worry I won't even touch you unless its required."
Khushi took offense at his choice of word, but understood what he meant, she always knew ASR was a casanova. Right now he seemed really desperately in need of a fiance and he would go to any lengths for it, khushi wondered why.."May I ask why exactly you need a fiance?"
Arnav sat back as he saw her finally relax "Well, I won't get into the details, but my mother is insistent on getting me married to this girl in Delhi and I am dead set against marriage. I truly don't believe in it. Now since they don't know that I know about their plans, I will bring home a fiance and present her to them. They will be happy for a while and then 'Boom' we break-up. I go into depression over my break-up and i'm scots free for a while at least"
Khushi looked at him suspiciously, she thought he was mad to stage this act "Well, why did you not ask someone you know? I mean it would be very easy then right?"
Arnav did not want to answer personal questions but felt he should explain to her "See, don't take this the wrong way but I have only dated actresses and models, all of them are very well known. No one will willingly agree to my terms as it may affect them badly too"
Khushi flinched, so she was a lowly girl who suited this farce completely, get engaged to the most eligible bachelor and then get dumped while he goes into depression and gathers sympathy and she becomes the brunt of the joke! The stub end of a cigarette! Wait... why the hell was she even thinking on this ridiculous proposition..this job was not even meant for her.
Arnav saw as khushi quickly stood up, she took her bag and looked at him "Well thank you Mr Raizada, but I think there has been a major misunderstanding, Sorry for wasting your time, but I don't think i'm the girl you are looking for" she did not want to tell him about her real identity lest he creates any problems for her,s he was glad she introduced herself as Katya.
"Whoa whoa whoa! Is it because your spanish and you have to come and stay in India? Cause its cool my mother won't be bothered with that and remember the job pays well, i'll give you 10K right now if you agree" Khushi looked at him with an unbelievable look, what a complete idiot!! he actually thought she was spanish!
Arnav looked as khushi did not even glance at him and walked off, he was angry as hell! She knew what this job was or she would not have come here! Stinking attitude he thought, but he was the desperate one now, he ran after her and caught her at the exit "Listen think about it. Give me a call tomorrow if you change your mind. But remember you only have till tomorrow noon, after that I won't bother."
Khushi looked at him one last time before jumping into the first cab that came across, she told him the nearest tube station and leaned back in the seat, she saw as the restaurant whizzed past her with ASR standing at its main door. She closed her eyes wondering what more crap fate had put in her path!
Arnav reached home around 15 minutes after khushi left, his butler opened the door and was surprised to see a frustrated ASR, he looked on as arnav threw his jacket on the floor and ascended the stairs to his room, he had never seen him looking so disturbed. He tried asking if arnav needed something to which he was greeted by silence and the banging of the bedroom door.
Arnav needed a hot shower, no make that a cold one! He could not stop thinking about that girl for even a second since she left in such a hurry. He was angry, frustrated, pissed off but above all he was desperate! She was perfect for the job, God only knows why she suddenly changed her mind. He thought he'll call akshay and ask about her, but then thought against it. He'll give her till tomorrow to decide and then try and work out an alternate plan.
Khushi was just finishing packing up the last of her boxes, her entire room looked like a nuclear site, she was just back from visiting her aunt who was doing much better now though she was still weak. It was nearly mid-night and she kept herself busy so that her mind would not wander again to her meeting earlier. She quickly changed and slipped under the comforter as she shut off the last lamp and closed her eyes.
It was past one in the morning and arnav could not sleep, her thoughts kept disturbing him;finally he got up and switched on the bedside lamp. He was aroused beyond reason. His mind kept on picturing her perfect face and smoking hot body. He had the wildest thought to send for anna just to relieve himself, but then banged his hand on the bed thinking what a ridiculous idea that was! He might as well do it himself!
Khushi was tossing and turning in her sleep, she got up startled as a scary dream rocked her awake, she dreamt that she was in the streets in torn clothes eating paper while her buaji set next to her with a 'Will dance to 'Sheila ki jawani' for clean water' board dangling from her neck. She quickly got up and started pacing the floor of her small room.
It was two in the morning now, arnav had enough! he had tried everything he could to sleep and NOT think of her or what her answer would be, he was arnav singh raizada, not some idiot who panted after a girl that didn't give a hoot, he has people falling at his feet for just a glance, how dare that girl show him attitude. He got up again to drink a glass of water when his phone buzzed.
He read akshay's text again 'Sorry bro, i know its late but just got back from a night out, thought i'll let you know that the katarina thing is not working out. She refused, sorry. I'm off to brazil tomorrow, will help you figure something once i'm back. Ciao n peace' Arnav could not believe that she said no! Well at least now he knew. He wondered what she said to Akshay, but he shook his head at that thought, let her go to hell! He'll find someone twice as better than her!
Khushi had made up her mind, she had to call and explain everything to him tomorrow, maybe once he understood the confusion, he may think about offering the job to her , she could still work something out. There is no way she will even consider his other offer, plus by now he probably knew about the mix up, 'i mean the real katarina will never refuse that offer! She'll get to spend 24/7 with arnav singh raizada! Khushi thought while shredding a piece of paper to threads.
She looked at the bits of paper in her hand, no way was she going to eat paper! And she had to take care of buaji. She was going to march right into arnav singh raizada's office tomorrow and explain everything, he did love her dress, so he may consider her for the internship with some pay at least,he didn't seem heartless, just desperate! anything was better than nothing at this point. With that thought in mind, she dozed off.

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