Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Sixteen

(Mature content ahead..18+ Only)

Khushi got up with a banging headache, she was finding it too hard to even lift her head off the bed, she snatched her watch from the bedside table and looked at the time. 13:00! She got up quickly and in the process felt a searing pain in her head.No wonder she thought, every time she overslept her head got heavy. She slowly climbed down from her bed and went for a hot shower.
It was already past 2 pm when Khushi finally came down, she looked around to find the house very quite but heard some voices coming from the conservatory, she padded quietly to the room to find all the Raizada ladies surrounded by various fabrics, jewelery, shoes, bags and God only knows what other contraptions! When they saw her gingerly waiting at the entrance, they all got up at once to pull her in; Khushi found herself sandwiched between dadiji and anjali while maya walked around showing her various things.  
"Khushi beta, are you feeling better now? Arnav said you were not well last night again, I just hope you feel better by tomorrow, we are so sorry to tire you out yesterday. Have you eaten anything yet?" Maya asked with concerned eyes, Khushi shifted in her seat, her head was still banging like a hard rock concert, she smiled with difficulty as she answered " head hurts actually, I think I'll just eat something and take some medicine. I think that should help".
Before she finished her sentence, Maya had called HP and asked him to get Khushi's lunch to the conservatory with some warm water and aspirin, she also asked for some balm to massage on her forehead, Khushi had never been so pampered in her life, she could get used to this she thought with a smile, but it quickly vanished when realty struck, this is not real.
She started listening half heartedly to anjali and dadi gushing about the dress and the arrangements for the engagement, she so wished this was her real engagement, Wait! What the hell was she thinking! She was a fake, this entire thing was a sham..then was what happened between her and arnav just a physical thing? Was it? She thought thoughtfully.
No...she had gone and fallen hopelessly in love with Mr Wrong...but then why did it all seem so right! She had to know what arnav thought of all this, what was between them? but first she'll have to tell him the truth, the arnav she had come to know over the past few days will understand, with that thought in mind, she let all her worries pass and joined in the excited banter.
The entire day passed in a series of mad events, first the mehendi lady came to apply her mehendi on her hands , then make-up lady and the hair dresser came by to experiment and decide on her do, and finally after all the madness, anjali took her to the parlour for various different therapies and the usual plucking and pulling. She felt like a new person when they finally returned home at 10pm at night! Her mehendi had come off and the pattern looked very exotic against her glowing white skin.
They walked in to find all the family waiting for them at the dinner table, Khushi was wondering why arnav was not down yet, she had got a text from him earlier asking if she was alright to which she had replied a 'yes' with a smiley face. She went up to keep her bags and freshen up, but when she came down again he had still not come to the dining room.
"Uh...anjali...where is arnav?" she asked anjali who was walking down the stairs behind her, "Oh bhai? Ma said he went to Jaipur, he had some urgent meeting, he'll only be returning tomorrow morning" anjali said as she skipped down, khushi felt sad suddenly, why did he not tell her she thought.She sat quietly throughout the dinner and finished it in record speed, anjali kept noticing how upset khushi seemed, she had an idea to cheer her up.
After dinner and warm good nights to everyone, khushi went to her bedroom, she changed into her vest and shorts remembering the the early morning scene between her and arnav, she blushed furiously, she picked up her phone and checked if arnav had texted her, she was again upset to find the inbox empty, she quickly texted him saying 'We need to talk, let me know when you get back' and got under the covers. As soon as she was about to close the lamp her door swung open and anjali ran inside.
"What the!" khushi said totally startled and scared out of her wits! She watched as anjali came and sat excitedly on her bed "Bhabhi! Not you too...i thought that phrase was trademarked by bhai!" anjali giggled as she sat cross legged in front of khushi, khushi smiled at her and sat upright "So! What brings little anji to my room!?" khushi asked as anjali got up and plonked a few dvds on khushi's bed.
"We are gonna have a sleepover! I have some good chic flicks which we can watch and you'll get to spend some quality time with me!, unless you are very tired and wanna go to sleep" anjali said with a cute smile, khushi looked at the movies scattered on the bed and looked at her, anjali gave her a sheepish look "Well...ok you must be wondering why this sudden plan, but truly speaking I saw how upset you were since bhai is not here...and you must be missing him...cause I can I thought this will cheer you up!"
Khushi picked up one of the all time favorite movies, she was soo touched by anjali's gesture that she could trust herself to speak, she would probably burst out, no one had ever bothered about her moods before, not even Lavanya..she gave the dvd to anjali and saw her beaming smile as she took the dvd to pop it into the player "Wow bhabhi! 'Sleepless in Seattle' is my favorite too! She put all the lights off as the movie started and sat next to khushi on the bed awkwardly.
Khushi pulled the cover up and gestured anjali to snuggle in, she smiled at her and and got under them next to khushi, both sat silently as the movie started, but after a few minutes, khushi held her hand and said softly "Thanks anji, for understanding, I have never had a sister, so it feels wonderful to have you by my side," anjali came closer and side hugged her tightly as khushi returned it equally "No bhabhi, thank you. I have never seen bhai so happy before, he truly loves you, and I am so lucky to have you as my sister, your'e the best!"
"No your'e the best!" khushi said laughing and blushing, 'oh if it was true' she thought sadly," By the way, what did you mean earlier when you said you understood missing someone? Who are we talking about kiddo!" Anjali gave her a mischievous smile, "Well, this is between both of us ok! Bhai should not know..promise me!!" khushi crossed her heart and promised, she sat sideways looking at anjali as she excitedly told her about her man
"Ok, well I met him few months ago, he's the most amazing guy ever!! he has the most dreamy eyes and great body, speaks very well and is as rich as me, so I know he's not after my money..but me! Hehe" anjali giggled as her excited chatter continued "Actually bhai knows him, but we want to keep this a secret till he comes and asks for my hand, the right way you since his company is one of our competitors, bhai does not get along with him"
Khushi thought about this for a second, Anjali was quite young to be so involved with a guy, but it wasn't her place to say anything to her, the only thing she could do was caution her and hope to God this guy was good "Well, its nice to have a boyfriend who loves and cares for you, but be careful darling, this world if full of very dark people" khushi said with a shudder.
Anjali squeezed her hand tightly, "Don't worry bhabhi, I know him very well, he's very respectable and he loves me madly! I'll be careful" khushi smiled at her "Whats his name by the way?" anjali turned to answer her when her eye caught the scene on the tv "Oh my God! I love this scene, the one where he sees her for the first time...i gotta see it again" she said loudly, khushi laughed as she saw anjali fiddling with the remote, this was her favorite scene too, she relaxed into her pillows as the movie progressed, both girls thinking of their prince charming.
Anjali woke up to her phone buzzing, she quietly got up and tiptoed across the room to the door, she did not want khushi to wake up. She walked out to take the call and closed the door slowly behind her, she picked up the call as she walked to the french doors which opened up into the balcony, she locked the balcony door and said in a sleepy husky voice "Good morning baby.."
Khushi was once again dreaming, she felt arnav lips on her neck, sending goosebumps down her spine, how can dreams be so vivid she thought, but enjoyed the feelings it evoked, she sighed as his lips travelled from her neck to her back, her hair was thrown to one side as his lips created havoc on her upper back, she felt one hand glide smoothly inside her top massaging her heavy breasts and pulling her already swollen nipples, she moaned as her dream got more wild, heat pooling between her legs.
She felt arnav's other hand move across her waist and slip inside her shorts, finally! she thought, since it did not happen in reality at least it will happen in her dreams, she moaned as she felt his hands reach her soaking wet panties, she cried out his name as his hands slipped inside them, her eyes flew open as his finger slid inside her core, jerking her out of her sleepy state, she was shocked to find arnav in her bed, his eyes were closed as he nibbled her jaw, his tongue licking the sensitive skin.
Arnav suddenly felt her tense, he opened his eyes to see a shell shocked khushi, his hands stilled as she completely froze "What happened baby? Are you ok? Is it too much? I thought you were enjoying it" khushi was still trying to make sense, did she just dream up anajli and her movie night? Was it arnav all along? What the hell was going on! 'Was anjali and aranv the same!' 'what!! no khushi...stop being stupid, she stuttered as her voice came out in small gasps "Whh...what are here?"
Arnav gave her a cheeky smile, understanding her confusion, she thought she was dreaming till now, he chuckled as his head bent down to take her plump lips in a passionate hungry kiss, he felt her resisting it at first, she probably wanted to talk, but there was time for it, her hands which were pushing him away a few seconds ago gave up, instead circling around his neck and pulling him closer, armav groaned as her delicate tongue thrust into his mouth, sucking on his with equal ardour and passion.
Khushi was trying to resist, she had no idea when arnav got here, he was still in his shirt and trouser, so he must have come directly to her room leaving his jacket and tie somewhere, but where the hell was anjali! Did she go back to her room? She was trying to tell this to arnav when once again his hand started playing havoc with her body, his fingers were thrusting in and out of her while his thumb kept up a rhythmic pressure on her swollen nub, she pulled him closer to herself, she wanted to finish what they started yesterday.
Arnav felt khushi writhing under him, he knew she was very close to her release, her hands pulled at his shirt while his mouth found her straining pink peak as he pushed her top up, he sucked on them hard as he increased the pressure on her nub, thrusting his fingers harder, he was growing stiffer by the second, but right now all he wanted to do was pleasure her.
Khushi was finding it very hard to breath, her entire body seemed to be consumed in an unknown fire, arnav's fingers had started a mad rush in her body, she crept her hands under his shirt and held onto his hard muscled back, her nails digging into the hard body as a final thrust of his finger bought her to the edge.
Khushi felt wave after wave of pleasure fill her body , she shuddered as the powerful orgasm hit her, her first to be exact. She never knew it felt so wonderful, she looked up to find a smiling arnav as her body settled down, she pulled him once again towards her and kissed him full on the mouth "Thank you" she murmured as he depend the kiss. She felt his hard arousal against her tummy and her hand instantly went under his waistband to it, she touched it tentatively at first, then rubbed her hand against it as she heard arnav groan loudly.
It felt so wonderful, her soft hot hand tightly wrapped against his member, she slid her hand against it as he hissed with uncontrollable pleasure, he guided her hand along his length as khushi continued her sweet torture, she started rubbing harder and quicker as she saw the pleasure flit across arnav's face, if this gave him so much pleasure she would do it right she thought.
She slipped his pants further down and gently released his member out of its constraint, arnav's eyes opened up as he saw khushi rub both her hands against him, her eyes were filled with desire that matched his, he was so consumed by his release that he did not realize when he spilled all over her, his body shaking with the amazing climax khushi's hands provided, he saw as her fascinated eyes roamed over his arousal, she lifted her shy eyes towards him and asked in a tiny voice "Does that hurt?" armav felt his heart roll over, how did he live without her til now he thought, he once again pulled her close and hugged her tightly "No baby, it hurts when I don't feel your touch.."
Khushi was mesmerized, she had never been this intimate with anyone, but with arnav it seemed very natural, she saw his body shudder just like hers and was very happy that she could provide him the same pleasure he gave her, she hugged him back as he clung to her and slid in next to her holding her close, he kissed her forehead and breathed deeply as he held her delicious body against his "So, you wanted to talk?" khushi nodded slowly "Arnav..there are too many things I need to tell you..i don't know where to start"
Armav smiled at her "Well then start at the beginning, is this to do with the engagement? Cause I wanted to talk to you too" khushi shook her head "Well, I need to tell you something before the engagement" she looked at him nervously before continuing "Its just that when I first met you, there was a big misunderstanding.." arnav suddenly got up as khushi started speaking "What are those bunny slippers doing here? Aren't they anjali's?" khushi looked around confused "Oh yeah, I told you that she spent the night here with me, we had a girly sleepover"
Arnav looked at her with a confused expression "You told me that? I don't think I heard..thats she left in the early hours huh? Typical! She can't sleep anywhere but her own cluttered room!" arnav grinned as khushi looked on thoughtfully, suddenly she heard the door knob being opened "Bhabhi..why did you lock the door? Can you open it please? I need my glasses and slippers" anjali's voice came from outside the door.
Khushi panicked, she quickly got up and took off her stained vest, she quickly donned another t-shirt and buttoned her shorts, arnav too got up and straightened his clothes, he went quietly to the bathroom and closed the door as khushi opened the door for anjali.
"Oh your'e up and ready?" anjali looked at khushi and asked "No, I was just feeling cold so i changed into a t-shirt, where did you go so early in the morning?" anjali smiled at her while putting on her glasses and slippers "Just a phone call" she winked at khushi as she turned towards the door "By the way bhabhi I had tons of fun last night, we should do this more often!" khushi smiled as she walked anjali to the door.
"Oh and bhabhi, can you tell bhai that mamaji was looking for him? Mamaji said he came back half an hour ago but seemed to have vanished...and I know exactly where he is..." she pointed at the jacket and tie casually draped across the easy chair, khushi blushed furiously as anjali gave her a bright smile and walked away singing some silly bollywood romantic song. Khushi closed the door and banged on the bathroom.
Arnav came out as soon as khushi banged, he had heard the entire thing, he looked apologetically at her and grabbed her before she could start ranting, he kissed her senseless before letting her go, she stood stunned as arnav casually took his clothes and opened her door, he turned back towards khushi and said in a husky voice "You should go and shower..and this is not over...the talk can wait" khushi stood with her eyes narrowed as he closed the door behind him "Men!" she thought as she locked her door and went for a shower...a loong one!


  1. Ooohhh, I need a cold shower tooooooo....
    Anjali's boyfriend is Shyam, I'm sure...creep....I hope he doesn't harm her...she's so sweet...