Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Twenty Four


Khushi shivered as she felt arnav tongue glide leisurely across her ear, he gently bit her sensitive lobe as she dug her nails in his shoulders, it took her a while to understand what he was saying, she suddenly looked up in his mesmerizing eyes, dark with lethal desire. She smiled shyly as she pushed him slightly "You are so shameless Arnav.." she stepped away from him as the song ended, but arnav had no intention of letting her go. He wrapped one arm around her tiny waist and pulled her towards him.
"Not so fast Khushi...i meant what i said..i am hungry and as far as i can see, so are you" he breathed down her neck, Khushi trembled as his hands started a slow pattern on her stomach, his fingers gliding seductively over her belly button, its indent visible over the thin satin material of her dress. She looked at his lips, then his eyes and then back at his lips again, she gulped as a feeling of wild desire ran through her, she wanted this as much as he did.
"I know what you are thinking darling...its driving me mad thinking about your naked body pressed hard against mine, your delicate hands roaming over my body while my fingers explore yours...intimately...will you scream khushi when i make you come? Will you rake your nails over my body as i make you shudder with need..?" Khushi took a deep breath as arnav's seductive voice played havoc with her, she could feel the ache between her legs just hearing him say such things..what would happen when they actually do it.
Arnav smirked as he saw Khushi's eyes glaze with need, but saying those things to her had made him completely stiff, watching her breath hard was making his heart beat run at a break neck speed, he was already planning a lot of wild things which he wanted to do with her since a really long time. He bent his head towards her neck softly blowing the curls away which lay on them, he felt khushi pull him closer as she whispered in his ears "Well darling...i suppose we'll need to find that out" Arnav completely lost control as he grabbed her hand and started maneuvering them away from the crowd towards the door.
Khushi giggled as she saw arnav lose his cool, she knew her words will have the desired effect, but more than him she was desperate to find out how this night will be, it took a lot for her to trust someone so completely and she hoped that arnav would not be disappointed in her. She suddenly felt nervous at the what lay ahead, but knowing that she truly loved him and he loved her, this night would be nothing less than magical. They made their way across the brightly lit lawn ignoring people who tried to talk to them.
"Arnav! Where do you think your'e rushing off to my boy!" a loud booming voice stopped arnav in his tracks, with Khushi bumping into him due to his abrupt stop. Both of them turned around to the source of that voice with arnav cursing under his breath, khushi felt him hold her hand tighter as the owner of that voice, a jolly looking old man, probably in his 70's! Made his way towards them. Khushi smiled at the man as he approached them and was really surprised when the took her free arm and kissed her on her hand, holding it between his geriatric fingers.
"So you are the lovely miss who has finally managed to settle this beast down!" he said laughing loudly, khushi smiled uncertainly and glanced at arnav to see a nerve in his neck beating erratically, definitely out of irritation "Mr Trivedi, nice to see you here..i'm glad you could make this trip. I heard you were not well? All's well i hope and yes this is my fiancee' Khushi, Khushi this is Mr Trivedi one of biggest exporters." arnav said tightly.
Mr Trivedi gave him a toothy grin "Oh well, we try our best my dear" Mr trivedi said looking fondly at Khushi, "and i've seen worst days, age you see..always gets in the way!..but good i met you here, i'm leaving for the US tomorrow and thought we could discuss this new venture of your's? 'Joie!' after all you are looking for opening stores in the states am i correct?" he finished as he let khushi's hand go and gestured arnav towards a table on the far side of the lawn, away from the crowd.
Khushi saw arnav trying to think of a reason to avoid this, but his hesitation told her that it must be something quite important, she squeezed his hands affectionately "Its ok Arnav, you go..i'll see you in sometime" she left his hand and was about to leave when he held her wrist "No Khushi, i'll meet him some other time..right now i can't think straight..i need you" arnav said huskily against her ears.
Khushi smiled at him and touched his cheek gently "I'm not going anywhere babe, i'll be waiting for you in our room..come soon" she kissed his other cheek and walked away gracefully, arnav watched her go and turned towards the table Mr Trivedi was already sitting on waiting for him...he cursed Aman for inviting him today for the show! He wondered how he would be able to discuss anything rational with khushi on his mind.
It had been an hour since khushi had left arnav with Mr Trivedi, in that time she had showered using the exotic smelling bath gel she loved, then she had shimmied into a very erotic red lingerie which was part of her ensemble from harrods, she blushed as she saw the sheer material cling lovingly to her curves, it was teddy style with just a tight corset leaving her upper shoulders and upper chest bare, her breasts were pressed against the satin material, leaving her cleavage busting out of the bodice, it ended right around her navel in a v.
The matching panties were made of the softest sheer gossamer, making khushi feel sexy and naughty. She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what arnav will do when he sees her like this, she moisturized her long legs and slipped into a matching red satin robe which completed the ensemble. She left her hair open, just the way he liked and spritzed some of her citrusy perfume, she was just fluffing her hair when her cell beeped, she picked it up and her cheeks went red as she saw the msg on her BBM 'Baby, I don't know how much longer this is going to take..i wish i was with you..kissing you, licking you...sucking you...'
Khushi smiled as she typed her reply to him 'You really are shameless you know that! Concentrate on your meeting...we have all night for those things u mentioned' she sent the msg and waited for a few seconds before she got a reply 'I am shameless, but only with you :) you don't seem to want me at all...otherwise you would be burning for me right now.' Khushi read his message and smirked, her fingers ran quickly over the keypad 'If that's what you think...why would i be wearing something like this and waiting for you?' She was not surprised to see his super-quick reply 'What are you wearing???'
Khushi grinned widely as she went to the mirror and opened her robe slightly, it left a sliver of her inner wear visible, she clicked the photo and blushed seeing herself in such a wonton way, her hair to one side, her open robe giving a tantalizing view of what she wore and her lips all pouty 'What the hell has happened to me' she thought as she contemplated sending the photo to him, but then thought against it as her phone beeped again with his next message 'Tell me...what are you wearing?'
Khushi pressed the reply button on her phone but she did not realize for a split second that she had pressed the send button on the photo instead...and since arnav was live on conversation, it went straight though to him. She gasped as her phone slid from her hands..she quickly tied her robe together and waited for his reply, she waited for 10 minutes, but was worried when he did not reply, he had definitely seen the picture since it showed read.
She wondered if he was maybe annoyed with her for sending such a picture? she was just about to type another message when she heard a shuffle near the main door, then a grunting sound and finally the door opened, she froze as she heard a muffled voice coming from the corridor towards the bedroom. She stood alert as the door opened with a thud and arnav came in panting heavily. He bent down and placed his hands on his knees while trying to catch his breath.
Arnav had no idea what made him do what he just did. He was happily enjoying his horny chat with Khushi, waiting for Mr Trivedi to finish their meeting when that picture made its way to his phone screen, that picture made him loose all logical thought as he shot out of his seat and apologized to Mr trivedi about something really important he had to do, he did not even look back as he sprinted out from the function area towards their room.
The only thing that kept flashing in his mind was Khushi.Bedroom.Sexy.Mine! He finally reached his room after rushing across the hotel to get pinched by the door handle, then he tripped over the vase in the corridor hitting his foot hard, but it was all worth it to see her standing shocked and confused in that extremely fetching and sexy robe, he knew what lay inside it and he wasn't going to waste any more time waiting!
"What the hell Arnav! Are you ok?" khushi asked, concern marring her recently shocked face "Why are you panting? Wait did you just run all the way here?" she asked with an amused smile. Arnav stood up straight and started walking towards her, she could see the predatory look on his face and it excited her to no ends, she knew that her photo must have been the catalyst for this current situation as was secretly happy that she affected arnav so much.
"Never...never send me such provocative photos of yourself and then expect me to be normal don't know what you've just invited" arnav said slowly as he finally reached her in the middle of the room. He was glad that this time she did not move away when he walked towards her. Khushi gasped as arnav suddenly caught her waist and pulled her flush against him "Arnav...bu..but..i did no..." khushi could not finish her sentence as arnav lowered his head and drew her into a hot mind-numbing kiss, desire burned through her as his mouth seared hers, plundering and demanding, she moaned loudly opening her mouth where his tongue snaked in to suck hers deeply.
Arnav groaned against khushi's sweet mouth as she kissed him back with equal vigor and passion, her desperation evident and mirroring his as their mouths clung feverishly to each other, arnav felt the knot of her robe around her waist and he eased it open leaving the robe free to fall off her, he shifted his mouth over the sensitive skin of her neck and then her collarbone as his hands pushed the silky robe over her shoulders. Khushi held on to his shoulders as he licked and sucked his way across, her fingers fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. She tore them out of frustration, dying to touch his bare skin. Arnav chuckled at her eagerness as he slipped the rest of the shirt off him and pulled her robe off her completely.
Shyness overcame her as her robe got flung over to some corner of the room, she pressed herself to arnav's body, obscuring his vision towards her scantily clad self. Arnav left his exploration and turned her around swiftly and held her by her bare stomach towards the mirror, her back to his front, her gorgeous hair spilling over her face sideways as she looked down, unable to look at herself "Khushi" he breathed into her ear "Don't ever deny me to look at you..look up in the mirror.." he said seductively daring her to look into his eyes. When she resisted he started moving his fingers in slow circles over her waist, seductively dipping his finger in her deep navel.
Shivers ran up her body as arnav's finger caressed her navel, she looked up briefly into the mirror and saw him watching her intensely. She blushed as his eyes caught hers and her heart filled with love as she heard him speak the next words "Now do you see what i do khushi? Now do you know why i can't resist you darling? You are beautiful khushi, for me you are the most beautiful person in the world...and the goodness of your heart reflects in your are mine Khushi and I am yours, there is no place for any shyness between us" arnav whispered in her ears.
Khushi could not take it anymore, she wanted him, he was her salvation...all the demons from her past could only be released when arnav was with her, she felt complete with him, she turned around and took him by surprise as she pushed him towards the wall. She held his head as she took his lips in a wild kiss, delicious heat made its way down her body, their tongues dueled fiercely as she trailed her hands along his shoulders and across his wide muscled back, her mouth started their own exploration along his chest, nipping his buds, her hands going to his buttocks as she pushed her hands underneath his pants and held onto him.
All coherent thoughts fled arnav, as he felt khushi taking charge, her soft hands exploring his body while her hot mouth followed, he moaned her name aloud as her nails bit into his buttocks, he quickly took them out before they trailed towards the other straining part in his lower regions, he would surely meet his death there. He held her wrists and twisted her around so that she was now pressed against the wall "I never knew you were so wild.." he rasped out to a smiling khushi "I lose my mind around you" she said seductively biting his ear.
Khushi felt her legs tremble as arnav's rough hands pressed her breasts over the thin flimsy material of the corset, his tongue trailing the gentle swells straining against the tight bodice, he bit her gently on them as his hand travelled to her back unzipping the now offensive piece of cloth, leaving khushi bare to his hungry eyes. Khushi felt cool air from the air conditioner caress her breasts but it was short-lived as arnav crushed her with his heated body, she felt so horny and almost cried out as arnav rubbed his hard chest against her soft mounds.
"You are so beautiful khushi...i've dreamed of this for so long" he said throatily as he cupped the fleshy weight in his hands, his thumbs pressing back and forth over the throbbing peaks, he looked into khushi's darkened eyes before bending his head and licking the rose pink nub, she cried out his name as he started sucking on them one at the time, his other hand holding her soft bottom, pressing it hard against his own hard arousal. Khushi wrapped one leg around his waist and started rubbing herself over him, desperation to be one with him mounting with every new second.
"I want you arnav...i need" she said huskily, not aware of what those words were doing to arnav. She held onto him tightly as he picked her up effortlessly and lay her gently in the middle of their bed, he gazed down at her and marveled at the beautiful sight she made only clad in a red lace panty, her hair spilling over the white sheets while her body blushed prettily at his bold gaze.He quickly undid his pants and flung them away before joining her on the bed.
Arnav's intense gaze made her feel all sensual and womanly, his perfectly sculpted body was enough to push her over the edge while his arousal straining against his boxers made her nervous and excited as her body anticipated him. 
Arnav saw a slight worry line flit across khushi's face as her eyes travelled down his body, he held her up against him and said softly "If you are not sure khushi...we can stop" she quickly looked up to him and trailed her palm over his face "I am sure arnav, as sure as i can be...but" she hesitated as he urged her to continue, his body crying out to be one with her.
"This is my first time arnav...i hope i don't disappointed you.." she whispered softly before closing her eyes in embarrassment. Arnav took a deep breath as the he realized for the first time that she was a virgin, he just assumed that she wasn't one. He felt a sense of pride and possessiveness at her confession, she was giving him her most prized possession, he felt truly humbled by it "Thank you are giving me the most precious gift in the world...i'm honored to be your first darling, and there is no way you can disappoint me, ever" he said as he captured her lips in a sweet kiss, full of promise of the future and love.
Khushi ran her hands over his powerful torso, feeling a shudder run through him; his words had overwhelmed her a lot, and her body was more than ready to accept him. She purred as he slid her wet panty over her long legs still holding her lips prisoned against his while khushi pushed his boxers off him with her feet, they now lay completely bare against each other, he looked deeply into her hazel eyes as his fingers made their way to her soaking core, she whimpered as he rubbed her gently there. Her nails biting into the flesh of his back
"Please arnav...i need you" she moaned in his ears as arnav shifted on top of her to position himself, he was way above his control level but he wanted her first time to be memorable.He parted her legs and shifted back to rub his erection tantalizingly along her moist folds, khushi's hips lifted instinctively inviting him, she ached for him so badly that she moaned in despair when he moved away for a moment to don protection, but then he was back pressing down on top of her, kissing her hungrily.
He looked up in her dazed eyes as he entered her, keeping his pace slow so as to give her the least discomfort, he finally reached her resisting barrier and thrust into her once to break free, he felt her wince in pain and gasp as slight pain engulfed her, but arnav started to move more steadily inside her welcoming warmth to get her accustomed to his thrusts. 
He kept looking at her face for signs of pain"Are you ok?" he asked with concern to which she smiled as he saw pleasure flitting across it, she nodded her head and he increased his thrusts as she wrapped her legs around his back, causing him to slide in even deeper, he groaned as her tight sheath made him come closer to his climax but he had to hold on till khushi came.
Khushi gasped at the new sensations which were taking over her body. She felt his chest move against her breasts as they continued making love, khushi could feel an unknown but delicious tension building inside her and she drew in a shaky breath as arnav thrust harder in her. With practiced precision arnav took her higher and higher until there was nowhere to go. For a moment khushi felt a moment of oblivion as the intensity of her orgasm shook her to the core, she clung onto arnav as she felt him tense under her before powerful contractions of her orgasm sent him over the edge too.
For a long moment there was nothing but the sound of their ragged breathing and the pounding of their hearts, Arnav eased his weight off her and pulled her into him, wrapping his arms around her, cradling her bottom with his thighs. Khushi placed her hands over his and snuggled in closer to him; they lay like that for a long time before arnav brushed her hair away from her and turned her towards him, they looked into each other eyes deeply before arnav kissed her lightly on her forehead.
"Thank you have given me everything today. I love you soo much" he said huskily pulling her in closer to himself. Khushi smiled shyly before kissing his nose and saying in a soft voice "No Arnav...thank you, thank you for being my first and've made me so happy today that i cannot express it in words" she said as her fingers traced a path along his throat.
Arnav held her roaming hand and said seductively in her ears "If words cannot express then i have better ways for you to thank me" khushi's eyes widened as she slapped his hands away "Shameless!" she said as arnav slid his hands across her sensitive breasts, she moaned as he captured her lips in his, their bodies once again ready and hungry for each other. 


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