Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Twelve

The rest of the pooja was quite uneventful; after the initial shock of maya raizada slipping bangles into her wrists, khushi was quite enjoying the rituals. Dadiji had introduced her to all the women who had come for the pooja, maya had even taken khushi aside to thank her for taking care of the situation and had asked her to start calling her ma. Yes it was a shocking evening for sure.
They had just finished eating their dinner and nearly all the guests had left for the day; dadi and maya also said their good nights and retired for the night, anjali and khushi were sitting outside sipping cups of coffee when arnav came there "Um..anji, don't you have college tomorrow? And why are you drinking coffee? You won't be able to sleep"
Anjali stuck her tongue out "Why bhai? I can't drink coffee cause I need to sleep huh? What about bhabhi? She's drinking it too...oh I get probably don't want her falling asleep early tonight! I saw the way your eyes were glued to her!" anjali burst out laughing looking at the crimson red faces of both her brother and khushi, 'how cute were they!'
"Anji, seriously...mind your tongue, your too young to talk like this" arnav said with a stern look, it was true that he had been staring at her all night, but he just couldn't help it, she looked absolutely mind blowing. He glanced a quick look at her and saw her looking everywhere but at him, he smirked looking at her discomfort, guess they were both on the same boat!
"Humph, bhai! I'm not a for all you know I have a boyfriend so i'm not all that nave you know!" anjali said cheekily, she saw as arnav suddenly turned towards her "What the! Boyfriend, don't even joke about it!" khushi laughed at that, she could not believe arnav said that "Oh my God, you are talking about no boyfriend, when did you start dating pray tell Mr raizada?" anjali hi-fived khushi for that. They both giggled like little girls as arnav fumed.
"It was different for me, anjali is a girl. And stop laughing you two! Anjali off to bed now!" anjali made a face at him "Can't believe least bhabhi is on my side!" saying that she kissed khushi on her cheek and hugged arnav before disappearing into the house. Arnav came and sat next to khushi, who instinctively turned her legs the other way around.
"I know this is coming quite late from me, but I wanted to apologize for last night, I should not have said those things to you khushi, I don't know what came over!" arnav said in a quite voice, he waited for khushi to show some reaction, he was annoyed that she wasn't even looking at him "Well, are you going to ignore me?" he said and inched closer to her.
"Oh! so now I am ignoring you huh? What about the fact that you ignored me today morning? Its ok for you to say your mind and do what ever you want, but when I do it, its not acceptable!" she looked at him with hurt eyes. Arnav closed his eyes once again to block out the pain he saw in hers "I know khushi, I was a total ass! Please, sorry doesn't come easily to me, in fact I don't remember ever apologizing, but with you I seem to do it all the time!"
Khushi's mouth opened in an o "As if! You say sorry cause you are at fault. So don't go blaming me for any of your flaws, plus saying sorry does not make you a smaller man you know" she got up to leave, but arnav was very quick for her, he caught her hand and made her look at him "Khushi, why do we always do this! Can we not have a civil conversation for once? And no I am not blaming you, but both of us"
Khushi sighed, she too was tired of constantly being vigil, always trying to keep her guard up, she pulled her hand out from his and gave him a tight smile "Fine, I know things have never been normal between us, how about we start over? about we do something both of us will like? Say watch a movie or...discuss a book?"
Arnav gave her a strange look "Discuss a book? What are you in a study group? We can watch a movie..what kind do you like?" khushi gave him a gleeful smile, she loved movies "Oh..i love romantic comedies and dramas, I hate horror and action films and absolutely abhor sci-fi ones!" she saw as arnav gave her a horrified look "Okey movie, since we are poles apart in our about a game? We have a pool table? Interested?"
Khushi's eyes lit up, she loved pool "Yep, sounds good. Can we play now? Im so buzzed thanks to the coffee!" arnav smiled at her, he liked it when she was so excited and happy, he nodded his head and led her up to the pool table room, he switched on the lights and set the table. Khushi meanwhile twirled her sari pallu from the back and tucked it in her skirt "Will you be ok playing in a sari?" arnav asked, khushi smiled and nodded.
"So you know how to play pool?" arnav asked her casually. Khushi replied in a confident tone "Of course I do, well little bit at least. But I can challenge you to it" arnav smiled to himself, she did not know that he was his university pool champion, but he was in a naughty mode, that sari of hers and that deep cut blouse were making his blood run hot, 'why not have some fun' he thought.
Khushi smirked inwardly, poor ASR, he had no idea what he was getting into "So what do you think? Bet?" arnav smiled at her "Well..lets make this a little bit more interesting, have you heard of Strip pool?" Khushi started breathing hard, 'no he did not just ask her that!', but she had to face this plus she was good at pool, what the hell she thought "No, I have heard of strip poker, there is no such thing as strip pool mr raizada"
Arnav grinned "yes there is, lets keep the stakes high. With every ball either of us plots, the other has to strip off one item from their body. Deal?" Khushi thought about it for a minute, she could do this, if she played right, she would not have to take any clothing off "Fine, deal! But I play first" arnav was pleasantly surprised, he was certain she would say no, but this girl always surprised him. He went to the door and locked it, then he pulled all the curtains down to block the view from outside He turned towards her and said in a drawl "Done!"
Khushi took a deep breath and picked up the cue, since arnav had already set the triangle, it was up to her to break "Umm...will it count if I don't plot on breaking?" arnav smirked, yes it does. Like I said every time you plot,you get a say and if you don't plot, i'll get to play" arnav saw as khushi nodded nervously, she closed her eyes and then opened them to concentrate on her break.
Khushi hit the cue ball straight where she wanted a plotted a plain yellow ball, she looked up happily to see arnav's eyes on the ball which sailed smoothly into the far pocket "Lucky first I must say ms gupta! But will you be able to keep it up?" khushi smiled triumphantly, she gestured to arnav's torso as she said "Loose the coat mr raizada!" arnav raised one eyebrow but obeyed her. He looked on apprehensively as she chose her next target.
Khushi was concentrating on her chosen ball, but she couldn't help but look at arnav flex his muscles, the white shirt was an amazing contrast to his bronze skin and his muscles seemed to ripple under the thin cotton, she looked up one last time as he smirked and flexed his hands over his head, she was too distracted to hit properly, so even though she plotted the blue ball, it hit one of the stripped one.
"Shit! Does that count as a foul?" khushi asked pouting. Arnav smiled devilishly at her, he knew she was getting distracted by him, this is what he wanted, there was no way he would leave her now, 'All your secrets will lay bare today ms Gupta, at least the physical one' he thought with glee "yes it does, so that means I get to play and since you fouled, you loose your chance" he smirked at her as he picked up his cue "be prepared ms gupta!"
Khushi held her breath as arnav struck the cue ball, she was seriously worried now. She could not strip more than her sari, she thought she could have taken him on! Arrghh...'sometimes think rationally khushi! And why is he so distracting!' her eyes went wide as the purple stripped ball went sailing into the pocket. He looked up at her and grinned, she blushed a crimson red thinking of what she'll have to do.
"Well, your first clothing is your please strip!" khushi looked at him nervously, she held her sari tightly in her hands, arnav saw her uneasiness "Listen khushi, its fine...i won't force you. Lets just play normal pool ok?" arnav said looking at her straight in the eyes. Khushi looked up defiantly at him "No, I challenged you to this, so we'll play by the rule" saying that she swiftly undid her sari and took it completely off her, she draped it delicately over the couch and turned to him.
Arnav's mouth went dry, his breathing became labored and his legs turned to jelly, he could not take his eyes off her, the square neck of the demure blouse outlined her bosom perfectly, the top of her breasts visible and straining against the tight material, her smooth milky waist was tantalizingly beckoning him to feel it, he wanted to dip his tongue in her navel, the satin skirt moulded her long legs giving him an enticing view of her slim figure, 'Man the stakes were high now'
"Ahem, can we continue arnav?" khushi's nervous voice brought him out of his reverie, he looked away and picked up his cue once again, he tried to concentrate on his targeted ball but khushi being near him was making it impossible for him to do so, she was standing on the other side with her palms flat on the outer edge of the pool table, as arnav readied himself to strike, she leaned down to check out the formation, as arnav struck the cue ball his gaze went straight to khushi's ample cleavage which was spilling out of her blouse due to her leaning in, the cue ball missed its target and instead went straight down one of the pockets.
Arnav groaned as khushi clapped her hands in glee "You did that on purpose khushi! Don't deny it!" khushi smiled innocently at him, "i don't know that you mean arnav" she smiled at him as she picked up her cue to align her shot, arnav smiled "No worries ms gupta, its not like you'll make more than one shot!' he watched as khushi struck the cue ball and plotted another of her plain ball "Not bad, what should I strip now? My tie?"
khushi smiled at him while blinking her eyes mockingly "Not so soon mr raizada, till I don't stop plotting, i'll keep getting a chance. I'll let you know what to strip once I lose" khushi smiled broadly as she once again struck her cue ball and plotted her fourth ball, she continued playing till she had plotted all her balls, now only the black one remained "So what was it you said? 'its not like i'll make more than one shot huh?' well I just plotted all my balls, and from the count...i should demand you to strip 5 things from yourself"
Arnav was still in a shock, damn she played well. He had no idea how she did it but she did, she had indeed plotted all her balls, he looked up at her "Ok, well played; I might as well start stripping right? I only have five things to strip off me, but will you be able to handle it?" he said with a smirk.
Khushi smiled sweetly "Oh but arnav, I didn't tell you what to strip...lets see...five things to strip hmmm" arnav looked at her exasperated, this game did not turn out the way he wanted, all he could strip her off was her sari, but it would be interesting to see her watch him as he stripped for her, he felt strangely erotic and hugely turned on, 'shit' not now...he can't be turned on right now!" arnav panicked as he felt himself get hard. What the hell had he gotten into!
Khushi held up her palm wide in front of him "five things which I want you to strip off, ok.." arnav had his hands in his tie when his head suddenly went up to see her coming near him, she stood right in front of him and held his tie in her hands, he felt a sudden jerk as she pulled him towards her, their lips a mere inch apart
"Mr Arnav singh raizada, the five things I want you to strip from yourself are..." her voice turned to a husky whisper, turning him on further "one...your ego, two...your stubbornness, three...your arrogance, four...your bossiness and five...your impatience.." she then leaned in to whisper in his ears "What? You thought i'll ask you to strip completely for me? I'm not that desperate you know"
Arnav stood stock still, her amazing citrusy scent was driving him mad, he again thought it felt familiar, but his mind was still trying to process what she just said to him. He looked up at her as she let his tie go and turned back to pick up her sari "Desperate? Oh lets not go there shall we...and all those things you asked me to strip...hmm...interesting " he said as he came and stood right behind her.
Khushi's breath caught as she felt his warm breath on her back, she clutched her sari in both her hands and turned around to walk away from him, but arnav was not done yet, he snatched the sari from her hands and let it fall to the ground while holding one end in his hands. He then put his other hand on her bare waist and pulled her towards him.
Khushi was shocked by his actions, she had no idea what he was planning, but for once she thought to let logic go out the window, his rough hand felt so good on her skin, she wanted to lean in further and explore his hard body with her own hands, she looked up to see his smoldering eyes bore into hers, as if reaching out to her soul. She moaned as he started tucking her sari into her skirt, his hands lingering more than necessary on her heated skin, his hands dipping inside the skirt while pushing the sari in it.
Arnav was turned on beyond reason, he saw as khushi closed her eyes and held onto his shoulders for support, he knew that de-robing her had been a hell of a turn-on but making her wear her sari back was more so; his hands caressed her silky skin as he helped her put it on, he pleated it and tucked the rest in and finally pulled her pallu up to rest on her shoulders covering her up completely, he could see khushi breathing hard with soft moans escaping her luscious lips, he had to step away from her otherwise he'll do something very unprofessional! he stepped back to admire his work.
Khushi felt him move away from her, she felt disappointed to loose the feel of his hands on her, but she quickly opened her eyes and looked at him, she could make out the dark desire in his eyes, probably mirroring her own; she stepped back further towards the door and unlocked it, she had to get away before she did something stupid, she turned the knob and was just stepping out when she heard him speak
"By the way khushi, to complete my earlier sentence, if you strip me of all those things...there won't be any arnav left you know" arnav said in a husky voice, khushi gave him a small smile "No arnav, if I strip you of all those things, there will be only Arnav will be ASR who will be gone" with that she closed the door behind her and ran to her room.

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