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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirteen

(Some mature content...some :)
"Bitiya, I hope you are eating well, and not just junk food, are they giving you good home cooked meals at your company guesthouse?" khushi smiled at the buaji's concerned voice, it felt so good to speak to her after so long "Yes buaji, don't worry everything is fine here and I am eating good healthy food! How are you feeling now? I spoke to your doctor earlier, he said you were much better , i'm so glad to hear that"
Khushi could hear her buaji sigh "Yes bitiya, I am very well now, in fact with this upgraded room and facilities, I don't even have to get up to do anything, i'm afraid i'll get more fat!" khushi laughed loud along with the buaji, how she missed their chats "Ok buaji, do let me know of you need anything else. Its lunch time now so I need to rush back. Love you loads, take care" she said her goodbye and hung up the phone; she realized she was in tears after talking to her, she really did miss her.
Khushi quickly wiped her tears and went down for lunch, she did not know if it was a good thing or bad that she had not seen arnav all day, after their pool session last night, thinking of which she still got goosebumps, she had not heard from him at all; it wasn't like he was ignoring her or anything, maybe he just had a lot of work; Plus right now she was battling with too many mixed feelings! not giving it another thought, she joined the rest of the family at the dining table.
'Best to ignore her' arnav thought as he sipped his afternoon coffee, he had left home early in the morning citing an important meeting, now it was nearly 4pm in the afternoon and all his day's work was pending because he could not concentrate on anything! When aman got the final plans for 'Joie' boutiques to him, he just started at him blankly, he wondered why he finalized that name instead of the other ones, what was happening to him! Plus Khushi's words yesterday had stumped him completely..he felt an alien emotion taking its place in his heart and he did not feel like exploring it further.
Afraid, yes arnav singh raizada was afraid, he was afraid that he knew what that emotion was, or he suspected it, he was afraid to lose himself in this gazebo of desire and want that he felt for her, he was afraid to give someone that power to rule over him, yes he was afraid! He banged his hand on the mahogany table with force, his eyes went rigid with determination, he had to sort out this unwanted distraction as soon as possible. He cancelled all his other meetings of the day and left for the house.
"So khushi beta, should we go tomorrow for your lehenga shopping? We also need to discuss the decorations and catering" maya raizada said fondly, she then turned to anjali who was furiously texting on her phone with a lovey dovey expression "Anji, did you get the invitation list ready?" she waited for anjali to respond "Anjali! Why are you always stuck in that phone of yours! I think its best I confiscate it!" anjali's head shot up as she heard her mothers raised voice.
"Sorry ma, I was just texting someone about our coursework, oh yes...the invitation list, yes I have it ready. I'll just get it" saying that she quickly left the living room leaving khushi and maya alone "By the way beta, don't you have any relatives you'd like to call for the engagement?" maya looked quizzically at khushi
Khushi gave her a nervous smile, ", not really. I've already told you that I only have my buaji, but she is in London. There is no on in India that I know personally" khushi cleared her throat, she just hoped that maya would not ask her to call her buaji or something "Oh yes, that's right. Your buaji, you know I just realized I have not spoken to her yet, we need to speak on many things actually. Can you give me her number beta?"
Khushi gulped visibly, she was just about to come up with some lame excuse when anjali interrupted them "Ok ma, here it is, let me know if i'm missing anyone. Bye I gotta go, study group.." she hugged her mother and khushi and left in a hurry; luckily maya too had to leave for a doctors appointment with dadiji, she told khushi that she was welcome to join them but khushi declined saying she was not feeling too well, they said their goodbyes as khushi turned and went to her room.
Arnav's car was just taking a u-turn towards his house, when he saw his mother's car leave from the gates, he wondered where they were going this late, then remembered that he was the one who had come early, instead of his usual 8pm he was home at 5. He walked up the stairs to the main door and saw as HP opened the door for him, he was quite disheartened to see the entire house eerily silent, he thought they all must have gone for the engagement party shopping, 'what a waste'! He thought as he went up to his room.
He changed into his swimming trunks and wrapped a towel around his waist, he wanted to swim some laps since he had missed his morning jog today in his hurry to leave the house early. He told HP not to disturb him at the pool, he wanted some time to himself. He walked swiftly to the partially indoor pool of the house, he did not want to use the larger one outside, the upper side pool was much more private and opened up to the gorgeous gardens and lawns overlooking the infinity pool. He opened the door and slowly closed it before turning towards the pool.
'This feels so good' khushi thought as she swam underwater, periodically coming up to gulp some air. She was grateful that the store lady had also packed two bikini's for her along with the lingerie, she really needed this swim, somehow swimming had always calmed her nerves. Though she was always more comfortable wearing one pieces, the pool being private did not really matter, she was glad no one was home and she had her own privacy to swim and relax.
At first he did not notice her, he had taken off his towel and was now walking towards the pool when he noticed something moving, he was alarmed at first but then he felt a punch in his gut as he saw khushi's beautiful face emerge out of the water, she was surfacing for breaths while swimming under the water. All he could see was her gorgeous bare shoulders marred by a thin halter strap, his heart started beating erratically just watching her.
Khushi felt someone's presence, but then ignored her thoughts since she had to finish her last lap, she should really stop imagining things now she thought, she finally finished her last lap and came up for air. She undid her bun and let her wet hair cascade down her back, she pushed it all to one side and leaned her hands against the cold edge of the infinity pool and let her head rest between them, she closed her eyes while enjoying the after-workout rush in her body and the soothing sounds of nature around her.
Arnav was shamefully turned on, when she came up from the water, his heart had literally stopped beating, she was indeed wearing a bikini, and when she had moved all her hair to one side, he could not help but stare at the expanse of naked milky white skin of her back, it was so tempting to go and run his hands over it, just to remind himself once again of the silky feel of it. For once he thought he should not think logically or worry about the consequences, he needed her, he wanted her, and he knew she did too! The tension between them was so thick that one could cut it with a knife.
With a determined look, he took his first step towards his seduction plan, he slowly lowered himself into the water from the other side of the pool, away from her. He took a deep breath and swam underwater to reach her in just a couple of slow strokes, she was probably dozing off due to the exhaustion, but whatever it was he was glad she did not realize him being this close to her.
Khushi could feel the water moving about, but she was too relaxed and tired to do anything, finally when she definitely felt someone in the water she quickly turned and lurched as she lost her footing to clash right into a hard muscled chest. Her hands instinctively went to clutch at the nearest available support; his shoulders, she lifter her eyes in shocked surprise to be greeted by smoldering chocolate brown eyes, arnav's eyes.
Arnav's entire body went hard as khushi's delicate hands clutched his shoulders, he could feel her delicious body pressed against his as she struggled to find her footing in the deep water, he smirked inwardly at her shocked face, her huge hazel eyes full of surprise and confusion, she quickly took her hands off him and tried to push him away to only have him pull her closer by her waist, he held her tight against him and saw her eyes fuming with repressed anger, she was still pushing him away and was quite shocked by his behavior when she heard him speak huskily against her ears.
"Stop resisting khushi, we can't deny it anymore. Please just let it be..." khushi's eyes went wide as she heard him speak those words, she stopped moving about and stilled her hands on his chest, she looked up into his desire filled eyes and felt her own body react to the feel of his hard body pressed against hers ,she felt hot all over and the cold water started feeling tepid around her skin. She understood exactly what he meant, they were in denial for too long, but they were human after all and she wanted him as much as he did.
They kept staring at each other as khushi's eyes went shyly to his lips and back to his eyes, arnav saw as she wet her lips with the tip of her tongue,he could not hold any longer, his hands moved up from her waist to her upper back pulling her more towards him, her breasts pressed against his chest, her tips digging into his own through the thin material of her flimsy bikini top. Khushi gasped at the delicious feeling he invoked in her, she let her hands wander into his hair as she too pulled him closer till their lips were but a centimeter apart, she closed her eyes as she felt arnav's hot lips capture hers in a wild hungry kiss.
Khushi gave a feral moan as her lips parted to let arnav's tongue into her mouth, he plundered her soft mouth with a passionate , almost savage kiss, he wanted her to feel all the frustration he had felt over the past two days, their first kiss was just a prelude to what this was, he groaned as khushi's tongue dueled with his, she bit his lip and grazed her teeth over his tongue, arnav liked this feisty side of hers, he sucked on her bottom lip, making her moan out loudly then moving his hungry mouth to her jaw and further down to her neck.
They did not seem to care that they were in a pool, in arnav's house and anyone could walk in any minute, Khushi ran her hands down his rippling back as he sucked and bit her neck, he wanted to brand her as his, but khushi did not care one bit about the mark it will leave, she was drowning too much into this dark abyss of desire to make sense of anything, arnav's mouth continued its assault on her heated body as he kissed his way to the valley between her breasts, moulding the globes with his expert hands
Khushi moaned arnav's name as she felt his hot mouth on one of her nipples sucking hard while his fingers massaged her other tip into rigid submission, it did not matter that her top was still on, the thin material was hardly a barrier to his wild mouth. She lost all rational thought as she felt heat pool at her core, she gasped as arnav pushed her against the cold wall of the pool and imprisoned her between his legs and once again buried his head between her breasts, ready to pull off her top. She pushed her hands into his hair and wrapped her legs around him, but as she did she felt his hard arousal against her belly.
Khushi panicked, she had come too far, suddenly the desire she felt came crashing down, she felt suffocated and fearful as a distant memory brought her back to earth, she felt tears in her eyes and she pushed arnav away from her "Stop arnav, please stop" he looked up with confused eyes and was alarmed when he saw her eyes full of tears, he let her go at once and watched as she started swimming away from him "Whats wrong khushi? Did I hurt you? Tell me baby..what's happened?"
Khushi could not look him in the eyes, she felt ashamed that she had let this go so far, plus it was not fair to burden arnav with those ghastly memories of her past, she shook her head "Nothing, this should not have happened arnav, sorry..but I have to go" she then climbed out of the pool and fastened her fluffy robe around herself before running out, leaving a throughly confused arnav in the pool.
"Bhabhi's not coming for dinner, she said she's not feeling twell" anjali announced as the rest of the family settled at the dining table. "Oh God, she was not feeling well even earlier, i'll have HP take some soup for her then" saying that maya raizada strode towards the kitchen . Arnav sat silently at the table still lost in his thoughts, khushi's name had him looking up to see what was being said "Ma, i'll take it up to her" arnav said suddenly, he was trying to find an excuse to go and see her and this was good enough.
He had first thought of leaving her alone for a while, but what happened earlier had him very disturbed, he was quite sure that something was bothering her, but as always she kept a part of herself hidden from him, he wanted to get to the bottom of this, he had sat idle for far too long, it was time he got some answers out of her; he took the tray of soup which HP handed to him and started climbing the stairs to her room.
Khushi sat huddled on her bed, clutching the pillow to herself, she felt ashamed of the way she had acted, these unfamiliar stirrings had made her lose her logical brain and she had given in to the temptation without thinking of the consequences. She knew she could trust arnav, but that encounter from her past had left her shattered and broken, even after all this time she still could not forget that horrible night. She closed her eyes and let her tears flow slowly down her cheeks.

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  1. Oh God, a horrible past...what could've happened which has scarred her like this? I hope Arnav can heal her, and rid her of her fears..
    Beautiful and usual..I don't even need to say this anymore..